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2013978-1-78255-001-3Blythe Lucero100 More Swimming Drills
2014978-1-78255-002-0Christian BraunMixed Martial Arts: Effective Groundwork (Meyer & Meyer Sport)
2013978-1-78255-003-7Scott LudwigFew Degrees from Hell: White Hot Tales from the Badwater Ultramarathon
  ''978-1-78255-004-4Bob BabbitConversations with Endurance Legends
  ''978-1-78255-005-1Lee GruenfeldStumbling Towards the Finish Line: The Best of Ironman Columnist Lee Gruenfeld
  ''978-1-78255-006-8Jeff GallowayRun-Walk-Run Method
  ''978-1-78255-007-5Jay MartinBest of Soccer Journal: The Art of Coaching
2013978-1-78255-008-2Peter SchreinerAttacking Soccer: Mastering the Modern Game
2014978-1-78255-009-9Detlef Heise-FleckenRock Climbing: Technique - Equipment - Safety
2013978-1-78255-010-5Sandra UckertCold Application in Training & Competition: The Influence of Temperature on Your Athletic Performance
  ''978-1-78255-011-2Jeff GallowayTrail Running: The Complete Guide
  ''978-1-78255-012-9Magdalen DabrowskaLittle Swimmer: Improve Your Child's Confidence and Physical Development
  ''978-1-78255-013-6Michael BlumeAcrobatics for Children and Teenagers: From the Basics to Spectacular Human Balance Figures
  ''978-1-78255-014-3Achim SchmidtMountain Bike Training
2013978-1-78255-015-0Frank SommerVigorRobic: The Training Plan to Boost Your Sex Life
2014978-1-78255-016-7Chris CastellMighty Mites: Youth Soccer Session Plans and Methodology for U4-U8
2013978-1-78255-018-1Anders BergetSling Training: Full Body Suspension Workout
2014978-1-78255-019-8Paul Kapsalis · Ted GregoryTo Chase a Dream: A Soccer Championship, an Unlikely Hero and a Journey That Re-Defined Winning (Meyer & Meyer Sport)
2013978-1-78255-020-4Ilona E. GerlingUltimate Parkour & Freerunning Book
  ''978-1-78255-021-1Volker DorenmannTaekwondo Kids: From White Belt to Yellow/Green Belt
  ''978-1-78255-022-8Mark KleanthousComplete Book of Triathlon Training: The Encyclopedia of Triathlon
  ''978-1-78255-023-5Roch FreyStart to Finish: 24 Weeks to an Endurance Triathlon
2014978-1-78255-024-2Chris KroegerVolleyball Drills
2013978-1-78255-025-9National Anti Doping Agency GermanyNADA Annual Report 2012
2014978-1-78255-026-6Mark KleanthousTriathlon: The Mental Battle
  ''978-1-78255-027-3Jeff GallowayNutrition for Runners
2014978-1-78255-028-0Shane StayWhy American Soccer Isn't There Yet (Meyer & Meyer Sport)
  ''978-1-78255-029-7Violan Miguel AngelPep Guardiola: The Philosophy That Changed the Game
  ''978-1-78255-030-3Bob BabbittNever a Bad Day:: A Collection of Columns from the Legendary Endurance Sports Icon
  ''978-1-78255-031-0Jasmin Tahmaseb McConathaStress Management and Longevity: The Importance of Physical and Social A (Healthy Aging & Fitness)
  ''978-1-78255-032-7Karin Volkwein-Kaplan · Jasmin Tahmaseb McConathaStress Management & Longevity: Paths to a Happier Life (Sport Culture Society Vol 5)
2014978-1-78255-033-4Achim SchmidtCompetitive Cycling (Meyer & Meyer Sport)
2018978-1-78255-034-1Jack KellyOver & Above: Trampoline Gymnastics - Towards World Class Performance
2015978-1-78255-035-8Detlef Heise-FleckenRock Climbing: Technique - Equipment - Safety
2014978-1-78255-036-5David LaneEngland 'Til I Die: A Celebration of England's Amazing Supporters (Meyer & Meyer Sport)
  ''978-1-78255-037-2David LaneWe Love You Liverpool We Do: The Voices of Liverpool Supporters
  ''978-1-78255-038-9   ''Arsenal 'Til I Die: The Voices of Arsenal FC Supporters
  ''978-1-78255-039-6   ''Tottenham "Til I Die: The Voices of Tottenham Supporters
  ''978-1-78255-040-2Laurence ShatkinYour Guide to High-Paying Careers
2014978-1-78255-041-9Karin Volkwein-CaplanSport/Fitness/Culture (Sport, Culture & Society)
  ''978-1-78255-042-6Bernd-Volker BrahmsBadminton Handbook (Meyer & Meyer Sport)
