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2015978-1-78548-002-7Nicolas PatinPower Electronics Applied to Industrial Systems and Transports: Volume 3: Switching Power Supplies
2016978-1-78548-009-6Richard Wan · Francois Nicot · Felix DarveFailure in Geomaterials Handbook: A Contemporary Treatise
2015978-1-78548-012-6Antonio Cuadra-Sánchez · Javier AracilTraffic Anomaly Detection
2016978-1-78548-017-1Jean-Marc Tacnet · Simon Carladous · Guillaume PitonDesign of Protection Dams Against Torrent Floods
2015978-1-78548-022-5Daniel Câmara · Navid NikaeinWireless Public Safety Networks: Overview and Challenges
  ''978-1-78548-023-2Yves Remond · Said Ahzi · Majid BaniassadiApplied RVE Reconstruction and Homogenization of Heterogeneous Materials
  ''978-1-78548-034-8Alexander A GushchinStochastic Calculus for Quantitative Finance
2017978-1-78548-053-9Daniel Camara · Navid NikaeinWireless Public Safety Networks 3: Applications and Uses
  ''978-1-78548-061-4Frédéric GrillotQuantum Confined Lasers: Recent Advances
2016978-1-78548-066-9Bruno ChareyreHandbook of Discrete Element Method for Dense Granular Solids
2018978-1-78548-068-3Gerard Gagneux · Olivier MilletDiscrete Mechanics of Capillary Bridges
2017978-1-78548-071-3Matthew R. KuhnGranular Geomechanics
2018978-1-78548-072-0Thomas Weinhart · Stefan Luding · Anthony ThorntonCalibration and Validation of Granular Continuum Models from Particle Data: Bridging the Micro-Macro Gap
  ''978-1-78548-074-4Francois Nicot · Felix DarveInside the Structure of Granular Materials
2016978-1-78548-077-5Jean-Noël RouxGrain Packings and Basic Mechanisms of Granular Material
2017978-1-78548-078-2Antoinette TordesillasMesoscale Complexity and Emergent Behavior in Dense Granular Systems
2019978-1-78548-079-9Richard WanMultiscale Computation of Failure in Granular Materials
2017978-1-78548-081-2Vanessa Magnanimo · Stefan LudingBridging the Gap: Particle-Based Continuum Models for Quasi-Static Granular Materials
2019978-1-78548-082-9Riccardo GattoInsurance Mathematics: Stochastic Models and Mathematical Methods
2016978-1-78548-083-6Alexandre BrousteStatistical Inference in Financial and Insurance with R (Optimization in Insurance and Finance Set)
2017978-1-78548-096-6Nicolas PossemePlasma Etching Processes for CMOS Devices Realization
2016978-1-78548-098-0Angel RamosRFID and Wireless Sensors Using Ultra-Wideband Technology
2017978-1-78548-111-6Christophe Lalanne · Mounir MesbahBiostatistics and Computer-based Analysis of Health Data Using SAS (Biostatistics and Health Science)
2017978-1-78548-112-3Sylvie Boldo · Guillaume MelquiondComputer Arithmetic and Formal Proofs: Verifying Floating-point Algorithms with the Coq System (Computer Engineering)
2018978-1-78548-119-2Jean-Louis BoulangerCertifiable Software Applications 3: Downward Cycle
2016978-1-78548-123-9Jean-Marie DilhacEnergy Autonomy of Batteryless and Wireless Embedded Systems: Aeronautical Applications
  ''978-1-78548-125-3Maryline ChettoEnergy Autonomy of Real-Time Systems
2018978-1-78548-129-1Jérôme Blanchet · Jacques RoudenOrgano Catalysis Using Bronsted Acids
2017978-1-78548-130-7Vincent Coeffard · Xavier Moreau · Christine GreckRecent Advances in Aminocatalyzed Cascade Reactions
  ''978-1-78548-133-8Claudio Di PriscoGeomechanics of Landslides
