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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-84351-000-0E.Estyn EvansIrish Folk Ways
2002978-1-84351-001-7Tim RobinsonTales and Imaginings
  ''978-1-84351-002-4Orla MurphyThe Sway of Winter
2003978-1-84351-003-1Kenneth NichollsGaelic and Gaelicized Ireland in the Middle Ages
2005978-1-84351-004-8Irene WhelanThe Bible War in Ireland: The 'Second Reformation' and the Polarization of Protestant-Catholic Relations, 1800-1840
2002978-1-84351-005-5Maurice CraigCats and Their Poets: An Anthology
  ''978-1-84351-007-9Andy BielenbergThe Shannon Scheme and the Electrification of the Irish Free State
  ''978-1-84351-008-6Andy BielenbergThe Shannon Scheme and the Electrification of the Irish Free State
2003978-1-84351-009-3John MacKennaShackleton: An Irishman in Antarctica
  ''978-1-84351-010-9Patrick KavanaghA Poet's Country: Selected Prose
2002978-1-84351-011-6James HenrySelected Poems of James Henry
1993978-1-84351-012-3Alannah HeatherErrislannan: Scenes from a Painter's Life
2002978-1-84351-013-0Tim RobinsonStones of Aran: Pilgrimage
2003978-1-84351-014-7Tom MacIntyreStory of a Girl
2003978-1-84351-015-4Martin RyanWilliam Francis Butler: A Life 1838-1910
  ''978-1-84351-016-1Patrick DevaneyThrough the Gate of Ivory
  ''978-1-84351-017-8Sybil Le BrocquyCadenus: AND Swift's Most Valuable Friend: Reassessment of the Relationships Between Swift, Stella and Vanessa
  ''978-1-84351-018-5Elgy GillespieChanging Irish Times: Irish Women Journalists 1969-1981
2004978-1-84351-019-2Andy BielenbergIrish Flour-milling: A Thousand Year History
  ''978-1-84351-020-8   ''Irish Flour-milling: A Thousand Year History
2008978-1-84351-021-5Seamas O'SiochainRoger Casement: Imperialist, Rebel, Revolutionary
978-1-84351-022-2Tom DunneRebellions: Memoir, Memories and 1798
2005978-1-84351-024-6Bob QuinnThe Atlantean Irish: Ireland's Oriental and Maritime Heritage
2003978-1-84351-025-3Linda ConnollyThe Irish Women's Movement: From Revolution to Devolution
2003978-1-84351-026-0Michael KirbySkelligs Calling
  ''978-1-84351-027-7Sybil Le Brocquy"Cadenus" (1962) and "Swift's Most Valuable Friend" (1968): Two Books on Jonathan Swift by Sybil Le Brocquy
2004978-1-84351-028-4R.B. McDowellHistorical Essays 1939-2001: A Miscellany
2003978-1-84351-029-1FLYNN MANNIXJames X
  ''978-1-84351-030-7   ''Nothing to Say
2006978-1-84351-031-4Richard KearneyNavigations: Selected Essays 1977-2004
  ''978-1-84351-032-1Richard KearneyNavigations: Selected Essays 1977-2004
2003978-1-84351-033-8Sybil Le Brocquy"Cadenus" & "Swift's Most Valuable Friend"
2004978-1-84351-034-5James HourihaneEngaging Spaces: People, Place and Space from an Irish Perspective
  ''978-1-84351-035-2   ''Ireland & the European Union: The First Thirty Years
2003978-1-84351-036-9Padraic FallonA Hymn of the Dawn
1990978-1-84351-037-6Richard DouthwaiteBefore the Wells Run Dry: Ireland's Transition to Renewable Energy
2003978-1-84351-038-3Anne Leonard · Bryan de GrineauThe Junior Dean R B McDowell: Encounters with a Legend
2004978-1-84351-039-0Tom DunneRebellions: Memoir, Memories and 1798
2008978-1-84351-040-6Susan M. ParkesA Danger to the Men?: A History of Women in Trinity College,Dublin 1904-2004
