year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-84449-001-1Frederic Chopin · Jerry LanningThe Pianist: A Roman Polanksi Film ; [arranged for Piano Solo]
  ''978-1-84449-002-8System of a DownSystem of a down: Steal This Album: Tab
2011978-1-84449-007-3Pete FrameEven More Rock Family Trees
2004978-1-84449-009-7Joe Mc MichaelThe "Who": Concert File
2006978-1-84449-010-3Michael HeatleyDavid Gray:: A Biography
2004978-1-84449-011-0Bob Brunning"Fleetwood Mac": Rumours and Lies
  ''978-1-84449-012-7Mark Hodkinson"Queen": The Early Years
2003978-1-84449-026-4VariousAudition Songs For Female Singers Beautiful Pvg Book/Cd
  ''978-1-84449-042-4VariousI Can Play That! More No.1 Hits Pf
  ''978-1-84449-048-6Mike McCartneyThe Best Guitar Duet Book Ever!
2004978-1-84449-050-9Rikky RooksbyComplete Rock And Pop Guitar Player Omnibus Edition (Book And 3Cds) Gt (Book & CD)
2003978-1-84449-054-7James PowerThree's a Crowd: Bk. B: Junior Clarinet: Junior book B easy
2003978-1-84449-056-1Dave LewisLed Zeppelin The Tight But Loose Files Celebration 2: Pt. 2
  ''978-1-84449-057-8Hector CookThe "Bee Gees": Tales of the Brothers Gibb
2004978-1-84449-058-5Neil Warwick · Jon Kutner · Tony BrownComplete Guide to the British Charts
2003978-1-84449-059-2VariousChristina Aguilera Stripped Pvg: "Stripped" for Piano, Voice and Guitar
2004978-1-84449-060-8   ''Really Easy Guitar! Riffs Gtr Book/Cd
2003978-1-84449-061-5   ''Philip Glass Music From 'The Hours' (Piano Solo) Pf
  ''978-1-84449-068-4N. JonesNorah Jones "Come away with ME" Guitar Tabs
2004978-1-84449-073-8VariousThe Complete Harmonica Player (Revised) Book/Cd
  ''978-1-84449-092-9UnknownThe Big Britpop Guitar Chord Songbook
  ''978-1-84449-095-0Paul WilliamsBob Dylan: 1960-1973: Performing Artist: 1960-1973
2004978-1-84449-096-7Paul WilliamsBob Dylan: 1974-1986: Performing Artist
2005978-1-84449-097-4Joel McIverExtreme Metal II
2004978-1-84449-098-1Nick WiseKurt and Courtney: Talking
  ''978-1-84449-099-8Mark Putterford"Metallica": Talking
  ''978-1-84449-100-1Dave Lewis"Led Zeppelin" Talking
  ''978-1-84449-101-8Carol ClerkThe Saga of "Hawkwind"
2003978-1-84449-107-0Budgetbooks: Jazz Standards
  ''978-1-84449-108-7Budgetbooks: Broadway Songs (PVG)
2003978-1-84449-121-6Johann Sebastian BachBach Gold: the Essential Collection (Essential Collections) (The Gold Series)
2004978-1-84449-127-8Showtunes Guest Spot for Flute
  ''978-1-84449-132-2VariousMaking The Grade Grade Three Revised Edition (Piano) Pf
2003978-1-84449-137-7Oasis · Noel Gallagher · Matt Cowe"Oasis": The Complete Chord Songbook
  ''978-1-84449-139-1Coldplay · Jack Long"Coldplay": It's Easy To Play
  ''978-1-84449-140-7VariousThe Essential Leonard Cohen Pvg: (Piano, Voice, Guitar)
2004978-1-84449-141-4Dave LewisComplete Guide to the Music of "Led Zeppelin" (Complete Guide to the Music of) (Complete Guide to the Music of S.)
