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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-84428-625-6Joshua MowllOperation Red Jericho (Guild Trilogy)
2004978-1-84428-626-3Joanna NadinSolomon Smee Versus The Monkeys
  ''978-1-84428-627-0Dick King-SmithClever Lollipop
  ''978-1-84428-630-0Nick EarlsAfter Summer
  ''978-1-84428-631-7Jenny NimmoThe Night of the Unicorn
  ''978-1-84428-632-4Jenny NimmoThe Stone Mouse
2005978-1-84428-633-1Kathy HendersonFearless Fitzroy (Walkers Red Sprinters)
2005978-1-84428-635-5Carol GormanMidsummer Night's Dork
2004978-1-84428-636-2Alison CroggonThe Gift (Pellinor Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84428-637-9Jenny NimmoDog Star
  ''978-1-84428-638-6   ''The Owl Tree
  ''978-1-84428-639-3Ed BoxallHugo's Hullabaloo (Walker Starters)
2005978-1-84428-640-9Susan HillWalker Book of Ghost Stories
2004978-1-84428-644-7Jenny NimmoTom And The Pterosaur
2005978-1-84428-645-4Hugh MontgomeryCloudsailors: A Story Of Secrets and Survival
2006978-1-84428-646-1Joshua MowllOperation Typhoon Shore (Guild Trilogy)
2008978-1-84428-647-8   ''Operation Storm City: The Guild of Specialists Book 3 (Guild Trilogy)
2007978-1-84428-649-2Jeanne WillisShamanka
2004978-1-84428-652-2Anna Gavalda35 Kilos Of Hope
  ''978-1-84428-654-6Dyan SheldonUndercover Angel
2005978-1-84428-656-0Sonya HartnettSurrender
2005978-1-84428-657-7Kate ForsythThe Starthorn Tree
2006978-1-84428-658-4Victor HugoHunchback Of Notre Dame
2004978-1-84428-659-1Anthony HorowitzPoint Blanc (Alex Rider)
  ''978-1-84428-660-7Lucy CousinsHappy Birthday, Maisy
  ''978-1-84428-664-5Lucy CousinsMaisy's Christmas Sticker Book
  ''978-1-84428-667-6   ''How Will You Get There Maisy? (Maisy Lift the Flap)
  ''978-1-84428-669-0   ''Is This Maisy's House? (Maisy Lift the Flap)
2004978-1-84428-670-6Lucy CousinsMaisy's Presents
2006978-1-84428-671-3Lucy CousinsMaisy's Wonderful Weather Book (Maisy First Science)
2004978-1-84428-672-0   ''Splish Splash Maisy (Maisy Bath Book)
  ''978-1-84428-673-7   ''Maisy By The Sea Bath Book (Maisy Bath Book)
  ''978-1-84428-674-4   ''Good Morning Maisy Jigsaw Book: Jigsaw Puzzle Book
  ''978-1-84428-677-5   ''Maisy's Christmas Eve
2005978-1-84428-678-2Lucy CousinsMaisy's Easter Paint Book
  ''978-1-84428-679-9   ''Maisy Goes to the Library
  ''978-1-84428-681-2Oliver Postgate · Peter FirminLittle Book Of Bagpuss
  ''978-1-84428-682-9Lucy CousinsHa Ha Maisy Board Book
2006978-1-84428-684-3   ''Maisy's Valentine Sticker Book
2004978-1-84428-685-0   ''Maisy's Rainbow Dream
  ''978-1-84428-686-7   ''Maisy's Halloween
2005978-1-84428-690-4Lucy CousinsHappy Birthday Maisy Board Book & Plush (Book & Toy)
  ''978-1-84428-692-8   ''Maisy's Traffic Jam
  ''978-1-84428-693-5   ''Maisy's Colour Collection Fold Out Book
  ''978-1-84428-694-2   ''1 2 3, Maisy
  ''978-1-84428-696-6   ''Maisy's Spooky Sticker Book
2005978-1-84428-697-3Sam McbratneyGuess How Much? Cheque Book
2004978-1-84428-702-4Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You Calendar 2005
2011978-1-84428-703-1Lucy CousinsMaisy's Little Library
2005978-1-84428-704-8Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You Sweetheart Edi: Sweetheart Edition
  ''978-1-84428-708-6Lucy CousinsSweet Dreams Maisy
2005978-1-84428-710-9Lucy CousinsMaisy 2006 Calendar
  ''978-1-84428-711-6   ''Maisy Goes Camping
2006978-1-84428-715-4Martin HandfordWhere's Wally? The Great Picture Hunt
  ''978-1-84428-720-8Max EilenbergBeauty and the Beast
2003978-1-84428-721-5David EllwandCinderlily: A Floral Fairy Tale
2004978-1-84428-724-6Michael Rosen · Robert IngpenShakespeare: His Work and His World
  ''978-1-84428-725-3Stephen Venables · Royal Geographical SocietyTo The Top: The Story of Everest
