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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-84148-694-9Sharon Pierce McculloghBunbun is the Middle One
  ''978-1-84148-695-6   ''Bunbun Goodnight
  ''978-1-84148-697-0   ''Bunbun Sister Bibi
2004978-1-84148-699-4Tony LanghamCreepy Crawly Calypso [With CD]
2003978-1-84148-701-4Stella BlackstoneBear at Home
2004978-1-84148-702-1Stella BlackstoneHow Big Is a Pig?
  ''978-1-84148-703-8   ''Secret Seahorse
2002978-1-84148-710-6Caroline MockfordYou and Me I'm a River
  ''978-1-84148-711-3Giovanni MannaYou and Me I'm Hot
2002978-1-84148-712-0Caroline MockfordYou and Me You'Re Cold
  ''978-1-84148-713-7   ''You and Me I'm a Tower
  ''978-1-84148-718-2Debbie HarterBear Likes to Play in Sun
  ''978-1-84148-719-9Debbie HarterBear When Snow Falls
2002978-1-84148-720-5Debbie HarterBear Likes to Paint
  ''978-1-84148-721-2   ''Bear Likes to Sing in Rain
  ''978-1-84148-752-6Philippa-Alys BrowneLion Roars
  ''978-1-84148-754-0Philippa-Alys BrowneHippo Sleeps
  ''978-1-84148-756-4   ''Bushbaby Blinks
2002978-1-84148-758-8Philippa-Alys BrowneGiraffe Dozes
  ''978-1-84148-760-1Nicoletta CeccoliBird Flying By
  ''978-1-84148-762-5Nicoletta CeccoliSomeone Waiting for Me
  ''978-1-84148-764-9   ''What Did I Spy?
  ''978-1-84148-766-3   ''Sailing Home
2002978-1-84148-768-7Debbie HarterFour Seasons
  ''978-1-84148-770-0Olwyn WhelanFour Angels around My Head
  ''978-1-84148-772-4Olwyn WhelanAngels in the Early Morning
2003978-1-84148-775-5Stella BlackstoneSpa/Oso en Bicicleta/Bear On A Bike = Bear on a Bike
2003978-1-84148-778-6Stella BlackstoneOso Bajo el Sol = Bear in Sunshine
2004978-1-84148-781-6Tanya Robyn BattA Child's Book of Faeries: A Barefoot Audio Book
2003978-1-84148-782-3Laurie KrebsWe All Went on Safari: A Counting Journey Through Tanzania
2005978-1-84148-791-5Stella BlackstoneMy Granny Went to Market
  ''978-1-84148-792-2   ''My Granny Went to Market: A Round-The-World Counting Rhyme
  ''978-1-84148-795-3Mary Read MacDonaldA Hen, a Chick, and a String Guitar (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84148-796-0Margaret Read MacDonaldHen, a Chick and a String Guitar with CD (Audio)
  ''978-1-84148-797-7Malachy DoyleThe Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales
2005978-1-84148-798-4Malachy DoyleBarefoot Book of Fairy Tales
2006978-1-84148-799-1Hugh Lupton · Daniel MordenThe Adventures of Odysseus
  ''978-1-84148-800-4Hugh Lupton · Daniel MordenThe Adventures of Odysseus
2005978-1-84148-801-1Cherry GilchristStories from the Silk Road
2012978-1-84148-803-5Carolyn CurtisI Took the Moon for a Walk: 1
2005978-1-84148-804-2Cherry GilchristStories from the Silk Road
  ''978-1-84148-805-9Tanya Robyn BattThe Faery's Gift
  ''978-1-84148-806-6Rina SinghA Forest of Stories: Magical Tree Tales from Around the World
  ''978-1-84148-807-3Mary-Joan GersonFiesta Femenina: Celebrating Women in Mexican Folktale
2003978-1-84148-809-7Barbara SorosTenzin's Deer
2005978-1-84148-810-3   ''Tenzin's Deer
2003978-1-84148-811-0   ''Tenzin's Deer: A Tibetan Tale
2002978-1-84148-813-4Clare BeatonMoo, Moo, Moo
2002978-1-84148-815-8Clare BeatinWheels on the Bus
  ''978-1-84148-817-2Clare BeatonElephant
  ''978-1-84148-819-6   ''There Was an Old Woman
2001978-1-84148-820-2Niamh's Fairy Horse
2002978-1-84148-821-9Niamh SharkeyNiamh's Fairy Horse
  ''978-1-84148-823-3Niamh SharkeyKing Lorcan
2002978-1-84148-825-7Niamh SharkeyBig Brown Cow
2003978-1-84148-829-5Caroline MockfordCleo Kisses
2002978-1-84148-831-8   ''Cleo Waits
  ''978-1-84148-834-9Olwyn WhelanThe Story Tree Special Pack
2003978-1-84148-835-6Stella BlackstoneWho Are You?
