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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-84222-006-1UnnamedWorld Whiskey Guide
  ''978-1-84222-014-6Jonathan GlanceyTwentieth Century Architecture
  ''978-1-84222-019-1Rebecca TanquerayEco Chic: Organic Living
  ''978-1-84222-020-7Tony RussellThe Blues from Robert Johnson to Robert Cary
  ''978-1-84222-022-1Vivianne Crowley · Christopher CrowleyAncient Wisdom
2000978-1-84222-024-5Carrie Borzillo-VrennaEyewitness Nirvana: The Day-by-day Story
  ''978-1-84222-048-1Ron Smith · IRA WindermanComplete Encyclopedia of Basketball Hd
  ''978-1-84222-050-4Carmel Allen"Vogue" Beauty
  ''978-1-84222-054-2Al SeckelThe Art of Optical Illusions (Illusion Works)
  ''978-1-84222-057-3Bruce JonesThe Complete Encyclopedia of Formula One
2000978-1-84222-058-0Keir RadnedgeThe Complete Encyclopedia of Soccer: The Bible of World Soccer
  ''978-1-84222-063-4Robert Joseph · Roger Protz · Dave BroomThe Complete Encyclopedia of Wine, Beer and Spirits
  ''978-1-84222-066-5Tamsin BlanchardThe Shoe: Best Foot Forward
  ''978-1-84222-067-2Hilary RobertsonBoudoir: Creating the Bedroom of Your Dreams
  ''978-1-84222-068-9Karen WheelerLiving with Art
2000978-1-84222-073-3Richard HolmesWorld War II in Photographs: The Imperial War Museum
2002978-1-84222-074-0Sarah LonsdaleJapanese Design
2000978-1-84222-080-1Martin MillerAntiques Source Book 2000-2001
  ''978-1-84222-082-5Steve TurnerHard Day's Write: The Stories behind Every Beatles Song
  ''978-1-84222-088-7Linda Watson"Vogue": Twentieth Century Fashion
  ''978-1-84222-090-0Louise N. Johnson"New Woman" Bloke Jokes
  ''978-1-84222-091-7Graham BleathmanThunderbirds FAB Cross-sections
2000978-1-84222-092-4Chris BentleyThe Complete Book of the "Thunderbirds" (Thunderbirds S.)
  ''978-1-84222-094-8Sam DenhamThe Thunderbirds Annual 2001 (Thunderbirds)
  ''978-1-84222-096-2Brains's Puzzle Book: FAB Thunderbirds Puzzles for Kids
  ''978-1-84222-097-9Sally ByfordThunderbirds: Cry Wolf: Scott to the Rescue! No. 1 (Thunderbirds S.)
  ''978-1-84222-098-6Sally ByfordThunderbirds: Cham Cham: Penelope the Pop Star No. 2 (Thunderbirds S.)
2000978-1-84222-099-3Sally ByfordThunderbirds: Day of Disaster: Gordon Saves the Day! No. 3 (Thunderbirds S.)
  ''978-1-84222-100-6   ''Thunderbirds: Martian Invasion: Virgil Defeats the Hood No. 4 (Thunderbirds S.)
  ''978-1-84222-106-8J BAILEYLady Penelope Colouring Book (Thunderbirds S.)
  ''978-1-84222-107-5Thunderbirds Colouring Book (Thunderbirds S.)