  ''978-1-78255-043-3Klaus SchwanbeckUltimate Nordic Pole Walking Book
2016978-1-78255-044-0Scott OverallRunning 5k to Half-Marathon
2015978-1-78255-045-7Guido BrusciaFunctional Training Bible
2014978-1-78255-046-4Scott LudwigRunning Ultras: To the Edge of Exhaustion
2015978-1-78255-047-1Tim Meyer · Oliver Faude · Karen aus der FuntenSports Medicine for Football
  ''978-1-78255-048-8Peter Hyballa · Hans-Dieter Te PoelGerman Soccer Passing Drills: More Than 100 Drills from the Pros
2014978-1-78255-049-5Jay MartinBest of Soccer Journal: The Art of Coaching (Nscaa Soccer Coaching)
2015978-1-78255-050-1Fiona FordBack on Track: An Endurance Athlete's Guide to Recovery
  ''978-1-78255-051-8Gloria AverbuchFood Guide for Womens Soccer: Tips & Recipes from the Pros
2015978-1-78255-052-5Ann M. WaterhouseFootball Made Simple: An Entertaining Introduction to the Game for Bemused Supporters
2014978-1-78255-053-2Bob Babbitt35 Years of the Ironman Triathlon World Championships
  ''978-1-78255-054-9Scott LudwigRunning: Getting Started (Meyer & Meyer Sport)
  ''978-1-78255-055-6Elmar WeineckeTop Performance in Business and Sports: Maximum Energy for Professionals and Athletes
2015978-1-78255-056-3Mark KleanthousMud, Blood, Sweat & Fears: An Ultimate Survival Guide for the World's Toughest Obstacle Events and
  ''978-1-78255-057-0Jeff Gelloway · Brennan GallowayGalloway's Best Places to Run: America'S Most Beautiful Running Courses
  ''978-1-78255-058-7David KnoxBody School: A New Guide to Improved Movement in Daily Life
2015978-1-78255-059-4Enrique (TOPO) RodriguezRugby: The Art of Scrummaging: A History, a Manual and a Law Dissertation on the Rugby Scrum
  ''978-1-78255-060-0Edward Couzens-LakeMapping the Pitch: Football Formations Through the Ages
2016978-1-78255-061-7Garth G RudolphCross Training Your Personal Best Workouts
2015978-1-78255-062-4Timo JankowskiSuccessful German Soccer Tactics: The Best Match Plans for a Winning Team
  ''978-1-78255-063-1Ann M. WaterhouseRugby Made Simple: An Entertaining Introduction to the Game for Bemused Supporters
  ''978-1-78255-064-8Lucy Wyndham-ReadHIIT - High Intensity Interval Training: Intense Workouts - Impressive Results - Get Fit & Sexy with 20 Simple Wo
  ''978-1-78255-066-2Erich Muller · Stefan Lindiger · Jurgen PfusterschmiedScience and Skiing VI
2015978-1-78255-067-9Laurence ShatkinChoose Your College Major in a Day
  ''978-1-78255-068-6Paul StollerClimbing the Mountain: The Companion for Your Cancer Journey
  ''978-1-78255-069-3Gunda SlomkaFascial Network: Train and Improve Your Posture and Flexibility
  ''978-1-78255-070-9Michael LloydMen's Fit Kitchen: Your Guide to Fitness and Food
  ''978-1-78255-071-6Lucy Wyndham-ReadBody Toning for Women: Bodyweight Training / Nutrition / Motivation - 21 Days is All it Takes
2016978-1-78255-072-3Timo JankowskiCoaching Soccer Like Guardiola and Mourinho: The Concept of Tactical Periodization
2015978-1-78255-074-7Fiona FordBack on Track: How I Recovered from a Near-Fatal Accident and Got Back on My Feet
2016978-1-78255-075-4Gary DudneyThe Tao of Running: The Journey to Your Inner Balance
2015978-1-78255-076-1Simon Shibli · Hans Westerbeek · Veerle de Bosscher · Maarten van BottenburgSuccessful Elite Sport Policies
2016978-1-78255-077-8Lucy Wyndham-ReadWalk off the Weight: Fitness, Nutrition, Anti-Aging 21 Days is All it Takes
2016978-1-78255-079-2Ann M. WaterhouseCricket Made Simple: An Entertaining Introduction to the Game for Mums & Dads
  ''978-1-78255-080-8Scott LudwigRunning to Extremes: The Legendary Athletes of Ultrarunning
  ''978-1-78255-081-5Ian M. FranksSoccer Analytics: Successful Coaching Through Match Analyses
  ''978-1-78255-082-2Jeff GallowayRun-Walk-Run Method
  ''978-1-78255-083-9   ''Mental Training for Runners: No More Excuses!
