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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-84332-007-4Baby Look: Let's Play Together
  ''978-1-84332-067-8Roger PriddyMy Big Animal Book (My Big Board Books)
  ''978-1-84332-068-5PriddyMy Big Truck Book (Smart Kids S.)
2003978-1-84332-106-4Roger PriddySticker Activity Colours (Smart Kids Pre School)
  ''978-1-84332-107-1   ''Sticker Activity - ABC
  ''978-1-84332-114-9   ''Fuzzy Bee and Friends (Cloth Books)
2003978-1-84332-123-1Sticker Activity - Shapes
  ''978-1-84332-127-9Roger PriddyMy Picture Atlas (Smart Kids S.)
  ''978-1-84332-134-7Simon MugfordMy Big Science Book
  ''978-1-84332-142-2Baby Sparkle: Pets (Happy Baby)
  ''978-1-84332-144-6Cloth BookSquishy Turtle and Friends (Cloth Books)
2003978-1-84332-148-4Sticker Activity - Animals
2004978-1-84332-157-6Roger PriddyLearn to Write Your Letters (Wipe Clean Write and Learn)
  ''978-1-84332-158-3   ''Wipe Clean - Numbers (Write & Learn)
  ''978-1-84332-165-1Big Rex and Friends (Cloth Books)
  ''978-1-84332-179-8Roger priddyBright Baby - Colours (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Series)
  ''978-1-84332-180-4Roger PriddyAnimals (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Series)
2004978-1-84332-189-7Roger PriddyMy Big Dinosaur Book (My Big Board Books)
  ''978-1-84332-195-8UnnamedMy Big Creative Activity Book (Big Books)
  ''978-1-84332-224-5Roger PriddyFirst Words (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Series)
  ''978-1-84332-225-2   ''Trucks (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Series)
  ''978-1-84332-226-9Priddy BooksMy Little Word Book (Board Book)
2004978-1-84332-227-6Wipe Clean - Animals
  ''978-1-84332-228-3Roger PriddyWipe Clean Things That Go
  ''978-1-84332-243-6My Giant Sticker Activity Book
  ''978-1-84332-244-3Roger PriddyFluffy Chick and Friends (Cloth Books)
2005978-1-84332-247-4My Big Book of Stickers
  ''978-1-84332-268-9Giant Sticker Activity First Words
2005978-1-84332-291-7Camilla MoodyMillie Moo Touch and Feel (Touch & Feel)
  ''978-1-84332-292-4Roger PriddyFirst 100 Words (Bright Baby First 100)
2005978-1-84332-302-0Roger PriddyWipe Clean Tell the Time (Wipe Clean)
  ''978-1-84332-303-7Wipe Clean Simple Spelling (Lets Get Ready for School)
  ''978-1-84332-304-4Wipe Clean: Simple Maths (Lets Get Ready for School)
  ''978-1-84332-313-6Dinosaurs (Bright Baby Chunkies S.)
  ''978-1-84332-315-0Kittens (Bright Baby Chunkies S.)
2005978-1-84332-316-7Puppies (Bright Baby Chunkies S.)
  ''978-1-84332-319-8Roger PriddyAnimals: Pancake Wipe Clean (Bright Baby Chunkies)
  ''978-1-84332-321-1Farm (Bright Baby Chunkies S.)
  ''978-1-84332-324-2Roger PriddySnowy Bear and Friends (Gift Box) (Cloth Book)
  ''978-1-84332-325-9Touch and Feel Slipcase
2005978-1-84332-327-3Kittens (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Chunkies S.)
  ''978-1-84332-328-0Roger PriddyPuppies (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Chunkies S.)
  ''978-1-84332-329-7Baby Animals (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Series)
  ''978-1-84332-330-3Farm (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Chunkies S.)
2006978-1-84332-344-0VariousFirst 100 Animals (First 100) (Bright Baby First 100)
2005978-1-84332-345-7Priddy BooksTouch, Feel and Listen - Duckling and Friends (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Series)
  ''978-1-84332-346-4   ''Touch, Feel and Listen - Puppy and Friends (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Series)
2006978-1-84332-350-1Roger PriddyTouch and Feel Board Book Charlie Monkey
2006978-1-84332-351-8Roger PriddyFunny Faces: Rusty Robot
  ''978-1-84332-352-5   ''Funny Faces Dizzy Dragon
  ''978-1-84332-384-6Wipe Clean Activity Fun Book - Farm
  ''978-1-84332-386-0Giant Sticker Activity Book for Boys (Giant Sticker Activity Book)
  ''978-1-84332-388-4Jo RiggRainbow Rob (Touch & Feel)
2006978-1-84332-396-9Roger PriddyNursery Rhymes (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84332-411-9   ''Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Book Animals
  ''978-1-84332-416-4   ''At the Zoo (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Touch and Feel)
2006978-1-84332-417-1Roger PriddyBaby Animals (Bright Baby) (Bright Baby Touch and Feel)
  ''978-1-84332-418-8   ''On the Farm (Bright Baby) (Fold Out Treasure Hunts)
  ''978-1-84332-421-8   ''Alien Al (Funny Faces)
2009978-1-84332-428-7   ''I Love Animals
2007978-1-84332-437-9   ''Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Book (Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity)
2006978-1-84332-440-9Roger PriddySlide and Find Animals (Slide and Find)
2007978-1-84332-443-0   ''Baby ABC
  ''978-1-84332-447-8   ''Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Book: Princess
  ''978-1-84332-450-8   ''Reptiles (Smart Kids)
  ''978-1-84332-470-6   ''Sticker Activity Fun: London
2007978-1-84332-473-7Roger PriddyFunny Faces: Millie Cow (Funny Faces): Millie Moo
  ''978-1-84332-474-4   ''Funny Faces: Rocky Dog
  ''978-1-84332-501-7   ''Sing-along Christmas Carols
  ''978-1-84332-502-4   ''Christmas Stickers
  ''978-1-84332-510-9   ''My Giant Sticker Colouring Book (My Giant Sticker Books)
2007978-1-84332-518-5Roger PriddySimple First Words Let's Talk
2007978-1-84332-520-8Roger PriddySimple First Words Let's say our numbers
  ''978-1-84332-537-6   ''My Giant Sticker Activity Book
  ''978-1-84332-540-6   ''My Giant Sticker Fun Book
  ''978-1-84332-541-3   ''My Giant Sticker Puzzle Book: Bk.1
2008978-1-84332-577-2   ''Wipe Clean My Big Activity Work Book
2008978-1-84332-578-9Roger PriddyNumbers (Bright Baby Touch and Feel) (First Concepts)
  ''978-1-84332-580-2   ''Slide and Find Words (Slide & Find)
  ''978-1-84332-581-9   ''Slide and Find Colours (Slide and Find)
  ''978-1-84332-582-6   ''Bright Baby Colours, ABC, Numbers
  ''978-1-84332-583-3   ''A Seek and Find Book: Can You Find Me?
