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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-84002-008-3Michael KilgarriffGrace, Beauty and Banjos: Peculiar Lives and Strange Times of Music Hall and Variety Artistes (Oberon Book)
2005978-1-84002-012-0Alison Muir · Patricia HammondMime and Improvisation (LAMDA) (LAMDA S.)
1999978-1-84002-037-3John OsbornePlays For England: "Blood of the Bambergs", "Under Plain Cover", "Watch It Come Down " v. 1 (Oberon Books)
1998978-1-84002-038-0Steven BerkoffGraft: Tales of an Actor (Oberon Book)
  ''978-1-84002-040-3Steven BerkoffGraft: Tales of an Actor (Oberon Books)
  ''978-1-84002-041-0Stanislaw Wyspianski · Noel ClarkThe Wedding (Absolute Classics)
  ''978-1-84002-049-6Adrian Mitchell · C.S. LewisThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: The Royal Shakespeare Company's Stage Adaptation. An Acting Edition
  ''978-1-84002-053-3Keith BaxterMy Sentiments Exactly
2000978-1-84002-054-0Raymond Mander · Joe MitchensonTheatrical Companion to Coward (Oberon Books)
2000978-1-84002-058-8Sheridan Morley · Ruth LeonA Century of Theatre (Oberon Books)
1999978-1-84002-060-1Johan Ludvig Heiberg · Ludvig HolbergThree Danish Comedies
1998978-1-84002-064-9Pam GemsMarlene (Oberon/Modern Playwrights)
  ''978-1-84002-065-6Pam GemsThe Snow Palace (Oberon Modern Plays)
2000978-1-84002-073-1Frederick LonsdalePlays: "The Last of Mrs.Cheyney", "Canaries Sometimes Sing", "On Approval", "Aren't We All" v. 1 (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
1999978-1-84002-079-3Albert LamorisseThe Red Balloon (Oberon Plays for Young People)
  ''978-1-84002-081-6Alex FinlaysonTobacco Land (Oberon Modern Plays)
1998978-1-84002-084-7Tunde IkoliScrape Off the Black (Oberon/Modern Playwrights)
2004978-1-84002-086-1August StrindbergThe Plays: Chamber Plays ("The Storm", "The Burned Site", "The Ghost Sonata", "The Pelican", "The Black Glove", "The Great Highway") Vol 2 (Absolute Classics)
1999978-1-84002-097-7Pat HutchinsThe House That Sailed Away: Play (Oberon Books)
  ''978-1-84002-099-1John ConstableThe Southwark Mysteries
2000978-1-84002-102-8Peter Hall · John GoodwinPeter Hall's Diaries: The Story of a Dramatic Battle (Oberon Book)
1999978-1-84002-104-2Richard BeanToast (Oberon Books) (Modern Plays Series)
  ''978-1-84002-107-3Richard Norton-TaylorThe Colour of Justice (Oberon Books)
2000978-1-84002-109-7Michael HastingsTom and Viv (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2000978-1-84002-112-7Bernard KopsShalom Bomb: The Autobiography of Bernard Kops
1999978-1-84002-113-4Werner SchwabHoly Mothers (Oberon Book)
2000978-1-84002-115-8Peter HallThe Autobiography of Peter Hall: Making an Exhibition of Myself
1999978-1-84002-116-5Michael KilgarriffGrace, Beauty and Banjos: Peculiar Lives and Strange Times of Music Hall and Variety Artistes (Oberon Book)
2003978-1-84002-126-4Tariq Ali · Howard Brenton · Andy de la TourCollateral Damage (Oberon Modern Plays)
2000978-1-84002-133-2Odon von HorvathVon Horvath: Plays One: "Sladek" / "A Sexual Congress" (Modern Playwrights)
  ''978-1-84002-140-0Gordon SteelLike a Virgin (OBERON MODERN PLAYWRIGHTS)
  ''978-1-84002-143-1Aime Cesaire · Philip CrispinUne tempete
  ''978-1-84002-152-3Odon von HorvathOdon Von Horvath Plays Two: "Italian Night", "Tales from the Vienna Woods" (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
  ''978-1-84002-155-4Eugene LabicheThe Threesome (Absolute Classics)
