Pavilion Children's Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-84365-003-4Fiona WatersARABIAN NIGHTS
2004978-1-84365-004-1Nick WardICE CHILD
2002978-1-84365-007-2L. F. BaumWONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ
  ''978-1-84365-010-2Gerard GreverandTELL ME IF YOU LIKE
2004978-1-84365-012-6Stella Maidment · Oscar WildeSTAR CHILD (Baby Animals)
2003978-1-84365-013-3Lynn RobertsCINDERELLA: An Art Deco Love Story
2002978-1-84365-014-0Heinrich HoffmannSTRUWWELPETER
  ''978-1-84365-015-7Heinrich HoffmannStruwwelpeter
2004978-1-84365-017-1Fiona WatersGIANT TALES
  ''978-1-84365-028-7Suzanna HubbardLADY WHO LIVED IN A CAR
2003978-1-84365-033-1Sir J. M. BarrieCHRYSALIS CLASSICS PETER PAN (Pavilion children's classics)
  ''978-1-84365-039-3Sir J. M. BarrieCHRYSALIS CLASSICS PETER PAN (Pavilion children's classics)
2003978-1-84365-040-9John YeomanCHRYSALIS CLASSICS 7 VOYAGES SINBAD (Pavilion children's classics)
  ''978-1-84365-049-2Louisa May AlcottCHRYSALIS CLASSICS LITTLE WOMEN (Chrysalis children's classics)
  ''978-1-84365-055-3Terry JonesFairy Tales and Fantastic Stories: Special 10th Anniversary
2004978-1-84365-058-4Nanette NewmanMy Granny: Was a Frightful Bore (But She Isn't Any More)
  ''978-1-84365-059-1Nanette NewmanMy Granny - was a Frightful Bore (but she isn't any more)
2003978-1-84365-060-7Heinrich HoffmannStruwwelpeter - Mini Gift Edition
2004978-1-84365-061-4Matt HickeyEBBY MEETS FELICITY
2003978-1-84365-062-1Anna Sewell · Dinah DryhurstBlack Beauty (Childrens Classics)
2006978-1-84365-087-4Michael ForemanWar Boy: A Wartime Childhood
2007978-1-84365-088-1Michael ForemanAfter the War was Over
2006978-1-84365-089-8   ''War Game: Village Green to No-Man's-Land - the story of the First World War Christmas Day truce of 1914
2007978-1-84365-090-4Michael MorpurgoFarm Boy - The Sequel to War Horse (Colour Illustrated edition)
  ''978-1-84365-091-1Sam LloydWhat's in Your Tummy Mummy?
2007978-1-84365-095-9Werner HolzwarthThe Story of the Little Mole - Plop-up Edition
  ''978-1-84365-096-6Lynn RobertsLittle Red: A Fizzingly Good Yarn
  ''978-1-84365-098-0Terry JonesFairy Tales and Fantastic Stories
2012978-1-84365-103-1Andrew Lloyd Webber · Tim RiceJoseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: With pictures by Quentin Blake
2008978-1-84365-104-8Quentin BlakeQuentin Blake's Ten Frogs
  ''978-1-84365-115-4Gerard GreverandIsn't it Great!
2009978-1-84365-117-8Robert Louis StevensonMichael Foreman's Treasure Island
  ''978-1-84365-118-5Alice ShirleyAesop's Fables (Illustrated Classics)
2008978-1-84365-121-5Charles DickensQuentin Blake's A Christmas Carol
2008978-1-84365-122-2Frank DickensFly Away Peter
2009978-1-84365-129-1John YeomanQuentin Blake's the Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor
  ''978-1-84365-130-7Mischa DamjanThe Big Red Squirrel and the Little Rhinoceros
  ''978-1-84365-136-9J.M. BarrieMichael Foreman's Peter Pan and Wendy (Illustrated Classics) (Childrens Classics)
2010978-1-84365-142-0Lewis CarrollMichael Foreman's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  ''978-1-84365-153-6Heinrich HoffmannStruwwelpeter
  ''978-1-84365-155-0John YeomanQuentin Blake's Magical Tales
2011978-1-84365-161-1Terry JonesFairy Tales
2011978-1-84365-162-8Terry JonesThe Fantastic World of Terry Jones: Fantastic Stories (Amazing Terry Jones Presents)
  ''978-1-84365-163-5   ''The Fantastic World of Terry Jones: Animal Tales
  ''978-1-84365-165-9Charles DickensQuentin Blake's A Christmas Carol
  ''978-1-84365-167-3Ken Wilson-MaxBig Blue Engine
  ''978-1-84365-168-0Ken Wilson-maxBig Red Fire Engine
2010978-1-84365-175-8Neal LaytonGo Wild with Opposites
2011978-1-84365-179-6Martin HowardHow to Cook Children
2011978-1-84365-181-9Lynn RobertsCinderella
  ''978-1-84365-182-6   ''Rapunzel
  ''978-1-84365-183-3   ''Little Red
  ''978-1-84365-191-8Nick WardI Wish...
  ''978-1-84365-193-2Nanette NewmanBen's Book
2011978-1-84365-195-6John YeomanQuentin Blake's Amazing Animal Stories
2012978-1-84365-198-7Rosie WellesleyThe Very Helpful Hedgehog
  ''978-1-84365-209-0Frann Preston-GannonThe Journey Home
2014978-1-84365-270-0Werner HolzwarthThe Story of the Little Mole (Plop-up Edition) New Edition
2015978-1-84365-297-7Maggie LiThe Amazing Human Body Detectives: Amazing Facts, Myths and Quirks of the Human Body
  ''978-1-84365-299-1Michael ForemanMichael Foreman: A Life in Pictures
2017978-1-84365-350-9Matt SewellDinosaurs: and Other Prehistoric Creatures
2018978-1-84365-352-3Lucy FreegardJust Like Mummy
  ''978-1-84365-372-1Jake WilliamsReally Remarkable Reptiles
  ''978-1-84365-393-6Matt SewellForgotten Beasts
2019978-1-84365-406-3Matt SewellAtlas of Amazing Birds