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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-78132-021-1Safia GuerrasLou Lou
  ''978-1-78132-035-8E.C.S. BanksRoad to Ekaterinburg: Nicholas and Alexandra's Daughters 1913 - 1918
2015978-1-78132-062-4Alison MortonInceptio: Volume 1 (The Roma Nova Series)
2013978-1-78132-077-8Helen HollickRipples in the Sand
  ''978-1-78132-088-4Harvey BlackThe Red Effect (Cold War)
  ''978-1-78132-108-9Edward HancoxIceland, Defrosted
  ''978-1-78132-122-5Harvey BlackThe Black Effect (Cold War)
2013978-1-78132-126-3Tru SpencerTwin Stars and a Mother from Mars: Heartache and Joy in an Ivf World
  ''978-1-78132-140-9Ecs BanksRoad to Revolution and the Tsar's Travels (The Romanov Series)
2014978-1-78132-211-6David EbsworthThe Kraals of Ulundi
  ''978-1-78132-221-5Harvey BlackThe Blue Effect (Cold War)
2015978-1-78132-319-9Martin ShepherdToo Fast A Life
  ''978-1-78132-424-0James BentleyThe Forgotten Fifteen: How Bury Triumphed in British Football's Worst Year
2016978-1-78132-428-8Fenella ForsterJuliet's Story (The Voyagers Trilogy)
  ''978-1-78132-525-4Peter ChaplinA Job with Bite: Life in the Avon & Somerset Dog Section 1978-1998
2017978-1-78132-599-5Rachel Cathan336 Hours
2017978-1-78132-613-8Dennis M. YoungA Henchman's Honor: Volume 2: Fraud and Firefights
  ''978-1-78132-639-8Jess Hiles · Jo AllmondShe's Still My Nan (Jess the Goth Fairy)
2018978-1-78132-674-9Francis PrendivilleMr Harris Makes it Up
2017978-1-78132-699-2Mark DandoDon't Strain LittleBrain: A Mindset Book
2018978-1-78132-709-8Roland ChestersRipples from the Edge of Life
2017978-1-78132-729-6Sarah ColemanThe Realist: A Novel of Berenice Abbott
2018978-1-78132-749-4Berend MetsWaking Up Safer?: An Anesthesiologist's Record
  ''978-1-78132-775-3Gill FieldingSolving the Financial Success Puzzle
2019978-1-78132-833-0Shirley JenningsSpinning on the Wind: A Gyronaut's Tale
  ''978-1-78132-852-1Jess Hiles · Jo AllmondJess Guides the Way (Jess the Goth Fairy)
  ''978-1-78132-873-6Elizabeth PriceThe Meadow Farm Band
2019978-1-78132-922-1Natalie TricePR School: Your Time to Shine: A Masterclass in Publicity for You and Your Business