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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84270-597-1Barbara MitchelhillDamian Drooth, Supersleuth: How To Be A Detective
2012978-1-84270-606-0Jeanne WillisMayfly Day
2008978-1-84270-607-7Lindsay Camp;Tony RossWhy?
2007978-1-84270-608-4David LucasWhale
  ''978-1-84270-610-7Michael ForemanFox Tale
  ''978-1-84270-612-1Jeanne WillisDaft Bat: Glow-in-the-dark cover
  ''978-1-84270-616-9Julia JarmanThe Time-Travelling Cat and the Tudor Treasure
  ''978-1-84270-617-6Julia JarmanThe Time-Travelling Cat and the Roman Eagle
2007978-1-84270-618-3Judy WaiteGame Girls
  ''978-1-84270-620-6Henning MankellShadows in the Twilight (Joel Gustafson Stories)
  ''978-1-84270-621-3Colin McNaughtonSuddenly! (Preston Pig Story)
  ''978-1-84270-623-7David LucasThe Robot and the Bluebird
  ''978-1-84270-625-1Stephen DaviesSophie and the Locust Curse (Sophie Books)
2007978-1-84270-626-8Tony RossLittle Princess Activity Book: Castle Playtime
  ''978-1-84270-627-5Tony RossRound and Round the Garden (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-628-2Jeanne WillisWho's in the Loo?
  ''978-1-84270-629-9David McKeeElmer's Opposites (Elmer Picture Books)
  ''978-1-84270-630-5David McKeeElmer's First Counting Book (Elmer Picture Books)
2007978-1-84270-632-9Joan LennonThe Wickit Chronicles: Fen Gold
2009978-1-84270-636-7David LucasCake Girl
2007978-1-84270-639-8Satoshi KitamuraPlay with Me!: A Dottie Duck Book
  ''978-1-84270-640-4Barbara MitchelhillStorm Runners
  ''978-1-84270-643-5Tony RossI Want My New Shoes! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-644-2   ''Can I Keep it? (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-645-9Sandra GloverMessage from Mia
2007978-1-84270-647-3David McKeeElmer and the Rainbow
2006978-1-84270-648-0   ''Elmer and the Lost Teddy
2007978-1-84270-655-8Tony RossI Don't Want a Cold!: Little Princess Story Book
  ''978-1-84270-656-5   ''I Want My Tent!: Little Princess Story Book
  ''978-1-84270-657-2   ''I Want to do Magic: Little Princess Sticker Book
2007978-1-84270-658-9Tony RossFun in the Sun: Little Princess Activity Book
2008978-1-84270-660-2Joshua DoderGrk Smells a Rat (A Grk Book)
2009978-1-84270-661-9Joshua DoderGrk Takes Revenge (A Grk Book)
2007978-1-84270-665-7Henning MankellWhen the Snow Fell (Joel Gustafson Stories)
2008978-1-84270-666-4   ''The Journey to the End of the World (Joel Gustafson Stories)
2007978-1-84270-673-2Hanna JansenOver a Thousand Hills, I Walk with You
  ''978-1-84270-674-9Stephen DaviesThe Yellowcake Conspiracy
2008978-1-84270-679-4Sandra GloverDangerously Close
2007978-1-84270-681-7Rebecca LisleThe Boy in the Big Black Box (Joe, Laurie and Theo books)
  ''978-1-84270-682-4Penny KendalCan You Hear Me?
2008978-1-84270-683-1Julia JarmanHangman
2007978-1-84270-685-5Sandra Ann HornTattybogle
2008978-1-84270-686-2Julia JarmanThe Time-Travelling Cat and the Viking Terror
2007978-1-84270-689-3Berlie DohertyAbela: The Girl Who Saw Lions
  ''978-1-84270-691-6Tony RossI Want a Cat!
  ''978-1-84270-693-0Naomi RichAlis
2007978-1-84270-695-4Max VelthuijsFrog and a Very Special Day
  ''978-1-84270-696-1Hiawyn OramA Message For Santa
  ''978-1-84270-698-5Jeanne WillisWho's in the Loo?
  ''978-1-84270-699-2Michael ForemanDad! I Can't Sleep
  ''978-1-84270-700-5Chris Van AllsburgProbuditi!
2008978-1-84270-702-9Terence BlackerTotally Spaced, Ms Wiz
2008978-1-84270-703-6Terence BlackerFangtastic, Ms Wiz
2009978-1-84270-704-3Martin WaddellCaptain Small Pig
2007978-1-84270-706-7Tony RossI Want My Sledge! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-708-1   ''I Want a Trumpet! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-710-4"Janosch"The Trip to Panama
2008978-1-84270-711-1Jeanne WillisGrill Pan Eddy
  ''978-1-84270-712-8Colin McNaughtonOops!