2001978-1-84222-114-3Ron Smith · Ira Winderman · Mary Schmitt Boyer · Mary Scmitt BoyarThe Complete Encyclopedia of Basketball
  ''978-1-84222-129-7Jason CorderTaekwon-Do: From White Belt to Yellow Belt. A Full-colour Guide to Mastering the Korean Martial Art
2002978-1-84222-141-9Martin FidoThe Krays, The: Unfinished Business
2000978-1-84222-146-4Josephine FultonMensa the Genius Test
2001978-1-84222-153-2Lisa SussmanOrgasm: Over 100 Truly Explosive Tips (Cosmopolitan Series)
2001978-1-84222-156-3Kimberly S. YoungCybersex: The Secret World of Internet Sex
2004978-1-84222-160-0Carlton BooksThe Trivial Pursuit Quiz Book
2001978-1-84222-166-2Mary AtkinsonHand and Foot Massage: Massage Taken to the Extremes
2000978-1-84222-173-0Sarah DelmegeBritney Spears
  ''978-1-84222-174-7Elizabeth McDonaldThe Backstreet Boys
2001978-1-84222-178-5Lisa SussmanOrgasms: Over 100 Truly Explosive Tips (Cosmopolitan Series): Over 100 Truly Astonishing Orgasm Tips
  ''978-1-84222-180-8Deborah JaffeVictoria: A Celebration
  ''978-1-84222-183-9Duo GaoThe Encyclopedia of Chinese Medicine: An Essential Guide to the Traditional and Natural Therapies and Remedies from Acupressure to Herbal Medicine
  ''978-1-84222-197-6Bruce JonesThe Official ITV Sport F1 Grand Prix Guide 2001
2000978-1-84222-202-7Roland HallThe Best Football Pub Quiz Book Ever: 2
2001978-1-84222-203-4Niall StokesInto the Heart: The Stories Behind Every "U2" Song
2001978-1-84222-204-1Martin FidoTo Kill and Kill Again: How Britain's Most Famous Serial Killers Were Identified, Caught and Convicted
  ''978-1-84222-207-2Michelle OlleyLove Lust Desire: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
  ''978-1-84222-210-2Rod AshfordErotique: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
2000978-1-84222-214-0Jeremy NovickBenny Hill: King Leer
2001978-1-84222-223-2Thunderbirds Sticker Book
  ''978-1-84222-224-9Christophe DillingerMaking Money on the Net Made Painless: The Smart Guide to Making and Saving Money with Your PC
  ''978-1-84222-225-6unknownThe Biggest Pop Quiz Book Ever! (Puzzle House)
2001978-1-84222-228-7Jenny OliverLady Penelope's Secrets: The Secret Agent of Chic's Personal Tips on Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle (Thunderbirds S.)
  ''978-1-84222-233-1D.A. OrtonThe Good Fishing Guide: The Complete Angler's Directory for Coarse, Game and Sea Fishing in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales
  ''978-1-84222-234-8Bruce JonesThe ITV Sport Encyclopedia of Formula One: The Ultimate Portable Formula One Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-84222-236-2Beth MacEoinBoost Your Immune System Naturally: An Essential Guide to Fighting Infection and Nurturing Your Health
  ''978-1-84222-239-3Reuel Golden20th Century Photography: A Complete Guide to the Greatest Artists of the Photographic Age: A Complete Guide to the Greatest Artist of the Photographic Age
2001978-1-84222-240-9Kurt GanzlMusicals
  ''978-1-84222-242-3John Erickson · Ljubica EricksonThe Eastern Front in Photographs
  ''978-1-84222-244-7Bill Mooney · George Ennor · Graeme KellyThe World Encyclopedia of Horse Racing
  ''978-1-84222-248-5Jane AlexanderMind, Body, Spirit
2004978-1-84222-254-6Professor Mike D. Adams · T.J. TomasiThe Complete Golf Manual
2001978-1-84222-262-1Blythe HamerDogs at War: True Stories of Canine Courage Under Fire
  ''978-1-84222-264-5Matt RudyThe Swing: Learn to Play Golf Like the Pros from the Pros
2001978-1-84222-266-9Lisa SussmanSex Positions: Over 100 Truly Explosive Tips (Cosmopolitan Series)
  ''978-1-84222-273-7Books CarltonBMW Motorcycles: The Ultimate Riding Machines
  ''978-1-84222-276-8Carlton BooksVideo Games: The Ultimate Guide
2004978-1-84222-277-5Richard HolmesThe First World War in Photographs
2001978-1-84222-291-1Bruce JonesFormula One Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-84222-292-8Sarah Callard · Diane MillisThe Complete Book of Green Living
  ''978-1-84222-301-7Fiona Baker · Keith BakerTwentieth-century Furniture: Over 230 Classics of Modern Design
2001978-1-84222-302-4Carmel AllenThe Handbag, The
  ''978-1-84222-306-2Tony MitchellFetish: Masterpieces of Erotic Fantasy Photography
  ''978-1-84222-308-6Terry BurrowsHow to Read Music
  ''978-1-84222-309-3Puzzle HouseThe Biggest Pub Quiz Book Ever!: v. 2
  ''978-1-84222-310-9Kerrin EdwardsThe Biggest Book of Party Games Ever!
