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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-78027-000-5Denis RixsonThe Small Isles: Canna, Rum, Eigg and Muck
  ''978-1-78027-001-2Caroline Wickham-JonesOrkney: A Historical Guide
  ''978-1-78027-002-9Mairi HedderwickOh No Peedie Peebles
  ''978-1-78027-003-6Mairi HedderwickPeedie Peebles' Summer or Winter Book
  ''978-1-78027-005-0Iain TaylorPlace-names of Scotland
2011978-1-78027-006-7Norman MacLeanDearest Dacha
  ''978-1-78027-007-4Norman MacLeanTricksters
  ''978-1-78027-009-8Neil ForsythWhy Me?: The Very Important Emails of Bob Servant (Bob Servant 3)
  ''978-1-78027-011-1Richard FrereMaxwell's Ghost
2012978-1-78027-015-9John AshtonMegrahi: You Are My Jury: The Lockerbie Evidence
2011978-1-78027-019-7Mairi HedderwickThe Last Laird of Coll
  ''978-1-78027-022-7National ArchivesTracing Your Scottish Ancestors (National Archives of Scotland)
2011978-1-78027-026-5Ian BuxtonCutty Sark: The Making of a Whisky Brand
2012978-1-78027-027-2Rosemary HannahThe Grand Designer: Third Marquess of Bute
2011978-1-78027-028-9Dixie DeanTheres Only One Dixie Dean
2012978-1-78027-032-6Alistair Moffat · James F. WilsonThe Scots: A Genetic Journey
  ''978-1-78027-034-0Tex GeddesHebridean Sharker
  ''978-1-78027-037-1Katharine StewartA Garden in the Hills
  ''978-1-78027-038-8Mairi HedderwickThe Hebridean Calendar 2013
  ''978-1-78027-039-5   ''The Hebridean Desk Diary 2013
2012978-1-78027-040-1Mairi HedderwickThe Hebridean Pocket Diary 2013
2014978-1-78027-046-3Kenneth Cox · Caroline BeatonFruit and Vegetables for Scotland: A Practical Guide and History
2012978-1-78027-047-0Claire MacdonaldLifting the Lid: A Life at Kinloch Lodge, Skye
  ''978-1-78027-048-7Claire MacdonaldEntertaining Solo: Delicious Recipes for Single Cooks Who Like to Entertain
  ''978-1-78027-050-0Mary ContiniThe Italian Sausage Bible
  ''978-1-78027-051-7Ray PermanHubris: How HBOS Wrecked the Best Bank in Britain
2011978-1-78027-066-1David TorranceSalmond: Against the Odds
2012978-1-78027-081-4Claire McDonaldThe Claire McDonald Cookbook
  ''978-1-78027-083-8Claire McDonaldClaire McDonald's Simply Seasonal
2012978-1-78027-084-5Martin Greig · Charles McGarryThe Road to Lisbon
  ''978-1-78027-085-2Margaret RhodesThe Final Curtsey A Royal Memoir by the Queen's Cousin
  ''978-1-78027-087-6David RossThe Pocket Book of Scottish Quotations
  ''978-1-78027-089-0Tam DalyellThe Importance of Being Awkward: The Autobiography of Tam Dalyell
  ''978-1-78027-091-3Christopher Fleet · Margaret Wilkes · Charles W. J. WithersScotland: Mapping the Nation
2012978-1-78027-103-3John DeeringBradley Wiggins: Tour de Force
2013978-1-78027-114-9Andy WightmanThe Poor Had No Lawyers: Who Owns Scotland and How They Got it
2015978-1-78027-117-0Martin CoventryHebridean Island Hopping
2013978-1-78027-124-8Mairi HedderwickHebridean Desk Diary 2014 (Desk Diaries)
  ''978-1-78027-125-5   ''Hebridean Pocket Diary 2014 (Diaries)
  ''978-1-78027-126-2William LobbanThe Glasgow Curse: My Life in the Criminal Underworld
  ''978-1-78027-131-6Debi GlioriThe Tobermory Cat
  ''978-1-78027-132-3Ray PermanHubris: How HBOS Wrecked the Best Bank in Britain
2014978-1-78027-138-5Ian FraserShredded: Inside RBS, the Bank That Broke Britain
2014978-1-78027-144-6Nikki WelchThe Pocket Guide to Wine: Featuring the Wine Tube Map (Birlinn Pocket Guides)
2013978-1-78027-148-4Oscar Marzaroli · Jim Grassie · Robert CrawfordWaiting for the Magic: The Photography of Oscar Marzaroli