2000978-1-84002-167-7Marion Baraitser · Olive SchreinerThe Story of an African Farm (Modern Playwrights) (OBERON MODERN PLAYWRIGHTS)
2006978-1-84002-173-8Anthony HorowitzMindgame (Modern Playwrights)
2005978-1-84002-178-3Henrik IbsenIbsen: Volume Two: "the Wild Duck" and "the Master Builder": Vol. 2
2001978-1-84002-184-4J MurphyTwo Plays: "Kings of the Kilburn High Road", "Brothers of the Brush" (Modern Playwrights) (OBERON MODERN PLAYS)
2003978-1-84002-192-9Michael PenningtonAre You There, Crocodile?: Inventing Anton Chekhov
2000978-1-84002-195-0Ernst TollerErnst Toller Plays One
  ''978-1-84002-203-2Torgny LindgrenLight (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-205-6Neil BartlettIn Extremis (Oberon Modern Plays)
2002978-1-84002-208-7Gotthold LessingTwo Jewish Plays: "Nathan the Wise", "The Jews" (Absolute classics)
2001978-1-84002-209-4Kay AdsheadThe Bogus Woman (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-214-8John MortimerMortimer: "A Voyage Around My Father", "The Collaborators", "The Dock Brief", "Lunch Hour", "What Shall We Tell Caroline?" v. 1 (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2005978-1-84002-220-9Professor Gunilla M. AndermanEurope on Stage: Translation and Theatre
2001978-1-84002-236-0Chris ChibnallKiss Me Like You Mean It (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-237-7Suzy AlmondSchool Play (Oberon Modern Plays)
2001978-1-84002-241-4Abi MorganTiny Dynamite (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-243-8Douglas MaxwellDecky Does a Bronco (Oberon Modern Plays)
2002978-1-84002-247-6Sheridan MorleySpectator at the Theatre: A Decade of First Nights (Absolute Classics)
2001978-1-84002-248-3J. B. PriestleyJohnson Over Jordan (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-251-3J. B. PriestleyDangerous Corner (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-256-8Lewis Carroll · Adrian MitchellAlice in Wonderland (Plays for Young People) (Oberon Plays for Young People)
2002978-1-84002-260-5Nicholas Dromgoole · Ranjit BoltTartuffe (Absolute Classics)
2001978-1-84002-263-6Andrzej KlimowskiAndrzej Klimowski: A Retrospective Exhibition at the Royal National Theatre (Absolute Classics)
2002978-1-84002-267-4Heinrich Von KleistThe Prince of Homburg (Absolute Classics)
2004978-1-84002-268-1Denis QuilleyHappiness Indeed: An Actor's Life (Absolute Classics)
2002978-1-84002-270-4Jon FossePlays One: "Someone Is Going to Come", "The Name", "The Guitar Man", "The Child" (Modern Playwrights)
2003978-1-84002-274-2Garth BardsleyStop the World: The Biography of Anthony Newley
2004978-1-84002-279-7Pam GemsPlays One (Modern Playwrights): 1
2002978-1-84002-280-3Tracey DaleyShoot 2 Win (Oberon Modern Plays)
2002978-1-84002-282-7Jon FosseNightsongs (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-285-8Peter OswaldThe Golden Ass (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-286-5Richard BeanUnder the Whaleback (Oberon Modern Plays)
2005978-1-84002-294-0J. B. PriestleyThe Art of the Dramatist
2002978-1-84002-297-1Pierre MarivauxThe Island of Slaves (Absolute Classics)
  ''978-1-84002-301-5Tony Parker · Paul JepsonLife After Life: Interviews with Twelve Murderers (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-302-2Tanika GuptaSanctuary (Oberon Modern Plays)
2002978-1-84002-308-4Laurent GaudeBattle of Will (Oberon Modern Plays)