2001978-1-84222-319-2Richard HolmesThe First World War in Photographs
  ''978-1-84222-320-8Michelle OlleyFemmes: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
  ''978-1-84222-323-9Alan JonesTomb Raider: The Official Film Companion
  ''978-1-84222-329-1Petra Boase101 Ways to Customise Your Clothes
  ''978-1-84222-333-8Juliet CohenVogue Make-Up
2001978-1-84222-334-5Keir RadnedgeITV Sport Pocket Encyclopedia of Football
  ''978-1-84222-336-9Martin Breheny · Donal KeenanThe Ultimate Encyclopedia of Gaelic Football and Hurling
2003978-1-84222-341-3Charles WorthingtonCharles Worthington: The Complete Book of Hair Styling
2002978-1-84222-343-7Tony MitchellSex: Take a Walk on the Wild Side
2001978-1-84222-349-9Stewart Binns · Adrian WoodAmerica at War in Color: Unique Images of the American Experience of World War II
  ''978-1-84222-370-3Terry BurrowsThe Secrets of Self Employment: Starting Your Own Business
  ''978-1-84222-373-4New Woman"New Woman's" Bloke Jokes: No.2
  ''978-1-84222-375-8Sam DenhamThunderbirds Annual 2002 (Top Secret)
2001978-1-84222-376-5K GavinThe Private Investigator's Handbook: How to Find Out Almost Anything About Almost Anybody and Stop Them Finding Out About You (Paperback)
  ''978-1-84222-378-9AnonymousThe Official Tomb Raider Files
  ''978-1-84222-379-6Future MagazinesThe Essential Guide to Videogames
2002978-1-84222-382-6Geoffrey Regan · Carlton BooksGreat Battles the Changed the World
2001978-1-84222-386-4Carlton Books UKThe Complete Pub Quiz Nite Pack
  ''978-1-84222-389-5Brian TinsmanMagic - the Gathering: The Complete Card Guide: Official Encyclopedia Vol 6
2002978-1-84222-390-1Timothy Collings · Sarah EdworthyThe Formula One Years
2001978-1-84222-392-5Robert AllenMensa Riddles and Conundrums Pack
  ''978-1-84222-396-3Terry BurrowsText Me Baby One More Time
2001978-1-84222-398-7Richard EmersonBest Sex You'll Ever Have
  ''978-1-84222-402-1Roland Hall1001 Things You Must Do Before You Get Married: The Crucial Checklist for Him (For Men)
  ''978-1-84222-403-8Clare De Vries1001 Things You Must Do Before You Get Married: The Crucial Checklist for Girls About Town
  ''978-1-84222-404-5Sam Denham"Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" Annual 2002 (Annuals)
  ''978-1-84222-405-2Gerry Anderson · Chris BentleyThe Complete Book of "Captain Scarlet"
2001978-1-84222-411-3Graham BleathmanSupermarionation Cross-sections: Revealing the Secrets of the Craft, Machinery and Settings of Gerry Anderson's Top Series
  ''978-1-84222-415-1Joe Sparks · Tim DedopulosRadiskull and Devil Doll
  ''978-1-84222-416-8Susan HoldenAnna Kournikova
  ''978-1-84222-419-9Ian Gittins"Eminem"
  ''978-1-84222-421-2Sarah DelmegeBritney Spears: Fan File
2001978-1-84222-422-9Amanda CravenE-Magic
  ''978-1-84222-424-3Terry BurrowsTxt Tlk: Hw2 Tlk W/O Bng Hrd
  ''978-1-84222-425-0Sven-Goran Eriksson · Willi Railo · Hakan MatsonSven-Goran Eriksson on Football
2002978-1-84222-434-2Rob FaircloughThe "Prisoner": The Official Companion to the Classic TV Series
2001978-1-84222-454-0Amanda Cravene-magic: Cast 50 Spells by E-mail and Text Message
2002978-1-84222-463-2Elizabeth MacDonaldSarah Michelle Gellar
  ''978-1-84222-464-9Jane CornwellJanet Jackson
  ''978-1-84222-465-6Joe TomlinsonExtreme Sports
2002978-1-84222-471-7Lisa SussmanSexercise: Over 100 Truly Explosive Tips
  ''978-1-84222-472-4Suzie HaymanTantric Sex: Learn and Enjoy the Ancient Art of Eastern Lovemaking
2001978-1-84222-476-2FHM Magazine"FHM" Bar-room Jokes
  ''978-1-84222-478-6Dave BallLiverpool Quiz (Quiz Book)
2002978-1-84222-480-9Robert GordonThe Elvis Treasures
