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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-84011-009-8A. J. WoodThe Golden Egg
2000978-1-84011-012-8A. J. WoodIn the Ocean (Nature Trails) (Nature Trails S.)
  ''978-1-84011-014-2Helen WardThe Hare and the Tortoise
  ''978-1-84011-019-7Kenneth GrahameThe Wind in the Willows (Templar Classics) (Templar Classics S.)
2001978-1-84011-027-2Helen WardOld Shell, New Shell
  ''978-1-84011-044-9   ''The Animal's Christmas Carol
1999978-1-84011-048-7Alison JayPicture This...: A Child's First Picture Book
2000978-1-84011-049-4Alison JayPicture This...: A Child's First Picture Book
2005978-1-84011-057-9Hans Christian Andersen · Nicky Raven · Vladyslav YerkoThe Snow Queen (Templar's Collectors Classics Series)
1999978-1-84011-061-6Tim Preston · Maggie KneenThe Lonely Scarecrow
  ''978-1-84011-075-3A. J. Wood · Maurice PledgerOn the Mountain (A Touch-and-feel Adventure)
2002978-1-84011-108-8Helen WardThe Tin Forest
2002978-1-84011-113-2David SteerTime for a Tale
2005978-1-84011-114-9Robert Louis StevensonTreasure Island (Templar Classics)
2001978-1-84011-125-5Dugald SteerSnappy Little Opposites (Pop-up Fun)
2007978-1-84011-127-9Cathy TincknellScoop
  ''978-1-84011-137-8Derek MatthewsSnappy Sounds Toys (Pop Up) (Pop Up) (Snappy Sounds S.)
2008978-1-84011-148-4Thomas DochertyTo the Beach
2009978-1-84011-153-8Amanda WoodCharles Darwin and the Beagle Adventure
2007978-1-84011-157-6Ros AsquithWater Boy
2010978-1-84011-158-3Ari Berk · Kristen McDermottThe Life and Times of William Shakespeare
2005978-1-84011-162-0Derek MatthewsSnappy Sounds: Christmas (Snappy Sounds)
2001978-1-84011-165-1Dugald SteerSnappy Little Christmas (Happy Snappy Book) (Happy Snappy Book S.)
2007978-1-84011-169-9Agnese BaruzziLittle Red Riding Hood
2001978-1-84011-175-0Derek MatthewsJolly Jungle (Happy Snappy Book) (Happy Snappy Book S.)
2006978-1-84011-177-4Cathy Tinknell · John KellyScoop!
2001978-1-84011-180-4Derek MatthewsPet Parade (Happy Snappy Book) (Happy Snappy Book S.)
2005978-1-84011-182-8Beth HarwoodSanta's Workshop
  ''978-1-84011-187-3Hans Christian Andersen · Nicky Raven · Vladyslav YerkoThe Snow Queen (Templar's Collectors Classics Series)
2011978-1-84011-188-0Helen WardThe Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
2005978-1-84011-196-5Adam StowerSlam!
2001978-1-84011-200-9Alison JayPicture This...: A Child's First Picture Book
2007978-1-84011-206-1Dugald SteerPirateology Workbook: A Course for Seafarers (Ology Handbook): A Course for Seafarers (Ology Handbook)
  ''978-1-84011-207-8Caroline RepchukThe Amazing Spiderman Pop-up
  ''978-1-84011-212-2Caroline RepchuckThe All New X-men Pop-Up (Marvel Comic Group)
2009978-1-84011-216-0Dougal DixonSounds of the Wild Dinosaurs
2001978-1-84011-220-7A. J. WoodOscar Otter - By the River (Touch & Feel Board Books)
2006978-1-84011-222-1Beth HarwoodSnappy Little Colours (Snappy Pop-ups)
2006978-1-84011-227-6Beth HarwoodSnappy Little Numbers (Snappy Pop-ups)
2003978-1-84011-230-6Tim PrestonPumpkin Moon
  ''978-1-84011-235-1Susan Anne ReevesPrincess Palace
2006978-1-84011-237-5Beth HarwoodSnappy Little Ocean (Snappy Pop-ups)
  ''978-1-84011-242-9   ''Snappy Little Farm (Snappy Pop-ups)
  ''978-1-84011-247-4   ''Snappy Little Pets (Snappy Pop-ups)
2004978-1-84011-250-4J.M. BarriePeter Pan and Wendy (Templar Classics) (Templar Classics: Ingpen)
2006978-1-84011-267-2Derek MatthewsMonsters (Snappy Pop-ups)
  ''978-1-84011-270-2Dugald SteerPirateology
2006978-1-84011-275-7Stella GurneyThe Princess' Handbook
2007978-1-84011-290-0Dugald SteerPirateology ~ A Pirate's Guide and Model Ship
2002978-1-84011-302-0L. F. BaumThe Wizard of Oz (Templar Classics) (Templar Classics S.)
