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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-84458-004-0John Astrop · Alan CorenARTHUR RAILROAD / LONE ARTHUR (The Arthur adventures)
  ''978-1-84458-006-4John Astrop · Alan CorenARTHUR KLONDIKE / LAST STAND (The Arthur adventures)
2004978-1-84458-036-1Ruth Thomson · Pie CorbettSPEAKING AND LISTENING SPOTTY DOGS (Adventures in Literacy - Speaking & Listening)
2005978-1-84458-056-9Henriette BarkowIf Elephants Wore Trousers
2004978-1-84458-088-0Susie BrooksOur Lives Our World Bangladesh: In the Children's Own Words
  ''978-1-84458-089-7Susie BrooksOUR LIVES OUR WORLD JAPAN: In the Children's Own Words
  ''978-1-84458-090-3   ''Our Lives Our World Spain
  ''978-1-84458-096-5Nicola EdwardsMY FRIEND HAS DYSPRAXIA
2004978-1-84458-124-5Ruth Thomson · Pie CorbettSPEAKING AND LISTENING POSTER PACK (Speaking & Listening)
2005978-1-84458-125-2Nanette NewmanBen's Book
  ''978-1-84458-126-9Nick WardI Wish
2004978-1-84458-140-5Helen RossendalePINOCCHIO
  ''978-1-84458-156-6Lynn RobertsRAPUNZEL: A Groovy Fairy Tale
2005978-1-84458-186-3Pie CorbettSTART POETRY STUFF AND NONSENSE: Years 1/2 (Adventures in Literacy - Start Poetry)
  ''978-1-84458-187-0   ''START POETRY RAPS RIDDLES CONCRETE: Years 3/4 (Adventures in Literacy - Start Poetry)
  ''978-1-84458-188-7   ''START POETRY POEM-MAKER WORD-SHAKER: Years 5/6 (Adventures in Literacy - Start Poetry)
2004978-1-84458-233-4Veronica RossMY FIRST PET GUINEA PIG
2005978-1-84458-247-1Jen GreenPRECIOUS EARTH RAINFORESTS AT RISK
2005978-1-84458-251-8Fiona MacDonaldSTRANGE HISTORIES AZTECS
  ''978-1-84458-254-9Fiona MacDonaldSTRANGE HISTORIES ROMANS
  ''978-1-84458-269-3Barbara TaylorBUG ZONE WATER BUGS
  ''978-1-84458-300-3Claire LlewellynSAVE THE PLANET PROTECT HABITATS
  ''978-1-84458-301-0Claire LlewellynSAVE THE PLANET FIGHT AIR POLLUTION
2005978-1-84458-302-7Claire LlewellynSAVE THE PLANET SAVE ENERGY
  ''978-1-84458-303-4   ''SAVE THE PLANET STOP WATER WASTE
2005978-1-84458-304-1Claire LlewellynSAVE THE PLANET LETS RECYCLE
  ''978-1-84458-308-9Anna LeveneMY FRIEND HAS EPILEPSY
  ''978-1-84458-309-6Ruth Thomson · Pie CorbettSPEAKING AND LISTENING SPOTTY DOGS (Speaking & Listening)
  ''978-1-84458-310-2   ''Speaking and Listening Cats, Hats and Hippos (Speaking & Listening)
  ''978-1-84458-311-9   ''SPEAKING AND LISTENING YAKETY YAK (Speaking & Listening)
2005978-1-84458-312-6Ruth Thomson · Pie CorbettSPEAKING AND LISTENING CHATTING CHE (Speaking & Listening)
  ''978-1-84458-316-4Nicola EdwardsTalking about Domestic Violence
  ''978-1-84458-323-2Ruth ThomsonWORDS FOR WRITING FIRST DICTIONARY
2004978-1-84458-324-9Pie CorbettWRITE YOUR OWN FANTASY
  ''978-1-84458-325-6   ''WRITE YOUR OWN MYSTERY
2005978-1-84458-327-0Ann WebleyINTO DRAMA VICTORIANS
  ''978-1-84458-328-7Ruth ThomsonFIRST WRITING BUSY DAYS
2005978-1-84458-329-4Ruth ThomsonFirst Writing My Own Stories
  ''978-1-84458-330-0Pie CorbettSing and Play Animals: All About Animals (Firm Foundations)
  ''978-1-84458-336-2Sam LloydTRUMPY TREVOR
  ''978-1-84458-337-9Sam LloydGrumpy Gertie
  ''978-1-84458-338-6Anna NilsenBella's Midsummer Secret
2005978-1-84458-367-6Mem FoxWhere is the Green Sheep?
