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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-1-78627-003-0Angelica HicksTongue in Chic: The Fabulous Fashion World of Angelica Hicks
  ''978-1-78627-036-8Good Wives and WarriorsTo the Ends of the Earth and Back Again: The Longest Coloring Book in the World
  ''978-1-78627-042-9Faye DowlingThe Book of Black
  ''978-1-78627-045-0Yuko HiguchiYuko Higuchi's Magical Coloring Museum
  ''978-1-78627-048-1Leila DulyFloribunda 2018 Coloring Calendar
2017978-1-78627-050-4Laurence King PublishingBirdtopia 2018 Coloring Calendar
  ''978-1-78627-052-8Charlotte Fiell · Peter Fiell · Magnus EnglundModern Scandinavian Design
  ''978-1-78627-054-2Selwyn LeamyRead This if You Want to Be Great at Drawing
  ''978-1-78627-056-6Colin DaviesA New History of Modern Architecture
  ''978-1-78627-061-0Nina ChakrabartiMy Collection of Collections
2017978-1-78627-063-4Alexander FuryCatwalking: Photographs by Chris Moore
2018978-1-78627-064-1Little White LiesThe Little White Lies Guide to Making Your Own Movie: In 39 Steps
2017978-1-78627-066-5Colin Westerbeck · Joel MeyerowitzBystander: A History of Street Photography
  ''978-1-78627-068-9Cally Blackman100 Years of Fashion Illustration (Mini)
2018978-1-78627-072-6Stuart AtkinsonA Cat's Guide to the Night Sky
  ''978-1-78627-077-1Rory DobnerThe Ink House
2017978-1-78627-081-8Sasha Gusov · Amanda RenshawPeople Like Us
  ''978-1-78627-082-5Grace BanksPlay with Me: Dolls, Women and Art
  ''978-1-78627-085-6Daisy FletcherInto the Wild: An Exotic Woodland Coloring Book
2017978-1-78627-093-1Petra Eisele · Annette Ludwig · Isabel NaegeleFutura: The Typeface
2018978-1-78627-129-7Paul JacksonHow to Make Repeat Patterns: A Guide for Designers, Architects and Artists
2017978-1-78627-131-0Battersea Dogs & Cats HomeAll about the Dog: A Dog Lover's Coloring Book
2018978-1-78627-133-4Dana K. GullingManufacturing Architecture: An Architect’s Guide to Custom Processes, Materials, and Applications
  ''978-1-78627-164-8Mary GuzokwskiThe Art of Architectural Daylighting
  ''978-1-78627-166-2Nick HigginsRacing Bicycles: The Illustrated Story of Road Cycling
  ''978-1-78627-168-6Franziska Morlok · Miriam WaszelewskiBookbinding: The Complete Guide to Folding, Sewing & Binding
2019978-1-78627-176-1Francesca Sterlacci · Barbara Arata-GavereDraping: Techniques for Beginners (University of Fashion)
2018978-1-78627-186-0Joel MeyerowitzJoel Meyerowitz: Where I Find Myself: A Lifetime Retrospective
2019978-1-78627-196-9Francesca Sterlacci · Barbara Arata-GaverePattern Making: Techniques for Beginners (University of Fashion)
2018978-1-78627-197-6Ross RaisinRead This if You Want to Be a Great Writer
2019978-1-78627-198-3Francesca Sterlacci · Barbara SeggioSewing: Techniques for Beginners (University of Fashion)
2018978-1-78627-201-0Ian Haydn SmithThe Short Story of Photography: A Pocket Guide to Key Genres, Works, Themes & Techniques
  ''978-1-78627-215-7Barbara Graham · Caline AnoutiPromoting Fashion
2018978-1-78627-220-1Santan Suryavanshi · Hans P. BacherVision: Color and Composition for Film
  ''978-1-78627-235-5Steve McCurry · Bonnie McCurrySteve McCurry: A Life in Pictures: 40 Years of Photography
2019978-1-78627-245-4Angus Hyland · Kendra WilsonThe Book of the Flower: Flowers in Art
2020978-1-78627-246-1Daniela HenriquezFantastic Women: A Top Score Game (Magma for Laurence King)
