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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-84427-011-8Carolyn NystromNew Testament Characters (Lifebuilder Study Guides) (Lifebuilder Bible Study Guides)
2005978-1-84427-053-8Andrew Bianchi10 Rulz: Bringing the Ten Commandments to Life (Snapshots)
2004978-1-84427-057-6Big Ideas TeamDeeper Bible Bits to Ignite Your Life
2005978-1-84427-088-0lee-kathyA Captive in Rome
978-1-84427-089-7Kathy LeeRome in Flames (Tales of Rome) by Kathy Lee (2005-08-06)
2004978-1-84427-091-0Robert HarrisonOriel in the Desert (Oriel Books)
  ''978-1-84427-096-5Doug Haugen · Doris HaugenJonah, Joel and Amos (Lifebuilder) (Lifebuilder Bible Study Guides)
2005978-1-84427-113-9Jean ElliottClues2use: Landlubbers on the Jesus Quest (Eye Level Midweek Club)
  ''978-1-84427-147-4Howard InghamThe "Star Wars" Trilogy (Connect Bible Studies)
2008978-1-84427-154-2Jack KuhatschekAbraham: Hearing God's Call (Lifebuilder) (Lifebuilder Bible Study Guides)
2005978-1-84427-166-5Sue WallaceMulti-sensory Scripture (Multi-sensory)
2006978-1-84427-167-2lee-kathyThe Edge of the Empire (Tales of Rome)
2005978-1-84427-176-4Al Aston · Joy HutchinsonA Message for Mary (Bauble Books)
  ''978-1-84427-177-1   ''The Long Journey (Bauble Books)
  ''978-1-84427-178-8   ''The Shepherd's Surprise (Bauble Books)
2005978-1-84427-179-5Al Aston · Joy HutchinsonGifts from a King (Bauble Books)
2006978-1-84427-182-5Union Scripture UnionCelebrations Sorted
2005978-1-84427-189-4Scripture UnionEaster Cracked: All the Ideas You Need for a Cracking Easter!
2006978-1-84427-190-0Su BoxBehind the Scenes Christmas
2005978-1-84427-191-7Jean ElliottClues2use: Landlubbers on the Jesus Quest (Eye Level Midweek Club)
2007978-1-84427-210-5Mary TaylorFriends Forever: My Book About Me, My Friends and God (Xstream)
2006978-1-84427-211-2Sarah MayersMassive Prayer Adventure: Get 8 to 11s Talking to God! (Snapshots)
  ''978-1-84427-212-9Nick HardingIt's Your Move!: Your Guide to Moving to Secondary School
  ''978-1-84427-221-1Douglas ConnellyElijah (Lifebuilder Study Guides): Living Securely in an Insecure World (Lifebuilder Bible Study Guides)
  ''978-1-84427-224-2David JackmanOpening up the Bible
2007978-1-84427-228-0Maggie BarfieldThe Big Bible Storybook: 188 Bible stories to enjoy together
2006978-1-84427-231-0Ian BirkenshawMulti-sensory Parables
2007978-1-84427-241-9Kathy LeeNo Angel
  ''978-1-84427-252-5   ''No Love Lost
2007978-1-84427-253-2Kathy LeeNo Means No
  ''978-1-84427-259-4Carl BeechSpadework: Laying Foundations with 52 Men from the Bible
2008978-1-84427-261-7Union Scripture UnionMore Christmas Wrapped Up!
2007978-1-84427-262-4Alexander BrownAnthony Greenfinger's Apple Disaster (Crazy Stories)
  ''978-1-84427-263-1Alexander BrownBrilliant Bones (Crazy Stories)
  ''978-1-84427-264-8   ''The Diamond Girl (Xanthe Story) (Xanthe Stories)
2007978-1-84427-265-5Alexander BrownThe Purple Balloon (Xanthe Story) (Xanthe Stories)
2008978-1-84427-266-2Craig BorlaseMulti-Sensory World: Global Issues Explored - For Creative Churches, Youth Groups and Small Groups
2007978-1-84427-275-4Rick RichardsonReimagining Evangelism: Inviting Friends on a Spiritual Journey. Rick Richardson
  ''978-1-84427-276-1Carl Beech · Lin BallGroundbreaker: Real Life Stories - Then and Now
  ''978-1-84427-286-0Patricia St JohnThe Victor (Classics for a New Generation)
  ''978-1-84427-287-7Patricia St JohnI Needed a Neighbour (Classics for a New Generation)
  ''978-1-84427-288-4   ''Nothing Else Matters (Classics for a New Generation)
2007978-1-84427-289-1Patricia St JohnFriska My Friend (Classics for a New Generation)
  ''978-1-84427-290-7   ''The Other Kitten (Classics for a New Generation)
2009978-1-84427-291-4Maggie BarfieldThe Christmas Bible Storybook: A Bible Friends story (Big Bible Storybook)
  ''978-1-84427-292-1   ''The Easter Bible Storybook: A Bible Friends story (Big Bible Storybook)
