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2015978-1-78327-004-0Frances AndrewsThe Other Friars: The Carmelite, Augustinian, Sack and Pied Friars in the Middle Ages (Monastic Orders)
  ''978-1-78327-028-6Jeffrey L. ForgengArt of Swordsmanship by Hans Leckuchner (Armour and Weapons)
  ''978-1-78327-032-3Andrew ParrottComposers' Intentions?: Lost Traditions of Musical Performance
2016978-1-78327-099-6Heather Noel-Smith · Lorna M. CampbellHornblower's Historical Shipmates: The Young Gentlemen of Pellew's Indefatigable
  ''978-1-78327-102-3Michael SymesObservations on Modern Gardening, by Thomas Whately: An Eighteenth-Century Study of the English Landscape Garden (Garden and Landscape History): 5
  ''978-1-78327-119-1Thomas MalcomsonOrder and Disorder in the British Navy, 1793-181 - Control, Resistance, Flogging and Hanging
2016978-1-78327-129-0Amita Das · Aditya DasDefending British India Against Napoleon: The Foreign Policy of Governor-General Lord Minto, 1807-13 (Worlds of the East India Company)
2000978-1-78327-146-7David VickersNew Perspectives on Handel`s Music - Essays in Honour of Donald Burrows
2018978-1-78327-150-4Theodore AlbrechtBeethoven's Conversation Books: Volume 1: Nos. 1 to 8 (February 1818 to March 1820)
2019978-1-78327-151-1Theodore AlbrechtBeethoven's Conversation Books: Volume 2: Nos. 9 to 16 (March 1820 to September 1820) (0)
2020978-1-78327-152-8   ''Beethoven's Conversation Books: Volume 3: Nos. 17 to 31 (May 1822 to May 1823) (0)
2017978-1-78327-156-6Christian BuchetThe Sea in History - Set
2016978-1-78327-164-1John D GraingerDictionary of British Naval Battles
2017978-1-78327-167-2Alan MackleyThe Restoration of Blythburgh Church, 1881-1906: The Dispute Between the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and the Blythburgh Church Restoration Committee: 60 (Suffolk Records Society)
2018978-1-78327-169-6Michael Maul · Richard HoweBach's Famous Choir: The Saint Thomas School in Leipzig, 1212-1804
2017978-1-78327-171-9Michael J. Braddick · Phil WithingtonPopular Culture and Political Agency in Early Modern England and Ireland: Essays in Honour of John Walter: 26 (Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History)
2018978-1-78327-188-7Rachel MoorePerforming Propaganda: Musical Life and Culture in Paris during the First World War (Music in Society and Culture): 6
2017978-1-78327-190-0Paul WattErnest Newman: A Critical Biography (Music in Britain, 1600-2000)
  ''978-1-78327-192-4Graham SadlerRameau Compendium (Boydell Composer Compendium)
  ''978-1-78327-195-5Vicki P. Stroeher · Justin VickersBenjamin Britten Studies: Essays on An Inexplicit Art (12) (Aldeburgh Studies in Music)
2018978-1-78327-198-6Lisa Jakelski · Nicholas ReylandLutoslawski's Worlds: 0
2017978-1-78327-199-3Andrew J. BoyleDelius and Norway
  ''978-1-78327-200-6Lorraine Byrne BodleyMusic in Goethe's Faust: Goethe's Faust in Music: 0
  ''978-1-78327-201-3R. J. ArnoldMusical Debate and Political Culture in France, 1700-1830 (Music in Society and Culture): 5
2018978-1-78327-207-5Deborah HeckertComposing History: National Identities and the English Masque Revival, 1860-1920 (Music in Britain, 1600-2000)
2017978-1-78327-209-9Anthony Boden · Paul HedleyThe Three Choirs Festival: A History: New and Revised Edition
2017978-1-78327-214-3Mark HaggerNorman Rule in Normandy, 911-1144: 0
