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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2006978-1-84024-521-9Ed WestDon't Mention the World Cup: A History of England-Germany Rivalry from the War to the World Cup
  ''978-1-84024-527-1Adrian Akers-Douglas · George GeorgiouFlying, No Fear!: Conquer Your Fear of Flying
2004978-1-84024-528-8Simon BrettBaby Tips for Mums
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2006978-1-84024-530-1Connie FletcherReal Crime Scene Investigations: Forensic Experts Reveal Their Secrets
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2006978-1-84024-538-7U StinkerReally Sick Jokes
  ''978-1-84024-539-4Ed WestMale Grooming: Every Bloke's Guide to Looking Great: Fabulous Tips on Looking Great
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  ''978-1-84024-551-6Ceril CampbellDiscover the New You: Celebrity Secrets to Transform Your Life
978-1-84024-553-0A Chateau of One's Own
2006978-1-84024-554-7Mark BarberUrban Legends Uncovered: An Investigation into the Truths Behind the Myths: An Investigation into the Truth Behind the Myths
2006978-1-84024-557-8Henry DudeneyGood Old-Fashioned Challenging Puzzles: And Perplexing Mathematical Problems (Puzzle Books)
  ''978-1-84024-560-8Edward EnfieldDownhill all the Way: From La Manche to the Mediterranean by Bike: Cycling Through France from La Manche to the Mediterranean
2007978-1-84024-562-2Mike Haskins · Clive WhichelowSo You're 40
  ''978-1-84024-563-9Mike Haskins · Clive WhichelowSo You're 50: The Age You Never Thought You'd Reach
  ''978-1-84024-564-6   ''So You're 60: A Handbook for the Newly Confused
2006978-1-84024-565-3Anna NicholasA Lizard in My Luggage: Mayfair to Mallorca in One Easy Move (Mallorca (Anna Nicholas))
  ''978-1-84024-566-0David BathurstThe Big Walks of Great Britain
2006978-1-84024-567-7Marie TiècheChampagne and Polar Bears: Romance in the Arctic
  ''978-1-84024-568-4Imogen Lloyd WebberThe Single Girl's Guide
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2007978-1-84024-571-4Dick PitmanA Wild Life: Adventures of an Accidental Conservationist in Africa
2008978-1-84024-573-8Annie CaulfieldFlamenco on Horseback: Life in the Caves of Northern Andalucia
2006978-1-84024-574-5Tim ElliotSpain by the Horns: A Journey to the Heart of a Culture
2007978-1-84024-575-2Richard WhitingA Dictionary and Phrasebook of French Medical Terms: With an Introduction to the French Medical System
2006978-1-84024-577-6Gavin MillsIdentity Theft: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself: Everything You Need to Know to Protect Yourself
  ''978-1-84024-578-3Penny Ingham · Colin ShelbournThe Well-Tuned Body: Banish Back Pain With Gentle Exercises Based on the Alexander Technique
  ''978-1-84024-579-0Jake HarrisThe Little Book of Essential Foreign Chat-up Lines
2006978-1-84024-580-6Jake HarrisThe Little Book of Essential Rude Words
  ''978-1-84024-581-3Carol Anne DavisSadistic Killers: Profiles of Pathological Predators
  ''978-1-84024-582-0Geoff ThompsonFear: The Friend of Exceptional People: How to Turn Negative Attitudes in to Positive Outcomes
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  ''978-1-84024-585-1Henry MillerThe Colossus of Maroussi (Revival)
2007978-1-84024-590-5David BabouleneOcean Boulevard: An Epic and Exhilarating Journey All the Way... from a Boy to a Man
2009978-1-84024-591-2David BabouleneJumping Ships: The Global Misadventures of a Cargo Ship Apprentice
2007978-1-84024-592-9Colin WilsonSerial Killer Investigations
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978-1-84024-604-9So You Think You're Clever?: Trivia to Challenge the Mind
2007978-1-84024-606-3Sarah HermanDoes Anything Eat Shit?: And 101 Other Crap Questions and Answers: And 101 Other Stupid Questions
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2007978-1-84024-610-0Mark Leigh · Mike LepinePets with Tourette's
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