  ''978-1-84458-368-3Jill LewisA Mom in a Million
  ''978-1-84458-375-1Christiane EngelLouis & Bobo: We Are Moving
  ''978-1-84458-376-8Jill LewisMum in a Million
  ''978-1-84458-377-5Kenneth GrahameWind in the Willows: Complete Edition
2008978-1-84458-378-2Kate BanksCLOSE YOUR EYES
2005978-1-84458-395-9Fiona MacDonald · Clare WeaverWORLD ISSUES HUMAN RIGHTS
2005978-1-84458-396-6Lynne GibbsMEGA BOOK OF TANKS (Mega books)
  ''978-1-84458-409-3Lynn RobertsLITTLE RED: The Exciting Story of a Boy, a Wolf, and a Keg of Fizzy Ginger Beer
  ''978-1-84458-413-0Ken Wilson-MaxBIG RED FIRE ENGINE (Small format vehicle books)
  ''978-1-84458-414-7Ken Wilson-MaxBig Yellow Taxi (Wings Wheels & Tracks Series)
  ''978-1-84458-415-4   ''BIG BLUE ENGINE (Small format vehicle books)
2005978-1-84458-416-1Marc Tyler NoblemanHow to do a Belly Flop: & Other Tricks, Tips & Skills No Adult Will Teach You: And Other Tricks, Tips and Skills No Adult Will Teach You
  ''978-1-84458-417-8Marc Tyler NoblemanHow to Give a Wedgie: & Other Tricks, Tips & Skills No Adult Will Teach You: And Other Tricks, Tips and Skills No Adult Will Teach You
  ''978-1-84458-419-2L. F. BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  ''978-1-84458-423-9Daniel GilpinLife-Size Sharks: And Other Underwater Creatures
2002978-1-84458-432-1Nicholas HarrisLeap Through Time: Pyramid
2005978-1-84458-433-8Nicholas HarrisLeap Through Time: City
  ''978-1-84458-454-3Sally MorganExtreme Survival in Polar Regions
2005978-1-84458-461-1Mel ThompsonWORLD FAITHS BUDDHISM
  ''978-1-84458-462-8Ranchor PrimeWORLD FAITHS HINDUISM
  ''978-1-84458-471-0Hans Christian AndersenTHUMBELINA
  ''978-1-84458-476-5David PassesDRAGONS: Truth, Myth and Legend
  ''978-1-84458-477-2Terry Jones · Nanette NewmanBedtime Stories
2005978-1-84458-479-6Sir J. M. BarriePeter Pan and Wendy
  ''978-1-84458-485-7Steve ParkerGenetic Engineering (World Issues)
  ''978-1-84458-497-0Terry Jones · Lewis Carroll · Kenneth Grahame · L. F. Baum · Sir J. M. Barrie · Nanette NewmanMICHAEL FOREMAN CLASSICS PACK: WITH "Classic Fairy Tales" (3 Copies) AND "Fairy Tales and Fantastic Stories" (3 Copies) AND "Alice's Adventures in ... (3 Copies) AND "Bedtime Stories" (3 Copies)
2006978-1-84458-530-4Lionel BenderON THE MOVE DIGGERS AND TRACTORS
  ''978-1-84458-531-1Lionel BenderON THE MOVE PLANES AND HELICOPTERS
2005978-1-84458-556-4Sarah HarrisonAn Airport (Round the Clock)
  ''978-1-84458-557-1Nicholas HarrisA Train Station (Round the Clock)
2006978-1-84458-569-4Christiane EngelBUSY BUSY BABIES PARTY TIME!
2006978-1-84458-570-0Christiane EngelBUSY BUSY BABIES ART CLASS!
2005978-1-84458-574-8Witi IhimaeraThe Whale Rider
  ''978-1-84458-581-6Anuj Goyal · Michael MorpurgoHIGHER GROUND
  ''978-1-84458-643-1Eoin Colfer · Michael MorpurgoHigher Ground Special Edition Book and CD Pack