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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-84193-009-1Paul Drew · Peter StirlingCarling Pub Quiz Book
  ''978-1-84193-010-7Paul DrewCarling Sports Fact & Quiz Book
  ''978-1-84193-011-4Peter SterlingTrivia Quiz Book
2001978-1-84193-068-8Barrington BarberFundamentals of Drawing
  ''978-1-84193-072-5Peter SterlingPub Quiz Book
2012978-1-84193-079-4Arcturus PublishingSucceed in Maths: Ages 9-11
2003978-1-84193-080-0Arthur FarndellSucceed in English - Key Stage 2 - Upper 9 to 11 years
2012978-1-84193-093-0Arcturus PublishingSucceed in Maths: Ages 11-14
  ''978-1-84193-094-7Katharine WatsonSucceed in English - Key Stage 3 - 11 to 14 years
2002978-1-84193-095-4Barrington BarberAdvanced Drawing Skills
2006978-1-84193-105-0Rebecca RoseHow Do I Do the Slim-Fast Plan?
2003978-1-84193-111-1Martin Marix EvansOver the Top: Great Battles Of The First World War
2002978-1-84193-114-2Martin Marix Evans1918: The Year of Victories
2004978-1-84193-125-8Barrington BarberFundamentals of Drawing Portraits, The
2004978-1-84193-126-5Barrington BarberFundamentals of Landscape Drawing
2012978-1-84193-130-2Arcturus PublishingSucceed in Maths: Ages 7-9
2006978-1-84193-151-7Pamela BallComplete Book of Dreams and Dreaming
2003978-1-84193-155-5Nigel CawthorneVietnam - A War Lost and Won
  ''978-1-84193-163-0Helen WebsterHow to Draw
2004978-1-84193-168-5Mat Lamy100 Strangest Unexplained Mysteries
2009978-1-84193-171-5Ben KreftaThe Art of Drawing Manga
2012978-1-84193-180-7Arcturus PublishingSucceed in Maths: Ages 14-16 (GCSE)
2003978-1-84193-186-9Keith FenwickWatercolour Course
2004978-1-84193-194-4Keith FenwickPAINTING FOR ALL SEASONS
2010978-1-84193-197-5Al SeckelIncredible Visual Illusions
2004978-1-84193-212-5Brian Mooney100 Great Leaders
  ''978-1-84193-213-2Michael JohnstoneGangland: A History
2012978-1-84193-219-4Arcturus PublishingSucceed in Science: Ages 11-14
2004978-1-84193-226-2Evans Martin MarixBattles of World War I
2006978-1-84193-238-5Nigel CawthorneDoomsday: 50 Visions of End of the World
2004978-1-84193-240-8No AuthorNew Pub Quiz Book
  ''978-1-84193-241-5Christine GreenDrinking Games
2007978-1-84193-251-4John MiltonParadise Lost
2006978-1-84193-254-5Barrington BarberComplete Book of Drawing
2005978-1-84193-268-2Gary Preister · Gene LevineEye Tricks
2006978-1-84193-283-5Marissa CharlesThe Big Book of Baby Names: Every Parent's Inspirational Guide to Naming Their New Child
2005978-1-84193-290-3History's Greatest Battles: Masterstrokes of War
2009978-1-84193-317-7Barrington BarberThe Fundamentals of Drawing: A Complete Professional Course for Artists
2010978-1-84193-319-1   ''The Fundamentals of Drawing Portraits
2008978-1-84193-320-7   ''The Fundamentals of Drawing Landscapes
2009978-1-84193-321-4   ''The Fundamentals of Drawing Still Life
2010978-1-84193-323-8Peter StanyerThe Complete Book Of Drawing Techniques.