  ''978-1-84428-726-0Martin JenkinsGrandma Elephant's In Charge
2005978-1-84428-730-7Michael MorpurgoSir Gawain and the Green Knight
2005978-1-84428-731-4Nicola Davies · Gary BlytheIce Bear
2004978-1-84428-732-1Rudyard KiplingJust So Stories
2006978-1-84428-734-5Nicola DaviesExtreme Animals: The Toughest Creatures on Earth (Animal Science)
2009978-1-84428-737-6Richard PlattRoman Diary
2006978-1-84428-738-3Geoff WaringOscar & The Moth: A Book About Light & D
  ''978-1-84428-739-0Geoff WaringOscar and the Bat (Oscar)
  ''978-1-84428-740-6   ''Oscar and the Cricket (Oscar)
  ''978-1-84428-741-3   ''Oscar & The Frog: A Book About Growing
2005978-1-84428-742-0Nick DowsonTigress (Read & Wonder)
2006978-1-84428-746-8Kathy HendersonLugalbanda: The Boy Who Was Caught Up in a War
2009978-1-84428-747-5Miguel de CervantesDon Quixote
2005978-1-84428-751-2Nicola DaviesPoo: A Natural History of the Unmentionable (Animal Science)
2007978-1-84428-753-6Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek PetersHere's a Little Poem: A Very First Book of Poetry
2006978-1-84428-754-3Michael MorpurgoBeowulf
2005978-1-84428-764-2Kenneth GrahameReluctant Dragon
  ''978-1-84428-766-6Chris RiddellThe Da Vinci Cod: and Other Illustrations to Unwritten Books
2006978-1-84428-767-3Jonathan StroudLost Treasure Of Captain Blood
2006978-1-84428-768-0Jonathan StroudThe Viking Saga of Harri Bristlebeard
2005978-1-84428-771-0Nicola MorganThe Leaving Home Survival Guide
  ''978-1-84428-774-1Sam Stern · Susan SternCooking Up A Storm - The Teen Survival Cookbook
2006978-1-84428-778-9Bali RaiPolitics - Cutting Through the Crap
2004978-1-84428-780-2Colin McNaughtonWho's Been Sleeping in My Porridge?: A Book of Wacky Poems and Pictures
  ''978-1-84428-781-9Colin McNaughtonWish You Were Here (and I Wasn't)
  ''978-1-84428-782-6Trish Cooke · Paul HowardFull, Full, Full of Love
  ''978-1-84428-784-0Debi GlioriWhen I'm Big
2004978-1-84428-785-7Reeve Lindbergh · Abby CarterMy Hippie Grandmother
2003978-1-84428-787-1Michael Rosen · Helen OxenburyWe're Going on a Bear Hunt (board book and toy) (Book & Toy)
2010978-1-84428-788-8Helen OxenburyIt's My Birthday
2004978-1-84428-791-8Mary MurphyI Kissed The Baby
  ''978-1-84428-793-2Jez AlboroughIt's The Bear Board Book
  ''978-1-84428-794-9Jonathan EmmettBringing Down The Moon Pbk With Dvd
2003978-1-84428-800-7Graham PeacockFun to Learn Science: Ages 6-8
  ''978-1-84428-801-4NAFun to Learn Maths: Ages 5-7
2004978-1-84428-807-6Peter PatillaFun to Learn Maths: Ages 3-5
  ''978-1-84428-808-3Peter PatillaFun to Learn Maths: Ages 4-6
2004978-1-84428-809-0Dana KubickMidnight Teddies Card (Little Favourites)
  ''978-1-84428-810-6Martin WaddellSailor Bear (Little Favourites)
2005978-1-84428-811-3Lucy CousinsNoah's Ark Board Book
2004978-1-84428-819-9Kim LewisLittle Baa
  ''978-1-84428-828-1VariousOwl Babies/ Little Beaver Giftset: Owl/Beaver Tape and Book
  ''978-1-84428-830-4B.G. Hennessy · Peter JoyceThe Once Upon a Time Map Book
1993978-1-84428-833-5John BurninghamHarvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present
2004978-1-84428-840-3Olivier DunreaGossie Board Book
  ''978-1-84428-841-0Olivier DunreaGossie And Gertie Board Book
2004978-1-84428-842-7Olivier DunreaOllie Board Book
  ''978-1-84428-843-4   ''Ollie The Stomper Board Book
2007978-1-84428-844-1Petr HoracekButterfly, Butterfly
2006978-1-84428-848-9Michael RosenWe're Going on a Bear Hunt
2004978-1-84428-850-2Frances BarryDuckies Wish Board Book
  ''978-1-84428-852-6H. A. ReyCurious George Rides Board Book
  ''978-1-84428-853-3H. A. ReyCurious George: Opposites
2004978-1-84428-854-0H. A. ReyCurious George: Are You Curious?