2003978-1-84449-149-0The Stereophonics: "You Gotta Go There to Come Back" for Guitar TAB: "You Gotta Go There to Come Back" for Guitar TAB
2004978-1-84449-150-6Barney HoskinsOzzy Osbourne: Rock Back Pages
  ''978-1-84449-151-3Clinton HeylinBootleg!: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Recording Industry
2003978-1-84449-154-4VariousAvril Lavigne Let Go (Tab)
2003978-1-84449-155-1VariousMetallica St. Anger (Tab): "St.Anger" for Guitar TAB (Play it like it is Guitar)
  ''978-1-84449-158-2NaSing with the Beatles
  ''978-1-84449-168-1Michael HeatleyJustin Timberlake (Talking S.)
2004978-1-84449-169-8Manuel (Co De FallaManuel De Falla: El Retablo de Maese Pedro (Vocal Score)
2003978-1-84449-181-0Paul SimonAcoustic Masters For Guitar: Paul Simon
2004978-1-84449-183-4Mac Randall"Radiohead": Exit Music
2003978-1-84449-186-5Diana Krall: v.2: The Collection: Vol 2
2004978-1-84449-191-9Bob DylanAcoustic Masters for Guitar: Bob Dylan
2003978-1-84449-200-8MCCARTNEY PThe Music of Paul McCartney: 1973-2001 Pt.2
2004978-1-84449-216-9Henry (Arti PurcellPurcell Society - Sacred Music: Nine Anthems v. 14
  ''978-1-84449-249-7Denes AgayThe Art Of Teaching Piano
2003978-1-84449-272-5Stereophonics (Artis"Stereophonics": "You Gotta Go There to Come Back" and "J.E.E.P" Chord Songbook: "You Gotta Go There to Come Back" and "J.E.E.P" Chord Songbook
2004978-1-84449-281-7Paul WilliamsBob Dylan: Mind Out of Time - The Accidental Art of a Performing Artist, 1986-1990 and Beyond
2020978-1-84449-282-4Brian May · Greg BrooksQueen: I Want it All!
2005978-1-84449-283-1Jon Kutner · Spencer Leigh1000 UK Number One Hits
2003978-1-84449-286-2"Pet Shop Boys": "Release" for Piano, Voice and Guitar
2004978-1-84449-299-2Simon (Arran LesleyGreat Ballads Guest Spot Alto Saxophone
  ''978-1-84449-301-2Simon LesleyGreat Ballads Guest Spot Tenor Saxophone
2004978-1-84449-302-9Divers AuteursThe Novello Youth Chorals: Rock and Roll (SATB)
2003978-1-84449-304-3Linkin Park"Linkin Park": "Meteora" for Guitar Tablature: "Meteora" for Guitar Tablature
2016978-1-84449-305-0Bob DylanThe Definitive Bob Dylan Songbook (Small Format)
2004978-1-84449-307-4Otakar SevcikSevcik Violin Studies Opus 2, Part 6: School of Bowing Technique / Schule Der Bodentechnik / Ecole De La Technique De L'Archet
  ''978-1-84449-308-1VariousSing 15 Showtunes! For Female Singers Mlc (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84449-311-1DiversHal Leonard Guitar Method: Even More Easy Pop Melodies
  ''978-1-84449-328-9Joe AmbroseIggy Pop: Gimme Danger
  ''978-1-84449-329-6VariousIron Maiden Dance Of Death Tab: "Dance of Death" for Guitar TAB
2003978-1-84449-330-2Muse"Muse": "Absolution" for Guitar TAB
2003978-1-84449-333-3Johnny CashJohnny Cash: The Memorial Songbook 1932-2003 for Piano, Voice and Guitar
  ''978-1-84449-336-4ColdplayPlay Piano with "Coldplay"
2004978-1-84449-343-2VariousFilm Music For Solo Piano
  ''978-1-84449-344-9Claude DebussyDebussy Gold (Essential Collections)
  ''978-1-84449-352-4Guitar Signature Licks: Famous Rock Guitar Solos
  ''978-1-84449-372-2VariousPlay Guitar With... Linkin Park Tab Book/Cd
2004978-1-84449-378-4VariousNew Woman Jazz Collection Pvg
  ''978-1-84449-380-7Todd SlaughterThe Elvis Archives
  ''978-1-84449-381-4Jeff ApterFornication: THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS STORY: Fornicating
  ''978-1-84449-403-3John DuffyBruce Springsteen: Talking
  ''978-1-84449-406-4Ryan AdamsRyan Adams: "Rock N Roll"
2004978-1-84449-412-5Mike BarnesCaptain Beefheart
2005978-1-84449-413-2Everett TrueHey Ho Let's Go: The Story of the "Ramones": The Story of the "Ramones"
2006978-1-84449-414-9Stephen MillerJohnny Cash: The Life of an American Icon
2004978-1-84449-415-6Jonathan Miller"Depeche Mode": Stripped
  ''978-1-84449-416-3Rod (Artist StewartRod Stewart: Selections from the "Great American Songbook": Selections from the "Great American Songbook"
  ''978-1-84449-417-0David TurnbullDavid Turnbull: Singing Time] Grade 4
  ''978-1-84449-418-7Mick St.MichaelMadonna Talking (Talking S.)
