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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-84523-001-2Mark McWattSuspended Sentences
2006978-1-84523-004-3David DabydeenSlave Song
2005978-1-84523-013-5David DabydeenThe Intended
  ''978-1-84523-015-9   ''The Counting House
2007978-1-84523-025-8Kwame DawesA Far Cry from Plymouth Rock: A Personal Narrative
2006978-1-84523-028-9Andrew O. LindsayIllustrious Exile: Journal of my Sojourn in the West Indies by Robert Burns, Esq. Commenced on the first day of July 1786
2007978-1-84523-029-6Neville DawesThe Last Enchantment
2005978-1-84523-031-9John HearneVoices Under The Window
2006978-1-84523-032-6Jacqueline BishopFauna
  ''978-1-84523-033-3Donna Aza Weir-SoleyFirst Rain
2008978-1-84523-036-4David ChanderbaliIndian Indenture In British Malaya: Policy and practice in the Straits Settlements
2006978-1-84523-037-1Yvonne WeekesVolcano: A Memoir
  ''978-1-84523-040-1Courttia NewlandMusic for the Off-Key: Twelve Macabre Short Stories
2008978-1-84523-045-6Frank ThomassonA History of the Theatre in Guyana: 1800-2000
2007978-1-84523-048-7Jennifer RahimSongster and Other Stories
  ''978-1-84523-051-7Raman MundairA Choreographer's Cartography
2011978-1-84523-058-6Dorothea SmarttShip Shape
2008978-1-84523-062-3John Robert LeeElemental: New and Selected Poems
2009978-1-84523-074-6Anton NimblettSections of an Orange
2009978-1-84523-078-4Kwame DawesHope's Hospice: And Other Poems (Peepal Tree Caribbean Poetry)
  ''978-1-84523-079-1Courttia Newland, Justin Hill, Matt Thorne, Michael Gonzales, Monique Roffey, Olive Senior, Sophie Woolley Adam Thorpe Catherine Smith · Nina JoshiTell-Tales 4: The Global Village
2010978-1-84523-091-3Edgar MittelholzerShadows Move Among Them (Caribbean Modern Classics)
2009978-1-84523-095-1Jan CarewBlack Midas (Caribbean Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-84523-096-8Wilson HarrisHeartland (Caribbean Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-84523-098-2Andrew SalkeyEscape to An Autumn Pavement (Caribbean Modern Classics)
2016978-1-84523-100-2Roger MaisThe Hills Were Joyful Together (Caribbean Modern Classics)
2019978-1-84523-108-8Sylvia WynterWe Must Learn to Sit Together and Talk about a Little Culture: Decolonizing Essays 1967-1984
2012978-1-84523-109-5Neville Dawes Kwame DawesFugue and Other Writings
2009978-1-84523-110-1Jan R CarewThe Wild Coast (Caribbean Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-84523-111-8Edgar MittelholzerCorentyne Thunder (Caribbean Modern Classics)
2009978-1-84523-113-2Patricia PowellThe Fullness of Everything
  ''978-1-84523-115-6Jennifer RahimApproaching Sabbaths
  ''978-1-84523-117-0Neville DawesThe Last Enchantment (Caribbean Modern Classics)
2010978-1-84523-120-0Edgar MittelholzerThe Life and Death of Sylvia (Caribbean Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-84523-121-7   ''A Morning at the Office (Caribbean Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-84523-123-1Diana McCaulayDog-Heart
2010978-1-84523-129-3Red: Contemporary Black British Poetry (Inscribe)
2011978-1-84523-148-4Earl LovelaceWhile Gods Are Falling (Caribbean Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-84523-154-5Nii Ayikwei ParkesSouth of South
2010978-1-84523-155-2Christian CampbellRunning The Dusk
  ''978-1-84523-157-6Ishion HutchinsonFar District
  ''978-1-84523-159-0Nii Ayikwei ParkesThe Makings of You
2013978-1-84523-161-3Rupert RoopnaraineThe Sky's Wild Noise: Selected Essays
2014978-1-84523-165-1Wilson HarrisThe Sleepers of Roraima & The Age of Rainmakers (Caribbean Modern Classics)
2016978-1-84523-167-5George LammingWater With Berries (Caribbean Modern Classics)
2010978-1-84523-170-5Syed Manzurul (Manzu) IslamSong of our Swampland
2011978-1-84523-179-8Merle CollinsThe Ladies are Upstairs
  ''978-1-84523-185-9Merle CollinsAngel
2011978-1-84523-186-6Shara McCallumThe Face of Water: New & Selected Poems
  ''978-1-84523-188-0Keith JardimNear Open Water
2013978-1-84523-217-7Desiree ReynoldsSeduce
2017978-1-84523-347-1Elizabeth Walcott-HackshawFour Taxis Facing North
  ''978-1-84523-352-5Jacob RossTell No-One About This
  ''978-1-84523-362-4Jennifer RahinCurfew Chronicles