2004978-1-84351-041-3Peggy O'BrienSudden Thaw
2004978-1-84351-042-0Averil SwinfenThe Irish Donkey
  ''978-1-84351-043-7Niall MurphyA Bloomsday Postcard
  ''978-1-84351-044-4Kieran HickeyFaithful Departed: The Dublin of James Joyce's "Ulysses"
  ''978-1-84351-045-1Antoinette QuinnDancing with Kitty Stobling: Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award Winners, 1971-2003
  ''978-1-84351-046-8Kelly SullivanWinter Bayou
2004978-1-84351-047-5Madeline KingstonSomething in the Head: The Life and Work of John Broderick
  ''978-1-84351-048-2John BroderickThe Pilgrimage
  ''978-1-84351-049-9   ''The Waking of Willie Ryan
  ''978-1-84351-050-5Niall MurphyA Bloomsday Postcard
  ''978-1-84351-051-2Oona FrawleyA New and Complex Sensation: Essays on Joyce's "Dubliners"
2004978-1-84351-052-9Christa-Maria Lerm HayesJoyce in Art
  ''978-1-84351-053-6Christa-Maria Lerm HayesJoyce in Art
  ''978-1-84351-054-3Colm ToibinBeauty in a Broken Place
  ''978-1-84351-055-0Walter CurleyVanishing Kingdoms: Irish Chiefs and Their Families AD900 -2004
  ''978-1-84351-056-7Walter J.P. CurleyVanishing Kingdoms: Irish Chiefs and Their Families, AD 900-2004
2004978-1-84351-057-4Jim ConnellConfessions of a Poacher
2008978-1-84351-058-1Colm ToibinBeauty in a Broken Place
2004978-1-84351-059-8Diarmaid O'MuiritheWords, Words, Words: Houghmagandie, Knockers, Trolleys and Others
2005978-1-84351-060-4Charles Benson · Siobhan Fitzpatrick'That Woman' - Studies in Irish Bibliography: A Festschrift for Mary 'Paul' Pollard
  ''978-1-84351-061-1Michael MacCarthyHigh Tension: Life on the Shannon Scheme
1990978-1-84351-062-8Richard DouthwaiteGrowth - The Celtic Cancer: Why the Global Economy Damages Our Health and Society
2005978-1-84351-063-5Tommy SandsThe Songman: A Journey in Irish Music
  ''978-1-84351-064-2Seamus De FaoiteDeath of a King: And Other Stories
2006978-1-84351-065-9Philip OrrField of Bones: The Gallipoli Campaign
  ''978-1-84351-066-6Hugh McFaddenCrystal Clear: The Selected Prose of John Jordan
2005978-1-84351-067-3Orfhlaith FoyleBelios
2006978-1-84351-068-0Nell McCaffertyVintage Nell: The McCafferty Reader
2005978-1-84351-069-7Lucy McDiarmidThe Irish Art of Controversy
  ''978-1-84351-070-3Kildare DobbsRunning the Rapids: From Uttar Pradesh to Ontario
2005978-1-84351-071-0Desmond HoganLarks' Eggs: New and Selected Stories
2010978-1-84351-072-7Niall O CiosainPrint and Popular Culture in Ireland, 1750-1850
2006978-1-84351-073-4Jim O'DonnellWordgloss: A Cultural Lexicon
2005978-1-84351-074-1Padraic FallonA Poet's Journal and Other Writings 1934-1974
  ''978-1-84351-075-8Tom PhelanThe Canal Bridge
  ''978-1-84351-076-5Gavin QuinnOne: Healing with Theatre
2008978-1-84351-077-2Owen McCrohanPaddy Mo: A Biography of Dr.Patrick Moriarty 1926-1997
2006978-1-84351-078-9Con O'RourkeNature Guide to the Aran Islands
2005978-1-84351-079-6John MoriartyInvoking Ireland: Ailiu Iath n-Herend
2006978-1-84351-080-2Roy JohnstonCentury of Endeavour: A Biographical and Autobiographical View of the Twentieth Century in Ireland
  ''978-1-84351-081-9Ethel CrowleyLand Matters: Power Struggles in Rural Ireland
  ''978-1-84351-082-6Vivian IgoeJames Joyce's Dublin Houses and Nora Barnacle's Galway
2006978-1-84351-083-3Michael KirbySkellig Sunset