2019978-1-78627-248-5Little White LiesThe Flip Side of...Pulp Fiction: Unofficial and Unauthorised
  ''978-1-78627-249-2   ''The Flip Side of...Alien: Unofficial and Unauthorised
  ''978-1-78627-250-8   ''The Flip Side of...Jurassic Park: Unofficial and Unauthorised
2018978-1-78627-261-4Viola Bertini · Salma Samar DamlujiHassan Fathy: Earth & Utopia
  ''978-1-78627-282-9Sally CoulthardHow to Build a Shed
2018978-1-78627-283-6Sally CoulthardHow to Build a Shed
  ''978-1-78627-287-4Greg BaileyAlright Darling?: The Contemporary Drag Scene
  ''978-1-78627-292-8Angus Hyland · Caroline RobertsThe Book of the Horse: Horses in Art
  ''978-1-78627-293-5Hedi Kyle · Ulla WarcholThe Art of the Fold: How to Make Innovative Books and Paper Structures
  ''978-1-78627-296-6Paul JacksonCut and Fold Techniques for Promotional Materials: Revised edition
2018978-1-78627-301-7Morgan Doane · Erin HardingHow to Raise a Plant: and Make it Love You Back
  ''978-1-78627-308-6Val Garland · Karl PlewkaValidated: The Makeup of Val Garland
  ''978-1-78627-315-4Katerina PantelidessARTorial: The Art of Looking Like an Artist
  ''978-1-78627-318-5Henry CarrollPhotographers on Photography: How the Masters See, Think and Shoot
  ''978-1-78627-325-3Steven Heller · Gail AndersonThe Illustration Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters
2019978-1-78627-327-7Chris LefteriMaking It, Third edition: manufacturing Techniques for Product Design
2019978-1-78627-328-4Chris LefteriMaking It, Third Edition
  ''978-1-78627-369-7Susie HodgeThe Short Story of Modern Art: A Pocket Guide to Key Movements, Works, Themes and Techniques
  ''978-1-78627-385-7Martin RaymondThe Trend Forecaster's Handbook: Second Edition
  ''978-1-78627-386-4Joanna ThornhillMy Bedroom is an Office: & Other Interior Design Dilemmas
  ''978-1-78627-391-8Paul WoodsHow to Do Great Work Without Being an Asshole
2019978-1-78627-405-2Henry Carroll · Selwyn LeamyUse This if You Want to Be Great at Drawing: An Inspirational Sketchbook
  ''978-1-78627-407-6Natalia Price-Cabrera#NoFilter: Get Creative with Photography
  ''978-1-78627-411-3Martin ParrSpace Dogs: The Story of the Celebrated Canine Cosmonauts
  ''978-1-78627-413-7Angus HylandMafia: The World's Deadliest Party Game
  ''978-1-78627-416-8Robert StorrPhilip Guston
2019978-1-78627-420-5Henry CarrollBe a Super Awesome Photographer
  ''978-1-78627-421-2Toby MeadowsHow to Set Up & Run a Fashion Label: Third Edition
  ''978-1-78627-424-3Daido Moriyama · Takeshi NakamotoDaido Moriyama: How I Take Photographs
  ''978-1-78627-451-9Richard YotLight for Visual Artists Second Edition: Understanding and Using Light in Art & Design
  ''978-1-78627-486-1David Parkinson100 Ideas That Changed Film (Pocket Editions)
2020978-1-78627-494-6Maria RivansExtraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage
2019978-1-78627-498-4Bruce GardnerDorodango
2019978-1-78627-511-0Bjarki HallgrimssonPrototyping and Modelmaking for Product Designers: Second Edition
  ''978-1-78627-516-5Victor NunesThe Drawing Game
  ''978-1-78627-519-6Little White LiesThe Movie Quiz Book
  ''978-1-78627-521-9Gemma PadleyThe Story of the Earth from the Air: Aerial Photography from the Pigeon to the Drone
  ''978-1-78627-559-2Jean-Francois JaussaudLouise Bourgeois: An Intimate Portrait
2020978-1-78627-574-5Wendy MitchellCitizen Canine: Dogs in the Movies