2018978-1-78548-135-2Romain Amiot · Christophe Lecuyer · Eric BuffetautIsotopic Geochemistry and Paleobiology
2017978-1-78548-144-4Olivier Rance · Etienne Perret · Romain Siragusa · Pierre Lemaitre-AugerRCS Synthesis for Chipless RFID: Theory and Design (Remote Identification Beyond RFID Set)
2016978-1-78548-145-1Muriel Le RouxNavelbine® and Taxotère®: Histories of Sciences
2017978-1-78548-149-9Raphael BaillotReliability Investigation of LED Devices for Public Light Applications
2016978-1-78548-152-9Yannick DeshayesReliability, Robustness and Failure Mechanisms of LED Devices: Methodology and Evaluation
  ''978-1-78548-153-6Frederic JallatBiopharmaceutical Management
2018978-1-78548-154-3Massimo Vanzi · Laurent Bechou · Mitsuo Fukuda · Giovanna MuraAdvanced Laser Diode Reliability
2019978-1-78548-156-7Jean-Louis BoulangerB Method
2016978-1-78548-157-4Arnaud Banos · Christophe Lang · Nicolas MarilleauAgent-based Spatial Simulation with NetLogo, Volume 2: Advanced Concepts
2017978-1-78548-158-1Azzedine Boudrioua · Mahmoud Chakaroun · Alexis FischerAn Introduction to Organic Lasers (Advanced Lasers)
2019978-1-78548-161-1Pascale Tubert-Bitter · Ismail Hamed · Sylvie EscolanoPharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance
2018978-1-78548-164-2Mohammed Ben Abdallah · Bruno SalguesSignals and Systems in e-Health
2017978-1-78548-165-9Mohamed Lamine Bendaou · Stephane CallensNew Health Systems: Integrated Care and Health Inequalities Reduction (Health Industrialization Set)
2020978-1-78548-172-7Henri BourlesAnalysis and Control of Linear Time-Varying Systems
2018978-1-78548-174-1Michel Fliess · Cedric JoinUncertainty Principle for Time Series
2019978-1-78548-189-5Abdelkhalak El Hami · Philippe PougnetEmbedded Mechatronic Systems, Volume 1: Analysis of Failures, Predictive Reliability
  ''978-1-78548-192-5Chaouqi MisbahBlood Macro- and Microcirculation
2018978-1-78548-193-2Diogo Queiros Conde · Michel FeidtFractal and Trans-scale Nature of Entropy: Towards a Geometrization of Thermodynamics (Thermodynamics-energy, Environment, Economy Set)
2018978-1-78548-202-1Aurelie Hua-VanTransposable Elements and RNA
2019978-1-78548-204-5Boubaker Daachi · Tarek MadaniAdaptive Neural Networks and Robots Intelligent Control in Direct or Indirect Interaction with Humans
2017978-1-78548-205-2Patrick De Buhan · Jérémy Bleyer · Ghazi HassenElastic, Plastic and Yield Design of Reinforced Structures (Mechanical Engineering and Solid Mechanics)
2018978-1-78548-206-9Maria Di Mascolo · Marie-Laure Espinouse · Eric MarconIndustrial Engineering for Hospitals
  ''978-1-78548-207-6Sébastian DurandBiomechanics of the Hand
  ''978-1-78548-208-3Jean-Francois GanghofferMultiscale Biomechanics
2019978-1-78548-209-0Jean-Noel Jaubert · Romain PrivatThermodynamic Models for Chemical Engineering
  ''978-1-78548-210-6Fabrice Leclerc · Benoît MasquidaLooking at Ribozymes: From Atomic to Molecular and Cellular Scales
2018978-1-78548-211-3Gilles Maignant · Pascal StacciniStatistical, Mapping and Digital Approaches in Healthcare (Territory Management and Digital Healthcare)
2019978-1-78548-213-7Gerald Perret · Frederic DucongeThe Aptamers Ligands: Powerful Tools from Molecular Evolution