2008978-1-84351-084-0Lilian Roberts FinlayWhere Old Ghosts Meet
2006978-1-84351-085-7Kevin MyersWatching the Door: A Memoir 1971-1978
  ''978-1-84351-086-4Charles GannonCathal Gannon: The Life and Times of a Dublin Craftsman 1910-1999
  ''978-1-84351-087-1Patrick GuinnessArthur's Round: A Life of Arthur Guinness 1725-1803
2007978-1-84351-088-8Lorcan RocheThe Companion
2006978-1-84351-089-5John MoriartyNight Journey to Buddh Gaia
  ''978-1-84351-090-1Sheila PratschkeAnnaghmakerrig
2006978-1-84351-091-8Sheila PratschkeAnnaghmakerrig
  ''978-1-84351-092-5Tony McCarthyThe Facts of Death
2007978-1-84351-093-2Penny PerrickSomething to Hide: The Life of Sheila Wingfield, Viscountess Powerscourt
2008978-1-84351-094-9John Montague · Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill · Paul DurcanThe Poet's Chair: Durcan, Montague, Ni Dhomhnaill: Ireland Chair of Poetry Lectures 2004-2007
  ''978-1-84351-095-6Paul Durcan · John Montague · Nuala Ni DhomhnaillThe Poet's Chair
2007978-1-84351-096-3Madelaine KingstonStimulus of Sin: Selected Prose of John Broderick
  ''978-1-84351-097-0John MoriartySerious Sounds
  ''978-1-84351-098-7Niall McCulloughDublin an Urban History: The Plan of the City
2004978-1-84351-100-7The Dublin Review
2005978-1-84351-101-4Dublin Review Number 18 ("The "Dublin Review)
2005978-1-84351-102-1The Dublin Review
  ''978-1-84351-103-8"Dublin Review" ("The "Dublin Review)
  ''978-1-84351-104-5Brendan BarringtonDublin Review, The ("The "Dublin Review)
2006978-1-84351-105-2"Dublin Review": No. 22 ("The "Dublin Review)
  ''978-1-84351-106-9The "Dublin Review": No. 23
  ''978-1-84351-107-6The "Dublin Review": No. 24
2006978-1-84351-108-3The Dublin Review: No. 25
2007978-1-84351-109-0The "Dublin Review": No. 26
  ''978-1-84351-110-6The "Dublin Review": No. 27
  ''978-1-84351-112-0The "Dublin Review": No. 27
2008978-1-84351-113-7The Dublin Review Number Thirty Spring 2008
  ''978-1-84351-116-8DUBLINDublin Review 33 Winter 2008-9
2009978-1-84351-119-9Brendan BarringtonTHE Dublin Review No.36
2011978-1-84351-121-2John Wyse Jackson · Hector McDonnellIreland's Other Poetry: Anonymous to Zozimus
2007978-1-84351-122-9John Wyse Jackson · Hector McDonnellIreland's Other Poetry: Anonymous to Zozimus
  ''978-1-84351-123-6Michael TaubJack Doyle: The Gorgeous Gael
2014978-1-84351-124-3John MoriartyWhat the Curlew Said: "Nostos" Continued
2008978-1-84351-125-0Fritz SennThe Joycean Murmoirs
2007978-1-84351-126-7Julia KellyWith My Lazy Eye
2008978-1-84351-127-4Ernie O'MalleyNo Surrender Here!: The Civil War Papers of Ernie O'Malley 1922-1924
2008978-1-84351-128-1Ruth DelaneyThe Shannon Navigation
  ''978-1-84351-129-8Eamonn BoyceThe Insider: The Prison Diaries of Eamonn Boyce 1956-1962
2007978-1-84351-130-4Kevin MyersMore Myers: An Irishman's Diary from the "Irish Times"
  ''978-1-84351-131-1Julia KellyWith My Lazy Eye
2008978-1-84351-132-8Ruth DelaneyThe Shannon Navigation
  ''978-1-84351-133-5R. B. McDowellMcDowell on McDowell: A Memoir
  ''978-1-84351-134-2James RyanSouth of the Border
2008978-1-84351-135-9William KingLeaving Ardglass
  ''978-1-84351-136-6Michael HardingBird in the Snow
2009978-1-84351-137-3Joseph E. A. ConnellDublin in Rebellion: A Directory 1913-1923