  ''978-1-84449-419-4Chuck WeinerMarilyn Manson (Talking) (Talking S.)
2004978-1-84449-420-0VariousColdplay Live 2003 (Pvg): Live 2003 for Piano, Voice and Guitar
  ''978-1-84449-423-1David BuckleyThe Complete Guide to the Music of David Bowie (Complete Guide to the Music of) (Complete Guide to the Music of S.)
  ''978-1-84449-424-8Peter DoggettThe Complete Guide to the Music of Jimi Hendrix (Complete Guide to the Music of) (Complete Guide to the Music of S.)
  ''978-1-84449-425-5Brian SweetSteely Dan: The Complete Guide To Their Music (Complete Guide to the Music of)
  ''978-1-84449-426-2John Tobler · Andrew G. DoeBrian Wilson & The Beach Boys - The Complete Guide To Their Music
2004978-1-84449-427-9Rikky RooksbyThe Complete Guide to the Music of "Fleetwood Mac" (Complete Guide to Their Music)
  ''978-1-84449-428-6Chris CharlesworthThe Complete Guide to the Music of the "Who" (Complete Guide to the Music of) (Complete Guide to the Music of S.)
2005978-1-84449-430-9Paul DonnelleyFade to Black: A Book of Movie Obituaries
  ''978-1-84449-431-6Richard James BurgessThe Art of Music Production
  ''978-1-84449-432-3Adrian GrantMichael Jackson: The Visual Documentary
2004978-1-84449-433-0James R. BlandfordPJ Harvey: Siren Rising
  ''978-1-84449-437-8Various100 More Pop Solos For Clarinet Clt
2004978-1-84449-438-5Coldplay"Coldplay": Live 2003 for Guitar Tab
  ''978-1-84449-450-7Simon (Arran LesleyGuest Spot for Tenor Saxophone: Jazz Solos
  ''978-1-84449-453-8VariousThe Essential Collection Schubert Gold Pf
  ''978-1-84449-459-0Fisherman'sBitesize Golden Apple: The Fisherman's Wife
  ''978-1-84449-464-4Coldplay (Artist)Play Bass with "Coldplay"
2004978-1-84449-465-1VariousPlay Drums With... Coldplay Book/Cd
  ''978-1-84449-469-9Hayley (Ar WestenraHayley Westenra: "Pure"
  ''978-1-84449-473-6Play Piano with Diana Krall
2005978-1-84449-477-4Big Guitar Chord Songbook Classic Rock 2
2006978-1-84449-478-1Divers AuteursGreat Jazz Piano Solos-Music Book
2004978-1-84449-488-0Barnaby Legg · Jim McCarthyEminem: In My Skin (Eminem)
  ''978-1-84449-489-7John MendelssohnWaiting For Kate Bush
2005978-1-84449-490-3John MendelssohnGigantic: The Story of Frank Black and the Pixies
  ''978-1-84449-491-0John ReedPaul Weller: My Ever Changing Moods
2006978-1-84449-498-9The "Rat Pack": Audition Songs Fro Male Singers (Book & CD)
2004978-1-84449-500-9Otakar SevcikSevcik Violin Studies - Opus 8: Changes of Position and Preparatory Scale Studies
2004978-1-84449-501-6Joy of Dancing
  ''978-1-84449-503-0Dave BlackThe "Darkness" (Talking)
2005978-1-84449-504-7Peter DoggettEminem: Complete Guide to His Music (Complete Guide to the Music of) (Complete Guide to the Music of S.)
