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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-84138-043-8Christine HattWORLD CITIES BERLIN
2001978-1-84138-069-8Vic ParkerTraditional Tales India
2000978-1-84138-083-4Honor HeadMy Pet Kitten
  ''978-1-84138-090-2Christine HattWORLD CITIES LONDON
  ''978-1-84138-143-5Jillian PowellWEATHER WIND & US
  ''978-1-84138-148-0Neil MorrisVICTORIAN TIMES HOME & SCHOOL (Life in Victorian Times)
  ''978-1-84138-150-3Neil MorrisVICTORIAN TIMES TRAVEL & TRANSPORT (Life in Victorian Times)
2000978-1-84138-151-0Neil MorrisVICTORIAN TIMES WORK & INDUSTRY (Life in Victorian Times)
  ''978-1-84138-166-4Sally MorganMINIBEASTS LADYBIRDS & BEETLES (Looking at Minibeasts)
  ''978-1-84138-206-7Penny King · Ruth ThomsonSTART WRITING ABOUT THINGS I DO
  ''978-1-84138-207-4Penny KingSTART WRITING ADVENTURE STORIES
  ''978-1-84138-208-1Ruth Thomson · Corbett · PieFour Freckled Frogs (Start Reading)
2000978-1-84138-209-8Ruth Thomson · Pie CorbettSixteen Fleecy Sheep (Start Reading)
  ''978-1-84138-210-4Ruth Thomson · Pie CorbettTen Tiny Teddies (Start Reading)
  ''978-1-84138-211-1   ''Two Blue Cockatoos (Start Reading)
  ''978-1-84138-213-5Penny King · Ruth ThomsonSTART WRITING ABOUT THINGS I DO
  ''978-1-84138-214-2   ''START WRITING ADVENTURE STORIES
2000978-1-84138-226-5Penny King · Ruth ThomsonSTART WRITING ABOUT PEOPLE & PLACES
  ''978-1-84138-227-2   ''START WRITING AMAZING STORIES
  ''978-1-84138-228-9   ''START WRITING ABOUT PEOPLE & PLACES
2000978-1-84138-229-6Penny King · Ruth ThomsonSTART WRITING AMAZING STORIES
  ''978-1-84138-230-2Penny KingSTART WRITING TEACHERS' RESOURCE BK
2001978-1-84138-233-3Sally Hewitt · Norma PennyNUMBER TEAM & THE GREAT RACE (Fun with Maths)
2000978-1-84138-242-5Penny King · Ruth ThomsonSTART WRITING ABOUT THINGS I DO
  ''978-1-84138-243-2   ''START WRITING ADVENTURE STORIES
2001978-1-84138-244-9   ''START WRITING ABOUT PEOPLE & PLACES: Big Book
  ''978-1-84138-245-6   ''START WRITING AMAZING STORIES: Big Book
  ''978-1-84138-250-0Ruth ThomsonFLIP FLAP PHONICS INITIAL LETTER
2002978-1-84138-261-6Michaela Morgan · Chloe CheesePOETRY ALIVE WORDS TO WHISPER: ..And Other Poems to Read Aloud
2002978-1-84138-272-2Pie CorbettWRITE YOUR OWN CHILLERS
  ''978-1-84138-273-9   ''WRITE YOUR OWN THRILLERS
  ''978-1-84138-274-6Ruth ThomsonWORDS FOR WRITING A FIRST THESAURUS
2000978-1-84138-298-2penny/ Ruth Thompson KingStart Writing Adventure Stories...adventures in Literacy
2002978-1-84138-355-2Honor HeadMY PET KITTEN
2002978-1-84138-356-9Honor HeadMy Pet Puppy
2003978-1-84138-357-6   ''My Pet Rabbit
2002978-1-84138-377-4Ruth ThomsonWHY CAN'T I EAT JUST SWEETS: And Other Questions About My Body
  ''978-1-84138-390-3Sally MorganMINIBEASTS LADYBIRDS & BEETLES (Looking at Minibeasts)
  ''978-1-84138-391-0   ''MINIBEASTS SLUGS & SNAILS (Looking at Minibeasts)
  ''978-1-84138-495-5Neil Morris7 WONDERS OF THE NATURAL WORLD (Seven Wonders of the World)
2003978-1-84138-737-6Christine Hatt · Chris FaircloughWORLD CITIES NEW YORK
  ''978-1-84138-774-1Linda BoltonART REVOLUTIONS IMPRESSIONISM
2003978-1-84138-775-8Linda BoltonART REVOLUTIONS POP ART
2004978-1-84138-790-1Maggie WooleyTHINK ABOUT BEING DEAF
  ''978-1-84138-850-2Ruth ThomsonFOW GO FURTHER WITH GRAMMAR (Focus on Writing)
  ''978-1-84138-851-9   ''Grammar is Great (Focus on Writing)
  ''978-1-84138-852-6   ''A First Word Bank (Words for Writing)
2003978-1-84138-859-5Christine HattCostume History Medieval
  ''978-1-84138-880-9Stanley WeitzmanWORLD ISSUES TERRORISM
2004978-1-84138-902-8Frances DipperCHANGING WORLD OCEANS & RIVERS
2004978-1-84138-938-7Sally MorganLIFE IN A GIANT TREE IN RAINFOREST
  ''978-1-84138-949-3Vic ParkerTRADITIONAL TALES CARIBBEAN
  ''978-1-84138-966-0Ruth Thomson · Pie CorbettSPEAKING AND LISTENING CHATTING CHE (Speaking & Listening)