2005978-1-84193-351-1CAWTHORNE NVictory in World War II:
2010978-1-84193-357-3Rosalind Fergusson · Martin H. ManserThe Complete Guide to Grammar
2008978-1-84193-358-0Sun TzuThe Art of War
2006978-1-84193-360-3Yukio SuzukiSu Doku and other Japanese puzzles
2005978-1-84193-369-6Joe CameronIQ Mindbenders
2007978-1-84193-394-8Barrington BarberHow To Draw Everything: The Book That Proves Anyone Can Be An Artist
2010978-1-84193-400-6   ''The Fundamentals of Figure Drawing
2009978-1-84193-401-3Steve & Karen AlexanderCrop Circles: Signs, Wonders and Mysteries
2007978-1-84193-408-2John A. WhiteThe Ultinmate Hockey Challenge: The Best Hockey Quiz Book Ever
2006978-1-84193-418-1Paul RolandThe Crimes of Jack the Ripper
2008978-1-84193-443-3Tara WardThe Healing Handbook: A spiritual guide to healing yourself and others
2006978-1-84193-451-8Tony MatthewsFootball Firsts: Over 1,000 Fascinating Milestones From The Worlds Favourite Game
2010978-1-84193-452-5Dante AlighieriDante's Divine Comedy: Hell, Purgatory, Paradise
2006978-1-84193-467-9Arcturus PublishingThe Great Big Book of Games and Puzzles
  ''978-1-84193-469-3Anne Rooney1001 Horrible Facts
2006978-1-84193-473-0dr-anne-rooneyHow to Survive Bird Flu: A Practial Guide
2004978-1-84193-492-1ArcturusSilly Signs
2008978-1-84193-505-8Tara WardDiscover Your Psychic Powers
2010978-1-84193-509-6Peter GrayThe Complete Book of Drawing Manga
  ''978-1-84193-616-1Kahlil GibranThe Prophet
2008978-1-84193-639-0Arcturus PublishingThe Children's Bible
2006978-1-84193-659-8NA3D Thrillers: Monster Trucks
2010978-1-84193-690-1Tim Glynne-JonesThe Book of Numbers
2007978-1-84193-693-2Paul RolandThe Complete Book of Ghosts
2007978-1-84193-694-9Paul RolandNazis and the Occult
  ''978-1-84193-702-1Philip StokesPhilosophy: The Great Thinkers
2010978-1-84193-703-8Bolshaya illyustrirovannaya entsiklopediya znaniy
2007978-1-84193-714-4Philip StokesIFFYPhilosophy: 100 Essential Thinkers
2006978-1-84193-752-6NAHow to be Top
2009978-1-84193-755-7Karen FarringtonMaximum Security: Inside Stories from the World's Toughest Prisons
2013978-1-84193-774-8ArcturusBrainbenders: Spot the Difference
2012978-1-84193-819-6Arcturus PublishingPlanet Earth (Children's Reference)
  ''978-1-84193-820-2   ''Living Planet (Children's Reference)
  ''978-1-84193-821-9   ''Human Body (Children's Reference)
  ''978-1-84193-822-6   ''Science & Technology (Children's Reference)
2012978-1-84193-823-3Arcturus PublishingAncient & Medieval History (Children's Reference)
  ''978-1-84193-824-0   ''Modern History (Children's Reference): Learn About Today's World
2007978-1-84193-826-4Arcturus Publishing LimitedGreat Trivia Challenge Quiz Book
2008978-1-84193-833-2Arcturus PublishingWordsearch (Puzzles)
2008978-1-84193-836-3Arcturus PublishingPub Quiz Book (Quizbooks)
2010978-1-84193-850-9Samuel Taylor ColeridgeRime of the Ancient Mariner
2007978-1-84193-869-1Anna Amari-Parker · Henry W Longfellow · Gustave DoreDante's Divine Comedy: Hell, Purgatory, Paradise
  ''978-1-84193-870-7Gustave DoreMilton's Paradise Lost (Complete and Unabridged)
2008978-1-84193-879-0James M. Hanson · John Burns · Steve BeaumontDrawing Fantasy Art
  ''978-1-84193-896-7Arcturus PublishingLarge Print Great Crosswords
  ''978-1-84193-897-4   ''Large Print Sudoku
  ''978-1-84193-898-1   ''Large Print Wordsearch (Large Print Puzzles)
2008978-1-84193-899-8Arcturus PublishingLarge Print Bumper Crosswords
2009978-1-84193-940-7Anne RooneyThe Story of Mathematics
2010978-1-84193-943-8Niccolo MachiavelliThe Prince
2008978-1-84193-948-3Tim Glynne-JonesThe Book of Words
  ''978-1-84193-957-5Brian (ed) BusbyGreat Canadian Speeches: Words That Shaped A Nation
  ''978-1-84193-958-2Henry GrayGray's Anatomy
  ''978-1-84193-994-0Brian BusbyIn Flanders Fields: And Other Poems of the First World War
2008978-1-84193-998-8Arcturus Publishing1000 Recipe Cookbook: Easy to Follow Recipes for All Occasions (Puzzles)