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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-84471-000-3Charles BernsteinThe Sophist (Salt Modern Classics) (Salt Modern Poets)
2003978-1-84471-007-2Lisa JarnotRing of Fire (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-024-9Ronald A. SharpWilliam Wordsworth: Selected Writing (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-025-6Emily Bronte · John KinsellaEmily Bronte: Selected Poems (Salt Modern Poets)
2004978-1-84471-034-8Allen FisherGravity (Salt Modern Poets S.)
  ''978-1-84471-035-5Sue HubbardGhost Station (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-046-1Katia KapovichGogol in Rome (Salt Modern Poets)
2004978-1-84471-048-5Matthew FrancisWhere the People Are: Language and Community in the Poetry of W. S. Graham (Salt Studies in Contemporary Poetry)
  ''978-1-84471-051-5Ron SillimanUnder Albany (Salt Modern Lives)
2005978-1-84471-057-7Michael HellerUncertain Poetries: Selected Essays on Poets, Poetry and Poetics (Reconstruction)
  ''978-1-84471-059-1Michel Delville · Andrew NorrisFrank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and the Secret History of Maximalism (Salt Studies in Contemporary Literature & Culture)
  ''978-1-84471-060-7Heid E. ErdrichThe Mother's Tongue
  ''978-1-84471-062-1Leanne HoweEvidence of Red: Poems and Prose (Earthworks)
2005978-1-84471-063-8Deborah A. MirandaThe Zen of La Llorona (Earthworks)
  ''978-1-84471-065-2John WilkinsonProud Flesh (Salt Modern Classics) (Salt Modern Poets)
2006978-1-84471-068-3Bruce AndrewsDesignated Heartbeat (Salt Modern Poets)
2005978-1-84471-071-3Geoffrey G. O. BrienRed Sky Caf (Salt Modern Poets)
2004978-1-84471-073-7Peter GizziPeriplum and Other Poems: 1987-1992 (Salt Modern Poets)
2007978-1-84471-077-5Robert SheppardThe Salt Companion to Lee Harwood (Salt Companions to Poetry)
  ''978-1-84471-079-9Tim Allen · Andrew DuncanDon't Start Me Talking: Interviews with Contemporary Poets (Salt Studies in Contemporary Poetry)
2005978-1-84471-092-8Caroline BergvallFig: (Goan Atom 2) (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-109-3Anselm HolloBraided River: New and Selected Poems 1965-2005 (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-113-0Qwo-Li DriskillWalking with Ghosts: Poems (Earthworks)
2006978-1-84471-116-1Christopher Hamilton-Emery101 Ways to Make Poems Sell: The Salt Guide to Getting and Staying Published (Salt Guides for Readers & Writers) (Salt Guides for Readers and Writers)
2006978-1-84471-247-2Peter Photographer BarryPoetry Wars: British Poetry of the 1970s and the Battle of Earls Court (Salt Studies in Contemporary Poetry)
  ''978-1-84471-255-7John WilkinsonLake Shore Drive (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-257-1Matthew CoopermanDaze (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-258-8Richard BurnsThe Blue Butterfly: Selected Writings 2: Volume 1 (Salt Modern Poets)
2011978-1-84471-259-5James GoodmanClaytown (Salt Modern Poets)
2006978-1-84471-262-5Tobias HillNocturne in Chrome & Sunset Yellow (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-266-3Allison Adelle Hedge Coke · Allison Hedge CokeBlood Run (Earthworks)
2007978-1-84471-268-7Philip H. H. Red EagleRed Earth: A Vietnam Warrior's Journey (Earthworks)
2006978-1-84471-269-4Cheryl SavageauMother/Land (Earthworks)
2007978-1-84471-270-0James Thomas Thomas StevensA Bridge Dead in the Water (Earthworks)
2006978-1-84471-274-8Ilhan BerkA Leaf about to Fall: Selected Poems (Salt Modern Poets)
2006978-1-84471-276-2Nicolette StaskoGlass Cathedrals: New and Selected Poems (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-280-9Andy BrownFall of the Rebel Angels: Poems 1996-2006 (Salt Modern Poets)
2007978-1-84471-281-6Kimberly BlaeserApprenticed to Justice (Earthworks)
2006978-1-84471-282-3David GaffneySawn-Off Tales (Salt Modern Fiction)
2007978-1-84471-294-6Don ShareSquandermania (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-304-2Eleanor ReesAndraste's Hair (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-307-3Luke KennardThe Harbour Beyond the Movie (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-312-7Shamshad KhanMegalomaniac (Salt Modern Poets)
2007978-1-84471-316-5Anita HeissI'm Not Racist, But ...: A Collection of Social Observations (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-322-6John SaulCall It Tender (Salt Modern Fiction)
2008978-1-84471-326-4Gordon Jr. HenryThe Failure of Certain Charms: And Other Disparate Signs of Life (Earthworks)
