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2000978-1-84265-009-7J. S. RaoTurbine Blade Life Estimation
  ''978-1-84265-031-8M. C. JainVector Spaces and Matrics in Physics
2001978-1-84265-036-3G.S. Chahal · S.S. GosalPrinciples and Procedures of Plant Breeding: Biotechnological and Conventional Approaches
2002978-1-84265-079-0S. PonnusamyFoundations of Functional Analysis
2001978-1-84265-083-7Gopal K. DubeyFundamentals of Electrical Drives
2008978-1-84265-093-6R.C. SobtiAnimal Physiology
2002978-1-84265-105-6A. K. BasuIntroduction to Stochastic Process
2005978-1-84265-125-4G. N. Tiwari · M K. GhosalRenewable Energy Resources: Basic Principles and Applications
2004978-1-84265-126-1C. S. Krishnamoorthy · S. Rajeev · A. RajaramanComputer Aided Design: Software and Analytical Tools
2005978-1-84265-150-6E.L. IvchenkoOptical Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Nanostructures
2003978-1-84265-160-5N. KumarGeneralised Motion of Rigid Body
2006978-1-84265-161-2E Norval Fortson · Ernest M. HenleyAn Isolated Atomic Particle at Rest in Free Space: Tribute to Hans Dehmelt, Nobel Laureate
2003978-1-84265-164-3Suresh ChandraComputer Applications in Physics: With Fortran and Basic
2005978-1-84265-166-7C R. Bector · S. Chandra · J. DuttaPrinciples of Optimization Theory
2003978-1-84265-167-4A. NandyPractical Numerical Analysis Using Microsoft Excel
2004978-1-84265-170-4P. K. Jain · K. AhmadMetric Spaces
  ''978-1-84265-176-6Nina S. GodboleSoftware Quality Assurance: Principles and Practices
2005978-1-84265-179-7Rao V. DukkipatiControl Systems
2004978-1-84265-182-7D. SomasundaramDifferential Geometry: A First Course
2007978-1-84265-185-8R. K. Jain · S.R.K. IyengarAdvanced Engineering Mathematics
2004978-1-84265-189-6J.V. DeshpandeMathematical Analysis and Applications: An Introduction
2005978-1-84265-197-1Rao V. Dukkipati · P. K. RayProduct and Process Design for Quality, Economy and Reliability
2006978-1-84265-198-8Rao V. Dukkipati · P. K. RayQuality Control, Improvement and Management
2005978-1-84265-199-5S. V. Narasimhan · S. VeenaSignal Processing: Principles and Implementation
2006978-1-84265-203-9Igor I. SobelmanTheory of Atomic Spectra
2004978-1-84265-206-0M. A. Pai · D. P. Sengupta · K. R. PadiyarSmall Signal Analysis of Power Systems
  ''978-1-84265-207-7S. V. BhatBiomaterials
2005978-1-84265-211-4D. PrasadIntroduction to Numerical Analysis
2009978-1-84265-232-9V. M. Babich · Vladimir S. BuldyrevAsymptotic Methods in Short-Wavelength Diffraction Theory (Alpha Science Series on Wave Phenomena)
2005978-1-84265-240-4P. K. BhattacharyaMetal Ions in Biochemistry
  ''978-1-84265-246-6P. Bahadur · N.V. SastryPrinciples of Polymer Science
2005978-1-84265-247-3B. ChandraObject Oriented Programming Using C++
2004978-1-84265-249-7Amitabha Lahiri · P.B. PalA First Book of Quantum Field Theory (Second Edition)
2005978-1-84265-255-8C.V. RaoImmunology: A Text Book
  ''978-1-84265-258-9Ramesh KumariComputers and Their Applications to Chemistry
  ''978-1-84265-276-3P. D. SharmaEnvironmental Microbiology
  ''978-1-84265-280-0M.P.S. Ishar · Abdul FarukSyntheses of Organic Medicinal Compounds
  ''978-1-84265-282-4Baldev Kumar · Harish Kr. ChopraBiogenesis of Natural Products
2006978-1-84265-289-3Sudir Chandra PalNomenclature of Organic Compounds
2006978-1-84265-321-0Satish Shirali · H.L. VasudevaMathematical Analysis
  ''978-1-84265-323-4Syed Danish HasanCivil Engineering Materials and their Testing
2007978-1-84265-337-1Devdas MenonStructural Analysis
2010978-1-84265-368-5S. ShivaswamyFinite Element Analysis and Programming: An Introduction
2007978-1-84265-373-9A. K. GangulyOptoelectronic Devices and Circuits: Theory and Applications
2015978-1-84265-412-5S. V. S. Rana · Sung-Eun LeeBiomarkers
2008978-1-84265-421-7K.C. PatraHydrology and Water Resources Engineering
2007978-1-84265-426-2M. SrivastavaFermentation Technology
  ''978-1-84265-437-8D. K. PratiharSoft Computing
2009978-1-84265-446-0K.C. RaoTopology
2007978-1-84265-448-4U C. De · A. A. Shaikh · J. SenguptaTensor Calculus
