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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-84304-000-2Hilarie OwenGrow Your Personal Capital: What you know, who you know and how you use it
  ''978-1-84304-001-9Nicola PhillipsThe Big Difference: Life works when you choose it
  ''978-1-84304-002-6Guy BrowningInnervation: Redesign Yourself for a Smarter Future
  ''978-1-84304-003-3Carmel McConnellChange Activist: Make Big Things Happen Fast (First Edition)
  ''978-1-84304-004-0Mick CopeLead Yourself: Be where others will follow: Be Who You Are and What You Want to Be
2001978-1-84304-005-7Richard ReevesHappy Mondays: Putting the pleasure back into work
  ''978-1-84304-006-4Carmel Mconnell · Mick CopeFloat You: Take Yourself to Market: How to Capitalize on Your Talent
  ''978-1-84304-007-1Barbara QuinnSnap, Crackle or Stop: Change your career and create your own destiny
  ''978-1-84304-008-8Lisa KhooFrom Here to E: Equip yourself for a career in the new economy
  ''978-1-84304-009-5Will MurrayHey You: Pitch To Win In an Ideas Economy
2001978-1-84304-013-2Anthony Grant · Jane GreeneCoach Yourself: Make Real Change in Your Life
  ''978-1-84304-014-9Graham Abbey · Alan RobertsonClued Up: Working Through Politics and Complexity
2002978-1-84304-015-6Jonathan GabayReinvent Yourself: Tactics for Work, Life and Happiness - Yours: Reinvent Your Life, Redefine Your Future
  ''978-1-84304-016-3Tina Konstant · Morris TaylorMental Space: how to create time, reduce pressure and think with clarity
  ''978-1-84304-017-0Thomas Gad · Anette RosencreutzManaging Brand Me: How to Build Your Personal Brand
  ''978-1-84304-018-7Carmel McConnellSoultrader: Find Purpose and You'll Find Success
2002978-1-84304-020-0Gary Pyke · Stuart NeathBe Your Own Career Consultant: Where Do You Want to Be?
  ''978-1-84304-021-7Josephine MonroeFree Agent Manual: the rules and tools for your solo success
  ''978-1-84304-023-1Paul MorganManaging Yourself: Coach Yourself to Optimum Emotional Intelligence: Mastering Your Emotional Intelligence
2003978-1-84304-024-8Alan Robertson · Graham AbbeyManaging Talented People: Getting on with - and getting the best from - your high performers
  ''978-1-84304-025-5Philip Whiteley · Susan Bloch · Daniel GolemanComplete Leadership: A practical guide for developing your leadership talents (Manager's momentum)
2002978-1-84304-026-2Carmel McConnell · Jonathan RobinsonCareers Un-ltd: tell me. what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
  ''978-1-84304-027-9Carmel McConnellChange Activist: Make Big Things Happen Fast (Second Edition)
2006978-1-84304-028-6Jane Greene · Anthony M GrantSolution-focused Coaching: Managing People in a Complex World
2004978-1-84304-029-3Anthony Grant · Jane GreeneCoach Yourself: Make Real Changes in Your Life: It's Your Life, What Are You Going to Do with It?