2016978-1-78255-084-6Henry Ash · Marlies PenkerTriathalon: Half-Distance Training
  ''978-1-78255-085-3Mark KleanthousComplete Book of Triathlon Training: The Encyclopedia of Triathlon
  ''978-1-78255-086-0Paul HuddleTriathlon: Start to Finish: 24 Weeks to an Endurance Triathlon
  ''978-1-78255-087-7Darren LaverStreet Soccer: The Coaches' Guide: Coaching People, Creating Players
  ''978-1-78255-088-4Sonia SanghaniStumps and Cranks: An Introduction to Amputee Cycling
2016978-1-78255-089-1Ingrid Loos MillerWeight Management for Triathletes: When Training is Not Enough
  ''978-1-78255-090-7Peter HyballaSoccer: Functional Fitness Training: Strength, Motor Skills, Speed, Endurance
  ''978-1-78255-091-4Liv WilliamsChasing the Elements: The Heart and Soul of Action Sports
  ''978-1-78255-092-1Toto SchmuggeSoccer: The 6-Week Plan: The Guide to Building a Successful Team
2017978-1-78255-093-8Stephan SchmidtHow to Train World Champions: The Secret of German Soccer Education
2016978-1-78255-094-5Lamar LoweryFunctional Fitness: The Personal Trainer's Guide
2017978-1-78255-095-2Paul HuddleTriathlon: Starting Out: Training for Your First Competition
  ''978-1-78255-096-9Jeff GallowayAmerica's Best Trails: Scenic ] Historic ] Amazing
2016978-1-78255-097-6Lindsay LittleOffside? Ugh! (Iplay Soccer)
2016978-1-78255-098-3Lindsay LittlePositions I: Where Do We Go? (Iplaysoccer)
  ''978-1-78255-099-0   ''Positions II: What Do We Do? (Iplay Soccer)
2016978-1-78255-100-3Lindsay LittlePass! No Puppy Guarding! (Iplay Soccer)
2017978-1-78255-101-0Carstem DraheimKrav Maga: A Comprehensive Guide for Individuals, Security, Law Enforcement and Arm
  ''978-1-78255-102-7Paul "Whitey" KapsalisLeadership Code: Using Life's Lessons to Inspire Others
  ''978-1-78255-103-4Andy CarusoTo Learn: Fathom Your Learning Principle to Become a Better Leader
  ''978-1-78255-104-1Fabian SeegerSoccer Games and Drills Compendium: 35 Smart and Practical Games to Form Intelligent Players - for All Ages
  ''978-1-78255-105-8Steffen SiebertLeague of Their Own: The Secrets of Club Soccer Champions
2017978-1-78255-106-5Greg WinklerCoaching a Season of Significance: A Soccer Coaches' Companion to All Challenges of a Year
  ''978-1-78255-107-2Tony EnglundSoccer Goalkeeping Training: The Comprehensive Guide
  ''978-1-78255-108-9Hans van Dijk · Ron Van MeganSecret of Cycling: Maximum Peformance Gains Through Effective Power Metering and Training a
  ''978-1-78255-109-6Hans van Dijk · Ron Van MegenSecret of Running: Maximum Performance Gains Through Effective Power Metering and Training (Meyer & Meyer Premium)
  ''978-1-78255-110-2Jeff GallowayJeff Galloway: Your Personal Running Journal
2017978-1-78255-111-9Berndt BarthComplete Guide to Fencing
  ''978-1-78255-112-6Klaus-M GeskeTable Tennis Tactics: Be a Successful Player
  ''978-1-78255-113-3Katrin BarthLearning Fencing: A Training and Activity Book for 6 to 10 Year Olds
  ''978-1-78255-114-0Don RoseAverage to Epic: A Mid-Lifer's Guide to Endurance Sports and Lifelong Fitness
  ''978-1-78255-115-7Justin RobertsBest Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass Through My Wwe Journey
2017978-1-78255-116-4Sebastian FischerCONTEMPORARY SWIM START RESEARCH
  ''978-1-78255-117-1Peter SchreinerTrain Your Fascia Tone Your Body: The Successful Method to Form Firm Connective Tissue
  ''978-1-78255-118-8Arthur LydiardRunning with Lydiard: Greatest Running Coach of All Time
  ''978-1-78255-119-5Misia GervisCoach's Guide to Mind Mapping: The Fundamental Tools to Become an Expert Coach and Maximize Your Player
  ''978-1-78255-120-1Fabian SeegerCreative Soccer Training: 350 Smart and Practical Games and Drills to Form Intelligent Players - For Advanced Levels (Meyer & Meyer Premium)
2017978-1-78255-121-8Lamar Lowery · Chris LoweryFunctional Fitness at Home: The Best Bodyweight and Small Equipment Exercises
  ''978-1-78255-122-5Alejandro PerezMore Than 90 Minutes: Analyzing and Demystifying Success in European Club Champions' Soccer
  ''978-1-78255-123-2Jeff Galloway · Ruth ParkerThe Women's Guide to Health: Run Walk Run, Eat Right, and Feel Better
  ''978-1-78255-124-9Erich MullerScience and Skiing VII: 7
2018978-1-78255-139-3Holly ZimmermannUltramarathon Mom: From the Sahara to the Arctic
  ''978-1-78255-146-1Michael LimmerThe Perfect Wedding Workout: Look Your Best on the Big Day in Just 10 Weeks
2019978-1-78255-152-2Mireia Patino CollAnatomy & Yoga: Muscles in Action
2019978-1-78255-167-6Carsten DraheimKrav Maga: Effective Techniques for Self-Defence
2020978-1-78255-203-1Eyal Yanilov · Ole BoeKrav Maga - Combat Mindset & Fighting Stress: How to Perform Under Alarming and Stressful Conditions