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2015978-1-78469-012-0Harry SchnitkerThe Church and World War I
2014978-1-78469-013-7YOUCATYOUCAT Confirmation Book (for candidates)
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2015978-1-78469-038-0Jason EvertPure Manhood: How to Become the Man God Wants You to Be
  ''978-1-78469-039-7Crystalina EvertPure Womanhood: How to Become the Woman God Wants You to be
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2015978-1-78469-043-4Catholic Truth SocietyWhat is the Ordinariate?
2014978-1-78469-044-1Francis PopeLetter to All Consecrated People (Vatican Documents)
2015978-1-78469-045-8Catholic Truth SocietyLlyfr Gweddi Bach - Welsh Simple Prayer Book
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2015978-1-78469-055-7Lorenzo Quadri · Lorenzo TestoHandbook for Altar Servers
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