  ''978-1-84449-505-4Carl Magnus PalmAbba: Complete Guide to Their Music (Complete Guide to the Music of) (Complete Guide to the Music of S.)
  ''978-1-84449-506-1Tony FletcherThe "Clash": The Complete Guide to Their Music (Complete Guide to the Music of) (Complete Guide to the Music of S.)
  ''978-1-84449-507-8Mark Paytress"Radiohead": The Complete Guide to Their Music (Complete Guide to Their Music S.)
2004978-1-84449-509-2"Westlife" - Turnaround
2004978-1-84449-515-3John PittsRecorder from the Beginning: Teachers Book Bk. 1 (Recorder from the Beginning S.)
  ''978-1-84449-516-0John PittsRecorder from the Beginning: Teachers Book Bk. 2 (Recorder from the Beginning S.)
  ''978-1-84449-517-7   ''Recorder from the Beginning: Teachers Book Bk. 3 (Recorder from the Beginning S.)
  ''978-1-84449-518-4   ''Recorder from the Beginning: Pupil's Book Bk. 1
2004978-1-84449-519-1John PittsRecorder from the Beginning: Pupil Book Bk. 2
  ''978-1-84449-520-7   ''Recorder from the Beginning: Pupils Book Bk. 3
  ''978-1-84449-521-4VariousFranz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand Tab
  ''978-1-84449-522-1   ''Blink-182 Blink-182 Tab: GRV
  ''978-1-84449-523-8John PittsRecorder from the Beginning: Pupils Edition Bk. 2
2004978-1-84449-524-5John PittsRecorder from the Beginning
  ''978-1-84449-525-2   ''Recorder from the Beginning: Pupils Book Bk. 3
2005978-1-84449-526-9Mick RockRaw Power: Iggy and the Stooges
2004978-1-84449-528-3John ThompsonJohn Thompson's Easiest Piano Course: First Beatles Hits
  ''978-1-84449-549-8VariousMuse The Complete Chord Songbook Lc
  ''978-1-84449-550-4   ''Play Guitar with Franz Ferdinand, "Coldplay", "Muse" Etc (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84449-551-1Jeremy Ward & Simon PittVocals for Female Singers Level 1 Rockschool (Book & 2cds)
2004978-1-84449-552-8RockschoolRockschool Vocals for Female Singers Level 2
  ''978-1-84449-553-5Simon PittVocals for Female Singers Level 3 Rockschool (Book & 2cds)
  ''978-1-84449-554-2Simon PittVocals for Male Singers Level 1 Rockschool (Book & 2cds)
2004978-1-84449-555-9Simon PittRockschool Vocals for Male Singers Level 2
  ''978-1-84449-556-6   ''Vocals for Male Singers Level 3 Rockschool (Book & 2cds)
978-1-84449-561-0The Complete Guitar Player For Beginners (DVD Edition)
2004978-1-84449-566-5KeaneKeane: Hopes and Fears (Arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar)
  ''978-1-84449-567-2VariousReally Easy Piano Pop Hits Pf
  ''978-1-84449-568-9Heather RamageClassical (Really Easy Piano)
  ''978-1-84449-569-6VariousReally Easy Piano Abba Pf
2004978-1-84449-570-2VariousReally Easy Piano Film Songs Pf
2000978-1-84449-572-6#value!Smash Hits: Playalong for Clarinet (Book & CD)
2004978-1-84449-575-7VariousThe Chester Book Of Nursery Rhymes And Children'S Songs Pvg
  ''978-1-84449-576-4   ''Really Easy Piano Christmas Pf
  ''978-1-84449-584-9EmfPlacebo: The Singles: The Singles for Guitar Tab
2007978-1-84449-585-6Patrick HumphriesThe Many Lives of Tom Waits
2004978-1-84449-587-0Martin PowerDavid Sylvian: The Last Romantic
  ''978-1-84449-589-4Rikky RooksbyThe Complete Rock And Pop Guitar Player Course