2003978-1-84222-486-1Tony MitchellSex: Take a Walk on the Wild Side
2002978-1-84222-487-8Al SeckelMore Optical Illusions (Illusion Works)
  ''978-1-84222-488-5Tim Dedopulos · Books CarltonWizards
  ''978-1-84222-489-2Liz LarkAstanga Yoga: Connect to the Core with Power Yoga
2006978-1-84222-494-6Keir Radnedge · Gary LinekerThe Ultimate Encyclopedia of Soccer: The Definite Illustrated Guide to World Soccer
2002978-1-84222-496-0Lisa Sussman · Carlton BooksQuickie Sex: Over 100 Truly Explosive Tips
2002978-1-84222-498-4Andrew ChaikinSpace: An Illustrated History of Space Exploration in Photographs
  ''978-1-84222-511-0Roy Preston · Sue PrestonThe Best Pub Quiz Book Ever! 4
2001978-1-84222-513-4Arthur PincusThe Official Illustrated NHL History: The Story of the Coolest Gam
2002978-1-84222-515-8Robert Hull · Jamie EwbankThe Digital Video Manual: An Essential Up-to-date Guide to the Equipment, Skills and Techniques of Digital Videomaking
  ''978-1-84222-516-5Geoff TibballsThe Little Book of Liverpool FC
2003978-1-84222-521-9Fiona Baker · Keith Baker20th Century Furniture
  ''978-1-84222-522-6Suzanne Duckett · Tabitha StapelyThe Spa Directory
2002978-1-84222-528-8Lisa Sussman"Cosmopolitan": Sexercise - Over 100 Truly Explosive Tips
  ''978-1-84222-529-5David WatersThe Style Files: Grooming Essentials for Men
2002978-1-84222-531-8Thomas M. Disch · Hank Stine · David McDanielThe "Prisoner" Omnibus
  ''978-1-84222-534-9Lisa Sussman"Cosmopolitan": Over 100 Things Women Should Know About Men
  ''978-1-84222-537-0Catherine McDermottDesign Museum Little Book of Design Classics
  ''978-1-84222-541-7Dave MorrisThunderbirds Bumper Storybook: "The Uninvited", "Brink of Disaster", "Sun Probe", "Atlantic Inferno"
  ''978-1-84222-553-0Peter Arnold · Peter Wynne-ThomasCricket Illustrated Encyclopedia
2004978-1-84222-555-4Zakaria ErzincliogluForensics: True Crime Scene Investigations
2002978-1-84222-556-1Lisa Sussman"Cosmopolitan": Quickie Sex - Over 100 Truly Explosive Tips
2002978-1-84222-557-8Bruce JonesThe Official ITV Sport F1 Grand Prix Guide 2002
  ''978-1-84222-565-3Victoria FergusonThe Practical Horse Herbal: A Handbook for Horse Owners
  ''978-1-84222-566-0Juliet Cohen · Lizzie Radford · Bronwyn CosgraveVogue Beauty
  ''978-1-84222-570-7Richard Holmes · Carlton BooksWorld War II in Photographs
  ''978-1-84222-575-2Roger ProtzThe Organic Beer Guide
2002978-1-84222-579-0Doris KlosterDoris Kloster's Demimonde: A Visual Exploration of Fetish
2003978-1-84222-581-3Terry BurrowsGuitar: A Celebration of the World's Finest Guitars
2002978-1-84222-590-5Simon MugfordThe Official England World Cup Three Lions Activity Book (In Association with Nationwide)
  ''978-1-84222-591-2Geoffrey ReganHistorical Blunders
  ''978-1-84222-592-9   ''Military Anecdotes
2003978-1-84222-593-6Stewart Binns · Adrian WoodAmerica at War in Color PB
2002978-1-84222-594-3Terry BurrowsTotal Piano Tutor
  ''978-1-84222-595-0Gary Lewis · David Ballheimer · Sarah LarterWeakest Link Quiz Book
  ''978-1-84222-599-8Sven-Goran Eriksson · Willi Railo · Hakan MatsonSven-Goran Erikkson On Management
2001978-1-84222-602-5Charles Peattie · Russell F. TaylorThe Best of Alex 1998-2001
2002978-1-84222-604-9Gopi WarrierAyurveda: The Right Way to Live - The Ancient Indian Medical System, Focusing on the Prevention of Disease Through Diet, Lifestyle and Herbalism
2002978-1-84222-608-7Peter Arnold · Peter Wynne-ThomasThe Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cricket: The Definitive Illustrated Guide to World Cricket
  ''978-1-84222-615-5Eleanor H. PorterPollyanna
  ''978-1-84222-621-6James Doheny"Radiohead": Karma Police (Stories Behind Every Song S.)
