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978-1-78280-003-3Philip's Learn ALL the Notes on the Guitar Flash Cards (Up to and including the 12th fret.)
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  ''978-1-78280-016-3David J. DoughertyA Killer of a Camp: Four Students Go Camping with the Fake ID of a Killer
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2013978-1-78280-047-7Pierre's Week
2013978-1-78280-051-4Ian BamfordSea Change
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  ''978-1-78280-081-1Ayodeji AdesinaiDeclare
2013978-1-78280-086-6Hannah EnsorYou Know You Have Been in Hospital Too Much When...
  ''978-1-78280-087-3   ''You Know You Have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) When...
  ''978-1-78280-091-0ABE PayneStreet Maps of Accra And Kumasi, Ghana
  ''978-1-78280-095-8John Lee BirdMoody Moody Glum Glum
2015978-1-78280-097-2Alastair McdermottRunning a Website With WordPress
2013978-1-78280-099-6Sustainable Communities Initiatives · Mark LawsonPlastics are (Still) Fantastic!: Quick and Easy Plastic Models to Make
  ''978-1-78280-101-6Jennifer WellerProvenance - a book of poetry
2013978-1-78280-103-0Hughes IzuchukwuHow and Why I Became Homosexual
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2012978-1-78280-111-5Ross BridgefordAlkaline Diet Recipe Book: Vol 2
2013978-1-78280-112-2Sovereign of Tomorrow
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2013978-1-78280-154-2The Grad Pad: '13-14 University of Nottingham
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2014978-1-78280-160-3Keith Miller · Mike YatesSteven Gerrard, Michael Owen and Me.: Mike Yates Tells His Story
2013978-1-78280-161-0Nita TarrSuicidal Christians: Help for the broken-hearted
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978-1-78280-169-6Warzone Resurrection Rulebook
2014978-1-78280-170-2From Village to Suburb The Building of Clontarf since 1760
2013978-1-78280-171-9Seamus McRoryThe Dove of Peace: A Memoir of Poetic Reflections (poetry)
  ''978-1-78280-173-3Dale TreadwellHarry the Hedgehog 'Will You be My Friend'
2013978-1-78280-174-0Nora and Emer FinneganThe Lace Story, Kenmare and Other Irish Laces
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2013978-1-78280-200-6Fiona DriverFiona Driver's Scottish Fiddle Course, Book One, with CD
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2013978-1-78280-204-4Anna TognarelliMake Me Sparkle: Redesigning, recolouring, revolutionising patterns of vintage jewellery
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2014978-1-78280-281-5Rehan AfzalLife in the United Kingdom in English and Urdu: A Guide for New Residents
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2013978-1-78280-298-3Learning LadyThe Box Of Tricks
2013978-1-78280-299-0Learning LadyChristmas is Coming!
2014978-1-78280-300-3   ''Let's Investigate
  ''978-1-78280-301-0   ''Help!
  ''978-1-78280-302-7   ''Decisions...Decisions!
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2014978-1-78280-322-5Sini KiialainenKuura New Nordic Cuisine
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2014978-1-78280-376-8Amal de Silva WijeyeratnePunch, Marvelous Punch: The Ceylon Arrack Guide to Punch
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2014978-1-78280-393-5Public Work
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978-1-78280-417-8Life in The United Kingdom A Guide for new Residents Glossary in 23 Languages
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2015978-1-78280-437-6Arlene M. Naughten · Lorraine M. Lynch · Sugra Child Development Services#100happydays4kids: A Well-Being Tool to Enhance Children's Happiness & Parental Attachment
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2015978-1-78280-443-7Valerie SheehanTony Goes in the Car
  ''978-1-78280-444-4   ''Tony Goes to a Playground
2015978-1-78280-445-1Valerie SheehanTony Goes to a Party
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  ''978-1-78280-452-9SYDNEY S CHELLENSex, Lies & Murder - A TOUCH OF DESIRE
2015978-1-78280-462-8Stuart PrinceRail Town Rambles: From the Poetic Heart of Crewe
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978-1-78280-490-1Billie Finds a Family. A beautifully illustrated bedtime story to be read to the under 5s. A great reader for 5-9 year olds
2015978-1-78280-493-2pat LynchSelfMake. 50 Tips to create a life we lived.
2015978-1-78280-494-9Elizabeth HolmanThe Journey of a Paramahansa: An Autobiography by Swami Aliyananda Paramahansa
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2015978-1-78280-511-3Maria B O'HareBut Old Mr. Darwin wasn't to Blame: The Little Book of Evolutionary Quotes
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978-1-78280-596-0cumbers wundas spring
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2014978-1-78280-622-6Who Wants a Rewind?
  ''978-1-78280-624-0Who Wants a Rewind?
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2019978-1-78280-643-1Rachel McGrathMud on your Face
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2015978-1-78280-652-3Catherine MartinWhere Weeping Roses Go to Die (Poem book)
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2017978-1-78280-980-7Ross DickersonRoss Dickerson's 12 Week Body Transformation Guide
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