2008978-1-84332-609-0Roger PriddyMy Little Sticker Book Trucks (Pancake)
2008978-1-84332-610-6Roger PriddyMy Little Sticker Book Animals (Pancake)
  ''978-1-84332-611-3   ''My Little Sticker Book Trains (Pancake)
  ''978-1-84332-612-0   ''My Little Sticker Book Farm (Pancake)
  ''978-1-84332-627-4   ''Chirpy Chick (Funny Faces)
  ''978-1-84332-744-8   ''Colours (Bright Baby Touch and Feel) (Alphaprints)
2008978-1-84332-745-5Roger PriddyShapes (Bright Baby Touch and Feel)
2008978-1-84332-758-5Roger PriddyBedtime Lullaby
2009978-1-84332-773-8   ''Builder's Tool Kit (Let's Pretend) (Let's Pretend Sets)
  ''978-1-84332-774-5   ''Princess Party Set (Let's Pretend) (Let's Pretend Sets)
2008978-1-84332-775-2   ''1000 Stickers
2009978-1-84332-776-9   ''I Love Trucks
2009978-1-84332-777-6Roger PriddyI Love the Farm (I Love Board Books)
2008978-1-84332-784-4   ''Animals: 1 (Wipe Clean Activity Flashcards)
  ''978-1-84332-788-2   ''First Words
  ''978-1-84332-792-9   ''Animals (Early Learning Sticker Activity) (Wipe Clean Activity Flashcards)
  ''978-1-84332-798-1   ''Baby Flash Cards First Words
2008978-1-84332-799-8Roger PriddyBaby Flash Cards Animals
  ''978-1-84332-828-5   ''Love at the Zoo (Funny Faces)
2009978-1-84332-830-8   ''Baby Zoo
2008978-1-84332-839-1   ''My Very First 100 Animals
  ''978-1-84332-840-7   ''My Very First 100 Words
2008978-1-84332-841-4Roger PriddyMy Very First 100 Machines
  ''978-1-84332-849-0   ''My Very First 100 Farm Words
2009978-1-84332-856-8   ''Animals (First Words Flash Card Books) (Wipe Clean Activity Flashcards)
  ''978-1-84332-862-9   ''Things That Go (Sticker Activity Early Learning)
  ''978-1-84332-865-0   ''Sea Life (Sticker Activity Early Learning)
2009978-1-84332-875-9Roger PriddyI Love Dinosaurs (I Love Board Books)
  ''978-1-84332-887-2   ''Wipe Clean Activity Fun Dinosaurs
  ''978-1-84332-891-9   ''Let's Say Our Colours (Simple First Words)
  ''978-1-84332-892-6   ''Simple First Words Let's Say Our Animals
  ''978-1-84332-893-3   ''Sing-along Songs (Sing-along Books)
2009978-1-84332-895-7Roger Priddy1000 Activities (1000 Books)
2009978-1-84332-934-3Roger PriddySmart Kids Science (Smart Kids Reference)
  ''978-1-84332-937-4   ''Let's Get Ready for School
  ''978-1-84332-938-1   ''Let's Get Ready For School Simple Spelling
  ''978-1-84332-939-8   ''Let's Get Ready for School Simple Maths
  ''978-1-84332-949-7   ''My Giant Fold-out Book of Animals
2009978-1-84332-954-1Roger PriddyPuzzle Town On the Farm (Fold Out Treasure Hunts)
2010978-1-84332-955-8Roger PriddyWipe Clean Phonics (Simple First Activities)
2009978-1-84332-973-2   ''My Little Pocket Farm Library (My Little Pocket Library)
  ''978-1-84332-974-9   ''My Little Pocket Things That Go Library (My Little Pocket Library)
2010978-1-84332-979-4   ''Smart Kids Picture Atlas (Smart Kids Reference)
  ''978-1-84332-987-9   ''First Songs Library (Sing-along Books)