2003978-1-84002-323-7David FoleyThe Murders at Argos / Cressida Among the Greeks (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2002978-1-84002-326-8Jon FosseThe Girl on the Sofa (Modern Playwrights)
  ''978-1-84002-333-6Peter TinniswoodTwo Plays for One: "The Last Obit", "On the Whole It's Been Jolly Good" (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-340-4D. H. LawrenceThe Daughter-in-law (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-345-9Isabel WrightPeepshow (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-350-3Bill CooperThe Royal Ballet: In House
2002978-1-84002-352-7Tanika GuptaInside Out (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-355-8Michael WellerWhat the Night Is for (Oberon Modern Plays)
2003978-1-84002-362-6LorcaYerma: A Play by Federico Garcia Lorca (Absolute Classics)
  ''978-1-84002-365-7Guy HelmingerVenezuela (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-367-1Tanika GuptaFragile Land (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-374-9Johan PerssonThe Royal Ballet: 161 Images
2004978-1-84002-384-8Jon FossePlays Two: "A Summer's Day", "Dream of Autumn", "Winter" (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2003978-1-84002-394-7Brendan CowellRabbit (Oberon Modern Plays)
2004978-1-84002-399-2Charles DickensA Christmas Carol (Absolute Classics)
2005978-1-84002-403-6Abi MorganTwo Plays: Splendour/Tender (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2004978-1-84002-410-4Adriano ShaplinPugilist Specialist (Oberon Modern Plays)
2004978-1-84002-411-1Peter HallShakespeare's Advice to the Players (Absolute Classic)
  ''978-1-84002-413-5Howard BarkerThe Ecstatic Bible (Oberon Modern Plays)
2003978-1-84002-414-2Robert ButlerThe Art of Darkness: Staging the Philip Pullman trilogy
  ''978-1-84002-417-3Richard Norton-TaylorJustifying War: Scenes from the Hutton Inquiry (Oberon Modern Plays)
2004978-1-84002-425-8Sarah WoodsCake / Grace (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-427-2Charles DickensOliver Twist (Absolute Classic) (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-429-6Paul Lucas · Luke RhinehartThe Dice House (Oberon Modern Plays)
2004978-1-84002-430-2Shelley SilasCalcutta Kosher (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-433-3Dennis KellyDebris (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-435-7Lope de VegaThe Dog in the Manger: A Play by Lope De Vega (Absolute Classics)
  ''978-1-84002-442-5Tirso De MolinaTamar's Revenge (Absolute Classic)
  ''978-1-84002-444-9Ines De La CruzHouse of Desires (Absolute Classics)
2004978-1-84002-448-7Edward KempThe Master and Margarita: Edward Kemp (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-450-0Andrew G. MarshallComing Around Again (Oberon Modern Plays) (Oberon Modem)
  ''978-1-84002-452-4Will EnoThom Pain (based on nothing) (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-455-5Lyn HaillDarkness Illuminated: Discussions on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials
  ''978-1-84002-457-9John FraserClose Up: An Actor Telling Tales
2004978-1-84002-460-9Cristina FranchiMargot Fonteyn: The Royal Ballet's Prima Ballerina Asoluta (Royal Opera House Heritage)
  ''978-1-84002-461-6   ''Frederick Ashton (Royal Opera House Heritage) (Royal Opera House Heritage Series)
  ''978-1-84002-464-7Howard BarkerDead Hands (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-468-5Peter KarpatiFourth Gate, The (Oberon Modern Plays S.)
