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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-84532-030-0Child Poverty Review
2004978-1-84532-042-3Great BritainReport on Euro Preparations
  ''978-1-84532-049-2Great BritainSmall Companies, the Self-Employed and the Tax System: A Discussion Paper
  ''978-1-84532-050-8   ''Long-Term Global Economic Challenges and Opportunities for the UK
  ''978-1-84532-051-5   ''Skills in the Global Economy
  ''978-1-84532-053-9   ''Promoting Financial Inclusion
2004978-1-84532-073-7Great BritainMyners Review of the Governance of Life Mutuals: Final Report
2005978-1-84532-083-6   ''Long-Term Global Economic Challenges and Opportunities for Europe
2005978-1-84532-102-4Great BritainSupporting Growth in Innovation: Enhancing the R&d Tax Credit
  ''978-1-84532-103-1J. Gordon BrownBanknote Issue Arangements in Scotland and Northern Ireland: A Consultation Document
  ''978-1-84532-110-9Martin CaveIndependent Audit of Spectrum Holdings: An Independent Audit for Her Majesty's Treasury
  ''978-1-84532-111-6Great BritainA Vision for the Common Agricultural Policy
  ''978-1-84532-114-7   ''Globalisation and the UK: Strength and Opportunity to Meet the Economic Challenge
2005978-1-84532-116-1Great BritainDelivering the Benefits of Accruals Accounting for the Whole Public Sector
  ''978-1-84532-117-8   ''Supporting Growth in Innovation: Next Steps for the R&d Tax Credit
978-1-84532-121-5Skills in the UK: The Long-Term Challenge: Interim Report
2006978-1-84532-153-6Great BritainProductivity in the UK 6: Progress and New Evidence
  ''978-1-84532-154-3   ''Devolving Decision Making: The Importance of Cities to Regional Growth
  ''978-1-84532-155-0   ''Financial Services in London: Global Opportunities and Challenges
2006978-1-84532-158-1Great BritainEmployment Opportunity for All: Analysing Labour Market Trends in London
  ''978-1-84532-169-7   ''Secondary Legislation for the Regulation of Home Reversion and Home Purchase Plans: A Consultation
  ''978-1-84532-175-8   ''Improving Financial Relationships with the Third Sector: Guidance to Funders and Purchasers
  ''978-1-84532-178-9National Prosperity, Local Choice, and Civic Engagement: A New Partnership Between Central and Local Government for the 21st Century
  ''978-1-84532-192-5Great BritainThe Consultation on the Introduction of Information Gateways
2006978-1-84532-194-9Kate BarkerBarker Review of Land Use Planning: Interim Report, Analysis
  ''978-1-84532-219-9Report of the Shared Equity Task Force
  ''978-1-84532-220-5Great BritainImplementing Hampton: From Enforcement to Compliance
  ''978-1-84532-224-3   ''Trend Growth: New Evidence and Prospects
  ''978-1-84532-231-1   ''The Future Role of the Third Sector in Social and Economic Regeneration: Interim Report
2006978-1-84532-241-0Great BritainConvergence Programme for the United Kingdom: Submitted in Line with the Stability and Growth Pact
2007978-1-84532-246-5Great BritainPolicy Review of Children and Young People: A Discussion Paper
  ''978-1-84532-255-7   ''Financial Challenge to Crime and Terrorism
  ''978-1-84532-260-1Tax Incentives for Development of Brownfield Land: A Consultation
  ''978-1-84532-271-7Great BritainFinancial Inclusion: The Way Forward
  ''978-1-84532-275-5   ''Hmrc Approach to Compliance Risk Management for Large Business
2007978-1-84532-277-9Great BritainTaxation of the Foreign Profits of Companies: A Discussion Document
  ''978-1-84532-294-6   ''Project Transition Guidance
  ''978-1-84532-313-4   ''Review of the GB Cooperative and Credit Union Legislation: A Consultation
  ''978-1-84532-314-1Travel Insurance Review: Summary of Responses and Next Steps
  ''978-1-84532-317-2Great BritainReview of Sub-National Economic Development and Regeneration
2007978-1-84532-356-1David SainsburyThe Race to the Top: A Review of Government's Science and Innovation Policies
  ''978-1-84532-366-0Great BritainA UK Unclaimed Assets Scheme: Summary of Responses to Consultation
2007978-1-84532-373-8Great BritainLimiting Pre-Release Access to Statistics: A Consultation Document
  ''978-1-84532-395-0   ''Business Tax Reform: Capital Allowance Changes: Technical Note
2008978-1-84532-420-9   ''Enterprise: Unlocking the UK's Talent
  ''978-1-84532-425-4   ''Ending Child Poverty: Everybody's Business
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2009978-1-84532-572-5   ''UK Asset Protection Scheme
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