2010978-1-84427-293-8   ''Baby Moses (Bible Friends) (Big Bible Storybook)
2010978-1-84427-294-5Maggie BarfieldJoseph (Bible Friends): How God Builds Character (Big Bible Storybook)
2007978-1-84427-296-9Patricia St JohnStar of Light (Classics for a New Generation)
  ''978-1-84427-297-6   ''The Mystery of Pheasant Cottage (Classics for a New Generation)
  ''978-1-84427-298-3   ''Treasures of the Snow (Classics for a New Generation)
  ''978-1-84427-299-0   ''Where the River Begins (Classics for a New Generation)
  ''978-1-84427-300-3   ''Rainbow Garden (Classics for a New Generation)
2007978-1-84427-301-0Patricia St JohnThe Tanglewoods' Secret (Classics for a New Generation)
  ''978-1-84427-313-3Douglas ConnellyThe I am Sayings of Christ (Lifebuilder) (LifeBuilder Bible Study)
  ''978-1-84427-317-1Richard SudworthDistinctly Welcoming
  ''978-1-84427-318-8Maggie BarfieldThe Little Bible Storybook (Big Bible Storybook)
2008978-1-84427-320-1Robert HarrisonMust Know Stories: The 10 Most Iconic Stories from the Bible
  ''978-1-84427-321-8Piers Lane · Ruth HassallTop Tips on Encouraging Faith to Grow
2008978-1-84427-322-5Vicki Blyth · Sarah BinghamTop Tips on Prompting Prayer
  ''978-1-84427-324-9Alexander BrownThe Green Book of Must Know Stories
2008978-1-84427-325-6Alexander BrownThe Red Book of Must Know Stories
  ''978-1-84427-326-3Heather ButlerThe 10 Must Know Stories
  ''978-1-84427-330-0Steve Hutchinson · Helen Franklin · Robert WilloughbyExplaining the Cross (Top Tips)
  ''978-1-84427-337-9Alexander BrownBelcher Bridget (Crazy Stories)
  ''978-1-84427-338-6   ''Mrs O'Brady Never Gives Up (Crazy Stories)
2008978-1-84427-339-3Alan Charter · Gill MarchantTop Tips on Developing Partnerships Between Church and School (Top Tips)
  ''978-1-84427-342-3Kathy LeeThe Book of Secrets (Lost Book Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84427-351-5Maggie BarfieldThe Jesus Bible Storybook (Big Bible Storybook)
  ''978-1-84427-355-3Pauline Adams · Judith MerrellUltimate Visual Aids
2009978-1-84427-361-4Maggie BarfieldThe Big Bible Storybook Timeline (Bible Storybook Range) (The Bible storybook range): Enjoy God's big story together
2008978-1-84427-364-5Kathryn Copsey · Christine OrmeUltimate Craft
  ''978-1-84427-365-2Patrick GoodlandUltimate Games
2008978-1-84427-366-9Richard Chewter · Mary ChewterUltimate Quizzes
  ''978-1-84427-367-6Judith MerrellUltimate Creative Prayer
2009978-1-84427-368-3Kathy LeeThe Book of Good & Evil (Lost Book Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84427-369-0   ''The Book of Life (Lost Book Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84427-388-1Simon Barker · Steve WhyattTop Tips on Leading Small Groups for Children and Young People (Top Tips)
2010978-1-84427-396-6Sarah Bingham · John GraystonTop Tips on Explaining the Trinity to Young People
2009978-1-84427-397-3Sue WallaceMulti-Sensory Worship
2010978-1-84427-399-7Elaine CarrYou and God (SUbmerge)
  ''978-1-84427-500-7Maggie BarfieldJesus Heals a Man (Big Bible Storybook)
2010978-1-84427-501-4Maggie BarfieldThe Lost Sheep (Bible Friends): A Bible Friends story (Big Bible Storybook)
  ''978-1-84427-503-8Claire Pedrick · Andy MorganFriends First (SUbmerge)
  ''978-1-84427-504-5Ro Willoughby · Helen JonesAll-age Lectionary Services Year A: Resources for All-age Worship
  ''978-1-84427-509-0It's Your Move! (Top Tips)
  ''978-1-84427-528-1Victoria BeechMy God Book
2010978-1-84427-530-4Maggie BarfieldMy Big Prayer Book (Tiddlywinks)
2011978-1-84427-532-8Paul ButlerMega Top Tips on Offering the Best Children's Ministry: Practical Pointers for Anyone Working with Children
  ''978-1-84427-545-8VariousAll-Age Lectionary Services Year B
2010978-1-84427-566-3Whitney T KuniholmEssential 100
2011978-1-84427-584-7Matt BakerBig Bible Challenge (E100)
  ''978-1-84427-585-4Andy TwilleyEssential 100: Group Study Guide: Your Journey Through the Bible in 100 Readings (E100)
2012978-1-84427-641-7All-age Lectionary Services Year C