2005978-1-84002-471-5Laura WadeColder Than Here (Oberon Modern Plays)
2004978-1-84002-474-6Victoria Brittain · Gillian SlovoGuantanamo - 'Honor Bound to Defend Freedom' (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-478-4Jon FossePlays Three: Mother and Child; Sleep My Baby Sleep; Afternoon; Beautiful; Death Variations (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2005978-1-84002-479-1   ''Plays Four: And We'll Never Be Parted; The Son, Visits; Meanwhile the Lights Go Down and Everything Becomes Black (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2005978-1-84002-480-7Reza de WetPlays Two: "African Gothic", "Good Heavens", "Breathing In" (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2004978-1-84002-488-3Carlos AcostaTocororo: A Cuban Tale
  ''978-1-84002-494-4Kerstin SpechtMarieluise (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-496-8Tony GreenThe Kindness of Strangers (Oberon Modern Plays)
2005978-1-84002-504-0John FraserClose Up: An Actor Telling Tales
2004978-1-84002-516-3William WycherleyThe Country Wife (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-522-4Gurpreet Kaur BhattiBehzti (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-523-1Louisa May AlcottLittle Women (Oberon Modern Plays)
2006978-1-84002-524-8Jaqueline HolboroughThree Plays: Dreams of San Fransisco, The Way South, The Garden Girls (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2004978-1-84002-527-9William ShakespeareAs You Like it
2005978-1-84002-538-5Lucy Maud MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables: Based on the Novel by L.M.Montgomery (Oberon Modern Plays)
2005978-1-84002-539-2Amelie NothombHuman Rites (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-543-9Iain LandlesWar Trilogy: The Siege Angel of Mons Berezina (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-544-6Gilles TapieInvitation: Sylvie Guillem
  ''978-1-84002-545-3Dolly DhingraThe Fortune Club (Oberon Modern Plays)
2006978-1-84002-546-0Laura WadeBreathing Corpses (Oberon Modern Plays)
2005978-1-84002-548-4Chris O'ConnellHymns
  ''978-1-84002-551-4Gerhart HauptmannRose Bernd (Oberon Modern Plays)
2005978-1-84002-552-1Arthur SchnitzlerProfessor Bernhardi (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-553-8Andrew HaydonRaw Talent: 50 Years of the National Student Drama Festival
  ''978-1-84002-554-5Yasmin Khan · Azma DarBells: AND Chaos (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-560-6Bella MerlinWith the Rogue's Company: Henry IV at the National Theatre
  ''978-1-84002-562-0Robin SoansTalking to Terrorists (Oberon Modern Plays)
2005978-1-84002-564-4Carl Grose · Anna Maria MurphyKneehigh Anthology Volume 1: Tristan and Yseult, Red Shoes, The Wooden Frock, The Bacchae (Sydney Festival Release)
  ''978-1-84002-568-2Richard Norton-TaylorBloody Sunday: Scenes from the Saville Inquiry
  ''978-1-84002-569-9Richard BeanPlays One: The Mentalists Under the Whaleback the God Botherers (Oberon Modern Playwrights): 1
  ''978-1-84002-571-2Howard BarkerThe Fence in its Thousandth Year (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-574-3Dennis KellyOsama the Hero
2005978-1-84002-577-4Juan MayorgaWay to Heaven (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-578-1Lee SimpsonTheatre of Blood (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-579-8Friedrich SchillerMary Stuart (Oberon Classic Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-580-4Dennis KellyAfter the End (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-582-8Rikki Beadle-BlairBashment (Oberon Modern Plays)
2005978-1-84002-583-5Nikolai Vasilievich GogolThe Government Inspector (Oberon Classic Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-584-2Luigi PirandelloAs You Desire Me (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-585-9Peter OswaldThe Storm: After Plautus (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-586-6Alfred De MussetSeven Plays: Marianne, Fantasio, Don't Trifle with Love, The Candlestick, A Diversion, A Door Must Be Kept Open or Shut, You Can't Think of Everything (Oberon Classics)
  ''978-1-84002-587-3William ShakespeareHamlet (Oberon Classics)