2008978-1-84351-138-0James JoyceDubliners
  ''978-1-84351-139-7Kieran McCarthy · Seamus O'DonoghueGenerations: Memories of the Lee Hydroelectricity
  ''978-1-84351-140-3James RyanSouth of the Border
  ''978-1-84351-141-0watts-williamWilliam Watts Provost Trinity College Dublin a Memoir
2008978-1-84351-142-7John RyanRemembering How We Stood: Bohemian Dublin at the Mid-century
  ''978-1-84351-143-4Oliver MacDonaghOliver MacDonagh 1924-2002: Looking Back - Living and Writing History
2009978-1-84351-144-1Desmond HoganOld Swords and Other Stories
  ''978-1-84351-145-8Professor Tom McAlindonTwo Brothers, Two Wars
2008978-1-84351-146-5Kevin PowerBad Day in Blackrock
2009978-1-84351-147-2Joseph HoneWicked Little Joe
2011978-1-84351-148-9Hubert ButlerTen Thousand Saints: A Study in Irish and European Origins
2008978-1-84351-149-6MaryAnn BolgerDesign Factory: On the Edge of Europe
  ''978-1-84351-150-2Gwyn Prins · Johanna MoehringAnother Europe?: After the Third No
  ''978-1-84351-151-9Micheal Mac LiammoirAll for Hecuba: An Irish Theatrical Biography
2009978-1-84351-152-6Bob GrayThree Guys and a Bookcase: Red and Grey Design 2003-2008
2009978-1-84351-153-3Kevin CaseyA State of Mind
  ''978-1-84351-154-0Sebastian Balfour · Laurie Howes · Michael De Larrabeiti · Anthony WealeTrinity Tales: Trinity College Dublin in the Sixties
  ''978-1-84351-155-7The Only Art: Jack B. Yeats
  ''978-1-84351-156-4Otto RauchbauerShane Leslie: Sublime Failure
  ''978-1-84351-157-1J M SyngeJ.M. Synge, Travelling Ireland: Essays 1898-1908
2009978-1-84351-158-8Patrick MylerDan Donnelly 1788-1820: Pugilist, Publican, Playboy
  ''978-1-84351-159-5John MartinBums, Farts and Other Inappropriate Acts: The Meaning of Dr. Jonathan Swift's Preoccupation with the Nether End and a Full Text of the Benefit of Farting and Arse Musica
  ''978-1-84351-160-1John Wyse Jackson · Hector McDonnellUlster's Other Poetry: Verses and Songs of the Province
  ''978-1-84351-161-8   ''Dublin's Other Poetry: Rhymes and Songs of the City
2010978-1-84351-162-5Ruth Delany · Ian BathIreland's Royal Canal 1789-2009
  ''978-1-84351-163-2Robert O'ByrneDesmond Leslie (1921-2001): The Biography of an Irish Gentleman
2010978-1-84351-164-9Mary O'DonoghueBefore the House Burns
  ''978-1-84351-165-6Richard PineCharles: The Life and World of Charles Acton (1914-1999)
  ''978-1-84351-166-3Marjorie QuartonPart-Time Writer: Notes and Reflections
  ''978-1-84351-167-0Mark MacauleyThe House of Slamming Doors
978-1-84351-168-7Joyce's Dublin
2010978-1-84351-169-4Donal MagnerStopping by Woods: A Guide to the Heritage and Recreational Forests of Ireland
2011978-1-84351-170-0   ''Stopping by Woods: A Guide to the Heritage and Recreational Forests of Ireland
2010978-1-84351-171-7Verity LouisePollyhester
  ''978-1-84351-172-4Brian BourkeBrian Bourke: Five Decades, 1960s-2000s
2013978-1-84351-173-1Brian BourkeBrian Bourke: Five Decades, 1960s-2000s
2011978-1-84351-174-8Mary CarberyThe Farm by Lough Gur: The Story of Mary Fogarty
2010978-1-84351-175-5   ''The Farm by Lough Gur: The Story of Mary Fogarty
2010978-1-84351-176-2John WalshCollen 200 Years of Building and Civil Engineering in Ireland: A History of the Collen Family Business, 1810-2010