  ''978-1-84270-714-2Emma Chichester ClarkEliza and the Moonchild
2009978-1-84270-716-6David McKeeElmer and the Rainbow (Elmer Picture Books)
2009978-1-84270-717-3Jeanne Willis · Korky PaulThe Rascally Cake
2008978-1-84270-718-0Colin McNaughtonBoo! (Preston Pig)
2009978-1-84270-720-3Emma Chichester ClarkMinty and Tink
2007978-1-84270-724-1Satoshi KitamuraWhat's Wrong With My Hair?
2008978-1-84270-725-8Berlie DohertyAbela: The Girl Who Saw Lions
2007978-1-84270-730-2David McKeeElmer (Book and CD)
1990978-1-84270-731-9   ''Elmer: 30th Anniversary Edition (Elmer Picture Books)
2008978-1-84270-732-6David LucasThe Robot and the Bluebird
  ''978-1-84270-733-3Mei MatsuokaFootprints in the Snow
  ''978-1-84270-734-0Tony RossI Want My Light On! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-739-5John SmelcerThe Trap
  ''978-1-84270-740-1David McKeeElmer and Rose (Elmer Picture Books)
2008978-1-84270-743-2Tony RossI'm Coming to Get You!
2009978-1-84270-744-9   ''Naughty Nigel
2008978-1-84270-748-7David McKeeElmer in the Snow (Elmer) (Book and CD)
2008978-1-84270-749-4David McKeeElmer and the Lost Teddy (Elmer Picture Books)
2010978-1-84270-750-0   ''Elmer Again (Elmer Picture Books)
2008978-1-84270-752-4Jeanne WillisThe Boy Who Lost His Bellybutton
  ''978-1-84270-753-1Andy EllisWhen Lulu Went to the Zoo
  ''978-1-84270-754-8David McKeeElmer and the Big Bird
2009978-1-84270-756-2Ferida Wolff · Harriet May SavitzThe Story Blanket
2008978-1-84270-761-6Tony RossI Don't Like Salad! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-762-3   ''I Want a Shop! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-763-0   ''I Want to Go to the Fair! (Little Princess)
2008978-1-84270-764-7Tony RossI Don't Want to Comb My Hair! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-765-4   ''I Want to Be a Cavegirl! (Little Princess)
2008978-1-84270-766-1Tony RossI Want to Be a Pirate! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-767-8   ''I Want My Puppets! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-768-5   ''I Want to Be Tall! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-770-8Joan LennonThe Wickit Chronicles: Ice Road
2009978-1-84270-773-9David McKeeElmer and the Wind (Elmer Picture Books)
2008978-1-84270-774-6Hiawyn OramAngry Arthur
2009978-1-84270-775-3Satoshi KitamuraMe and My Cat?
2008978-1-84270-779-1Berlie DohertyDaughter of the Sea
  ''978-1-84270-781-4David McKeeElmer and the Lost Teddy (Book and CD)
2009978-1-84270-782-1   ''Elmer and the Stranger (Book and audio cd)
2008978-1-84270-783-8   ''Elmer in the Snow (Elmer Picture Books)
2009978-1-84270-784-5David McKeeElmer and the Wind (Elmer) (Book and CD)
  ''978-1-84270-785-2   ''Elmer and the Stranger (Elmer Picture Books)
2008978-1-84270-790-6Tony RossMy First Nursery Stories
  ''978-1-84270-795-1Stephen DaviesSophie and the Pancake Plot (Sophie Books)
  ''978-1-84270-815-6Sandra GloverSomewhere Else
2010978-1-84270-819-4Martin WaddellCaptain Small Pig
2008978-1-84270-820-0Max VelthuijsFrog is Frightened
2009978-1-84270-825-5Barbara MitchelhillDamian Drooth, Supersleuth: Under Cover
  ''978-1-84270-826-2   ''Damian Drooth, Supersleuth: Gruesome Ghosts
2008978-1-84270-827-9Julia JarmanGhost Writer
2009978-1-84270-828-6Peter BentlyThe Great Dog Bottom Swap
2009978-1-84270-831-6David McKeeTwo Monsters
2008978-1-84270-833-0Tony RossThe Boy Who Cried Wolf
2010978-1-84270-835-4   ''I Want a Sister! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-837-8David McKeeElmer on Stilts (Elmer Picture Books)
  ''978-1-84270-838-5   ''Elmer on Stilts (Elmer Picture Books)
2010978-1-84270-839-2David McKeeElmer and Grandpa Eldo (Elmer Picture Books)
2008978-1-84270-842-2David MacaulayAngelo
  ''978-1-84270-843-9Henning MankellThe Cat Who Liked Rain
  ''978-1-84270-844-6Sherman AlexieThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
2009978-1-84270-847-7Terence BlackerOut of Control, Ms Wiz
  ''978-1-84270-848-4   ''Ms Wiz Rocks
2008978-1-84270-856-9Quentin BlakeYou're Only Young Twice
  ''978-1-84270-857-6Joan LennonThe Wickit Chronicles: Witch Bell
2010978-1-84270-858-3Terence BlackerMs Wiz RULES OK!