1998978-1-84449-591-7Otakar SevcikSevcik Cello Studies: School Of Bowing Technique Part 2
2004978-1-84449-592-4Felix MendelssohnMendelssohn Gold (Essential Collections) (Gold Series)
2005978-1-84449-607-5Chester MusicClassical Gold: The Essential Collection (The Gold Series)
  ''978-1-84449-608-2VariousThe Essential Collection Opera Gold Pf (Gold Essential Collections)
2005978-1-84449-609-9Michael Ahmad · Heather RamageBallet Gold (Essential Collections)
  ''978-1-84449-615-0VariousGuest Spot Tv Hits Playalong For Alto Saxophone Asax Book/Cd
  ''978-1-84449-618-1   ''Guest Spot Tv Hits Playalong For Violin Vln Book/Cd
2004978-1-84449-627-3Kenneth BakerComplete Keyboard Player: Omnibus Edition: Parts 1, 2 & 3 in One
  ''978-1-84449-634-1VariousPlay Piano With... Katie Melua, Norah Jones, Delta Goodrem, Christina
  ''978-1-84449-635-8Duel (Artist)Duel Violin Duets (Music)
2004978-1-84449-636-5Heather RamageFamily Christmas Songbook
  ''978-1-84449-639-6Hans Werner ( HenzeL'Upupa Und Der Triumph Der Sohnesliebe: Ein Deutsches Lustspiel, Elf Tableaux Aus Dem Arabischen = L'Upupa and the Triumph of Filial Love: A German C
2006978-1-84449-640-2Everett True"Nirvana": The True Story
2005978-1-84449-641-9Mark PaytressThe "Rolling Stones" Off the Record: Outrageous Opinions and Unrehearsed Interviews
  ''978-1-84449-643-3Jim GreenRock 'n' Pop Music Trivia
2004978-1-84449-655-6VariousPlay Guitar With... The Best Of U2 Tab Book/Cd
2005978-1-84449-659-4Dave Lewis · Simon Pallett"Led Zeppelin" Concert File
  ''978-1-84449-660-0Greg Brooks"Queen" Live!: A Concert Documentary
1998978-1-84449-677-8O. RiedingConcerto in D, Op. 36 1st Position: Easy Concertos and Concertinos for Violin and Piano
978-1-84449-694-5Quartet (The Game Series)
2004978-1-84449-707-2David TurnbullAural Time! Grade Six: Practical Tests for ABRSM and Other Exams
  ''978-1-84449-708-9   ''Aural Time! Grade 7: Practice Tests for ABRSM and Other Exams
2004978-1-84449-709-6David TurnbullAural Time! Grade 8: Practice Tests for ABRSM and Other Exams
  ''978-1-84449-711-9John RobertsonComplete Guide to the Music of Elvis Presley (Complete Guide to His Music)
2005978-1-84449-716-4Pete WelshKids in the Riot: High and Low with the Libertines
2004978-1-84449-723-2MusePlay Guitar with "Muse": "Stockholm Syndrome" and Other Great Songs: "Stockholm Syndrome" and Other Great Songs
2001978-1-84449-724-9Otakar SevcikSevcik Violin Studies: Opus 1 Part 2: School of Violin Technique
2005978-1-84449-726-3Nick HastedDark Story of Eminem
  ''978-1-84449-727-0Jim McCarthy · Barnaby LeggDeath Rap: Tupac Shakur - A Life
2004978-1-84449-730-0Jet: Get Born: For Guitar TAB
1998978-1-84449-741-6Ferdinand KuchlerConcertino in D, Op. 12 (1st and 3rd Position): Easy Concertos and Concertinos Series for Violin and Piano
2005978-1-84449-755-3Henry PurcellPurcell Society: v. 18: Royal Welcome Songs
1998978-1-84449-758-4Lionel TertisOskar Sevcik: School Of Bowing Technique Viola Studies - Part 1
  ''978-1-84449-759-1Alan Arnold · Otakar SevcikSevcik for Viola Alto Opus 9: Preparatory Studies in Double-Stopping / Doppelgriff-Vostudien / Exercises Preparatoires De Doubles Notes (Sevcik Violin Studies)
2005978-1-84449-764-5Mike EvansRay Charles: The Birth of Soul