2011978-1-84351-177-9Brian LalorInk-Stained Hands: Graphic Studio Dublin and the Origins of Fine Art Printmaking in Ireland
2010978-1-84351-178-6Aidan SeeryEssays in Tribute to J. Valentine Rice, 1935-2006
  ''978-1-84351-179-3Hugh Fitzgerald RyanThe Devil to Pay: The Story of Alice and Petronilla
  ''978-1-84351-180-9Trevor WhiteThe Dubliner Diaries
2011978-1-84351-181-6Adrian FrazierHollywood Irish: John Ford, Abbey Actors and the Irish Revival in Hollywood
2012978-1-84351-182-3Amelia SteinDublin's Palm House
2011978-1-84351-183-0Sorj ChalandonMy Traitor
2010978-1-84351-184-7Richard O'RaweAfterlives: The Hunger Strike and the Secret Offer That Changed Irish History
  ''978-1-84351-185-4Marjorie QuartonMary Cannon's Commonplace Book: An Irish Kitchen in the 1700s
2011978-1-84351-186-1Brian LalorInk Stained Hands: Graphic Studio Dublin and the Origins of Fine Art Printmaking in Ireland
2013978-1-84351-187-8Amelia SteinDublin's Palm House
2010978-1-84351-188-5Tom DunneRebellions: Memoir, Memory and 1798
2011978-1-84351-189-2Joseph HoneGoodbye Again
2012978-1-84351-190-8Mike ScottMike Scott: Adventures of a Waterboy
  ''978-1-84351-191-5Kathy GilfillanTrinity Tales: Trinity College Dublin in the Seventies
2011978-1-84351-193-9Fujita MokotoThe Shadow of James Joyce: Chapelizod & Environs
2011978-1-84351-194-6David FitzpatrickSolitary and Wild
2012978-1-84351-195-3Cormac O'MalleyBROKEN LANDSCAPES: Selected Letters from Ernie O'Malley, 1924-57
2011978-1-84351-196-0Karen SweeneyBarrie Cooke: Irish Museum of Modern Art
2012978-1-84351-197-7Marjorie QuartonOil and Water: Molly Keane and Her World
  ''978-1-84351-198-4Walter EllisThe Caravaggio Conspiracy
  ''978-1-84351-199-1David FitzpatrickTerror in Ireland: 1916-1923
2011978-1-84351-200-4Amanda BellMaurice Craig: Photographs
  ''978-1-84351-201-1Alison Maxwell · Shay HarpurJammet's of Dublin: 1901-67
2012978-1-84351-202-8Adrian KennyThe Portobello Notebook
2011978-1-84351-203-5Alison Maxwell · Shay HarpurJammet's of Dublin: 1901-67
2012978-1-84351-262-2Hector McDonnellIreland's Other History
2013978-1-84351-263-9Poems 1952-2012
2012978-1-84351-264-6Flann O'BrienMyles Before Myles
  ''978-1-84351-265-3Flann O'BrienMyles Away from Dublin
2012978-1-84351-267-7Hubert ButlerThe Appleman and the Poet
  ''978-1-84351-268-4Brendan O'DonoghueA Moriarty Reader: Preparing for Early Spring
  ''978-1-84351-269-1Richard O'RaweAfterlives: The Hunger Strike and Secret Offer That Changed History
2015978-1-84351-270-7Mike McCormackForensic Songs
2013978-1-84351-272-1Donal RyanThe Thing About December
  ''978-1-84351-273-8Doyle Dessie · Drummond BrianThe Erne Hydroelectric Scheme
2012978-1-84351-274-5Donal RyanThe Spinning Heart
2013978-1-84351-275-2Ciaran CartyIntimacy with Strangers: A Life of Brief Encounters
  ''978-1-84351-320-9Sorj ChalandonReturn to Killybegs
2012978-1-84351-321-6Lingard Goulding'Your Children Are Not Your Children': The Story of Headfort School
2012978-1-84351-322-3Richard McNeffWith Barry Flanagan: Travels Through Time and Spain
  ''978-1-84351-386-5Kevin BarryTraces of Peter Rice
2013978-1-84351-387-2Demond HoganThe Ikon Maker
2012978-1-84351-388-9Eoin O'BrienThe Weight of Compassion: Essays on Literature and Medicine
2013978-1-84351-394-0William KingIs That All There Is?