  ''978-1-78027-160-6Alistair Moffat · Andrew CrummyThe Great Tapestry of Scotland
  ''978-1-78027-167-5John AshtonScotland's Shame: Lockerbie 25 Years On - Why It Still Matters
  ''978-1-78027-173-6Tim ClarksonThe Makers of Scotland: Picts, Romans, Gaels and Vikings
  ''978-1-78027-178-1Ken Butler · Ken CrossanWild Flowers of the North Highlands of Scotland
2014978-1-78027-200-9Sue LawrenceScottish Baking
2019978-1-78027-201-6John MacLeodBest of Scotland
2014978-1-78027-222-1Mairi HedderwickHebridean Desk Diary 2015 (Desk Diaries)
2015978-1-78027-235-1Max BenitzCorunna: A Retreat
2014978-1-78027-237-5William LobbanGlasgow Curse, The
2018978-1-78027-238-2David SpavenThe Railway Atlas of Scotland: Two Hundred Years of History in Maps
2018978-1-78027-245-0Chris Fleet · Daniel MacCannellEdinburgh: Mapping the City
2014978-1-78027-253-5Charles MacLeanMaclean's Whiskypedia: A Gazetteer of Scotch Whisky
2015978-1-78027-264-1Caroline Wickham-JonesOrkney: A Historical Guide
  ''978-1-78027-268-9James HunterSet Adrift Upon the World: The Sutherland Clearances
2016978-1-78027-269-6Jane SmithWild Island: A Year in the Hebrides
2015978-1-78027-272-6Mairi HedderwickHebridean Calendar 2016 (Calendars 2016)
  ''978-1-78027-276-4David HawsonThe Puffer Calendar 2016 (Calendars 2016)
  ''978-1-78027-294-8Jessie Sheeler · Robin GillandersLittle Sparta: A Guide to the Garden of Ian Hamilton Finlay
  ''978-1-78027-314-3Benedict BlathwaytThe Little House by the Sea
2016978-1-78027-317-4Craig MurraySikunder Burnes: Master of the Great Game
2015978-1-78027-319-8John MooreGlasgow: Mapping the City
2015978-1-78027-324-2Lawrence KeppieThe Legacy of Rome: Scotland's Roman Remains
  ''978-1-78027-334-1Jess SmithWay of the Wanderers: The Story of Travellers in Scotland
2016978-1-78027-339-6Mairi HedderwickHebridean Calendar 2017 (Calendars 2017)
  ''978-1-78027-340-2   ''Hebridean Desk Diary 2017 (Diaries 2017)
  ''978-1-78027-341-9   ''Hebridean Pocket Diary 2017 (Diaries 2017)
  ''978-1-78027-342-6David HawsonThe Puffer Calendar 2017
2016978-1-78027-349-5Anne CholawoIsland on the Edge: A Life on Soay
  ''978-1-78027-351-8Christopher Fleet · Margaret Wilkes · Charles W. J. Withers · Foreword by Magnus LinklaterScotland: Mapping the Islands
2020978-1-78027-367-9Mary MacLeod RivettThe Outer Hebrides: A Historical Guide (Birlinn Historical Guides)
2016978-1-78027-380-8Rick WilsonScots Who Made America
  ''978-1-78027-401-0Charles MacLeanWhiskypedia: A Gazetteer of Scotch Whisky (New Edition)
  ''978-1-78027-403-4Tim ClarksonThe Picts: A History (New Edition)
  ''978-1-78027-404-1Iain R. ThomsonIsolation Shepherd
2016978-1-78027-408-9Roddy MartineThe Secrets of Rosslyn
  ''978-1-78027-420-1Margaret M. DunlopGoodbye Berlin: The Biography of Gerald Wiener
  ''978-1-78027-421-8Aeneas MacDonald · Ian BuxtonWhisky
  ''978-1-78027-428-7Ian CroftonA Dictionary of Scottish Phrase and Fable
2017978-1-78027-432-4Blair Bowman · Nikki WelchThe Pocket Guide to Whisky: Featuring the Whisky Tube Map (Pocket Guides) (Birlinn Pocket Guides)
  ''978-1-78027-433-1Mairi HedderwickHebridean Desk Diary 2018
2017978-1-78027-434-8Mairi HedderwickHebridean Pocket Diary 2018
2017978-1-78027-435-5Mairi HedderwickHebridean Calendar 2018
  ''978-1-78027-438-6Alistair MoffatScotland: A History from Earliest Times
  ''978-1-78027-442-3Ian BuxtonWhiskies Galore: A Tour of Scotland's Island Distilleries
  ''978-1-78027-444-7Alistair MoffatThe Scots: A Genetic Journey (New Edition)
  ''978-1-78027-452-2Mark Muller StuartStorm in the Desert: Britain's Intervention in Libya and the Arab Spring
