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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-84167-048-5In Bloom: v. 3 (Just in Rhyme)
  ''978-1-84167-050-8Under the Sea: v. 3 (Just in Rhyme)
2005978-1-84167-235-9The Letter Detective
  ''978-1-84167-250-2Living Phonics Digital Lessons
2008978-1-84167-294-6In the Garden: v. 3 (Just in Rhyme)
2005978-1-84167-367-7Ransom Publishing and Alison MilfordRivers Resource Book (The Living World)
  ''978-1-84167-411-7Peter LancettThe Face in the Dark Mirror (Dark Man)
  ''978-1-84167-412-4Peter LancettFear in the Dark (Dark Man)
2006978-1-84167-413-1   ''The Dark Waters of Time (Dark Man)
2006978-1-84167-414-8Peter LancettThe Dark Side of Magic (Dark Man)
  ''978-1-84167-415-5   ''Danger in the Dark (Dark Man)
2005978-1-84167-416-2   ''Escape from the Dark (Dark Man)
  ''978-1-84167-417-9   ''The Dark Fire of Doom (Dark Man)
2006978-1-84167-418-6Peter LancettThe Dark Dreams of Hell (Dark Man)
2005978-1-84167-419-3   ''The Dark Never Hides (Dark Man)
2006978-1-84167-420-9   ''The Shadow in the Dark (Dark Man)
  ''978-1-84167-421-6   ''The Dark Glass (Dark Man)
2005978-1-84167-422-3   ''Destiny in the Dark (Dark Man)
2006978-1-84167-423-0David OrmeUFOs (Trailblazers)
  ''978-1-84167-424-7David OrmeComets (Trailblazers)
2006978-1-84167-425-4David OrmeFootball (Trailblazers)
  ''978-1-84167-426-1   ''Dinosaur! (Trailblazers)
  ''978-1-84167-427-8   ''Mummies (Trailblazers)
  ''978-1-84167-428-5   ''Formula One (Trailblazers)
2008978-1-84167-529-9Dark Man Interactive Software
1900978-1-84167-550-3Steve Rickard · David OrmeTrailblazers Interactive Software: Set One
2011978-1-84167-551-0David Orme · Steve RickardTrailblazers Interactive Software Set One Single User Licence
  ''978-1-84167-552-7Steve Rickard · David OrmeTrailblazers Interactive Software Set One TenUser Licence
2011978-1-84167-553-4David Orme · Steve RickardTrailblazers Interactive Software Set One Site Licence
2009978-1-84167-554-1Trailblazers Interactive Software: v. 8
2008978-1-84167-555-8Trailblazers Interactive Software
2006978-1-84167-562-6Christopher OwenHairy Mole the Pirate (Hairy Mole)
  ''978-1-84167-590-9David OrmeExtreme Sports (Trailblazers)
  ''978-1-84167-594-7   ''How to be a Pop Star (Trailblazers)
2006978-1-84167-613-5David OrmeBoffin Boy and the Invaders from Space
2007978-1-84167-614-2   ''Boffin Boy and the Wizard of Edo
  ''978-1-84167-615-9   ''Boffin Boy and the Monsters from the Deep
  ''978-1-84167-616-6   ''Boffin Boy and the Red Wolf
  ''978-1-84167-617-3   ''Boffin Boy and the Lost City
2007978-1-84167-622-7David OrmeBoffin Boy and the Time Warriors
  ''978-1-84167-623-4   ''Boffin Boy and the Temples of Mars
  ''978-1-84167-624-1   ''Boffin Boy and the Rock Men
  ''978-1-84167-625-8   ''Boffin Boy and the Deadly Swarm
  ''978-1-84167-626-5   ''Boffin Boy and the Ice Caves of Pluto
2007978-1-84167-627-2David OrmeBoffin Boy and the Forest of the Ninja
2007978-1-84167-628-9David OrmeBoffin Boy and the Quest for Wisdom
2008978-1-84167-653-1   ''Great Journeys: Set Six (Trailblazers)
2007978-1-84167-661-6Click and Create with Mia
  ''978-1-84167-675-3The Kidnap Caper
2009978-1-84167-694-4David OrmeGreat Disasters: Set Eight (Trailblazers)
  ''978-1-84167-799-6   ''Weird Creatures (Trailblazers)
2010978-1-84167-970-9Susan ElkinUnlocking the Reader in Every Child: The book of practical ideas for teaching reading (Professional Development in Literacy)