2015978-1-84351-395-7Fergus MulliganWilliam Dargan: 1799-1867
2013978-1-84351-396-4Vivienne GuinnessThe Irish Years: Selected Writings
  ''978-1-84351-397-1Mike McCormackGetting it in the Head
  ''978-1-84351-398-8Ross SkeltonEden Halt: An Antrim Memoir
  ''978-1-84351-399-5Raymond BegganWinged Encounters
2013978-1-84351-400-8Kathy GilfillanThe Irish Diaries (1994-2003): Alastair Campbell
2014978-1-84351-401-5Sophia GreneA Life in Postcards: Melosina Lenox-Conyngham
2013978-1-84351-406-0Richard MurphyPoems 1952-2012
  ''978-1-84351-408-4Robert O'ByrneThe Last Knight: A Tribute to Desmond Fitzgerald, 29th Knight of Glin
  ''978-1-84351-409-1Katy McGuinnessTrinity Tales: Trinity College Dublin in the Eighties
2014978-1-84351-410-7Kevin MyersA Single Headstrong Heart
2013978-1-84351-411-4Elske RahillBetween Dog and Wolf
  ''978-1-84351-416-9John R. RyanMo'soor
  ''978-1-84351-513-5Ulick O'ConnorCeltic Dawn: A Portrait of Irish Literary Renaissance
2015978-1-84351-612-5Hector McDonnellIreland's Other History
2014978-1-84351-618-7Aidan Carl MathewsLaments into Dances: Lost and Found in Faith and Culture
2014978-1-84351-619-4Robert DoyleHere are the Young Men
2015978-1-84351-620-0Desmond HoganThe Leaves on Grey
  ''978-1-84351-621-7William KingThe Strangled Impulse
  ''978-1-84351-622-4Terry MoylanJohnny O'Leary of Sliabh Luachra: Dance Music from the Cork-Kerry Border
  ''978-1-84351-624-8Clements PaulRomancing Ireland: Richard Hayward, 1892 - 1964
  ''978-1-84351-627-9James JoyceThe Ondt and the Gracehoper
2014978-1-84351-628-6David DicksonDublin: The Making of a Capital City
2015978-1-84351-629-3Nevill JohnsonNevill Johnson, 1911 - 1999: Artist, Writer, Photographer
2013978-1-84351-630-9Fergus MulliganWilliam Dargan: An Honourable Life (1799 - 1867)
2015978-1-84351-633-0Julian VignolesA Delicate Wildness: The Life and Loves of David Thomson, 1914-1988
2015978-1-84351-634-7Rosita SweetmanFathers Come First
  ''978-1-84351-635-4Kevin MyersIreland's Great War
  ''978-1-84351-637-8Eileen O'mara WalshThe Third Daughter: A Retrospective
  ''978-1-84351-638-5Niall O CiosainCulture and Society in Ireland Since 1750: Essays in Honour of Gearoid O Tuathaigh
  ''978-1-84351-639-2Gregory A. SchirmerThe Midnight Court: Eleven Versions of Merriman
2015978-1-84351-640-8Andre BernoldBeckett's Friendship
  ''978-1-84351-641-5Aidan MathewsCharlie Chaplin's Wishbone and Other Stories
  ''978-1-84351-642-2J. P. DonleavyThe Ginger Man: The Sixtieth Anniversary Edition
  ''978-1-84351-643-9Sinéad MccooleHazel: A Life of Lady Lavery 1880-1935
  ''978-1-84351-644-6Declan FoleyYeats 150: William Butler Yeats 1865-1939
2015978-1-84351-645-3Declan FoleyYeats 150: William Butler Yeats 1865-1939
  ''978-1-84351-652-1Paul ClementsRomancing Ireland: Richard Hayward, 1892-1964
  ''978-1-84351-654-5R. B. McDowellCrisis & Decline: The Fate of the Southern Unionists
2016978-1-84351-656-9Dick Benson-GylesThe Boy in the Mask: The Hidden World of Lawrence of Arabia
2015978-1-84351-657-6A Slanting of the Sun
  ''978-1-84351-658-3Adrian FrazierJohn Behan: The Bull of Sherrif Street
  ''978-1-84351-660-6Alan TongueThe Love Letters of Percy French: And More Besides
2015978-1-84351-661-3John A. RyanAll the Spangled Host
2016978-1-84351-662-0Mary E. TelfordSins
2017978-1-84351-663-7Sam CollThe Abode of Fancy
2016978-1-84351-665-1Charles GannonJohn S. Beckett: The Man and the Music
2017978-1-84351-666-8Desmond HoganThe History of Magpies
2016978-1-84351-667-5Berrie O'NeillThe Tones That are Tender: Percy French 1854-1920
  ''978-1-84351-668-2Joseph M. HassettThe Ulysses Trials: Beauty and Truth Meet the Law
2019978-1-84351-763-4Seamus Mallon · Andy PollakSeamus Mallon: A Shared Home Place