2008978-1-84270-860-6Ralph SteadmanGaribaldi's Biscuits
2009978-1-84270-863-7Jeanne WillisMine's Bigger than Yours!
2009978-1-84270-866-8David McKeeElmer's Special Day (Elmer Picture Books)
  ''978-1-84270-868-2Tom MacRaeBaby Pie
  ''978-1-84270-875-0Tony RossI Want Two Birthdays! (Little Princess)
  ''978-1-84270-884-2Stephen DaviesHacking Timbuktu
  ''978-1-84270-889-7Rebecca LisleThe Gnome with the Knobbly Knees (Joe, Laurie and Theo books)
2009978-1-84270-890-3Rebecca LisleWizard Dog
2008978-1-84270-893-4Tony RossMy Little Princess Library
2009978-1-84270-901-6Hans Christian AndersenThe Snow Queen
  ''978-1-84270-907-8Satoshi KitamuraSheep In Wolves' Clothing
2011978-1-84270-908-5   ''Comic Adventures of Boots
2009978-1-84270-909-2Gervase PhinnA Bit of a Hero
  ''978-1-84270-911-5Tony BradmanMichael
2010978-1-84270-913-9Jeanne WillisCaterpillar Dreams
2009978-1-84270-914-6John YeomanThe Wild Washerwomen
  ''978-1-84270-916-0John YeomanThe Bear's Winter House
  ''978-1-84270-918-4Leslie WilsonSaving Rafael
2009978-1-84270-919-1John SmelcerThe Great Death
  ''978-1-84270-923-8David McKeeZebra's Hiccups
  ''978-1-84270-924-5Satoshi KitamuraMillie's Marvellous Hat
  ''978-1-84270-925-2Jeanne WillisBig Bad Bun
2010978-1-84270-931-3Josh LaceyGrk Down Under (A Grk Book)
2012978-1-84270-932-0Josh LaceyGrk and the Phoney Macaroni (A Grk Book)
2009978-1-84270-934-4Michael ForemanWonder Goal!
2010978-1-84270-936-8Tony RossDon't Do That!
2012978-1-84270-938-2David McKeeElmer and Butterfly (Elmer Picture Books)
2011978-1-84270-942-9Chris RiddellMr Underbed
2010978-1-84270-945-0Jeanne WillisBig Bad Bun
  ''978-1-84270-948-1Satoshi KitamuraMillie's Marvellous Hat
2009978-1-84270-949-8Chris Van AllsburgThe Polar Express
2009978-1-84270-950-4David McKeeElmer and Wilbur (Elmer Picture Books)
  ''978-1-84270-956-6Max VelthuijsFrog in Love
  ''978-1-84270-966-5Michael ForemanCat in the Manger
2010978-1-84270-975-7Tony RossI Want to Do It by Myself! (Little Princess)
2009978-1-84270-976-4Kay WoodwardJane Airhead
2010978-1-84270-977-1Julia JarmanInside
2009978-1-84270-978-8Barbara MitchelhillDangerous Diamonds
2010978-1-84270-980-1Tony RossMy Favourite Fairy Tales
2011978-1-84270-981-8David McKeeElmer and the Hippos (Elmer Picture Books)
2010978-1-84270-983-2   ''Elmer and Wilbur
2011978-1-84270-985-6   ''Elmer's Special Day (Elmer Picture Books)
  ''978-1-84270-986-3Jeanne WillisThat's Not Funny!
2010978-1-84270-988-7Peter BentlyThe Great Dog Bottom Swap: 10th Anniversary Edition
2012978-1-84270-989-4Ruth BrownA Dark, Dark Tale
2011978-1-84270-990-0Jeanne WillisSusan Laughs
2009978-1-84270-997-9Tony RossMy First Nursery Collection (2 Book Set)