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2011978-1-78005-001-0APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Bali (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-002-7Insight GuidesInsight Flexi Map: Florida (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-003-4APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Ho Chi Minh City (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-004-1Insight GuidesInsight Flexi Map: Orlando (Insight Flexi Maps)
2012978-1-78005-005-8APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Bangkok (Insight Flexi Maps)
2011978-1-78005-007-2   ''Insight Flexi Map: Krakow (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-008-9Insight GuidesInsight Flexi Map: New Zealand (Insight Flexi Maps)
2012978-1-78005-009-6APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Rome (Insight Flexi Maps)
2011978-1-78005-010-2Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Australia
2011978-1-78005-015-7Insight GuidesInsight Guides: India
2013978-1-78005-016-4   ''Insight Guides Jordan
2011978-1-78005-017-1Lisa DionInsight Guides: San Francisco City Guide (Insight City Guides)
  ''978-1-78005-018-8Philip BriggsInsight Guides: South Africa
2012978-1-78005-021-8Bryant/CameronInsight Guides: Caribbean Cruises
  ''978-1-78005-025-6APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Hong Kong (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-028-7Insight GuidesInsight Flexi Map: San Francisco
2011978-1-78005-029-4APA Publications LimitedInsight Compact Guide: St Lucia
2012978-1-78005-032-4Gavin ThomasInsight Guides: Dubai Step By Step (Insight Step by Step)
  ''978-1-78005-035-5Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Scandinavia
2011978-1-78005-036-2   ''Insight Flexi Map: Berlin (Insight Flexi Maps)
2012978-1-78005-038-6Tatiana WildeInsight Guides: Morocco
2012978-1-78005-039-3APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Kuala Lumpur (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-043-0   ''Insight Flexi Map: Beijing (Insight Flexi Maps)
2011978-1-78005-044-7APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Cyprus (Insight Flexi Maps)
2012978-1-78005-058-4Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Indonesia
  ''978-1-78005-063-8   ''Insight Guides: Oman and the UAE
  ''978-1-78005-064-5APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Mallorca (Insight Flexi Maps)
2013978-1-78005-066-9   ''Insight Flexi Map: Paris (Insight Flexi Maps)
2012978-1-78005-091-1Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Sicily
2013978-1-78005-101-7APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Malta (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-105-5   ''Insight Flexi Map: Venice (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-122-2Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Philippines
2013978-1-78005-126-0Insight GuidesInsight Guides: USA on the Road
  ''978-1-78005-127-7   ''Insight Guides: Bruges Step by Step Guide (Insight Step by Step)
2013978-1-78005-129-1Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Greece
  ''978-1-78005-130-7   ''Insight Guides: Italian Lakes
2014978-1-78005-146-8   ''Insight Guides: Brazil
2013978-1-78005-148-2   ''Insight Guides: Greak Breaks Edinburgh (Insight Great Breaks)
  ''978-1-78005-149-9   ''Insight Guides: Great Breaks Glasgow (Insight Great Breaks)
2013978-1-78005-151-2Insight GuidesInsight Guides Great Breaks Jersey (Insight Great Breaks)
  ''978-1-78005-153-6   ''Insight Guides: Great Breaks Oxford (Insight Great Breaks)
  ''978-1-78005-157-4   ''Insight Guides: Ecuador & Galápagos
  ''978-1-78005-167-3   ''Insight Guides: Bruges Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guide)
  ''978-1-78005-188-8   ''Insight Guides: South Korea
2014978-1-78005-204-5Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Cuba
2016978-1-78005-207-6   ''Insight Guides Japan
2014978-1-78005-214-4   ''Insight Guides US National Parks West
  ''978-1-78005-220-5   ''Insight Guides: Great Breaks Bath (Insight Great Breaks)
  ''978-1-78005-221-2   ''Insight Guides: Great Breaks Belfast (Insight Great Breaks)
2014978-1-78005-225-0Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Iceland
  ''978-1-78005-229-8   ''Insight Guides: Great Breaks York (Insight Great Breaks)
2012978-1-78005-274-8APA Publications LimitedInsight Guides: Mallorca Step By Step (Insight Step by Step)
  ''978-1-78005-281-6   ''Insight Guides: Malta
  ''978-1-78005-285-4Insight GuidesMarrakech Select (Insight Select Guides)
2015978-1-78005-294-6   ''Insight Guides Namibia
2012978-1-78005-346-2   ''Insight Flexi Map: New York City (Insight Flexi Maps)
2011978-1-78005-348-6APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: South Africa
2012978-1-78005-356-1APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Singapore
2016978-1-78005-372-1Insight GuidesInsight Guides Pocket Kos (Insight Pocket Guides)
2014978-1-78005-379-0   ''Insight Flexi Map: Guernsey (Insight Flexi Maps)
2013978-1-78005-380-6APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Jersey (Insight Flexi Maps)