2016978-1-78548-216-8Julie Dawn ThompsonStatistics for Bioinformatics: Methods for Multiple Sequence Alignment
2017978-1-78548-219-9Youcef TouatiEnergy Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
  ''978-1-78548-229-8Jean-Paul Balayssac · Vincent GarnierNon-destructive Testing and Evaluation of Civil Engineering Structures (Structures Durability in Civil Engineering)
2018978-1-78548-234-2Raoul Francois · Stéphane Laurens · Fabrice DebyCorrosion and its Consequences for Reinforced Concrete Structures (Structures Durability in Civil Engineering Set)
2017978-1-78548-237-3Vincent PavanExterior Algebras: Elementary Tribute to Grassmann's Ideas
2018978-1-78548-241-0François de DieuleveultAmplifiers and Oscillators: Optimization by Simulation
2018978-1-78548-244-1Frédéric Magoulès · Abal-Kassim Cheik AhamedNumerical Linear Algebra
  ''978-1-78548-249-6Henri BourlesFundamentals of Advanced Mathematics V2: Field extensions, topology and topological vector spaces, functional spaces, and sheaves (New Mathematical Methods, Systems and Applications)
2019978-1-78548-250-2   ''Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics V3
  ''978-1-78548-251-9Franck Cazaurang · Kelly Cohen · Manish KumarMulti-rotor Platform Based UAV Systems
2018978-1-78548-254-0Nicole ArrighiStem Cells: Therapeutic Innovations under Control (Innovation, Benefits and Risk in Biotechnology Set)
2019978-1-78548-255-7Nicole Arrighi · Christine RissoNanobiotechnology: Benefits and Risks of Emerging Technologies in Human Health
2017978-1-78548-259-5Laure BeyalaConnected Objects in Health: Risks, Uses and Perspectives (Health Industrialization)
2018978-1-78548-263-2Jean-Aime Maxa · Mohamed Slim Ben Mahmoud · Nicolas LarrieuModel Driven Development for Embedded Software: Application to Communications for Drone Swarm
  ''978-1-78548-265-6Antonin MorillonLong Non-coding RNA: The Dark Side of the Genome
  ''978-1-78548-266-3Jean-Francois DupuyStatistical Methods for Overdispersed Count Data
2017978-1-78548-267-0Olivier VidalMineral Resources and Energy: Future Stakes in Energy Transition
2017978-1-78548-268-7Freddy VinetFloods: Volume 1 - Risk Knowledge
  ''978-1-78548-269-4Freddy VinetFloods: Volume 2- Risk Management
  ''978-1-78548-273-1Cornel Marius MureaStable Numerical Schemes for Fluids, Structures and their Interactions
2020978-1-78548-275-5Paul Hoffman · Marius IllieBiobanks
2017978-1-78548-276-2Pascale VincentNeurofeedback: Tools, Methods and Applications
2018978-1-78548-277-9Philippe Grandcolas · Marie-Christine MaurelBiodiversity and Evolution
2017978-1-78548-278-6Francois Nicot · Olivier MilletAdvances in Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Couplings in Geo-Environmental Mechanics (Civil Engineerin and Geomechanics)
2018978-1-78548-282-3Christian GontrandMicro-nanoelectronics Devices: Modeling of Diffusion and Operation Processes
2019978-1-78548-286-1Jean Lerbet · Noel Challamel · Francois Nicot · Felix DarveStability of Discrete Non-conservative Systems
2018978-1-78548-287-8Marius FieschiHealth Data Processing: Systemic Approaches
2019978-1-78548-294-6Maxime DerianOrthotic Digital Devices in the Human Body
  ''978-1-78548-313-4Weihong Zhang · Yingjie XuMechanical Properties of Polycarbonate: Experiment and Modeling for Aeronautical and Aerospace Applications