2009978-1-84011-304-4Maurice PledgerSounds of the Wild Safari
2001978-1-84011-306-8Caroline RepchukThe Race
2009978-1-84011-313-6Shaun TanTales from Outer Suburbia
2001978-1-84011-315-0Rudyard KiplingJust So Stories (Templar Classics) (Templar Classics S.)
2005978-1-84011-317-4Jack LondonWhite Fang (Templar Classics) (Templar Classics S.)
  ''978-1-84011-322-8Liane PayneWarren and the Windy Day
2007978-1-84011-323-5Helen WardVarmints: Part one
2001978-1-84011-330-3A. J. WoodKippy Koala (Peek & Find Adventure)
2005978-1-84011-337-2Dugald SteerWizardology: The Book of the Secrets of Merlin (Ology Series)
2009978-1-84011-338-9Ari BerkMermaids (The Secret Histories)
2008978-1-84011-339-6Catherine HydeThe Princess' Blankets
2005978-1-84011-342-6Liane PayneWarren and the Great Carrot Race
2008978-1-84011-349-5Helen WardWonderful Life
2007978-1-84011-352-5Kenneth GrahameWind in the Willows (Templar Classics) (Templar Classics: Ingpen)
  ''978-1-84011-358-7Anne MortimerThe Owl and the Pussycat
2006978-1-84011-362-4Dugald SteerThe Apprentice's Handbook: A Course in Wizardology (Ology Handbook)
2005978-1-84011-368-6Simon BartramWatch Out for Sprouts!
  ''978-1-84011-369-3Simon BartramMan on the Moon: A Day in the Life of Bob (Book & CD)
2006978-1-84011-372-3Liane PayneWarren and the Sandcastle
2008978-1-84011-373-0Simon BartramBob's Best Ever Friend
2005978-1-84011-375-4Derek MatthewsSnappy Little Bedtime (Snappy pop-ups)
2006978-1-84011-378-5Geraldine McCaughreanBlue Moon Mountain
2004978-1-84011-380-8Derek MatthewsSnappy Sounds - Farm: Noisy Pop-up Fun (Snappy Noisy Pops)
2008978-1-84011-384-6Anne Yvonne Gilbert · Ian AndrewChildren's stories from the Bible - Slipcased edition: 0
2004978-1-84011-385-3Derek MatthewsSnappy Sounds - Pets: Noisy Pop-up Fun (Snappy Noisy Pops)
2006978-1-84011-388-4Simon BartramWatch Out for Sprouts! (Book & CD)
2007978-1-84011-389-1Nicky RavenBeowulf: The Legend of a Hero (Collectors Classics)
2004978-1-84011-390-7Derek MatthewsSnappy Sounds - Jungle: Noisy Pop-up Fun (Snappy Noisy Pops)
2005978-1-84011-391-4   ''Snappy Sounds - Traffic (Snappy Sounds)
2006978-1-84011-393-8Simon BartramBob's Alien Spotter Guide
2004978-1-84011-402-7Helen WardThe Boat
  ''978-1-84011-407-2David EllwandBaby Unique
2002978-1-84011-409-6Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland (Templar Classics)
2000978-1-84011-414-0Alison JayAlphabet: A Child's First Abc by Alison Jay
2005978-1-84011-417-1Helen WardThe Boat
2009978-1-84011-428-7Alison JayAlison Jay's Nursery Rhyme Rainbow
2004978-1-84011-429-4AesopAesop's Fables: An Anthology of Aesop's Animal Fables
2004978-1-84011-434-8Alison JayAlphabet: Alison Jay's ABC
2005978-1-84011-442-3Mike JolleyBaa Humbug!: A Sheep with a Mind of His Own
2002978-1-84011-445-4Simon BartramMan on the Moon
2006978-1-84011-447-8Stella Gurney · Sam LloydCalm Down Boris! (sam lloyd Series)
2005978-1-84011-457-7Simon BartramBob's ABC: (and D to Z Too!)
2010978-1-84011-459-1Alison JayAlison Jay Nursery Rhyme Rainbow
2005978-1-84011-462-1Simon BartramBob's 123: (and 4 to 10 Too!)