  ''978-1-84222-622-3Michelle OlleyBlondes: Ultimate Glamour Photography
  ''978-1-84222-623-0Paul EatonThe Official Liverpool FC Annual 2003 (Annuals)
2002978-1-84222-636-0William C. DavisThe Civil War in Photographs
2006978-1-84222-640-7Petra BoaseFunk it Up: Customize Your Clothes and Decorate Your Accessories with Paint, Dye, Bleach and Transfers
2002978-1-84222-641-4   ''Glitz it Up: Customize Your Clothes with Beading, Trimming, Applique and Embroidery
2003978-1-84222-649-0Mike Stachura"Golf Digest" Classic American Courses
2002978-1-84222-650-6Noelle WalshThe Good Deal Directory 2003: The Bargain Hunter's Bible
  ''978-1-84222-656-8Tony HaaseMr.Bean's Diary (Adventures of Mr. Bean)
  ''978-1-84222-657-5Steve ColeThe Adventures of Mr Bean: Bean's Bounty
  ''978-1-84222-658-2Stephen ColeThe Adventures of Mr.Bean: Bear Essentials
  ''978-1-84222-659-9Stephen ColeMr Bean The Great Outdoors
2002978-1-84222-660-5Stephen ColeThe Adventures of Mr.Bean: No Pets!
  ''978-1-84222-661-2Carlton Books UKMr.Bean Photo Album Sticker Book
  ''978-1-84222-662-9Rod Green (JoWhere's Mr Bean?
  ''978-1-84222-664-3New Woman Magazine"New Woman's" Big Book of Bloke Jokes Ever!: No. 2
  ''978-1-84222-665-0Jeff Anderson · Stephen DoneThe Official Liverpool FC Illustrated History
2003978-1-84222-667-4Lisa SussmanSatisfaction Guaranteed: 350 Best Sex Tips Ever (Cosmopolitan Series)
2002978-1-84222-669-8Ken GriffithsThe Essential Survival Handbook
2002978-1-84222-672-8Neil MartinThe Little Book of Arsenal (Little Book of Soccer)
  ''978-1-84222-673-5Ian GittinsHuman Behaviour: Bjork - The Stories Behind Every Song
  ''978-1-84222-674-2Naomi StungoHerzog and De Meuron (Modern architecture)
  ''978-1-84222-675-9Stephen ColeThunderbirds International Rescue Annual 2003
  ''978-1-84222-678-0Elizabeth WilhideNew Loft Living
2002978-1-84222-679-7Carlton Books UKMr.Bean Activity Book
  ''978-1-84222-685-8Robert AllenMensa How to Excel at IQ Tests
  ''978-1-84222-701-5Will JonesNew York (City Monographs S.)
  ''978-1-84222-703-9For Him Magazine"FHM" Presents the Best... True Stories
  ''978-1-84222-704-6John MulletThe Best Pub Joke Book Ever!: No. 4
2002978-1-84222-710-7Al SeckelThe Fantastic World of Optical Illusions
  ''978-1-84222-719-0Billy MillerUltimate Snowboarding: The All-action Guide to the World's Most Exciting Sport
  ''978-1-84222-724-4Dr. K.A Complete Hacker's Handbook: Everything You Need to Know About Hacking in the Age of the Web
  ''978-1-84222-725-1Rachel FedermanGirl Drinks: 101 Cocktails for Every Occasion
  ''978-1-84222-727-5Walter Joris100 Strategic Games for Pen and Paper
2002978-1-84222-731-2Graham Bleathman · Sam DenhamThunderbirds Classic Comic Strips
  ''978-1-84222-732-9Sally ByfordThunderbirds Adventure Story Book: Four Exciting Thunderbirds Stories
  ''978-1-84222-740-4Jeremy Sims · Puzzle HouseThe Biggest Movie and TV Quiz Book Ever!
