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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2014978-1-78220-006-2Aaron B. DanielsJungian Crime Scene Analysis
2015978-1-78220-022-2Russell GriggFemale Sexuality
2013978-1-78220-027-7Salman AkhtarOn Freud's The Unconscious (IPA Contemporary Freud: Turning Points & Critical Issues)
2014978-1-78220-035-2John Michael GreerTwilight's Last Gleaming
2015978-1-78220-040-6Karl KoenigAnxiety and Personality: The Concept of a Directing Object and its Applications
2018978-1-78220-047-5Gary Winship · Shelley MacDonaldThe Essentials of Counselling and Psychotherapy in Primary Schools (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy)
2013978-1-78220-053-6Richard SterbaThe First Dictionary of Psychoanalysis: A Gift for Sigmund Freud's 80th Birthday (IPA: The International Psychoanalysis Library)
2014978-1-78220-058-1Rosetta Castellano · Patrizia Velotti · Giulio Cesare ZavattiniWhat Makes Us Stay Together?: Attachment and the Outcomes of Couple Relationships (The Library of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis)
  ''978-1-78220-071-0Sarah SuttonBeing Taken In: The Framing Relationship
2016978-1-78220-081-9Hanni Mann-ShalviFrom Ultrasound to Army: The Unconscious Trajectories of Masculinity in Israel
2017978-1-78220-123-6Barry RichardsWhat Holds Us Together: Popular Culture and Social Cohesion (Psychoanalysis and Popular Culture)
2014978-1-78220-131-1Robert French · Peter SimpsonAttention, Cooperation, Purpose: An Approach to Working in Groups Using Insights from Wilfred Bion
2015978-1-78220-132-8Manfusa Shams · David A. LaneSupporting the Family Business: A Coaching Practitioner's Handbook (Professional Coaching)
2016978-1-78220-133-5Marianne VerfailleMentalizing in Arts Therapies
2015978-1-78220-174-8Damien W. RiggsPink Herrings: Fantasy, Object Choice, and Sexuation (Lines of the Symbolic)
  ''978-1-78220-177-9Trevor C. PedersonThe Economics of Libido
2016978-1-78220-206-6William F. CornellInto TA
2017978-1-78220-256-1Michael Garfinkle · Evan Malater · Jamieson WebsterDesire and Discontent: Becoming a Psychoanalyst in the Twenty-First Century
  ''978-1-78220-266-0L. J. TraffordOtho's Regret: Book III: The Four Emperors Series (The Karnac Library)
2018978-1-78220-267-7L. J. TraffordVitellius' Feast: The Four Emperors Series: Book IV (The Karnac Library)
  ''978-1-78220-276-9Lincoln Simmonds · Louise Mozo-DuttonNarrative Therapy Approaches for Physical Health Problems
2015978-1-78220-291-2Esa RoosMedea: Myth and Unconscious Fantasy (Psychoanalysis and Women) (Psychoanalysis and Women Series)
2017978-1-78220-299-8Jan OlthofHandbook of Narrative Psychotherapy for Children, Adults, and Families: Theory and Practice
2015978-1-78220-309-4Inger Thormann · Inger PoulsenTherapy with Infants: Treating a Traumatised Child
2015978-1-78220-313-1Elda AbrevayaHomosexualities: Psychogenesis, Polymorphism, and Countertransference (Psychoanalysis and Women) (Psychoanalysis and Women Series)
  ''978-1-78220-318-6Doreen M. FrancisThe Psychomatrix: A Deeper Understanding of Our Relationship with Pain
2017978-1-78220-325-4Lorrie L. BrubacherStepping into Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy
2016978-1-78220-327-8Sergio BenvenutoWhat are Perversions?: Sexuality, Ethics, Psychoanalysis
2017978-1-78220-354-4Susan Martha KahnDeath and the City: On Loss, Mourning, and Melancholia at Work
2015978-1-78220-359-9Robin HollowayAsperger's Children: Psychodynamics, Aetiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment
2018978-1-78220-373-5Lionel F. StapleyManaging Organisations Beneath the Surface
  ''978-1-78220-376-6Angela Cotter · Hazel Leventhal · Kate WhiteExploring Attachment, Memory Loss, and Ageing: A Bowlby Centre Conference Monograph 2014
  ''978-1-78220-379-7Annette MacArtain-KerrLeading at All Levels (The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series)
2015978-1-78220-384-1Meg Harris WilliamsThe Becoming Room: Filming Bion's <i>A Memoir of the Future</i> (The Harris Meltzer Trust Series)
2017978-1-78220-387-2David MathewThe Care Factory
2018978-1-78220-388-9Meg Harris WilliamsClinical Uses of Aesthetic Conflict (The Harris Meltzer Trust Series)
