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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-84416-754-8James MaxeyDragonseed (Bitterwood)
  ''978-1-84416-755-5James MaxeyDragonseed (Dragon Age)
  ''978-1-84416-756-2Slayer of the Storm God [Audio Book] (Warhammer Fantasy)
  ''978-1-84416-757-9Andy RemicBiohell (Combat-K Novels)
  ''978-1-84416-758-6Tim AkersHeart of Veridon (The Burn Cycle)
2009978-1-84416-759-3Tim AkersHeart of Veridon
2010978-1-84416-760-9George MannThe Solaris Fantasy Book of New Fantasy: No. 2
2009978-1-84416-762-3Brian LumleyHaggopian and Other Tales: v. 2 (Mythos Tales)
  ''978-1-84416-763-0Brian LumleyHaggopian and Other Stories: A Cthulhu Mythos Collection
2010978-1-84416-764-7Ed GreenwoodArch Wizard (Falconfar Saga (Paperback))
2009978-1-84416-765-4Justin GustainisEvil Ways (Morris and Chastain Supernatural Investigations)
2010978-1-84416-766-1Justin GustainisEvil Ways (Quincey Morris)
2009978-1-84416-767-8Ian WatsonThe Inquisition War (Warhammer 40000)
2010978-1-84416-769-2Warhammer Trafalgar
2009978-1-84416-770-8Aaron Dembski-BowdenCadian Blood (Imperial Guard)
  ''978-1-84416-771-5Aaron Dembski-BowdenCadian Blood (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Imperial Guard)
  ''978-1-84416-772-2Nathan LongShaman Slayer (Warhammer Gotrek & Felix 4)
  ''978-1-84416-773-9Nathan LongShamanslayer (Gotrek & Felix Novels)
2009978-1-84416-774-6Lee Lightner · William KingThe Space Wolf Second Omnibus
  ''978-1-84416-775-3William King · Lee LightnerSpace Wolf: The Second Omnibus (Warhammer 40,000 Omnibus)
2010978-1-84416-776-0Dan AbnettProspero Burns (The Horus Heresy)
  ''978-1-84416-777-7Dan AbnettProspero Burns: The Wolves Unleashed (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Horus Heresy)
2009978-1-84416-778-4Chris WraightIron Company (Empire Army 2)
  ''978-1-84416-779-1Chris WraightIron Company (Warhammer: Empire Army)
  ''978-1-84416-780-7C. L. WernerForged by Chaos (Warhammer)
2009978-1-84416-781-4C. L. WernerForged by Chaos (Warhammer Online)
  ''978-1-84416-782-1Dan Abnett · Mike LeeThe Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: v. 2
  ''978-1-84416-783-8Dan Abnett · Mike LeeThe Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: v. 2 (Warhammer)
  ''978-1-84416-784-5Dan AbnettTitanicus (Warhammer 40000)
  ''978-1-84416-785-2   ''Titanicus (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)
2010978-1-84416-786-9Anthony ReynoldsDark Creed (Warhammer 40000 Word Bearers 3)
2009978-1-84416-787-6Anthony ReynoldsDark Creed (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Word Bearers)
2010978-1-84416-788-3Chris RobersonSons of Dorn (Warhammer 40000 Imperial Fists)
2009978-1-84416-789-0Chris RobersonSons of Dorn (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Imperial Fists)
2010978-1-84416-790-6Mike LeeNagash the Unbroken (The Time of Legends)
2010978-1-84416-791-3Mike LeeNagash the Unbroken (Time of Legends)
  ''978-1-84416-792-0Andy RemicHardcore (Combat-K)
  ''978-1-84416-793-7   ''Hardcore (Combat-K)
2009978-1-84416-794-4Justin GustainisSympathy for the Devil
2019978-1-84416-795-1   ''Sympathy for the Devil
2009978-1-84416-796-8James SwallowHeart of Rage (Warhammer 40000)
  ''978-1-84416-799-9Gav ThorpeSpace Hulk: The Novel
