Vintage Classics

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-78487-005-8Iris MurdochThe Sea, The Sea (Vintage Summer)
  ''978-1-78487-006-5Audrey NiffeneggerGhostly: A Collection of Ghost Stories
2014978-1-78487-014-0Aldous HuxleyBrave New World: Special 3D Edition (Vintage Classics)
2015978-1-78487-015-7Haruki MurakamiA Wild Sheep Chase: Special 3D Edition (Vintage Classics)
2016978-1-78487-028-7Stella GibbonsThe Yellow Houses (Vintage Classics)
2015978-1-78487-031-7Alan HollinghurstThe Swimming-Pool Library (Vintage Classics)
2014978-1-78487-037-9Werner HerzogOf Walking In Ice: Munich - Paris: 23 November - 14 December, 1974 (Vintage Classics)
2015978-1-78487-038-6Simone de BeauvoirThe Second Sex (Vintage Feminism Short Edition) (Vintage Feminism Short Editions)
  ''978-1-78487-039-3Mary WollstonecraftA Vindication of the Rights of Woman (Vintage Feminism Short Edition) (Vintage Feminism Short Editions)
  ''978-1-78487-041-6Naomi WolfThe Beauty Myth (Vintage Feminism Short Edition) (Vintage Feminism Short Editions)
2016978-1-78487-047-8Yashar KemalThey Burn Thistles (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-1-78487-056-0HomerThe Iliad
2016978-1-78487-082-9Raymond WilliamsThe Country and the City (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-1-78487-084-3Virginia WoolfThe Waves (Vintage Classics Woolf Series)
  ''978-1-78487-095-9Aldous HuxleyBrave New World (Vintage Future)
2017978-1-78487-096-6Margaret AtwoodHandmaids Tale (Vintage Future)
2016978-1-78487-097-3Yevgeny ZamyatinWe (Vintage Future)
  ''978-1-78487-098-0Kurt VonnegutSlapstick or Lonesome No More (Vintage Future)
  ''978-1-78487-101-7Andrey PlatonovThe Foundation Pit (Vintage Future)
2015978-1-78487-109-3Ian FlemingGoldfinger: Trigger Mortis edition (James Bond 007)
2016978-1-78487-128-4Mary WesleyThe Camomile Lawn (Vintage Classics)
2016978-1-78487-132-1Claudio MagrisA Different Sea (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-1-78487-133-8Fred UhlmanReunion (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-1-78487-144-4Margaret AtwoodThe Handmaid's Tale (Vintage Classics)
2015978-1-78487-145-1Kingsley AmisColonel Sun: James Bond 007
2018978-1-78487-151-2Aleksandr SolzhenitsynThe Gulag Archipelago: (Abridged edition) (Vintage Classics)
2016978-1-78487-152-9Oscar WildeThe Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays (Vintage Classics)
978-1-78487-157-4A. DoyleThe Adventures of She
978-1-78487-158-1The Adventures of Tom
978-1-78487-159-8L. CarrollAlice's Adventures in
978-1-78487-160-4R. L. StevensonDr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
978-1-78487-162-8J AustenEmma
978-1-78487-163-5M. ShelleyFrankenstein
978-1-78487-164-2C. DickensGreat Expectations
978-1-78487-165-9F. S. FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby
978-1-78487-166-6Heart of Darkness
978-1-78487-167-3O. WildeThe Importance of Bei
978-1-78487-168-0C. BronteJane Eyre
1979978-1-78487-169-7V. WoolfMrs Dalloway
978-1-78487-170-3C. DickensOliver Twist
978-1-78487-171-0O. WildeThe Picture of Dorian
978-1-78487-172-7J AustenPride and Prejudice
978-1-78487-173-4D. DefoeRobinson Crusoe
978-1-78487-174-1J AustenSense and Sensibility
978-1-78487-175-8Treasure Island
978-1-78487-176-5Wuthering Heights
2017978-1-78487-196-3Vasily GrossmanLife And Fate (Vintage Classic Russians Series)
  ''978-1-78487-204-5Ernest HemingwayIslands in the Stream (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-1-78487-224-3Bruce ChatwinIn Patagonia: 40th Anniversary Edition (Vintage Classics)
2017978-1-78487-228-1Thomas HardyFar from the Madding Crowd (Vintage Classics)
1973978-1-78487-285-4Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
2017978-1-78487-318-9Margaret AtwoodThe Handmaid's Tale: the number one Sunday Times bestseller (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-1-78487-344-8Charles DickensA Christmas Carol (Vintage Classics Dickens Series)
2019978-1-78487-362-2Charles DarwinThe Origin of Species: (Patterns of Life)
2018978-1-78487-371-4Tom WolfeThe Right Stuff (Vintage Classics)
  ''978-1-78487-387-5Derek JarmanModern Nature: Journals, 1989 - 1990 (The Journals of Derek Jarman)
  ''978-1-78487-391-2Ingmar BergmanPrivate Confessions
  ''978-1-78487-396-7David StoreySaville (Vintage Classics)
2018978-1-78487-402-5Yuval Noah HarariMoney: Vintage Minis
  ''978-1-78487-409-4Sigmund FreudDreams: Vintage Minis
2017978-1-78487-412-4Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray: Vintage Classics x MADE.COM
2019978-1-78487-444-5Willa CatherMy Ántonia
  ''978-1-78487-445-2Willa CatherDeath Comes for the Archbishop
2018978-1-78487-446-9Emmeline PankhurstMy Own Story (Vintage Feminism Short Edition) (Vintage Feminism Short Editions)
  ''978-1-78487-447-6Virginia WoolfA Room of One's Own (Vintage Feminism Short Edition) (Vintage Feminism Short Editions)
  ''978-1-78487-457-5H.G. WellsThe Time Machine
2019978-1-78487-485-8Kurt VonnegutSlaughterhouse 5: 50th Anniversary Edition
2018978-1-78487-487-2Margaret AtwoodThe Handmaid's Tale
2019978-1-78487-520-6Iris MurdochThe Bell: Vintage Classics Murdoch Series
2019978-1-78487-521-3Iris MurdochUnder The Net: Vintage Classics Murdoch Series
  ''978-1-78487-530-5Joseph ConradHeart of Darkness: And Youth (Vintage Voyages)
  ''978-1-78487-533-6Graham GreeneTravels With My Aunt: (Vintage Voyages)
  ''978-1-78487-545-9Arthur KoestlerDarkness at Noon (Vintage Classics Hardbacks)
2020978-1-78487-599-2Barry EnglandFigures in a Landscape