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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-1-78973-008-1Toseef AzidResearch in Corporate and Shariah Governance in the Muslim World: Theory and Practice
  ''978-1-78973-012-8Torben Juul AndersonStrategic Responsiveness and Adaptive Organisations: New Research Frontiers in International Strategic Management (Emerald Studies in Global Strategic Responsiveness)
2020978-1-78973-040-1Angus NurseThe Citizen and the State: Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties in Conflict
2019978-1-78973-070-8Sjoerd GehrelsEmployer Branding for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry: Finding and Keeping Talent
  ''978-1-78973-168-2Rebecca Dalli GonziChange and Continuity Management in the Public Sector: The DALI Model for Effective Decision Making
  ''978-1-78973-172-9Andri GeorgiadouDiversity within Diversity Management: Types of Diversity in Organizations (Advanced Series in Management): 22
  ''978-1-78973-224-5Cheryl R. LehmanBeyond Perceptions, Crafting Meaning (Advances in Public Interest Accounting): 21
2019978-1-78973-254-2Beverly Weed-SchertzerDelivering ITSM for Business Maturity: A Practical Framework (Emerald Points)
  ''978-1-78973-262-7Jerome A. KatzSeminal Ideas for the Next Twenty-Five Years of Advances (Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth): 21
  ''978-1-78973-278-8Laurie L. BurneyAdvances in Management Accounting: 31
  ''978-1-78973-282-5Kevin CullinaneAirline Economics in Europe (Advances in Airline Economics)
  ''978-1-78973-294-8John HasseldineAdvances in Taxation: 26
2019978-1-78973-370-9Charles Richard BakerResearch on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting: 22
  ''978-1-78973-374-7Venancio TauringanaEnvironmental Reporting and Management in Africa (Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management): 8
  ''978-1-78973-390-7Rita Biswas · Michael Michaelides · John W. KensingerEssays in Financial Economics (Research in Finance)
  ''978-1-78973-394-5Thomas G. CalderonAdvances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations
  ''978-1-78973-438-6Lukasz M. BochenekAdvocacy and Organizational Engagement: Redefining the Way Organizations Engage
2019978-1-78973-446-1Sivaram VemuriManaging Silence in Workplaces
  ''978-1-78973-454-6Jacob Dahl RendtorffPhilosophy of Management and Sustainability: Rethinking Business Ethics and Social Responsibility in Sustainable Development
  ''978-1-78973-470-6Hamed Fazlollahtabar · Mohammed Saidi-MehrabadCost Engineering and Pricing in Autonomous Manufacturing Systems
2020978-1-78973-488-1Tim Chapman · Lynn Pickford · Tony SmithCoaching Winning Sales Teams: Insights from the World of Sport and Business
2019978-1-78973-600-7Cary L. CooperAdvances in Mergers and Acquisitions: 18
  ''978-1-78973-670-0Martin E. PerssonHarold Cecil Edey: Collection of Unpublished Material from a 20th Century Accounting Reformer (Studies in the Development of Accounting Thought): A ... from a 20th Century Accounting Reformer
  ''978-1-78973-684-7David M. WasieleskiBusiness Ethics (Business and Society 360)
2019978-1-78973-690-8Jiju Antony · Vijaya Sunder M · Chad Laux · Elizabeth CudneyThe Ten Commandments of Lean Six Sigma: A Guide for Practitioners
  ''978-1-78973-728-8Austin SaratStudies in Law, Politics, and Society: 79
  ''978-1-78973-752-3Perry Warjiyo · Solikin M. JuhroCentral Bank Policy: Theory and Practice
  ''978-1-78973-770-7Juan Cegarra Navarro · Alexeis Garcia-Perez · Susan Wakabayashi · Denise Bedford · Margo ThomasCritical Capabilities and Competencies for Knowledge Organizations (Working Methods for Knowledge Management)
  ''978-1-78973-774-5Pawan Handa · Jean Pagani · Denise BedfordKnowledge Assets and Knowledge Audits (Working Methods for Knowledge Management)
2019978-1-78973-778-3Bill LaFayette · Wayne Curtis · Denise Bedford · Seema IyerKnowledge Economies and Knowledge Work (Working Methods for Knowledge Management)
2020978-1-78973-802-5Godwell Nhamo · Charles Nhemachena · Senia Nhamo · Vuyo Mjimba · Ivana SavićSDG7 - Ensure Access to Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable, and Modern Energy (Concise Guides to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)
2019978-1-78973-818-6Lee WilsonData-Driven Marketing Content: A Practical Guide
  ''978-1-78973-822-3Hoda MahmoudiInterdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Dignity and Human Rights
  ''978-1-78973-848-3Apu Manna · Tarak Nath Sahu · Arindam GuptaGovernance Led Corporate Performance: Theory and Practice
  ''978-1-78973-946-6Pamela L. PerrewéExamining the Role of Well Being in the Marketing Discipline: 17 (Research in Occupational Stress and Well Being)
  ''978-1-78973-978-7Nikolina Koporcic · Jan-Åke TörnroosUnderstanding Interactive Network Branding in SME Firms