  ''978-1-84416-800-2R. Williams · M. von StauferLiber Chaotica (Warhammer)
2010978-1-84416-802-6Steve ParkerRynn's World (Space Marine Battles)
2010978-1-84416-803-3Steve ParkerRynn's World (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Space Marine Battles)
  ''978-1-84416-804-0James SwallowBlack Tide (Blood Angels)
  ''978-1-84416-805-7   ''Black Tide (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)
  ''978-1-84416-806-4Nick Kyme · Lindsey Priestley · Alex DavisDeath and Dishonour (Warhammer)
  ''978-1-84416-807-1Alex Davis · Nick Kyme · Lindsey PriestleyDeath & Dishonour (Warhammer Novels)
2009978-1-84416-808-8Graham McNeillA Thousand Sons (The Horus Heresy)
2010978-1-84416-809-5Graham McneillA Thousand Suns (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Horus Heresy)
2010978-1-84416-810-1Aaron Dembski-BowdenSoul Hunter (Night Lords)
2010978-1-84416-811-8Aaron Dembski-BowdenSoul Hunter (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)
  ''978-1-84416-812-5Mitchel ScanlonCall to Arms (Empire Army)
  ''978-1-84416-813-2Mitchel ScanlonCall to Arms (Warhammer: Empire Army)
  ''978-1-84416-814-9Henry ZouFlesh and Iron (Bastion Wars)
  ''978-1-84416-815-6Henry ZouFlesh and Iron (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)
2010978-1-84416-816-3Gav ThorpeShadow King (Time of Legends: The Sundering)
2009978-1-84416-817-0   ''Shadow King: A Tale of the Sundering (Time of Legends)
2010978-1-84416-818-7Dan AbnettThe Lost (Warhammer 40,000: Gaunt's Ghosts Omnibus)
  ''978-1-84416-819-4   ''The Lost: A Gaunt's Ghost Omnibus (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)
2011978-1-84416-820-0   ''Salvation's Reach (Gaunt's Ghosts)
  ''978-1-84416-821-7   ''Salvation's Reach (Gaunt's Ghosts)
2010978-1-84416-822-4Dan AbnettBlood Pact (Gaunt's Ghosts)
  ''978-1-84416-823-1Abnett DanBlood Pact (Gaunt's Ghosts Novels (Mass Market))
  ''978-1-84416-824-8Nathan LongBloodborn (Ulrika the Vampire)
  ''978-1-84416-825-5   ''Bloodborn (Warhammer Novels)
978-1-84416-827-9Questing Knight
2010978-1-84416-830-9Gail Z. MartinDark Ladys Chosen: Book Four of the Chronicles of the Necromancer
2009978-1-84416-831-6Gail MartinDark Lady's Chosen (Chronicles of the Necromancer)
  ''978-1-84416-832-3Eric BrownCosmopath (Bengal Station Trilogy)
2009978-1-84416-833-0Eric BrownCosmopath (Bengal Station Novels)
2011978-1-84416-834-7Dan AbnettDarkblade The graphic Novel
2010978-1-84416-840-8Juliet E. McKennaBlood in the Water (Lescari Trilogy): 2
  ''978-1-84416-841-5Juliet E McKennaBlood in the Water (Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84416-842-2Gav ThorpeAenarion (Time of Legends)
  ''978-1-84416-844-6James SwallowOath of Moment (Horus Heresy)
2011978-1-84416-845-3   ''Garro: Oath of Moment (Horus Heresy)
  ''978-1-84416-851-4Warhammer Ancient Battles (2nd Edition) VG+/NM
978-1-84416-852-1Warhammer Mini-Book
2012978-1-84416-854-5Mike LeeTwisted Honour
2010978-1-84416-856-9Gav ThorpeRaven's Flight (The Horus Heresy)
2011978-1-84416-857-6   ''Raven's Flight (Horus Heresy)
2010978-1-84416-859-0Graham McNeilliRON WARRiOR
2010978-1-84416-860-6Graham McNeillThe Chapter's Due (Ultramarines)
  ''978-1-84416-861-3   ''Chapter's Due (Ultramarines)
  ''978-1-84416-862-0Aaron Dembski-BowdenHelsreach (Space Marine Battles)