  ''978-1-84148-837-0Giovanni MannaBest Friend
2002978-1-84148-839-4   ''My Grandmothers Were Strong
2003978-1-84148-841-7   ''I'm a River
2002978-1-84148-843-1   ''Changing Places
  ''978-1-84148-845-5Spohie FatusMonkey Business
  ''978-1-84148-847-9Sophie FatusTray-Bla, Tray-Bla
2002978-1-84148-849-3Sophie FatusMy Sweet Little Feathery
2002978-1-84148-851-6Sophie FatusThe Blue Coat
  ''978-1-84148-853-0Bimba LandmannFreeing the Birds
  ''978-1-84148-855-4Bimba LandmannIdeal City
  ''978-1-84148-857-8   ''Person's Life
  ''978-1-84148-859-2   ''Preserving the Gift
2002978-1-84148-861-5Veronique GiarrussoQuiet!
  ''978-1-84148-863-9   ''Head Angel
  ''978-1-84148-865-3   ''Waves Of Angel Courage
  ''978-1-84148-867-7Veronique GiarrusioEarth Dance
  ''978-1-84148-869-1Debbie HarterBear on a Boat
2002978-1-84148-873-8Debbie HarterFind the Triangles
2002978-1-84148-875-2Debbie HarterFind the Stars in the Dark
2005978-1-84148-876-9Clare BeatonSecret Seahorse
2002978-1-84148-877-6Maya GonzalezFiesta Femenina
  ''978-1-84148-879-0Maya GonzalezGreen Bird
2004978-1-84148-880-6Sheena RobertsWe All Go Travelling by (Book & CD)
2002978-1-84148-881-3Maya GonzalezMalintzin Of the Mountain
2001978-1-84148-882-0GonzalesRosha and the Sun
2002978-1-84148-883-7Maya GonzalezRosha and the Sun
  ''978-1-84148-888-2Caroline MockfordCleo Leaps
2005978-1-84148-901-8Laurie KrebsWe're Sailing to Galapagos: A Week in the Pacific
  ''978-1-84148-902-5   ''We're Sailing To Galapagos (Travel the World)
2002978-1-84148-912-4Debbie Harter · Raquel UgaldeDe Paseo Por La Selva / Walking Through the Jungle
2003978-1-84148-913-1Debbie HarterCha-Cha-Cha en la Selva (Barefoot en Espanol)
2002978-1-84148-914-8   ''The Animal Boogie (A Barefoot Paperback)
2004978-1-84148-915-5   ''The Animal Boogie
  ''978-1-84148-917-9Theresa HeineElephant Dance: Memories of India
2002978-1-84148-923-0Stella BlackstoneBear in Sunshine (Bear Board Book S.)
2002978-1-84148-924-7Stella BlackstoneBear at Home (A Barefoot Board Book)
2007978-1-84148-925-4   ''Bear at Home
2003978-1-84148-926-1Clare BeatonCerdota Grandota = How Big Is a Pig
2002978-1-84148-936-0Nilesh Mistry · Jatinder Nath VermaThe Story of Divaali
2005978-1-84148-937-7Stella BlackstoneSecret Seahorse (Hide-And-Seek Books (Barefoot Books))
2004978-1-84148-940-7Rachel GriffinTwelve Days of Christmas
2002978-1-84148-942-1Naomi AdlerThe Barefoot Book of Animal Tales
2006978-1-84148-954-4Tonya Robin Batt · Tanya Robyn BattA Child's Book of Faeries
2002978-1-84148-958-2Stella BlackstoneHow Big Is a Pig? (A Barefoot Board Book)
2000978-1-84148-959-9Stella BlackstoneHow Big is a Pig? (Barefoot Board Book)
2006978-1-84148-961-2   ''There's a Cow in the Cabbage Patch
2005978-1-84148-970-4Cherry GilchristA Calendar of Festivals: Celebrations from Around the World
  ''978-1-84148-971-1Anna WitteEl Loro Tico Tango
2002978-1-84148-972-8Stella BlackstoneCleo and Caspar (A Barefoot Board Book)
2012978-1-84148-973-5   ''Cleo and Caspar (Cleo the Cat)
2006978-1-84148-977-3Naomi AdlerAnimal Tales
2002978-1-84148-979-7Malachy DoyleTales From Old Ireland Set
  ''978-1-84148-982-7Patrick RyanShakespeare's Storybook Set
2003978-1-84148-997-1Tanya Robyn BattThe Faery's Gift
  ''978-1-84148-998-8   ''The Faerie's Gift
  ''978-1-84148-999-5Laurel Dee GuglerThere's a Billy Goat in the Garden