2007978-1-84011-464-5Alison JayAlison Jay's Counting
  ''978-1-84011-479-9Helen WardAesop's Fables (Book & CD) (Book & CD)
2008978-1-84011-483-6Rodney MatthewsAlice In Wonderland: Templar Collectors Classics slipcase edition (Templar's Collectors Classics Series)
2005978-1-84011-487-4Richard DungworthWay of the Wolf (Embossed)
2008978-1-84011-488-1Rodney MatthewsAlice In Wonderland: Templar's Collectors Classics Series
2004978-1-84011-491-1Simon BartramMan on the Moon: a day in the life of Bob (Bartram, Simon Series)
2005978-1-84011-492-8Simon BartramBob's Astronaut Activity Book
2008978-1-84011-493-5Alison JayAlison Jay Nursery Collection Wall Frieze: 0
  ''978-1-84011-498-0   ''Alison Jay Counting - Board Book: A Child's First 123
  ''978-1-84011-499-7   ''Alison Jay ABC and 123 in slipcase
  ''978-1-84011-501-7Charles DickensA Christmas Carol (Templar Classics)
2003978-1-84011-503-1Dugald Steer · Helen Ward · Douglas CarrelDragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons (Ology Series)
2006978-1-84011-507-9Dugald SteerWizardology Spell Book
2004978-1-84011-508-6Simon BartramDougal's Deep-sea Diary
2005978-1-84011-509-3   ''Dougal's Deep-sea Diary (Bartram, Simon Series)
2008978-1-84011-511-6Alison JayAlison Jay's Counting paperback: A Child's First 123
2006978-1-84011-512-3Dugald SteerWizardology Code Breaker
2005978-1-84011-514-7Simon BartramDougal's Big Activity Book
2002978-1-84011-515-4Helen WardThe Cockerel and the Fox
2005978-1-84011-519-2   ''Twenty Five December Lane
2004978-1-84011-523-9Helen WardWorking with Dragons
2008978-1-84011-528-4Dug SteerThe Dragon Diary, The Dragonology Chronicles Vol II
2005978-1-84011-529-1Simon BartramDougal's Deepsea Diary (Book & CD)
2006978-1-84011-533-8Dugald SteerThe Dragon's Eye (Dragonology) (Dragonology S.)
2004978-1-84011-535-2Helen WardCockerel and the Fox
2007978-1-84011-537-6Liane PayneWarren and the Snowy Day (Goodnight Warren Book)
2004978-1-84011-540-6A. J. WoodThe Christmas Hat
2005978-1-84011-548-2Dugald SteerIceland Wyrm (Dragonology Pocket Adventures)
  ''978-1-84011-549-9   ''The Winged Serpent (Dragonology Pocket Adventures) (Dragonology Pocket Adventures S.)
  ''978-1-84011-553-6   ''Dragon Star (Dragonology Pocket Adventures)
  ''978-1-84011-554-3Douglas CarrelThe Dragon Dance (Dragonology Pocket Adventures) (Dragonology Pocket Adventures S.)
2004978-1-84011-555-0Cliff WrightBear and Ball
2006978-1-84011-558-1Sam LloydHello Dudley
2008978-1-84011-566-6Graham OakleyThe Church Mouse
2007978-1-84011-567-3Helen WardWonderful Life
2005978-1-84011-568-0Dugald SteerWorking with Dragons
2007978-1-84011-572-7Dugald A. Steer · A.J. WoodA Guide to Wizards of the World - Being a True Account of Wizards in the Known World: As told by Master Merlin (Wizardology)
2005978-1-84011-574-1Dugald SteerDr. Drake Pocket Adventures: Dragonology (Dragonology Pocket Adventures) (Dragonology Pocket Adventures S.)
2008978-1-84011-576-5Anne MortimerChocolate Cat
2006978-1-84011-579-6Dugald SteerTracking and Taming Dragons
2008978-1-84011-582-6Sam LloydWendy the Wide Mouthed Frog
2005978-1-84011-583-3Dugald SteerDragonology Jigsaw Puzzle
2008978-1-84011-584-0Douglas CarrelThe Frost Dragon: 0 (Dragonology) (Dragonology S.)