2010978-1-84416-863-7Aaron Dembski-BowdenHelsreach (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Space Marine Battles)
  ''978-1-84416-864-4Nick KymeGrimblades (Empire Army)
  ''978-1-84416-865-1   ''Grimblades (Warhammer: Empire Army)
  ''978-1-84416-866-8C. L. WernerBrunner the Bounty Hunter (Warhammer)
  ''978-1-84416-867-5   ''Brunner the Bounty Hunter (Warhammer 40,000 Omnibus)
2010978-1-84416-868-2James SwallowNemesis (The Horus Heresy)
  ''978-1-84416-869-9   ''Nemesis: War Within the Shadows (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Horus Heresy)
  ''978-1-84416-872-9C. L. WernerTemple of the Serpent (Thanquol and Boneripper)
  ''978-1-84416-873-6   ''Temple of the Serpent (Warhammer Novels)
  ''978-1-84416-874-3Gav ThorpePath of the Warrior (Path of the Eldar)
2010978-1-84416-875-0Gav ThorpePath of the Warrior (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Path of the Eldar)
  ''978-1-84416-876-7Chris WraightSword of Justice (Warhammer Heroes)
2010978-1-84416-877-4Chris WraightSword of Justice (Warhammer Heroes)
  ''978-1-84416-878-1Matt FarrerEnforcer (Shira Calpurnia)
  ''978-1-84416-879-8Matthew FarrerEnforcer (Warhammer 40,000 Omnibus)
  ''978-1-84416-880-4Nathan LongZombieslayer (Gotrek & Felix)
  ''978-1-84416-881-1   ''Zombieslayer (Gotrek & Felix)
2010978-1-84416-882-8Sandy MitchellCiaphas Cain: Defender of the Imperium
  ''978-1-84416-883-5Sandy MitchellCiaphas Cain: Defender of the Imperium (Warhammer 40,000 Omnibus)
  ''978-1-84416-884-2Aaron Dembski-BowdenThe First Heretic (The Horus Heresy)
  ''978-1-84416-885-9   ''The First Heretic (Horus Heresy)
2011978-1-84416-888-0Richard WilliamsImperial Glory
  ''978-1-84416-889-7Richard WilliamsImperial Glory (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)
2010978-1-84416-890-3Sandy MitchellThe Emperor's Finest (Ciaphas Caine)
2010978-1-84416-891-0Sandy MitchellThe Emperor's Finest (Ciaphas Cain)
  ''978-1-84416-892-7Clint WernerWulfrik (Warhammer Heroes)
  ''978-1-84416-893-4C. L. WernerWulfrik (Warhammer Novels)
  ''978-1-84416-894-1Christian DunnFear the Alien (Warhammer 40000)
  ''978-1-84416-895-8Christian DunnFear the Alien (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)
2011978-1-84416-896-5Gav ThorpeThe Purging of Kadillus (Space Marine Battles)
2011978-1-84416-897-2Gav ThorpeThe Purging of Kadillus (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Space Marine Battles)
  ''978-1-84416-898-9Graham McNeillGod King (The Time of Legends)
2010978-1-84416-899-6   ''God King: The Legend of Sigmar (Time of Legends)
  ''978-1-84416-900-9The Gothic War (Warhammer 40000)
  ''978-1-84416-901-6Ian WatsonSpace Marine
2011978-1-84416-923-8Jonathan GreenThe Armageddon Omnibus
2009978-1-84416-924-5Ian WatsonThe Inquisition War (Warhammer 40,000 Omnibus)
2010978-1-84416-926-9Aaron Dembski-BowdenThrone of Lies (Warhammer 40000)
  ''978-1-84416-928-3Nick KymeFireborn (Tome of Fire)
2011978-1-84416-929-0   ''Fireborn
978-1-84416-989-41st And Only
2006978-1-84416-993-1AssortedBlack Library Starter Pack #1 Prepack 44
2006978-1-84416-994-8AssortedBlack Library Starter Pack #2 Prepack 40
2006978-1-84416-995-5AssortedBlack Library Starter Pack #3 Prepack 40
  ''978-1-84416-996-2   ''Black Library Starter Pack #4 Prepack 36
  ''978-1-84416-997-9   ''Black Library Starter Pack #5 Prepack 36