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2014978-1-78352-043-5Chris YatesThe Lost Diary: A summer fishing in pursuit of golden scales
  ''978-1-78352-062-6Rory MacleanBack in the USSR: Heroic Adventures in Transnistria
  ''978-1-78352-077-0Dominic FrisbyBitcoin: The Future of Money?
2015978-1-78352-083-1Robert PhillipsTrust Me, PR Is Dead
  ''978-1-78352-087-9Laurie AvadisEx
2016978-1-78352-120-3Danny ScheinmannThe Half Life of Joshua Jones
  ''978-1-78352-139-5Hilary GalloThe Power of Soft: How to get what you want without being a ****
2016978-1-78352-224-8Henry JeffreysEmpire of Booze
  ''978-1-78352-228-6John Griffiths · Tracey Follows98% Pure Potato
  ''978-1-78352-231-6Yannick HillVersailles: A novel
  ''978-1-78352-233-0Stevyn ColganWhy Did the Policeman Cross the Road?: How to solve problems before they arise
  ''978-1-78352-242-2Nicholas LanderOn the Menu: The World's Favourite Piece of Paper
2016978-1-78352-250-7Timothy O'GradyChildren of Las Vegas: True Stories about Growing up in the World's Playground
2015978-1-78352-256-9Stuart AshenTerrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of
2016978-1-78352-268-2Lucy Popescu · Sebastian Barry · William Boyd · A.L. Kennedy · Hanif KureshiA Country of Refuge: An Anthology of Writing on Asylum Seekers
  ''978-1-78352-270-5Sam SmitThe Serendipity Foundation
  ''978-1-78352-295-8Nikesh ShuklaThe Good Immigrant
2017978-1-78352-312-2Kerensa JenningsSeas of Snow
  ''978-1-78352-317-7Ian MartinEpic Space
  ''978-1-78352-341-2Glen WrightAcademia Obscura: The Hidden Silly Side of Higher Education
2017978-1-78352-342-9Glen WrightAcademia Obscura
  ''978-1-78352-355-9Paul Bassett DaviesDead Writers in Rehab
  ''978-1-78352-373-3Wolfgang Wild · Jordan LloydThe Paper Time Machine: Colouring the Past
2018978-1-78352-399-3Tom VowlerDazzling the Gods: Stories
2017978-1-78352-404-4Lia LeendertzThe Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2018
  ''978-1-78352-405-1Lia LeendertzThe Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2018
  ''978-1-78352-407-5Sarah CorbettHow to be a Craftivist: The Art of Gentle Protest
2017978-1-78352-408-2Sarah CorbettHow to be a Craftivist: The Art of Gentle Protest
  ''978-1-78352-413-6Stuart AshenAttack of the Flickering Skeletons: More Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of
  ''978-1-78352-417-4Jonathan CoeThe Broken Mirror
2018978-1-78352-441-9David HargreavesUnder the Table
2017978-1-78352-453-2Anthony BarnettThe Lure of Greatness: England's Brexit and America's Trump
  ''978-1-78352-456-3Tom Cox21st-Century Yokel
2018978-1-78352-471-6Christine BurnsTrans Britain: Our Journey from the Shadows
  ''978-1-78352-474-7Jack FernleyAmerica Über Alles
2018978-1-78352-486-0Richard MossThe Secret History of Mac Gaming
  ''978-1-78352-502-7Laura ThompsonThe Last Landlady
  ''978-1-78352-516-4Una MullallyRepeal the 8th
  ''978-1-78352-559-1Martine McDonaghNarcissism for Beginners
  ''978-1-78352-568-3John GrantBetter
2018978-1-78352-586-7Irvine Welsh · A.L. Kennedy · Meera Syal · John Niven · Pauline Melville · Daisy Buchanan · Christopher Brookmyre · Zoe Venditozzi24 Stories: of Hope for Survivors of the Grenfell Tower Fire
  ''978-1-78352-609-3Jessica Hepburn21 Miles
2019978-1-78352-612-3Amit Amin · Naroop JhootiTurbans and Tales
2018978-1-78352-618-5Matt CainThe Madonna of Bolton
2019978-1-78352-621-5Lucy-Anne HolmesDon't Hold My Head Down
2018978-1-78352-634-5Sheila ParryTake Pride: How to Build Success Through Your People
  ''978-1-78352-645-1Amy KeanLittle Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks
2020978-1-78352-653-6Nick Danziger · Rory MacLeanAnother Life
2019978-1-78352-659-8Edward DaveyGiven Half a Chance: Ten Ways to Save the World
2020978-1-78352-708-3Sylvia ToppEileen: The Making of George Orwell
2019978-1-78352-713-7Katya BoirandTake Me to the Edge: Poems by Katya Boirand
  ''978-1-78352-736-6Rose CartwrightPure: Now a major Channel 4 series
  ''978-1-78352-745-8Kit de Waal · Malorie Blackman · Cathy Rentzenbrink · Lisa McInerney · Louise Doughty · Damian Barr · Stuart Maconie · Anita SethiCommon People: An Anthology of Working-Class Writers
2019978-1-78352-748-9Natalie FergieThe Sewing Machine
2020978-1-78352-769-4Laura Barton · Sarah LeeWest of West: Travels along the edge of America
2019978-1-78352-792-2Yikai ZhangJungle Gems: A Naturalist's Tale
2020978-1-78352-805-9Kate ListerA Curious History of Sex
2019978-1-78352-855-4Jessica Hepburn21 Miles
2020978-1-78352-858-5Fully ChargedThe Fully Charged Guide to Electric Vehicles & Clean Energy
  ''978-1-78352-877-6Lucy-Anne HolmesDon't Hold My Head Down