2017978-1-78027-463-8Alistair MoffatBritain: A Genetic Journey
  ''978-1-78027-464-5Angus WatsonThe Essential Gaelic-English / English-Gaelic Dictionary (Dictionaries)
  ''978-1-78027-467-6Paul MurtonThe Hebrides: By the presenter of BBC TV's Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands
  ''978-1-78027-473-7Dion AlexanderThe Potter's Tale: A Colonsay Life
  ''978-1-78027-476-8Eilidh MuldoonThe Hebridean Colouring Book (Colouring Books)
2017978-1-78027-479-9Evan MawdsleyThe Russian Civil War
  ''978-1-78027-482-9John MooreThe Clyde: Mapping the River
  ''978-1-78027-483-6Chris Fleet · Charles W. J. Withers · Margaret WilkesScotland: Mapping the Nation
2018978-1-78027-489-8Joe Dick · Nikki WelchThe Pocket Guide to Beer: Featuring the Beer Tube Map (Birlinn Pocket Guides)
  ''978-1-78027-493-5Carolyn Anderson · Chris FleetScotland: Defending the Nation: Mapping the Military Landscape
2017978-1-78027-494-2Laurie CampbellScottish Wildlife Calendar 2018
  ''978-1-78027-495-9Elizabeth BlackadderThe Elizabeth Blackadder Cat Calendar 2018
2018978-1-78027-499-7Russell FindlayAcid Attack: A Journalist's War With Organised Crime
2018978-1-78027-503-1John McKendrickA Darien Journey: In Search of Empire
  ''978-1-78027-513-0Mairi HedderwickHebridean Calendar 2019 (Calendars 2019)
  ''978-1-78027-516-1Laurie CampbellScottish Wildlife Calendar 2019 (Calendars)
  ''978-1-78027-519-2Bob Aitken · Roger SmithThe West Highland Way: The Official Guide
  ''978-1-78027-530-7Terry Wyke · Brian Robson · Martin DodgeManchester: Mapping the City
2018978-1-78027-533-8Kenneth Cox · Caroline BeatonFruit and Vegetables for Scotland: What to Grow and How to Grow It (New Edition)
  ''978-1-78027-534-5Mairi HedderwickHebridean Pocket Address Book (Address Books)
2017978-1-78027-541-3Margaret M. DunlopGoodbye Berlin: The Biography of Gerald Wiener
2018978-1-78027-544-4Ian Buxton101 Rums to Try Before You Die - Get your copy in time for National Rum Day 16.08.19
  ''978-1-78027-545-1Polly PullarPolly's Collies Calendar 2019 (Calendars 2019)
  ''978-1-78027-558-1Angus RoxburghMoscow Calling: Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent
  ''978-1-78027-560-4James RobertsonRobert the Bruce: King of Scots
2018978-1-78027-561-1Charles MacLeanWhiskypedia: A Gazetteer of Scotch Whisky
2019978-1-78027-572-7Richard FrazerThe Strength Within: The Story of the Grassmarket Community Project
  ''978-1-78027-573-4James MillerThe Finest Road in the World: The Story of Travel and Transport in the Scottish Highlands
  ''978-1-78027-623-6Ray PermanThe Rise and Fall of the City of Money: A Financial History of Edinburgh
  ''978-1-78027-629-8Alistair MoffatBritain's DNA Journey: Our Remarkable Genetic Story by Alistair Moffat - as seen on ITVs DNA Journey
2020978-1-78027-631-1Nancy MarshallThe Burns Supper Companion
  ''978-1-78027-633-5Tristram ClarkeTracing Your Scottish Ancestors
2020978-1-78027-638-0Alasdair Roberts · Tim KirbyMidges
  ''978-1-78027-640-3Mairi HedderwickHebridean 2021 Calendar
  ''978-1-78027-643-4Laurie CampbellScottish Wildlife Calendar 2021
  ''978-1-78027-644-1Scottish Maps 2021 Calendar
  ''978-1-78027-652-6Sasha MortonMy Scottish Activity Book
2020978-1-78027-676-2Desmond SewardThe King Over the Water: A Complete History of the Jacobites
  ''978-1-78027-686-1Eilidh MuldoonThe Scottish Coastal Colouring Book
  ''978-1-78027-688-5Blair BowmanThe Pocket Guide to Whisky: Featuring the Whisky Tube Map (Birlinn Pocket Guides)