2007978-1-84471-341-7Carys DaviesSome New Ambush (Salt Modern Fiction)
  ''978-1-84471-342-4David GaffneyAromabingo (Salt Modern Fiction)
2008978-1-84471-344-8Mark WaldronThe Brand New Dark (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-349-3Katia KapovichCossacks and Bandits (Salt Modern Poets)
2007978-1-84471-394-3Elizabeth BainesBalancing on the Edge of the World (Salt Modern Fiction)
  ''978-1-84471-395-0John WilkinsonThe Lyric Touch: Essays on the Poetry of Excess (Reconstruction)
2011978-1-84471-398-1John McCulloughThe Frost Fairs (Salt Modern Poets)
2009978-1-84471-407-0Allison Adelle Hedge CokeEffigies: An Anthology of New Indigenous Writing, Pacific Rim, 2009 (Earthworks)
2007978-1-84471-411-7Luke KennardThe Solex Brothers (Redux): And Other Prose Poems (Salt Modern Poets)
2007978-1-84471-412-4Tobias HillMidnight in the City of Clocks (Salt Modern Poets)
2008978-1-84471-419-3Tim AtkinsFolklore (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-424-7Jill McDonoughHabeas Corpus (Salt Modern Poets)
2012978-1-84471-426-1Chris McCabeTHE RESTRUCTURE (Salt Modern Poets)
2008978-1-84471-440-7Michael HellerSpeaking the Estranged: Essays on the Work of George Oppen (Salt Studies in Contemporary Poetry)
2012978-1-84471-451-3George SzirtesIn the Land of the Giants (Anthologies and Gift Books): Selected Children's Poems (Children's Poetry Library)
2010978-1-84471-455-1Robert SullivanShout Ha! to the Sky (Salt Companions to Poetry S.) (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-463-6Jared RandallApocryphal Road Code (Salt Modern Poets)
2009978-1-84471-464-3Juan GelmanThe Poems of Sidney West (Earthworks)
2010978-1-84471-469-8McGrath · Ronnie McGrathData Trace (Salt Modern Poets)
2009978-1-84471-471-1Rupert LoydellTroubles Swapped for Something Fresh (Anthologies S.): Manifestos and Unmanifestos
2008978-1-84471-475-9Tania HershmanThe White Road and Other Stories (Salt Modern Fiction)
2010978-1-84471-487-2Mandy CoeIf You Could See Laughter (Children's Poetry Library)
2008978-1-84471-501-5Isobel DixonA Fold in the Map (Salt Modern Poets)
2009978-1-84471-508-4Tom RaworthEarn Your Milk (Salt Modern Lives S.): Collected Prose
2011978-1-84471-511-4Brady · Terry Ann ThaxtonGetaway Girl (Salt Modern Poets)
2009978-1-84471-526-8Mark IllisTender (Salt Modern Fiction S.)
2010978-1-84471-533-6Luke KennardThe Harbour Beyond the Movie (Salt Modern Poets)
2009978-1-84471-546-6David GaffneyAromabingo (Salt Modern Fiction)
2010978-1-84471-548-0Luke KennardThe Solex Brothers (Redux): And Other Prose Poems (Salt Modern Poets)
2008978-1-84471-552-7John WilkinsonDown to Earth (Salt Modern Poets S.)
2009978-1-84471-555-8Luke KennardThe Migraine Hotel (Salt Modern Poets S.)
2011978-1-84471-561-9Sophie MayerThe Private Parts of Girls (Salt Modern Poets)
2009978-1-84471-566-4Eleanor ReesEliza and the Bear (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-719-4Emily BenetShop Girl Diaries (Salt Modern Fiction S.)
  ''978-1-84471-723-1John SiddiqueRecital: An Almanac (Salt Modern Poets S.)
2009978-1-84471-724-8Vanessa GebbieShort Circuit: A Guide to the Art of the Short Story (Salt Guides for Readers and Writers)
  ''978-1-84471-734-7Vanessa GebbieWords from a Glass Bubble (Salt Modern Poets S.)
  ''978-1-84471-743-9Linda CracknellThe Searching Glance (Salt Modern Fiction)
2012978-1-84471-745-3Jon StoneSchool of Forgery (Salt Modern Poets)
2010978-1-84471-748-4Brian HenryWings Without Birds (Salt Modern Poets S.)
  ''978-1-84471-757-6Phil BowenCuckoo Rock (Children's Poetry Library)
  ''978-1-84471-763-7John SiddiqueDon't Wear It on Your Head, Don't Stick It Down Your Pants: Poems for Young People (Children's Poetry Library)
2011978-1-84471-764-4Simon BarracloughNeptune Blue (Salt Modern Poets)
2011978-1-84471-767-5Ian GregsonSimon Armitage (Childrens Poetry Library)
2010978-1-84471-775-0David GaffneyThe Half-Life of Songs (Salt Modern Fiction)
  ''978-1-84471-804-7Tom VowlerMethod: And Other Stories (Salt Modern Fiction)
  ''978-1-84471-812-2Vanessa GebbieStorm Warning: Echoes of Conflict (Salt Modern Fiction)
  ''978-1-84471-817-7Mark WaldronThe Brand New Dark (Salt Modern Poets)
2011978-1-84471-824-5John SiddiqueFull Blood (Salt Modern Poets)
  ''978-1-84471-825-2Isobel DixonThe Tempest Prognosticator (Salt Modern Poets)
2011978-1-84471-827-6Mark WaldronThe Itchy Sea (Salt Modern Poets)
2012978-1-84471-872-6Kayo ChingonyiSome Bright Elegance (Salt Modern Poets)
2013978-1-84471-965-5Josephine BalmerThe Word for Sorrow (Salt Modern Poets)