2015978-1-78005-382-0Insight GuidesInsight Flexi Map: New Zealand (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-384-4   ''Insight Flexi Map: New York City (Insight Flexi Maps)
2014978-1-78005-389-9   ''Insight Flexi Map: Hong Kong (Insight Flexi Maps)
2016978-1-78005-390-5   ''Insight Flexi Map: Jersey (Insight Flexi Maps)
2015978-1-78005-396-7Insight GuidesInsight Guides Flexi Map Rome (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-398-1   ''Insight Flexi Map: Malta (Insight Flexi Maps)
2012978-1-78005-410-0APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Florence (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-411-7   ''Insight Flexi Map: Marrakesh (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-413-1   ''Insight Flexi Map: Lake Garda & Verona (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-414-8   ''Insight Flexi Map: Madrid (Insight Flexi Maps)
2013978-1-78005-417-9APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Budapest (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-418-6   ''Insight Flexi Map: Brussels (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-419-3   ''Insight Flexi Map: Nice, Cannes & Monaco (Insight Flexi Maps)
2012978-1-78005-420-9   ''Insight Flexi Map: Thailand (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-436-0   ''Insight Travel Map: India (Insight Travel Maps)
2012978-1-78005-438-4APA Publications LimitedInsight Travel Map: New Zealand (Insight Travel Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-439-1   ''Insight Travel Map: South Africa
  ''978-1-78005-440-7   ''Insight Travel Maps: Spain & Portugal
  ''978-1-78005-441-4   ''Insight Travel Maps: Turkey
  ''978-1-78005-442-1   ''Insight Travel Map: Southern Spain
2012978-1-78005-443-8APA Publications LimitedInsight Travel Map: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos (Insight Travel Maps)
2012978-1-78005-446-9APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Seoul
2013978-1-78005-459-9   ''Insight Flexi Map: Milan (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-461-2   ''Insight Flexi Map: Prague (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-464-3   ''Insight Flexi Map: Croatia (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-468-1   ''Insight Travel Maps: Andalucia, Costa Del Sol
2013978-1-78005-470-4APA Publications LimitedInsight Travel Maps: Belgium and Luxembourg
  ''978-1-78005-475-9   ''Insight Travel Maps: Cyprus
  ''978-1-78005-484-1   ''Insight Travel Maps: Netherlands
  ''978-1-78005-489-6   ''Insight Travel Maps: Norway
  ''978-1-78005-496-4   ''Insight Travel Maps: Sardinia
2016978-1-78005-502-2Insight GuidesInsight Flexi Map: Lake Garda & Verona (Insight Flexi Maps)
2016978-1-78005-510-7Insight GuidesInsight Guides Travel Map Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos (Insight Travel Maps)
2016978-1-78005-526-8Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Pocket Jamaica (Insight Pocket Guides)
  ''978-1-78005-558-9   ''Insight Pocket Guides: Marrakech
2013978-1-78005-563-3   ''Insight Guides: Myanmar (Burma)
  ''978-1-78005-565-7APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Istanbul (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-566-4   ''Insight Flexi Map: Madeira (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-567-1   ''Insight Flexi Map: Stockholm
2015978-1-78005-575-6Insight Guides · Gavin ThomasInsight Guides: Myanmar (Burma)
2013978-1-78005-600-5APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Copenhagen (Insight Flexi Maps)
2013978-1-78005-602-9APA Publications LimitedInsight Flexi Map: Dubrovnik (Insight Flexi Maps)
2014978-1-78005-642-5Insight GuidesInsight Flexi Map: Iceland (Insight Flexi Maps)
2014978-1-78005-664-7Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Explore Bali (Insight Explore Guides)
  ''978-1-78005-665-4   ''Insight Guides: Explore Mallorca (Insight Explore Guides)
  ''978-1-78005-681-4   ''Insight Guides: Explore Sicily: The best routes around the island (Insight Explore Guides)
  ''978-1-78005-682-1   ''Insight Guides: Explore Shanghai (Insight Explore Guides)
2015978-1-78005-684-5   ''Insight Guides: Explore Dubrovnik (Insight Explore Guides)
2015978-1-78005-685-2Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Explore Melbourne (Insight Explore Guides)
2014978-1-78005-694-4INSIGHT GUIDESInsight Flexi Map: Barbados (Insight Flexi Maps)
2015978-1-78005-787-3Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Great Breaks Snowdonia & North Wales (Insight Great Breaks)
  ''978-1-78005-811-5   ''Insight Flexi Map: Dubrovnik (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-816-0   ''Insight Flexi Map: Marrakesh (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-818-4   ''Insight Guides Flexi Map Iceland (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-1-78005-822-1   ''Insight Flexi Map: Sri Lanka
2015978-1-78005-832-0Insight GuidesInsight Guides Phrasebooks: Mandarin
2017978-1-78005-906-8Insight GuidesInsight Guides Pocket St Lucia (Insight Pocket Guides)
2016978-1-78005-930-3   ''Insight Guides Pocket Dublin (Insight Pocket Guides)