New Internationalist

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  ''978-1-78026-067-9   ''2013 Wildlife in Danger Calendar
2012978-1-78026-068-6New Internationalist2013 Amnesty Planner (Desk Diary)
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  ''978-1-78026-071-6Danny DorlingNo-Nonsense Guide to Equality, The (No-Nonsense Guides)
2013978-1-78026-079-2Adam Ma'anitThe No-Nonsense Guide to Corporations (No-Nonsense Guides)
2012978-1-78026-082-2PolypCo-Operative Revolution
2013978-1-78026-112-6New Internationalist2014 One World Calendar (Calendars)
  ''978-1-78026-113-3   ''2014 One World Almanac (Diaries)
2013978-1-78026-114-0New Internationalist2014 The World in Your Kitchen Calendar (Calendars)
  ''978-1-78026-115-7   ''One World Family Calendar 2014 (One World Calendars)
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2013978-1-78026-121-8Dan SmithThe State of the World Atlas
2014978-1-78026-123-2Wayne EllwoodNo-Nonsense Guide to Degrowth and Sustainability (No-nonsense Guides)
2013978-1-78026-161-4Rob HarrisonPeople Over Capital: The Co-Operative Alternative to Capitalism: Essays and insights on a New Global Awakening
2014978-1-78026-164-5New InternationalistOne World Calendar 2015
2014978-1-78026-165-2New InternationalistThe One World Almanac 2015
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  ''978-1-78026-167-6New InternationalistThe One World Family Calendar 2015
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2015978-1-78026-220-8   ''The One World Calendar 2016
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  ''978-1-78026-225-3New InternationalistEveryday Diary and Notebook 2016
2016978-1-78026-235-2Anna BorgerydIntegrity: A Novel
2015978-1-78026-237-6Wayne EllwoodNoNonsense: Globalization: Buying & Selling the World (4th Edition)
  ''978-1-78026-241-3Peter StalkerNoNonsense: The Money Crisis: How Bankers Grabbed Our Money - and How We Can Get it Back
2015978-1-78026-257-4Smith. Dave · Phil ChamberlainBlacklisted
2016978-1-78026-283-3Safia MinneySlow Fashion
2016978-1-78026-284-0Safia MinneySlow Fashion
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2017978-1-78026-378-6New InternationalistOne World 2018 Calendar
2018978-1-78026-379-3   ''One World Almanac 2018
2017978-1-78026-381-6New InternationalisOne World 2018 Family Calendar
2017978-1-78026-382-3New InternationalistPlan B 2018 Diary
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2019978-1-78026-503-2Fearless Cities: A Guide to the Global Municipalist Movement
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  ''978-1-78026-508-7   ''One World 2020 Almanac (One World Almanac)
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2020978-1-78026-524-7Dan SmithWorld Politics in the Crocodile Enclosure: Peace and Security at Risk