2007978-1-84011-585-7Anne MortimerCats
2009978-1-84011-587-1L Frank BaumThe Wizard of Oz
2006978-1-84011-589-5Dugald SteerDragonologists Writing Kit: From the Desk of Dr Ernest Drake
2007978-1-84011-591-8Cliff WrightBear and Box
2005978-1-84011-594-9Helen WardThe Dragon Machine
2007978-1-84011-596-3Cliff WrightBear and Boat
2006978-1-84011-598-7Richard DungworthPop up Facts: Dinosaurs
  ''978-1-84011-601-4Fay RobinsonA Fish Wish
2007978-1-84011-604-5David SteerWonders of Egypt: A Course in Egyptology
2009978-1-84011-610-6Graham OakleyThe Church Mouse - Paperback
2008978-1-84011-621-2Herve TulletWorld of Mirrors: 0
2004978-1-84011-628-1Cathy Tincknell · John KellyGuess Who's Coming for Dinner?
2006978-1-84011-632-8Shane McGEvie's Mad Hair Day
2006978-1-84011-638-0Cathy Tincknell · Dug Steer · John KellyGuess Who's Coming for Dinner?
2009978-1-84011-644-1Douglas Carrel · Tomislav TomicDr Drake's Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology
2007978-1-84011-647-2Emma DoddSometimes...
2008978-1-84011-648-9Ari BerkGiants The Secret Histories
2007978-1-84011-652-6Emma DoddWhen...
2011978-1-84011-659-5Paul CollicuttRobot City: Guide to Robots (Robot City Adventures)
2007978-1-84011-662-5Ross CollinsThe Elephantom
2008978-1-84011-669-4Alan AldridgeButterfly Ball: 0 (Collectors Classics)
  ''978-1-84011-670-0Caroline RepchukThe Amazing Fantastic Four Pop-up (True Believers) (True Believers)
2009978-1-84011-673-1Johnny O'BrienDay of the Assassins (Jack Christie Novels)
2008978-1-84011-674-8Dugald SteerMonsterology (Ology Series)
  ''978-1-84011-676-2Jonathan LambertFelt Fun Christmas: 0 (Felt Fun)
2007978-1-84011-684-7Helen WardTwenty-five December Lane (Book & CD) (Book & CD)
2009978-1-84011-689-2Libby HamiltonPeter Pan: A Classic Pop-up Story with Sounds. (Classic Pop Up Sound Book)
2007978-1-84011-702-8Joyce TyldesleyINSIDERS: Egypt (Ancient Egypt Revealed)
2000978-1-84011-703-5Helen WardThe King of the Birds
2008978-1-84011-706-6VariousMarvel Pop Ups: The Incredible Hulk: 0 (Incredible Hulk)
  ''978-1-84011-707-3Professor John A LongInsiders Dinosaurs (Insiders Series)
2006978-1-84011-710-3Dugald SteerBringing Up Baby Dragons (Dragonology)
2009978-1-84011-711-0Sam LloydHappy Christmas Boris!
2008978-1-84011-712-7Alan DyerInsiders Space (Insiders Series)
2006978-1-84011-715-8Dugald SteerTracking and Taming a Wild Dragons (Dragonology)
2008978-1-84011-717-2Beverly McMillanInsiders Ocean (Insiders Series)
2006978-1-84011-718-9Rudyard KiplingThe Jungle Book (Templar Classics)
2009978-1-84011-719-6Simon BartramBob and the Disappearing Moon (Adventures of Bob & Barry) (Bartram, Simon Series)
2007978-1-84011-720-2Richard Dungworth · Sue Harris · Emily HawkinsPop-up Facts: Human Body (Pop-up Facts) (Pop-up Facts)
2008978-1-84011-727-1Glenn MurphyInventions (Insiders Series)
2009978-1-84011-729-5Wayne AndersonThe Storyworld Cards - Quest Pack
2008978-1-84011-732-5Philip DixonKnights and Castles (Insiders Series)
2009978-1-84011-733-2Hannah WilsonMermaid Castle (3d Pop Up)
  ''978-1-84011-734-9Wayne AndersonThe Storyworld Cards - Faery Pack
2009978-1-84011-736-3Von HardestyFlight (Insiders Series)
  ''978-1-84011-738-7John & Caitlin MatthewsStoryworld
2008978-1-84011-742-4Richard Carl VogtRain Forests (Insiders Series)
2009978-1-84011-743-1Helen WardTin Forest
  ''978-1-84011-746-2H Michael MogilExtreme Weather (Insiders Series)
2008978-1-84011-747-9Beverly McMillanSharks (Insiders Series)
2009978-1-84011-751-6Mark (Mark Norman) HutchinsonReptiles (Insiders Series)
2008978-1-84011-757-8Linda CalabresiHuman Body (Insiders Series)
2009978-1-84011-759-2Sarah Hines StephensShow Off!