  ''978-1-78327-216-7Diana Walters · Daniel Laven · Peter DavisHeritage and Peacebuilding (Heritage Matters)
  ''978-1-78327-219-8Leonie James'This Great Firebrand': William Laud and Scotland, 1617-1645: Volume 36 (Studies in Modern British Religious History)
  ''978-1-78327-223-5David CharltonThe Music of Simon Holt
  ''978-1-78327-232-7Nancy NovemberCultivating String Quartets in Beethoven's Vienna: 0
2017978-1-78327-233-4Michael AllisGranville Bantock's Letters to William Wallace and Ernest Newman, 1893-1921: 'Our new dawn of modern music' (0)
  ''978-1-78327-234-1Samantha OwensThe Well-Travelled Musician: John Sigismond Cousser and Musical Exchange in Baroque Europe (Music in Britain, 1600-2000): 17
  ''978-1-78327-235-8Adrian WrightMust Close Saturday: The Decline and Fall of the British Musical Flop
  ''978-1-78327-236-5Natasha LogesBrahms and His Poets: A Handbook (0)
  ''978-1-78327-237-2Marc D. Moskovitz · R. Larry ToddBeethoven's Cello: Five Revolutionary Sonatas and Their World: 0
2018978-1-78327-258-7Jonathan NobleThat Jealous Demon, My Wretched Health: Disease, Death and Composers: 0
2018978-1-78327-274-7Moira ColemanHousehold Inventories of Helmingham Hall, 1597-1741 (61) (Suffolk Records Society)
  ''978-1-78327-284-6Katharina UhdeThe Music of Joseph Joachim
  ''978-1-78327-285-3Kate KennedyLiterary Britten: Words and Music in Benjamin Britten's Vocal Works (Aldeburgh Studies in Music): 13
  ''978-1-78327-286-0Desmond ScottThe Cyril Scott Companion: Unity in Diversity
  ''978-1-78327-287-7Jeremy Dibble · Julian HortonBritish Musical Criticism and Intellectual Thought, 1850-1950 (Music in Britain, 1600-2000)
2018978-1-78327-288-4Peter EdwardsHorses and the Aristocratic Lifestyle in Early Modern England: William Cavendish, First Earl of Devonshire (1551-1626) and his Horses: 0
  ''978-1-78327-296-9Chris EwersMobility in the English Novel from Defoe to Austen (0)
  ''978-1-78327-312-6Timothy D. WattPopular Protest and Policing in Ascendancy Ireland, 1691-1761: 19 (Irish Historical Monographs)
2019978-1-78327-321-8Esther Cavett · Matthew HeardHoward Skempton: Conversations and Reflections on Music
  ''978-1-78327-327-0Ruth A. CanningThe Old English in Early Modern Ireland: The Palesmen and the Nine Years' War, 1594-1603: 20 (Irish Historical Monographs)
  ''978-1-78327-332-4Ingrid WaltonThe Histories of Alexander Neville (1544-1614): A New Translation of Kett's Rebellion and The City of Norwich
2019978-1-78327-337-9Nigel SimeoneThe Janacek Compendium (Boydell Composer Compendium)
  ''978-1-78327-346-1Berta JoncusKitty Clive, or The Fair Songster
  ''978-1-78327-359-1Valérie CapdevilleBritish Sociability in the Long Eighteenth Century: Challenging the Anglo-French Connection: 3 (Studies in the Eighteenth Century)
  ''978-1-78327-365-2Joe Davies · James William SobaskieDrama in the Music of Franz Schubert
  ''978-1-78327-370-6Phillip A. CookeThe Music of James MacMillan
2019978-1-78327-383-6Laura WatsonPaul Dukas: Composer and Critic
  ''978-1-78327-386-7Leonie JamesThe Household Accounts of William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1635-1642: 24 (Church of England Record Society)
  ''978-1-78327-391-1Peter MalpassThe Making of Victorian Bristol
  ''978-1-78327-397-3Jenna M. SchultzNational Identity and the Anglo-Scottish Borderlands, 1552-1652: 32 (Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History)