2003978-1-84222-751-0Liz LarkYoga for Kids
  ''978-1-84222-753-4Thea GarlandThe Beauty Pages: 1000 best products for skin, face and hair
2002978-1-84222-761-9Keir RadnedgeUltimate Encyclopedia of Soccer
  ''978-1-84222-763-3David ClaytonThe Little Book of Man City (Little Book of Soccer)
2002978-1-84222-764-0Phil Redmond · Graham Kibble-White20 Years of "Brookside"
  ''978-1-84222-765-7Keir Radnedge"Daily Telegraph" Total Football
2003978-1-84222-769-5T.A. HeppenheimerFlight: 100 Years of Aviation in Photographs
  ''978-1-84222-771-8Nick WoodNew York (360 Degrees World S.)
  ''978-1-84222-772-5Nick Wood360 World-London
  ''978-1-84222-778-7Ljubica Erickson · John EricksonHitler Versus Stalin
2003978-1-84222-780-0Philip AndrewsThe Digital Photography Manual
2002978-1-84222-792-3Charles Peattie · Russell F. TaylorThe Best of Alex 2008
2003978-1-84222-793-0Robert Scott"Abba": Thank You for the Music (Stories Behind Every Song S.)
  ''978-1-84222-794-7Terry SandersonThe Gay Man's Kama Sutra
  ''978-1-84222-796-1Neal HeardThe Trainer
2002978-1-84222-801-2Richard EmersonThe Best Sex You'll Ever Have!: 101 Exciting Positions for Ecstatic Sexual Fulfilment
2004978-1-84222-807-4Mel AllwoodMountain Bike Maintenance
2003978-1-84222-813-5Bruce JonesFormula One Grand Prix 2003: The Official ITV Sport Guide
  ''978-1-84222-833-3Nicky CrowtherThe Ultimate Mountain Bike Book: The Definitive Illustrated Guide to Bikes, Components, Techniques, Thrills and Trails
  ''978-1-84222-835-7Hilton Holloway · Martin Buckley20th Century Car Design
2003978-1-84222-838-8George CraigEverest: Fifty Years of Conquest
  ''978-1-84222-840-1Charles WorthingtonThe Complete Book of Hairstyling
  ''978-1-84222-844-9Leah StofferWild Workouts
2002978-1-84222-859-3Charles Peattie · Mark WarrenCeleb
2003978-1-84222-886-9Nitya Lacroix · Sakina BowhaySensual Aromatherapy: A Lover's Guide to Using Aromatic Oils and Essences (Natural Power S.)
2002978-1-84222-889-0Trevor BakerKylie Fever
2003978-1-84222-897-5Robert AllenMensa Mighty Mindbusters for Kids
  ''978-1-84222-899-9Leah StaufferArt of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women
  ''978-1-84222-902-6Geoffrey ReganAirforce Blunders
2003978-1-84222-912-5Andy SlossCeltic Tattoos
  ''978-1-84222-914-9Andy SlossTribal Tattoos
  ''978-1-84222-921-7Paul EatonThe Official Liverpool FC Annual 2004 (Annuals)
  ''978-1-84222-923-1Paul Zenon100 Ways to Win a Tenner
  ''978-1-84222-925-5Robert AllenMensa Mighty Mystery Puzzles for Kids
2003978-1-84222-926-2Karl P. N. ShukerThe Unexplained: An Illustrated Guide to the World's Natural and Paranormal Mysteries
  ''978-1-84222-928-6Richard BathRugby Union: The Complete Guide
  ''978-1-84222-930-9Lisa SussmanSex in the City: The Essential Guide to Dating and Sex for Modern Women
2004978-1-84222-934-7John MatthewsKing Arthur: Dark Age Warrior and Mythic Hero
2003978-1-84222-935-4David StubbsThe Stories Behind Every Song: Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile
  ''978-1-84222-939-2David Southwell · Sam Wigand · John MulletThe Biggest Pub Joke Book Ever! 2
  ''978-1-84222-940-8Hugh JonesThe Expert's Guide to Marathon Training
2005978-1-84222-943-9Roger GrosHow to Win at Casino Gambling
2003978-1-84222-945-3Tim Glynne-JonesGame of Two Halves: Football Yesterday and Today
2003978-1-84222-947-7Anna SpanErotic Home Video: Create Your Own Adult Films
  ''978-1-84222-950-7Jeff AndersonThe Official Liverpool FC Illustrated Encyclopedia