year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-1-78904-006-7Alexander and Luba ArbachakovShor Shamanic Epic Folktales: Traditional Siberian Shamanic tales
  ''978-1-78904-010-4David J. BlackerWhat's Left of the World: Education, Identity and the Post-Work Political Imagination
  ''978-1-78904-014-2Lee MorganStanding and Not Falling: A sorcerous primer in thirteen moons
2018978-1-78904-018-0Mikkel Bolt RasmussenTrump's Counter-Revolution
2020978-1-78904-036-4Morgan DaimlerA New Dictionary of Fairies: A 21st Century Exploration of Celtic and Related Western European Fairies
2019978-1-78904-038-8Imelda AlmqvistSacred Art - A Hollow Bone for Spirit: Where Art Meets Shamanism
  ''978-1-78904-042-5Stafford BettyThe War for Islam: A Novel
  ''978-1-78904-056-2Tom & Dorothy HopkinsonThe Silent Messenger: The Life and Work of Meher Baba
2019978-1-78904-064-7Frithjof BergmannNew Work New Culture: Work we want and a culture that strengthens us
  ''978-1-78904-075-3Cyndi BrannenKeeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft
  ''978-1-78904-105-7Peter BrainKnowable God, The: A fresh look at the Fourth Gospel
  ''978-1-78904-127-9Liam Ó RuaircPeace or Pacification?: Northern Ireland After the Defeat of the IRA
2020978-1-78904-133-0Jon Salfield · Daniela I. NorrisFrom Last to First: A Parent's Guide to Fencing Success
2019978-1-78904-137-8Ann M. DrakeThe Energetic Dimension: Understanding Our Karmic, Ancestral and Cultural Imprints
  ''978-1-78904-184-2Debra DiamondDiary of a Death Doula: 25 Lessons the Dying Teach Us About the Afterlife
2019978-1-78904-196-5Aaron OberonSouthern Cunning
2018978-1-78904-208-5Verity SpeeksThe First Lady Escapes: FLOTUS Flees the White House
2019978-1-78904-216-0Rachel PattersonKitchen Witchcraft: Crystal Magic
  ''978-1-78904-232-0Michael StrelowJake's Book: Book III of The Princess Gardener series
  ''978-1-78904-243-6Cyndi BrannenTrue Magic: Unleashing Your Inner Witch
2020978-1-78904-275-7Nicholas HaggerFools Paradise: The Voyage of a Ship of Fools from Europe, a Mock-heroic Poem on Brexit
  ''978-1-78904-300-6Reena KumarasinghamThe Magdalene Lineage: Past Life Journeys into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries
  ''978-1-78904-304-4William FerraioloA Life Worth Living: Meditations on God, Death and Stoicism
2020978-1-78904-309-9Dagulf LoptsonPagan Portals - Loki: Trickster and Transformer
  ''978-1-78904-333-4Robin CorakPagan Portals - Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power
  ''978-1-78904-347-1Irisanya MoonPagan Portals - Aphrodite: Encountering the Goddess of Love & Beauty & Initiation
  ''978-1-78904-351-8Diana Richardson · Wendy DoelemanCool Sex: An Essential Young Adult Guide to Loving, Mindful Sex
2019978-1-78904-355-6Harvey J. KayeTake Hold of Our History: Make America Radical Again
2020978-1-78904-375-4Mark TownsendThe Traitor's Child: Will One Family's Guilty Secret Lay Bare History's Biggest Lie?
  ''978-1-78904-379-2Rachel PattersonPractically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Cooking
2020978-1-78904-387-7Paul WallisEscaping from Eden: Does Genesis Teach That The Human Race Was Created By God Or Engineered By Ets?
  ''978-1-78904-393-8William FerraioloYou Die at the End: Meditations on Mortality and the Human Condition
  ''978-1-78904-395-2Johnny MosesThe Medicine Clothes that Look at the People: An Ancient Epic Tale from the Samish People of the Pacific Coastal Northwest
  ''978-1-78904-407-2Melusine DracoPagan Portals - Sacred Landscape: Caves and Mountains
  ''978-1-78904-409-6Paul Edward BaribaultOur Brilliant Eternity: An Inclusive Devotional
2020978-1-78904-432-4Imelda AlmqvistMedicine of the Imagination - Dwelling in Possibility: An Impassioned Plea for Fearless Imagination
  ''978-1-78904-438-6Robert Michael SachsThe Path of Civility: Perfecting the Lessons of a President by Applying the Wisdom of a Buddha
  ''978-1-78904-468-3Melanie Choukas-BradleyFinding Solace at Theodore Roosevelt Island: My Year with the Kingfisher
  ''978-1-78904-480-5Monika KosteraAfter The Apocalypse: Finding Hope in Organizing
  ''978-1-78904-484-3William FerraioloGod Bless the Broken Bones: Meditations Over One Botched, Bungled, and Beautiful Year
2020978-1-78904-486-7Morgan DaimlerPagan Portals - Raven Goddess: Going Deeper with the Morrigan
  ''978-1-78904-534-5Chris AllaunOtherworld: Ecstatic Witchcraft for the Spirits of the Land

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