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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-84116-022-1Lifestyle Pocket Book: 1999
1999978-1-84116-030-6Wendy GordonGoodthinking - A Guide to Qualitative Research [ Good Thinking ]
  ''978-1-84116-042-9Franzen GiepBrands & Advertising: how advertising effectiveness influences brand equity
2001978-1-84116-072-6Tim BroadbentAdvertising Works: II
  ''978-1-84116-081-8Giep Franzen · Margot BouwmanThe Mental World of Brands: Mind, Memory and Brand Success
  ''978-1-84116-090-0Jan RijkenbergConcepting: Creating Successful Brands in a Communication-oriented Era
  ''978-1-84116-093-1Robert HeathThe Hidden Power of Advertising: How Low Involvement Processing Influences the Way We Choose Brands (Admap Monographs)
2001978-1-84116-102-0Paul SeamerThe European Marketing Pocket Book 2002 (Pocket book series)
978-1-84116-110-5Retail Pocket Book 2002
978-1-84116-118-1Advertising Research Group WorldMedia Pocket Book 2002/2003
2002978-1-84116-124-2The European Marketing Pocket Book 2003
2003978-1-84116-132-7Jeremy BullmoreBehind the Scenes in Advertising,Mark III: More Bull More
  ''978-1-84116-139-6C. McDonaldIs Your Advertising Working?: A Guide to Evaluating Campaign Effectiveness
  ''978-1-84116-142-6The Marketing Pocket Book 2004 2004 (WARC pocket book series)
2007978-1-84116-198-3Les Binet · Peter FieldMarketing in the Era of Accountability: Identifying the Marketing Practices and Metrics That Truly Increase Profitability
2008978-1-84116-207-2Judie LannonHow Public Service Advertising Works