2005978-1-84002-588-0Nick Moran · James HicksTelstar (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-594-1Richard BeanHarvest (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-598-9Henry JamesDaisy Miller (Oberon Modern Plays)
2007978-1-84002-600-9Edda Sharpe · Jan Haydn RowlesHow to Do Accents: The Essential Handbook for Every Actor
  ''978-1-84002-601-6Cicely BerryFrom Word to Play: A Textual Handbook for Directors and Actors
2006978-1-84002-602-3John SnelsonThe Ring: An Illustrated History of Wagner's Ring at the Royal Opera House
2005978-1-84002-603-0Tim CrouchAn Oak Tree (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-609-2Mick GordonOn Ego: Inspired by into the Silent Land
2005978-1-84002-610-8Fraser GraceWho Killed Mr. Drum? (Oberon Modern Plays)
2006978-1-84002-612-2Howard BarkerBarker: Plays One: Scenes from an Execution, Victory, The Europeans, The Possibilities: WITH Scenes from an Execution AND Victory, AND the Europeans AND the Possibilities (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2005978-1-84002-618-4Friedrich SchillerPlays: "The Robbers", "Passion and Politics" v. 1 (Oberon Classics)
  ''978-1-84002-619-1   ''Plays: "Don Carlos"; "Mary Stuart" v. 2 (Oberon Classics)
  ''978-1-84002-620-7   ''Plays: "Joan of Arc", "William Tell" v. 3 (Oberon Classics)
  ''978-1-84002-621-4Adriano ShaplinSwitch Triptych
2006978-1-84002-622-1Cristina FranchiPlacido Domingo and the Royal Opera
2006978-1-84002-623-8Cristina FranchiKenneth MacMillan at the Royal Opera House
2005978-1-84002-624-5Tanika GuptaGladiator Games (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-627-6Nicholas KentSrebrenica (Oberon Modern Plays)
2006978-1-84002-631-3Angela Carter"Nights at the Circus" (Oberon Modern Plays) (Adaptaton)
2005978-1-84002-633-7Nell LeyshonComfort Me with Apples (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-634-4Mark Roman SchultzA Brief History of Helen of Troy: (Or Everything Will Be Different) (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-641-2Georg Buchner · Nick CaveWoyzeck (Oberon Classics) (Oberon Modern Plays)
2006978-1-84002-648-1Howard BarkerBarker: Plays Two: "The Castle Gertrude", "The Cry", "Animals in Paradise", "13 Objects": 2 (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
  ''978-1-84002-650-4Laura WadeOther Hands (Oberon Modern Plays)
2007978-1-84002-654-2Derek HinesGilgamesh (Oberon Book)
2006978-1-84002-655-9Tanika GuptaSugar Mummies (Oberon Modern Plays)
2006978-1-84002-657-3John MortimerA Voyage Round My Father (Oberon Modern Plays): 1
  ''978-1-84002-659-7Deborah GearingBurn and Rosalind (Oberon Modern Plays)
2007978-1-84002-662-7Richard BeanPlays Two: "Toast" , "Smack Family Robinson" , "Mr England" , "Honeymoon Suite" (Oberon Modern Playwrights): "Toast" , ... Robinson" , "Mr England" , "Honeymoon Suite"
2006978-1-84002-665-8Sarah WoodsVisible (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-666-5John MiltonJohn Milton's Paradise Lost [Oxford Stage Company] (Oberon Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-670-2Sulayman Al-BassamThe Mirror for Princes: Kalila Wa Dimna (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-672-6Karoline Gritzner · David Ian RabeyTheatre of Catastrophe: New Essays on Howard Barker
2006978-1-84002-673-3Mervyn PeakeGormenghast: Adapted from the Mervyn Peake's Trilogy of Novels (Oberon Modern Plays)
2007978-1-84002-676-4Howard BarkerBarker: Plays Three: "Claw" , "Ursula" , "He Stumbled" , "The Love of a Good Man" (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2006978-1-84002-680-1Michael HastingsTom and Viv (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-686-3Francesca Beard · Sonali Bhattacharyya · Ian Marchant · Kara Miller · Courttia Newland · Richard Rai O'Neil · Rommi SmithWhite Open Spaces
  ''978-1-84002-688-7Franz KafkaMetamorphosis (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-690-0Colin TeevanHow Many Miles to Basra? (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-691-7Murray MelvinThe Art of the Theatre Workshop
2006978-1-84002-695-5Dennis KellyLove and Money (Oberon Modern Plays)