2005978-1-84428-855-7Robert CrowtherOpposites
  ''978-1-84428-859-5First ConceptsColours Board Book (Easy Open)
  ''978-1-84428-861-8Petr HoracekFlutter By Butterfly Board Book
  ''978-1-84428-862-5   ''Run Mouse Run Board
  ''978-1-84428-873-1Alan DurantDear Tooth Fairy
2005978-1-84428-874-8Jan PienkowskiHaunted House
  ''978-1-84428-876-2Frances BarryDuckie Eats Lunch (Duckie Jigsaw Book)
2006978-1-84428-877-9Claire HawcockDragons's Egg
  ''978-1-84428-879-3Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsThe Pirate Treasure Map: A Fairytale Adventure
2005978-1-84428-892-2Anthony HorowitzD Bin: Ark Angel (Alex Rider 6)
  ''978-1-84428-893-9Lucy CousinsMaisy Goes To The Fair (Maisy Jigsaw Book)
2004978-1-84428-900-4Martin Waddell · Barbara FirthCan't You Sleep Little Bear?
  ''978-1-84428-901-1Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You
2004978-1-84428-902-8Anthony HorowitzScorpia
  ''978-1-84428-903-5   ''Scorpia Cassette (Alex Rider)
2003978-1-84428-905-9Mcdonald Megan · Reynolds Peter HJudy Moody Gets Famous Audio Book (Cass)
2004978-1-84428-907-3Anthony HorowitzPoint Blanc Cassette Pack
  ''978-1-84428-908-0   ''Stormbreaker
  ''978-1-84428-909-7   ''Stormbreaker
2005978-1-84428-910-3Antonia BarberMousehole Cat Cd
2004978-1-84428-930-1Anthony HorowitzStormbreaker (Alex Rider)
2006978-1-84428-935-6Ann TurnbullForged In The Fire
2005978-1-84428-937-0Isabel HovingDream Merchant
  ''978-1-84428-938-7Vivian FrenchBuck and His Truck (Walker Blue Starters)
2005978-1-84428-940-0Anne FineNag Club (Sprinters)
  ''978-1-84428-943-1Dyan SheldonConfessions Of A Hollywood Star
2006978-1-84428-944-8Dyan SheldonI Conquer Britain
2004978-1-84428-946-2John MarsdenSo Much to Tell You
2006978-1-84428-947-9Sonya HartnettThe Silver Donkey
2004978-1-84428-949-3Dyan SheldonConfessions Teenage Drama Queen Movietie
2005978-1-84428-950-9Joanna NadinMaisie Morris And The Whopping Lie
  ''978-1-84428-952-3Alison CroggonThe Riddle (Pellinor Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84428-953-0E. L. KonigsburgSilent To The Bone
  ''978-1-84428-954-7E. L. KonigsburgOutcasts Of 19 Schuyler Place
2004978-1-84428-957-8Dyan SheldonMy Perfect Life Movie Tie In
2005978-1-84428-958-5Megan McDonaldJudy Moody Mood Journal
  ''978-1-84428-961-5Anthony ReadThe Baker Street Boys: The Case of the Disappearing Detective
978-1-84428-962-2Anthony HorowitzMissing Mission
2005978-1-84428-963-9Vivian FrenchBrian the Giant (Walker Starters)
2005978-1-84428-967-7Michael MorpurgoCool as A Cucumber (Walker Red Sprinters)
  ''978-1-84428-968-4Jan MarkSnow Maze (Sprinters)
2004978-1-84428-969-1Martin WaddellStar Striker Titch (Walker Sprinters)
2005978-1-84428-980-6Dick King-SmithSophie Slipcase (Sophie) (Sophie Adventures)
  ''978-1-84428-983-7Martin HandfordWhere's Wally?: The Wonder Book with Magnifying Glass
2004978-1-84428-985-1Megan McDonaldJudy Moody Keepsake Box
2006978-1-84428-991-2Dick King-SmithSophie's Adventures: "Sophie's Snail" , "Sophie's Tom" , "Sophie Hits Six" (Sophie Adventures)
  ''978-1-84428-992-9   ''Sophie's Further Adventures: "Sophie in the Saddle" , "Sophie Is Seven" , "Sophie's Lucky" (Sophie Adventures)
2005978-1-84428-996-7Olivier DunreaPeedie Board Book (Gossie & Friends)
  ''978-1-84428-997-4   ''Booboo (Gossie & Friends)
2007978-1-84428-998-1Nick SharrattPirate Pete: A Pop-in-the-Slot Storybook