2016978-1-78220-389-6Barry MaletzkySexual Abuse and the Sexual Offender: Common Man or Monster? (Forensic Psychotherapy Monograph) (The Forensic Psychotherapy Monograph Series)
2017978-1-78220-393-3Anouchka GroseFrom Anxiety to Zoolander: Notes on Psychoanalysis
2018978-1-78220-402-2Afsaneh Alisobahni · Glenda J. CorstorphineEverything We Know Nothing About: Explorations in Bion's 'O'
2016978-1-78220-404-6Peter Madsen GubiResearching Lesser-Explored Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy
2018978-1-78220-408-4Michael Gerard PlastowSabina Spielrein: The Poetry of Psychoanalysis
2016978-1-78220-409-1Rod TweedyThe Political Self: Understanding the Social Context for Mental Illness
2018978-1-78220-418-3Bonnie D. OglenskyAmbivalence in Mentorship
2017978-1-78220-422-0Leticia Glocer FioriniSexual Difference in Debate: Bodies, Desires, and Fictions
2016978-1-78220-423-7Erik De Haan · Willemine RegouinBeing Supervised: A Guide for Supervisees
2018978-1-78220-446-6Manu BazzanoNietzsche and Psychotherapy
2017978-1-78220-448-0Thierry BokanowskiThe Analytical Process: Journeys and Pathways (The International Psychoanalytical Association Psychoanalytic Ideas and Applications Series)
2018978-1-78220-456-5Jenny RiddellAttachment and Couple: Disrupted Attachment and Chronic Physical Pain (The John Bowlby Memorial Conference Monograph Series)
  ''978-1-78220-457-2Tova ZaltzThe Impossible Choice: Madness or Knowing the Unbearable Truth
2018978-1-78220-458-9Astrid GessertObsessional Neurosis (The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research Library CFAR)
2017978-1-78220-467-1Miriam BotbolThe Counterdreamers (The Harris Meltzer Trust Series)
  ''978-1-78220-472-5Vamik D. VolkanImmigrants and Refugees
  ''978-1-78220-474-9Francois AnsermetThe Art of Making Children: The New World of Assisted Reproductive Technology
2016978-1-78220-482-4Pauline SchokmanThe Other Side of Silence: A Novel (The Karnac Library)
2018978-1-78220-485-5Colette SolerLacan: Reader of Joyce (The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research Library)
  ''978-1-78220-493-0Hilary PalmerThe Heart of the Matter (The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series)
2017978-1-78220-497-8Cheryl FullerThe Fat Lady Sings: A Psychological Exploration of the Cultural Fat Complex and its Effects
2018978-1-78220-511-1Esther RapoportFrom Psychoanalytic Bisexuality to Bisexual Psychoanalysis: Desiring in the Real
  ''978-1-78220-513-5Rosa SpagnoloBuilding Bridges: The Impact of Neuropsychoanalysis on Psychoanalytic Clinical Sessions
2016978-1-78220-521-0Estela V. WelldonSex Now, Talk Later
2018978-1-78220-523-4Marie-Anne ChidiacRelational Organisational Gestalt
2017978-1-78220-525-8Anne ZacharyThe Anatomy of the Clitoris: Reflections on the Theory of Female Sexuality
2018978-1-78220-527-2Rael MeyerowitzMelancholia and the Internal World (The Tavistock Clinic Series)
2019978-1-78220-529-6Leezah Hertzmann · Juliet NewbiginSexuality and Gender Now: Moving Beyond Heteronormativity (Tavistock Clinic Series)
2017978-1-78220-532-6Giorgio TricaricoLost Goddesses: A Kaleidoscope on Porn
2017978-1-78220-550-0Antonio QuinetLacan's Clinical Technique: Lack(a)nian Analysis
2018978-1-78220-551-7Philippa WeitzPsychotherapy 2.0: It's all about the Online Relationship
  ''978-1-78220-552-4Nicola NeathTo Be Met as a Person at Work
  ''978-1-78220-553-1Jose Luis VallsFreudian Dictionary
  ''978-1-78220-556-2Stefan HammelHandbook of Therapeutic Storytelling
2017978-1-78220-558-6Gemma Corradi FiumaraThe Pilgrim Kings: A Story of the Magi (The Karnac Library)
  ''978-1-78220-577-7Gila OferA Bridge Over Troubled Water: Conflicts and Reconciliation in Groups and Society (Efpp Series (European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychoth)
2018978-1-78220-580-7Mou SultanaThe Castration Complex
2018978-1-78220-581-4Cesar OjedaThe Access to Subjectivity: Phenomenology, Buddhism, and Psychotherapy
  ''978-1-78220-585-2William F. CornellAt the Interface of Transactional Analysis, Psychoanalysis, and Body Psychotherapy
  ''978-1-78220-586-9Nicola Abel-HirschBion: 365 Quotes
  ''978-1-78220-587-6Dany NobusFor Better or Worse: Adventures in Lacanian Psychoanalysis
2019978-1-78220-667-5Brett KahrCelebrity Mad