2008978-1-84002-697-9Will Hammond · Dan StewardVerbatim Verbatim: Techniques in Contemporary Documentary Theatre
2006978-1-84002-698-6Annie SiddonsRapunzel
  ''978-1-84002-714-3Mick Gordon · A. C. GraylingOn Religion (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-717-4Alasdair MiddletonThe Enchanted Pig (Oberon Plays for Young People)
2007978-1-84002-718-1Howard BarkerA Style and Its Origins (Oberon Book)
2006978-1-84002-720-4Nina Bawden · Emma ReevesCarrie's War (Oberon Plays for Young People)
2007978-1-84002-721-1William ShakespeareCymbeline (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-725-9John RetallackThe Company of Angels: Four Plays by John Retallack: "Hannah and Hanna" , "Virgins" , " Risk" , "Club Asylum" (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
978-1-84002-727-3Against All Gods
2007978-1-84002-728-0A. C. GraylingAgainst All Gods: Six Polemics on Religion and an Essay on Kindness (Oberon Master Series)
  ''978-1-84002-735-8Nobby ClarkLondon Blues: Photographs by Nobby Clark
2007978-1-84002-743-3John ConstableSecret Bankside: Walks Around the Outlaw Borough
  ''978-1-84002-744-0Nichola McAuliffeA Fanny Full of Soap: The Story of a West End Musical
  ''978-1-84002-745-7Richard Norton-TaylorCalled to Account
  ''978-1-84002-746-4Pierre MarivauxThe Triumph of Love; the Game of Love and Chance (Oberon Classics)
  ''978-1-84002-750-1Noah HaidleHaidle: Plays One: "Rag and Bone" , "Mr Marmalade" , " Vigils" (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
2007978-1-84002-752-5Tom Morton-SmithSalt Meets Wound (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-753-2Nell LeyshonGlass Eels (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-759-4Duncan MacmillanMonster (Oberon Modern Plays)
978-1-84002-760-0Three Plays
2007978-1-84002-763-1Ruth Little · Emily McLaughlinThe Royal Court Theatre Inside Out
  ''978-1-84002-764-8Rose CollisCoral Browne: 'This Effing Lady'
  ''978-1-84002-765-5Mervyn MillarThe Horse's Mouth: Staging Morpurgo's "War Horse"
2013978-1-84002-768-6Daniel RosenthalThe National Theatre Story
2010978-1-84002-775-4Richard BeanThe Big Fellah (Oberon Modern Plays)
2007978-1-84002-776-1Lyn HaillActors Speaking
2007978-1-84002-777-8Royal BalletPas De Deux: The Royal Ballet in Pictures (Royal Ballet): The Royal Ballet in Pictures (Royal Ballet)
  ''978-1-84002-778-5Dennis KellyTaking Care of Baby (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-779-2Roger CraneThe Last Confession (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-780-8Miriam KarlinSome Sort of a Life
  ''978-1-84002-781-5Tom Morris · Emma RiceA Matter of Life and Death (Oberon Modern Plays)
2007978-1-84002-783-9Hassan AbdulrazzakBaghdad Wedding (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-785-3Oladipo AgboluajeThe Christ of Coldharbour Lane (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-794-5Simon BentElling (Oberon Modern Plays)
2008978-1-84002-795-2Nichola McAuliffeA Fanny Full of Soap: The Story of a West End Disaster: The Story of a West End Musical
2007978-1-84002-797-6Mick Gordon · A. C. GraylingGrace (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-799-0Tim CrouchEngland (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-800-3Bryony LaveryStockholm (Oberon Modern Plays)
2007978-1-84002-803-4Dennis KellyPlays One: "Love and Money" , "Osama the Hero" , "Debris" , "After the End" (Oberon Modern Playwrights)
  ''978-1-84002-804-1Caryl Philips · Simon Schama CBERough Crossings (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-805-8Robin SoansLife After Scandal (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-809-6Gianina CarbunariuKebab (Oberon Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84002-810-2Ron HutchinsonMoonlight and Magnolias (Oberon Modern Plays)
2007978-1-84002-816-4Oscar Wilde · Phil ClarkeOscar Wilde Three Plays for Children: Three Magical Plays for Very Young Children (Plays for Young People)
2008978-1-84002-817-1Jonathan CroallPeter Hall's "Bacchai" (National Theatre at Work) (The National Theatre at Work)
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