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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-84243-000-2Max DecharneStraight from the Fridge Dad
2001978-1-84243-001-9Charles WillefordThe Woman Chaser
  ''978-1-84243-002-6K. C. ConstantineGrievance
  ''978-1-84243-003-3Charles WillefordWild Wives/High Priest of California
2000978-1-84243-007-1Jacques BlackFootball Betting to Win
  ''978-1-84243-008-8Tom RobbinsFierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates
2001978-1-84243-009-5Charles WillefordMiami Blues
  ''978-1-84243-010-1   ''New Hope for the Dead
2001978-1-84243-011-8Charles WillefordSideswipe (Hoke Moseley detective thriller)
  ''978-1-84243-012-5   ''The Way We Die Now (Hoke Moseley detective thriller)
  ''978-1-84243-014-9Robert B. ParkerPerish Twice
  ''978-1-84243-022-4Tom RobbinsStill Life With Woodpecker
  ''978-1-84243-024-8   ''Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
2001978-1-84243-025-5Sparkle HayterWHAT'S A GIRL GOTTA DO? (A Robin Hudson Mystery)
  ''978-1-84243-026-2Sparkle HayterCHELSEA GIRL MURDERS, THE (A Robin Hudson Mystery)
  ''978-1-84243-027-9Charles WillefordMachine in Ward Eleven
  ''978-1-84243-028-6Tom RobbinsFierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates
  ''978-1-84243-029-3Lawrence BlockThe Burglar in the Closet (Bernie Rhodenbarr Mystery)
2001978-1-84243-030-9Lawrence BlockBURGLAR IN THE RYE, THE (Bernie Rhodenbarr Mystery)
2002978-1-84243-032-3Robert B. ParkerPotshot
  ''978-1-84243-034-7Tom RobbinsSKINNY LEGS AND ALL
2001978-1-84243-035-4   ''Jitterbug Perfume
2002978-1-84243-036-1Tom RobbinsHalf Asleep In Frog Pajamas
2001978-1-84243-037-8Lawrence BlockAffairs of Chip Harrison
  ''978-1-84243-039-2David SpanierHAND I PLAYED, THE: A Poker Memoir
  ''978-1-84243-041-5James SallisGhost Of A Flea (A Lew Griffin Novel)
2002978-1-84243-042-2Sparkle HayterNaked Brunch Limited Ed
  ''978-1-84243-043-9Daniel WoodrellThe Death of Sweet Mister
  ''978-1-84243-044-6Jason StarrHARD FEELINGS
2007978-1-84243-046-0Jakob ArjouniKismet (Kayankaya)
2002978-1-84243-047-7Jason StarrHard Feelings
2002978-1-84243-049-1Daniel WoodrellOnes You Do
  ''978-1-84243-050-7Sparkle HayterNICE GIRLS FINISH LAST (A Robin Hudson mystery)
  ''978-1-84243-051-4Lawrence BlockBurglar Who Thought He Was Bogart (Bernie Rhodenbarr Mystery)
  ''978-1-84243-052-1   ''Burglar in the Library (Bernie Rhodenbarr Mystery)
  ''978-1-84243-053-8Daniel WoodrellThe Death of Sweet Mister
2003978-1-84243-054-5Sparkle HayterNAKED BRUNCH
2002978-1-84243-057-6Robert B. ParkerDeath in Paradise: A Jesse Stone Novel
2002978-1-84243-058-3Robert ParkerSUDDEN MISCHIEF (A Spenser novel)
  ''978-1-84243-059-0Robert B. ParkerWidow's Walk: A Spenser Novel
  ''978-1-84243-060-6Joseph HansenThe Little Dog Laughed (A Brandstetter Mystery)
  ''978-1-84243-063-7Joseph HansenEarly Graves (A Brandstetter mystery)
  ''978-1-84243-064-4Lawrence BlockThe Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian (Bernie Rhodenbarr Mystery)
2002978-1-84243-065-1Lawrence BlockBurglars Can't be Chosers
  ''978-1-84243-068-2   ''Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams
2003978-1-84243-070-5Max DecharneHardboiled Hollywood
  ''978-1-84243-073-6James SallisCYPRESS GROVE
  ''978-1-84243-075-0Robert B. ParkerShrink Rap: A Sunny Randall Mystery
2002978-1-84243-080-4Barry ForshawCrimetime: 30
  ''978-1-84243-081-1Eddie BunkerANIMAL FACTORY, THE
2007978-1-84243-082-8Edward BunkerNo Beast So Fierce
2003978-1-84243-086-6Georges SimenonRed Lights
2003978-1-84243-087-3Georges SimenonSTRIPTEASE
  ''978-1-84243-091-0Edward BunkerLittle Boy Blue