2020978-1-78327-416-1Laura Ashe · Emily Joan WardConquests in Eleventh-Century England: 1016, 1066
  ''978-1-78327-434-5John E. DaviesThe Changing Fortunes of a British Aristocratic Family, 1689-1976: The Campbells of Cawdor and their Welsh Estates
2020978-1-78327-438-3Giada PizzoniBritish Catholic Merchants in the Commercial Age: 1670-1714 (Studies in the Eighteenth Century)
2019978-1-78327-440-6Lena LiapiRoguery in Print: Crime and Culture in Early Modern London (Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History)
2020978-1-78327-446-8Steven ZohnThe Telemann Compendium
  ''978-1-78327-448-2Christina GuillaumierThe Operas of Sergei Prokofiev
  ''978-1-78327-456-7Peter HolmanBefore the Baton: Musical Direction and Conducting in Stuart and Georgian Britain (Music in Britain, 1600-2000)
2019978-1-78327-463-5Wolfgang Fuhrmann · Cristina UrchueguíaThe Segovia Manuscript: A European Musical Repertory in Spain, c.1500 (Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music)
2020978-1-78327-466-6Jeremy L. SmithVerse and Voice in Byrd's Song Collections of 1588 (Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music)
2019978-1-78327-470-3David BurkeLawn Road Flats: Spies, Writers and Artists (History of British Intelligence)
2020978-1-78327-471-0Richard BarberMagnificence: Princely Splendour in the Middle Ages
  ''978-1-78327-483-3Nicholas Jones · Richard McgregorThe Music of Peter Maxwell Davies
  ''978-1-78327-487-1Graham O`reilly"allegri's Miserere" in the Sistine Chapel
2020978-1-78327-492-5John Cunningham · Bryan WhiteMusical Exchange between Britain and Europe, 1500-1800: Essays in Honour of Peter Holman (Music in Britain, 1600-2000)
  ''978-1-78327-497-0Arnold WhittallBritish Music after Britten (Aldeburgh Studies in Music)
  ''978-1-78327-498-7Julian Anderson · Christopher DingleJulian Anderson
  ''978-1-78327-499-4Adrian WrightCheer Up!: British Musical Films, 1929-1945
  ''978-1-78327-505-2Philip Williamson · Stephen Taylor · Alasdair Raffe And Natalie MeaNational Prayers: Special Worship since the Reformation: Volume III: Worship for National and Royal Occasions in the United Kingdom, 1871-2016 (Church of England Record Society)
2020978-1-78327-507-6Timothy Schroder'A Marvel to Behold': Gold and Silver at the Court of Henry VIII
  ''978-1-78327-510-6Geoff QuilleyBritish Art and the East India Company (Worlds of the East India Company)
  ''978-1-78327-521-2Georgios TheotokisWarfare in the Norman Mediterranean (Warfare in History)
  ''978-1-78327-530-4Chris R. LangleyThe National Covenant in Scotland, 1638-1689 (Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social Histo)
  ''978-1-78327-531-1Eugene CostelloTranshumance and the Making of Ireland's Uplands, 1550-1900 (Garden and Landscape History)
2020978-1-78327-537-3Marcus BullEyewitness and Crusade Narrative - Perception and Narration in Accounts of the Second, Third and Fourth Crusades (Crusading in Context)
  ''978-1-78327-545-8Ashley MarshallPolitical Journalism in London, 1695-1720: Defoe, Swift, Steele and their Contemporaries (Studies in the Eighteenth Century)
  ''978-1-78327-546-5Samuel A. ClaussenChivalry and Violence in Late Medieval Castile (Warfare in History)
  ''978-1-78327-551-9Lewis LockwoodBeethoven`s Lives - The Biographical Tradition
  ''978-1-78327-553-3W. G. MillerBritish Traders in the East Indies, 1770-1820 - `At Home in the Eastern Seas` (Worlds of the East India Company)