2004978-1-84449-765-2Bruce Wood · Edward ElgarEdward Elgar: Give Unto The Lord Op.74 (Vocal Score Ed. Bruce Wood)
2005978-1-84449-780-5Chester MusicClassic Film Gold: The Essential Collection (Gold Essential Collections)
  ''978-1-84449-786-7Eric ClaptonEric Clapton Master Session [DVD]
2005978-1-84449-787-4"Guns 'n' Roses" Master Session [DVD]
  ''978-1-84449-788-1Steve Vai Master Session [DVD]
  ''978-1-84449-789-8Yngwie Malmsteen Master Session [DVD]
2004978-1-84449-796-6Toward the Unknown Region ; Malcolm Arnold - a story of survival. [2004] [DVD]
2005978-1-84449-798-0Charles AznavourCharles Aznavour: Past Times
  ''978-1-84449-799-7The "Cure": for Guitar TAB
2004978-1-84449-800-0"Razorlight": TAB: "Up All Night"
  ''978-1-84449-801-7MusePlay Guitar with Muse: "Time is Running Out" and Other Great Songs: "Time Is Running Out" and Other Great Songs
2005978-1-84449-805-5MusePlay Bass with" Muse"
  ''978-1-84449-806-2   ''Play Drums With "Muse"
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2005978-1-84449-827-7Jeff ApterNever Enough: The Story of the "Cure"
2006978-1-84449-828-4Joel McIverJustice for All: The Truth About "Metallica": The Truth About "Metallica"
2004978-1-84449-829-1Jeff ApterFornication: The "Red Hot Chili Peppers" Story
2005978-1-84449-831-4Paul WilliamsBob Dylan Performing Artist 1986-1990 & beyond Mind Out Of Time
2006978-1-84449-832-1Carol ClerkThe Saga of "Hawkwind"
2005978-1-84449-837-6Michael MuellerHal Leonard Guitar Method: Rock Guitar
2005978-1-84449-864-2Timothy WhiteJames Taylor: Long Ago and Far Away - His Life and Music
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2008978-1-84449-869-7John ReedThe Complete Guide to the Music of Paul Weller and the "Jam"
2006978-1-84449-871-0Martin PowerThe Complete Guide to the Music of "Queen" (Complete Guide to the Music of) (Complete Guide to the Music of S.)
1998978-1-84449-927-4Oskar RiedingEasy Concertos and Concertinos for Violin and Piano: Concerto In B Minor Op.35
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  ''978-1-84449-938-0   ''Sevcik Cello Studies: School Of Bowing Technique Part 4
  ''978-1-84449-940-3   ''Sevcik Cello Studies: School Of Bowing Technique Part 6
2013978-1-84449-948-9Andrew WebberPhantom of the Opera Film Soundtrack Voc
2005978-1-84449-954-0Peter DoggettThe Art and Music of John Lennon
2005978-1-84449-956-4Jenny Fabian · Johnny ByrneGroupie
  ''978-1-84449-961-8Even More of All the Tunes You've Ever Wanted to Play (All the Tunes You've Ever Wanted to Play S.)
2006978-1-84449-972-4Johnny RoganNeil Young: Complete Guide to His Music (Complete Guide to the Music of S.)
2005978-1-84449-974-8Andrew WebberAndrew Lloyd Webber: "The Woman in White" Vocal Selections
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2006978-1-84449-982-3Joel McIverSabbath Bloody Sabbath
2005978-1-84449-984-7Nina AntoniaThe New York Dolls: Too Much Too Soon
2001978-1-84449-986-1Otakar SevcikSevcik Violin Studies - Opus 1: School of Violin Technique
2005978-1-84449-989-2James SleighThe Christmas Songbook
  ''978-1-84449-990-8Chester MusicChildren's Christmas Songbook

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