  ''978-1-84243-092-7   ''Dog Eat Dog
  ''978-1-84243-093-4Nik CohnI am Still the Greatest Says Johnny Angelo
  ''978-1-84243-094-1James SallisCypress Grove
2004978-1-84243-095-8Jason StarrTough Luck
2003978-1-84243-096-5Nick ToschesIn the Hand of Dante
2003978-1-84243-097-2Robert B. ParkerBack Story
2004978-1-84243-100-9Tom RobbinsThe Villa Incognito
  ''978-1-84243-101-6   ''The Villa Incognito
2004978-1-84243-102-3Tom RobbinsVilla Incognito
  ''978-1-84243-103-0   ''VILLA INCOGNITO
2015978-1-84243-108-5Jason StarrNothing Personal
2005978-1-84243-109-2   ''Fake Id
2004978-1-84243-111-5Lawrence BlockThe Burglar Who Studied Spinoza
2006978-1-84243-113-9James SallisDrive
2007978-1-84243-114-6   ''Drive
2004978-1-84243-116-0Robert B. ParkerStone Cold
  ''978-1-84243-117-7Lawrence BlockBurglar on the Prowl
2005978-1-84243-119-1Max DécharnéHardboiled Hollywood
2004978-1-84243-120-7Max DecharneStraight From The Fridge Dad: A Dictionary of Hipster Slang
  ''978-1-84243-121-4Paul CainFast One
  ''978-1-84243-123-8Robert B. ParkerBad Business
2004978-1-84243-126-9Victor GischlerPISTOL POETS
  ''978-1-84243-129-0Tom RobbinsAnother Roadside Attraction
  ''978-1-84243-130-6Kem NunnTIJUANA STRAITS
2005978-1-84243-131-3Kem NunnTIJUANA STRAITS
  ''978-1-84243-132-0Jason StarrTwisted City
  ''978-1-84243-134-4Sparkle HayterBANDIT QUEEN BOOGIE
2005978-1-84243-138-2Theodore RoszakFlicker
  ''978-1-84243-139-9Robert B. ParkerDouble Play
  ''978-1-84243-140-5   ''Melancholy Baby (Sunny Randall Novel)
2005978-1-84243-141-2Robert B. ParkerCold Service
2006978-1-84243-142-9   ''SEA CHANGE
2005978-1-84243-143-6   ''School Days
  ''978-1-84243-144-3Tom RobbinsWild Ducks Flying Backwards
  ''978-1-84243-149-8Eric AmblerThe Levanter: No Exit 18 Promo (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-150-4Jakob ArjouniHappy Birthday, Turk (No Exit 18 Years)
  ''978-1-84243-151-1Lawrence BlockThe Burglar Who Studied Spinoza: No Exit 18 Promo (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
2005978-1-84243-152-8Edward BunkerThe Animal Factory: No Exit 18 Promo (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-153-5Anthony FrewinLondon Blues (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-154-2William HjortsbergFalling Angel: No Exit 18 Promo (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-155-9Sparkle HayterNice Girls Finish Last: No Exit 18 Promo (A Robin Hudson Mystery)
  ''978-1-84243-156-6John MilneAlive And Kicking: No Exit 18 Promo (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
2005978-1-84243-157-3Kem NunnTAPPING THE SOURCE: No Exit 18 Promo: 9 (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-158-0Jack O'ConnellWORD MADE FLESH: No Exit 18 Promo (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-159-7Robert B. ParkerNight Passage: No Exit 18 Promo (A Jesse Stone Novel)
  ''978-1-84243-160-3Tom RobbinsAnother Roadside Attraction: No Exit 18 promo (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-161-0James SallisDeath Will Have Your Eyes (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
2005978-1-84243-162-7Wang ShuoPLEASE DON'T CALL ME HUMAN: No Exit 18 Promo (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-163-4Jason StarrCold Caller (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-164-1Mark TimlinAll The Empty Places: No Exit 18 Promo (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-165-8Charles WillefordMIAMI BLUES: No Exit 18 Promo (No Exit Press 18 Years Classic)
  ''978-1-84243-166-5Daniel WoodrellMuscle For The Wing: No Exit 18 Promo (A Shade Novel)
2005978-1-84243-167-2Robert B. ParkerDouble Play
