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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-84145-001-8Colin WestLuftwaffe Geschwader Formation, Emblems and Markings, 1933-1945
  ''978-1-84145-006-3Jonathan Sutherland · Tim HallAmerican Civil War - Gettysburg: A Complete Guide to Wargaming
2006978-1-84145-007-0Jonathan Sutherland · Tim HallThe Napoleonic Wars: Waterloo: Waterloo (A Complete Guide to Wargaming)
2005978-1-84145-009-4Matthew WhiteBritish Hit Singles & Albums Interactive Book
  ''978-1-84145-010-0Hannes TrautloftThe War Diaries of Hannes Trautloft: Kommodore of JG54 Grunherz
2001978-1-84145-020-9Adolf GallandThe First and the Last: Germany's Fighter Force in the Second World War (Fortunes of War S.)
  ''978-1-84145-022-3Jost MetzlerThe Laughing Cow: The Story of U69
  ''978-1-84145-024-7Rene MouchotteThe Mouchotte Diaries 1940-1943 (Fortunes of War)
2001978-1-84145-025-4Larry ForresterFly for Your Life: The Story of R.R. Stanford Tuck, DSO, DFC (Fortunes of War)
2002978-1-84145-026-1Willi HeilmannAlert in the West
2003978-1-84145-027-8Heinz SchaefferU-boat 977: The U-boat That Escaped to Argentina (Fortunes of War S.)
  ''978-1-84145-028-5U. MohrPhantom Raider: Nazi Germany's Most Successful Surface Raider (Fortunes of War S.)
  ''978-1-84145-029-2Frederick Oughton · Vernon SmythMannock, VC: Ace with One Eye (Fortunes of War)
  ''978-1-84145-031-5Hans-Ekkehard BobBetrayed Ideals: Memoirs of a Luftwaffe Fighter Ace (Fortunes of War S.)
  ''978-1-84145-032-2Peter SpodenEnemy in the Dark: The Story of a Luftwaffe Night-fighter Pilot (Fortunes of War S.)
2005978-1-84145-035-3Geoffrey JonesU-Boat Aces (Fortunes of War)
2004978-1-84145-037-7Will BertholdThe Sinking of the Bismarck (Fortunes of War)
2004978-1-84145-038-4Busch Fritz OttoThe Sinking of the Scharnhorst: The German Account (Fortunes of War)
2005978-1-84145-040-7John Frayn TurnerDouglas Bader: The Legendary WWII Fighter Pilot (Fortunes of war)
2004978-1-84145-042-1Terry C. TreadwellCambrai: The First Tank Battle (Fortunes of War)
  ''978-1-84145-043-8Anthony Ferrar-HockleyThe Somme: The Death of a Generation (Fortunes of War)
2006978-1-84145-044-5Powell MichaelThe Last Voyage of the Graf Spee (Fortunes of War)
2004978-1-84145-045-2Alexander McKeeBlack Saturday: The Royal Oak Tragedy at Scapa Flow (Fortunes of War)
2005978-1-84145-048-3Poolman KennethHMS Illustrious: The Fight for Life (Fortunes of War)
2006978-1-84145-049-0David WoodwardTirpitz: Pride of the Kriegsmarine (Fortunes of War)
2005978-1-84145-051-3Anthony Heckstall-SmithTobruk: The Story of a Siege (Fortunes of War)
  ''978-1-84145-053-7Gunther PrienU-Boat Commander
2004978-1-84145-054-4Peter C. SmithThe Great Ships Pass: British Battleships at War 1939-1945
2005978-1-84145-056-8Kenneth PoolmanFaith Hope & Charity: The Defence of Malta (Fortunes of War)
  ''978-1-84145-057-5Leonard CottrellThe Great Invasion: The Roman Conquest of Britain (Fortunes of War)
2004978-1-84145-058-2Kenelm CreightonConvoy Commodore (Fortunes of War)
2006978-1-84145-061-2Fritz-Otto BuschPrinz Eugen: The Graceful Predator (Fortunes of War)
2005978-1-84145-064-3Oliver WarnerA Portrait of Lord Nelson
2002978-1-84145-100-8George H. SteinThe Waffen-SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War 1939-1945
2003978-1-84145-103-9Edward ShackladyButcher Bird: The Focke-Wulf Fw 190
2002978-1-84145-105-3Peter HinchliffeHelmut Lent: The Lent Papers
  ''978-1-84145-106-0Edward ShackladyB24 Liberator: Classic WWII Aircraft (Classic WWII aviation)
2002978-1-84145-107-7Terry C. TreadwellMesserschmitt Bf 110 (Classic WWII Aviation S.)
  ''978-1-84145-108-4Edward ShackladyDe Havilland Mosquito: Classic WWII Aircraft (Classic WWII aviation)
  ''978-1-84145-109-1Terry C. TreadwellLockheed P-38 Lightning (Classic WWII Aviation)
  ''978-1-84145-112-1John WarwickerWith Britain in Mortal Danger: Britain's Secret Army
2003978-1-84145-115-2Edward Shacklady · Terry C. TreadwellClassic WWI Aircraft Profiles: Bristol MI, Gotha GI-GV, SVA (Ansaldo) Scouts, Bristol Scout, RE8, Aviatik, Brevguet 14 Vol 3
  ''978-1-84145-116-9   ''Classic WWI Aircraft Profiles: Junkers Monoplanes, Hanriot, Sopwith Triplane, Thomas Morse Scouts, Short 184, Phoenix Scouts, Vickers Vimy Vol 4
2003978-1-84145-118-3Andy Parlour · Sue ParlourPhantom at War: The British Army's Secret Intelligence and Communication Regiment of WWII
2006978-1-84145-123-7Cooper AlanTarget Leipzig
2005978-1-84145-124-4Frayn Turner JohnBattle of Britain
2003978-1-84145-125-1Terry C TreadwellKnights of the Black Cross
2004978-1-84145-129-9Herrmann HajoEagles Wings