2008978-1-84265-449-1M. AmeenComputational Elasticity: Theory of Elasticity, Finite and Boundary Element Methods
  ''978-1-84265-454-5S.C. TripathyPower Electronics
2011978-1-84265-456-9V. RamamurtiMechanics of Machines
2008978-1-84265-457-6V. RamamurtiMechanical Vibration Practice and Noise Control
  ''978-1-84265-459-0D. ChatterjeeAnalytical Geometry: Two and Three Dimensions
2008978-1-84265-470-5Sisil KumarawaduModeling and Control of Vehicular and Robotic Systems
2009978-1-84265-481-1A. K. GangulyArchitecture, Programming and Applications of Advanced Microprocessors
2010978-1-84265-485-9V. K. JainIntroduction to Micromachining
2009978-1-84265-512-2Prem Vrat · G. D. Sardana · B. S. SahayProductivity Measurement for Business Excellence
2011978-1-84265-553-5C.V. Girija Vallabhan · Mehmet Zulfu AsikFinite Element Method for Engineers: From Theory to Practice
  ''978-1-84265-571-9Liang DongcaiFundamentals of X-Ray Crystallography
2010978-1-84265-575-7Vivek KumarSimulational Sensation with C++
2011978-1-84265-592-4D. Karuna SagarMicrocontroller 8051
2013978-1-84265-607-5Alka Adya · Neelu NagpalCircuits and Systems
2010978-1-84265-610-5A. K. GangulyOptical and Optoelectronic Instrumentation
  ''978-1-84265-655-6Qamrul Hasan AnsariMetric Spaces: Including Fixed Point Theory and Set-Valued Maps
2011978-1-84265-657-0V. DevanathanRelativistic Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory
2012978-1-84265-680-8Amar K. Ganguly · Anuva GangulyMicroprocessors and Microcontrollers 8085, 8086 and 8051
2016978-1-84265-691-4Nabendu Pal · Jyotirmoy SarkarStatistics for Life Sciences
  ''978-1-84265-693-8Ashish Swarup Verma · Anchal SinghModern Animal Biotechnology
2015978-1-84265-740-9D. P. Kothari · Mahima Jain · Shefali JagwaniElectrical and Electronics Materials
2012978-1-84265-755-3Dinesh C. DubeElectronics: Circuits and Analysis
2014978-1-84265-759-1Mathew Anoop · Bensiker Raja Singh · Mercy PriyaA First Course on Electronic Engineering
2013978-1-84265-767-6Dilip Kumar RoyElectronic Materials and Semiconductor Devices
2014978-1-84265-768-3S. SheelInstrumentation: Theory and Applications
2013978-1-84265-778-2Himanshu ShekharAircraft and Automobile Propulsion: A Textbook
  ''978-1-84265-780-5Goutam BrahmachariNatural Bioactive Molecules: Impacts and Prospects
2014978-1-84265-786-7Ranjit S. Dhillon · Singh Inderpal · Chinnappan BaskarStereochemistry
2013978-1-84265-807-9Dipak Kumar BasuVLSI Design
2014978-1-84265-811-6Sonveer SinghElectronics Engineering
2013978-1-84265-845-1Asoke Das Sarma · Rupesh LochanLean Principles and Application in BPO
2014978-1-84265-860-4A. K. SaxenaAn Introduction to Electronics
2014978-1-84265-879-6O. N. AwasthiFundamentals of Lighting
  ''978-1-84265-881-9G. VenkatesanIntegrated Statistical and Automatic Process Control: Hybrid Process and Quality Control
  ''978-1-84265-891-8V. K. JainIntroduction to Micromachining
2017978-1-84265-898-7Anuj Bhardwaj · Prarag VermaDesign and Analysis of Algorithm
2016978-1-84265-899-4S. Varada Rajan · M.M. Prasada ReddyElectromagnetic Theory and Transmission Lines
  ''978-1-84265-900-7S. Varada Rajan · M. M. Prasada Reddy · M. Jithendra ReddyEmbedded Real Time Systems
2014978-1-84265-905-2Sujaul ChowdhuryNanostructure Physics and Microelectronics
  ''978-1-84265-907-6Devi PrasadOperations Research
2014978-1-84265-914-4Tang YipingAdvanced Manufacturing Technology
2015978-1-84265-917-5O. N. AwasthiApplications of Light and Energy Management
  ''978-1-84265-922-9Gurbachan S. MiglaniEssentials of Molecular Genetics
  ''978-1-84265-923-6Anuj KumarIndustrial Management: An Introduction
  ''978-1-84265-931-1Shubham AgarwalComputer Based Optimization Techniques
2016978-1-84265-940-3Baldev Raj · U. Kamachi MudaliSensor Science and Technology
2015978-1-84265-943-4Shriram K. Vasudevan · Sumana Ravi Ganesan · Jai Vighneshwar JayakumarIntegrated Electronics
2018978-1-84265-947-2Prasanta Kumar PatraGroup Theory and its Applications
2016978-1-84265-948-9G. VenkatesanIntroduction to Control Systems: Basics and Fundamentals
  ''978-1-84265-965-6M. A. ParameswaranMechanical Design: A Practical Insight