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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-84248-039-7Mathew Price · E. Le CainThe Christmas Stockings
  ''978-1-84248-040-3John Norris Wood · Maggie SilverWoods and Forests (Nature Hide & Seek)
2007978-1-84248-041-0John Norris Wood · Kevin DeanJungles (Nature Hide & Seek S.)
2003978-1-84248-056-4Rose ImpeyThe Flat Man (Creepies S.)
  ''978-1-84248-057-1Rose ImpeyScare Yourself to Sleep (Creepies)
2006978-1-84248-058-8   ''Jumble Joan (Creepies S.)
2003978-1-84248-059-5   ''The Ankle Grabber (Creepies)
  ''978-1-84248-071-7Anna NilsenMagnificent Mazes 20th Century
2006978-1-84248-072-4Anna NilsenMagnificent Mazes
2004978-1-84248-086-1Rose ImpeyThe Flying Vampire (Creepies)
2007978-1-84248-087-8   ''The Midnight Ship (Creepies S.)
2003978-1-84248-093-9Elinor Bagenal · Steve AugardeTractor Factory
2006978-1-84248-120-2C. BirminghamThe Search for Radium: Marie Curie's Story (Science Stories S.)
  ''978-1-84248-122-6   ''The Fight Against Microbes: Pasteur's Story (Science Stories S.)
2004978-1-84248-143-1John Norris WoodOceans (Nature Hide & Seek S.)
2004978-1-84248-144-8John Norris WoodWoods and Forests (Nature Hide & Seek S.)
2004978-1-84248-145-5John Norris WoodRivers and Lakes (Nature Hide & Seek S.)
2006978-1-84248-153-0Georgie AdamsA House for Zebra
  ''978-1-84248-158-5Mathew PriceBedtime Stories for the Very Young
  ''978-1-84248-160-8   ''Best Friends (Pound Dog and Frog S.)
  ''978-1-84248-162-2   ''Can I Play in the Mud?
  ''978-1-84248-163-9Anne RockwellThe Toolbox
2006978-1-84248-169-1C. McNaughtonFootball Crazy
  ''978-1-84248-170-7Mathew PriceDon't Worry, Alfie!
  ''978-1-84248-171-4   ''Alfie, Where are You?
2007978-1-84248-174-5   ''Our Pets (Animal Friends)
2007978-1-84248-175-2Mathew PriceAnimal Favourites (Animal Friends)
2006978-1-84248-176-9   ''In the Woods (Animal Friends)
  ''978-1-84248-177-6   ''In the Jungle (Animal Friends)
2007978-1-84248-207-0John Norris WoodWoods and Forest (Nature Hide & Seek S.)
  ''978-1-84248-208-7   ''Oceans (Nature Hide & Seek S.)
  ''978-1-84248-210-0Rose Impey · Moira (Il) KempThe Flat Man (Creepies)
  ''978-1-84248-211-7   ''Scare Yourself to Sleep (Creepies)
2007978-1-84248-212-4Rose Impey · Moira (Il) KempJumble Joan (Creepies)
2007978-1-84248-213-1Rose Impey · Moira (Il) KempThe Ankle Grabber (Creepies)