2007978-1-84243-168-9Joseph HansenThe Complete Brandstetter: All 12 Novels in the Dave Brandstetter Series
2006978-1-84243-170-2Robert B. ParkerCold Service
  ''978-1-84243-171-9Tom RobbinsWild Ducks Flying Backward
  ''978-1-84243-172-6Robert B. ParkerSchool Days
  ''978-1-84243-173-3   ''Blue Screen
  ''978-1-84243-174-0Eric AmblerThe Light Of Day
2006978-1-84243-179-5James GradyMAD DOGS
2007978-1-84243-183-2James SallisCripple Creek
2006978-1-84243-184-9Robert B. ParkerBlue Screen
  ''978-1-84243-185-6   ''Dream Girl
2007978-1-84243-187-0Robert B. ParkerSea Change
  ''978-1-84243-188-7   ''HIGH PROFILE
  ''978-1-84243-192-4   ''Blue Screen
  ''978-1-84243-193-1James GradySix Days of the Condor
  ''978-1-84243-194-8David ThomsonSuspects
2006978-1-84243-197-9Robert B. ParkerHush Money (A Spenser novel)
2007978-1-84243-205-1James GradyMAD DOGS
2007978-1-84243-207-5Robert ParkerSPARE CHANGE
  ''978-1-84243-209-9Robert B. ParkerNow and Then
  ''978-1-84243-212-9Victoria CarolanWW1 at Sea (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-84243-214-3Robert B. ParkerHIGH PROFILE
  ''978-1-84243-215-0Eddie BunkerSTARK
2007978-1-84243-216-7Robert B. ParkerDream Girl
  ''978-1-84243-217-4David R. CarterThe Western
  ''978-1-84243-218-1Colin Odell · Michelle Le BlancHORROR FILMS
  ''978-1-84243-224-2Lee MartinGANGSTERS WIVES
  ''978-1-84243-225-9Colin Odell · Michelle Le BlancDavid Lynch
2007978-1-84243-226-6Jean-Marc Lofficier · Randy LofficierTintin (Pocket Essentials) (The Pocket Essential)
  ''978-1-84243-227-3Michael VenturaCassavetes Directs
  ''978-1-84243-228-0Michael VenturaCASSAVETES DIRECTS: On The Set of Love Streams
  ''978-1-84243-232-7Robin RamsayWHO SHOT JFK? (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-84243-234-1James SallisCripple Creek
2007978-1-84243-235-8Jakob ArjouniKismet (Kayankaya)
  ''978-1-84243-237-2Nick HardingHOW TO BE A GOOD ATHEIST
  ''978-1-84243-240-2Bill PriceTutankhamun Egypt's Most Famous Pharoah (Pocket Essential)
2008978-1-84243-245-7Mike PaineANCIENT GREECE (Pocket Essentials (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-84243-248-8Nick RennisonRivals of Sherlock Holmes
2009978-1-84243-250-1Lee MartinLipstick Killers, The
2008978-1-84243-251-8Emma WestwoodMonster Movies (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))
  ''978-1-84243-253-2Derek HillCharlie Kaufman and Hollywood's Merry Band of Pranksters, Fabulists and Dreamers - An excursion into the American New Wave
2013978-1-84243-254-9Sean MartinNew Waves in Cinema
2008978-1-84243-255-6Roland ThorneSAMURAI FILMS
2017978-1-84243-256-3Helen de WittCINEMA AND REVOLUTION
2009978-1-84243-258-7Jakob ArjouniChez Max
2009978-1-84243-261-7Lee MartinThe Lipstick Killers
2008978-1-84243-262-4Robert B. ParkerSpare Change: A Sunny Randall Novel (Sunny Randall Novels)
  ''978-1-84243-263-1   ''NOW & THEN
  ''978-1-84243-264-8Edward BunkerStark
2018978-1-84243-265-5Adrian WoottonScreening Graham Greene
2008978-1-84243-266-2Edward BunkerNo Beast So Fierce
  ''978-1-84243-267-9   ''Animal Factory
2008978-1-84243-268-6Edward BunkerLittle Boy Blue
  ''978-1-84243-269-3   ''Dog Eat Dog
  ''978-1-84243-270-9Bunker · EdwardMr Blue
2009978-1-84243-271-6Leigh RussellCut Short (DI Geraldine Steel)
2011978-1-84243-273-0Lyndsay RussellMaking it Big
2008978-1-84243-275-4Liam BurkeSuperhero Movies (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-84243-276-1Tom BowlingAntigallican, The
  ''978-1-84243-277-8James SallisSalt River
2010978-1-84243-278-5   ''Salt River
2009978-1-84243-279-2Colin Odell · Michelle Le BlancStudio Ghibli: The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata
2008978-1-84243-280-8Michelle Le Blanc · Colin OdellVampire Films (Pocket Essentials)
2008978-1-84243-282-2Tom Fallows · Curtis OwenGeorge A. Romero (Pocket Essentials)
2007978-1-84243-283-9Chris WiegandFrench New Wave (Pocket Essentials)
2008978-1-84243-285-3Brian J. RobbLaurel & Hardy (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))
2010978-1-84243-286-0Martin FitzgeraldOrson Welles (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))
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  ''978-1-84243-288-4Max DécharnéStraight From the Fridge, Dad - A Dictionary of Hipster Slang
2008978-1-84243-291-4Steven Paul DaviesOut at the Movies: A History of Gay Cinema
  ''978-1-84243-292-1Jacky BowringField Guide to Melancholy, A
2009978-1-84243-294-5Richard AsplinConman
2010978-1-84243-295-2Edward BunkerDeath Row Breakout & Other Stories
2008978-1-84243-296-9Wang ShuoPlaying for Thrills
2009978-1-84243-297-6Clem ChambersThe Armageddon Trade
  ''978-1-84243-298-3Clem ChambersArmageddon Trade, The (Jim Evans)
2008978-1-84243-301-0Paul HardyFilming on a Microbudget
2009978-1-84243-302-7Brian J. RobbTimeless Adventures - How Doctor Who Conquered TV
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2009978-1-84243-304-1Alex Cox10,000 Ways to Die: A Director's Take on the Spaghetti Western
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2009978-1-84243-306-5Jack O'ConnellThe Resurrectionist
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2010978-1-84243-311-9Douglas KeeseyNeo-Noir: Contemporary Film Noir from Chinatown to The Dark Knight (Kamera Books)
2008978-1-84243-312-6Bill PriceCharles Darwin: Origins and Arguments
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2010978-1-84243-320-1Richards · AndyAsian Horror (Kamera Books)
2009978-1-84243-321-8Tom BowlingAntigallican, The
  ''978-1-84243-324-9Dan LaugheyMedia Studies
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  ''978-1-84243-326-3   ''Pot Shot
  ''978-1-84243-327-0   ''Widow's Walk
2010978-1-84243-329-4Mark TimlinStay Another Day (Nick Sharman)
2009978-1-84243-331-7Tom RobbinsB is for Beer
2009978-1-84243-332-4Sean MartinKnights Templar, The
2010978-1-84243-334-8Mikel J. KovenBlaxploitation Films
  ''978-1-84243-335-5Tom RobbinsB is for Beer
2011978-1-84243-338-6Colin Odell · Michelle Le BlancJohn Carpenter (Creative Essentials)
2010978-1-84243-339-3Sean MartinGnostics, The (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))
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2010978-1-84243-348-5Mark CampbellDoctor Who: The Episode Guide (Pocket Essentials)
2012978-1-84243-354-6Leigh RussellCut Short (A DI Geraldine Steel Thriller Book 1)
2010978-1-84243-355-3Mark CampbellDoctor Who (Pocket Essentials) - Sixth Edition
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2012978-1-84243-365-2Andy GlynneDocumentaries (Creative Essentials)
2011978-1-84243-366-9Sean MartinAndrei Tarkovsky
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  ''978-1-84243-394-2Howard LinskeyThe Drop (David Blake 1)
2011978-1-84243-500-7James SallisDrive
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2011978-1-84243-620-2Anthony FrewinSixty Three Closure
2012978-1-84243-696-7James SallisThe Long-Legged Fly
2012978-1-84243-724-7James SallisDrive
  ''978-1-84243-728-5   ''Cypress Grove (Turner Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84243-837-4   ''Driven
  ''978-1-84243-841-1Mark Whitehead · Miriam RivettJack The Ripper
2013978-1-84243-858-9Leigh RussellStop Dead (A DI Geraldine Steel Thriller Book 5)
  ''978-1-84243-866-4Robin RamsayWho Shot JFK?: New Edition (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))