  ''978-1-84011-764-6VariousOceanology (Ology Series)
2008978-1-84011-773-8Alan AldridgeButterfly Ball slipcase Edition: 0 (Collectors Classics)
  ''978-1-84011-788-2Sam LloydYou're Not so Scary Sid
2007978-1-84011-792-9Dugald SteerThe Dragon's Eye (Dragonology Chronicles)
2008978-1-84011-793-6Peter BondSpace (Pop-up Facts) (Pop-up Facts)
2009978-1-84011-794-3Ruth MartinThe Little Fox and the Lost Egg
2007978-1-84011-797-4Amanda WoodField Guide to Dragons
2007978-1-84011-799-8Sue StaintonSanta's Snow Cat
2008978-1-84011-801-8Angela McAllisterLeon and the Place Between
  ''978-1-84011-814-8Kevin WaldronMr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo
  ''978-1-84011-826-1Thomas DochertyLittle Boat
2009978-1-84011-836-0   ''Little Boat
2003978-1-84011-837-7Susanna RonchiThe Toy's Night before Christmas
2004978-1-84011-842-1Marcus SedgwickThe Emperor's New Clothes
  ''978-1-84011-852-0Emily Sands · Dugald Steer · Nick Harris · Helen WardEgyptology: Search for the Tomb of Osiris (Ology Series)
2009978-1-84011-860-5Graham Baker-SmithLeon and the Place Between
2008978-1-84011-861-2Dugald SteerSpyology: The Complete Book of Spycraft (Ology Series)
2005978-1-84011-862-9Shane McGEvie's Mad Hair Day
  ''978-1-84011-864-3Helen WardMoon Dog
2006978-1-84011-874-2   ''Moon Dog
2007978-1-84011-879-7Maurice PledgerMaurice Pleger Noisy World Night-Time (Sounds Of The Wild)
2009978-1-84011-880-3Peter Bull · Chris OxladeInventions (Pop-up Facts)
2005978-1-84011-882-7David SteerWonders of Egypt: A Course in Egyptology
2007978-1-84011-884-1Maurice PledgerMaurice Pledger Noisy World - Ocean (Maurice Pledger's Sounds of the Wild)
2009978-1-84011-885-8Jonny DuddleThe Pirate Cruncher
2008978-1-84011-889-6Maurice PledgerMaurice Pledger' Noisy Worlds - Jungle (Maurice Pledger's Sounds of the Wild)
2006978-1-84011-892-6Ross CollinsElephantom
2007978-1-84011-893-3Dugald A. Steer · Illustrated by Nick Harris · David Wyatt and Nicki PalinMythology (Ology Series)
2009978-1-84011-896-4Nick Harris · Dugald Steer · Clint TwistThe Mythology Workbook (Ology Handbook)
2005978-1-84011-897-1Dugald SteerWonders of Egypt
2008978-1-84011-898-8Kevin WaldronMr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo
2001978-1-84011-901-5Dugald SteerChristmas Mouse (Happy Snappy Book) (Happy Snappy Book S.)
2002978-1-84011-903-9Helen WardOld Shell, New Shell
2009978-1-84011-904-6Emma DoddMiaow Said the Cow - paperback (Emma Dodd Series)
2003978-1-84011-913-8Janet LawlerIf Kisses Were Colours
2003978-1-84011-918-3Susan WheelerHolly Pond Christmas Treasury
2006978-1-84011-928-2David SteerHow to Be a Knight
2005978-1-84011-933-6Paul KortepeterOliver's Red Toboggan (Holly Pond Hill) (Holly Pond Hill S.)
2009978-1-84011-939-8Simon BartramBob's Best Friend - softback (Bartram, Simon Series)
2007978-1-84011-943-5Dugald SteerHow to be an Explorer
2010978-1-84011-958-9Emma DoddYou... (Emma Dodd Series)
2007978-1-84011-960-2Dugald SteerPirate Code Writing Kit (Ology Handbook) (Ology Handbook)
2010978-1-84011-963-3Emma DoddMe... (Emma Dodd Series)
2009978-1-84011-968-8Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland (Templar Classics) (Templar Classics: Ingpen)
  ''978-1-84011-973-2Alison JayWelcome to the Zoo
2007978-1-84011-990-9Helen WardThe Dragon Machine (Book & CD) (Book & CD)