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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-78002-000-6Fredric BrownNight of the Jabberwock
978-1-78002-002-0He Who Whispers
2011978-1-78002-003-7ohnDicksonCarrThe Burning Court
2010978-1-78002-004-4John Dickson CarrAnd So To Murder
  ''978-1-78002-005-1She Died a Lady
  ''978-1-78002-006-8John Dickson CarrThe Problem of the Green Capsule
  ''978-1-78002-007-5   ''The Plague Court Murders
  ''978-1-78002-010-5Fredric BrownThe Screaming Mimi
978-1-78002-011-2The Deep End
978-1-78002-012-9The Lenient Beast
2010978-1-78002-013-6The Dead Ringer
2010978-1-78002-014-3Anthony BerkeleyRoger Sheringham and the Vane Mystery
978-1-78002-015-0The Silk Stocking Murders
978-1-78002-016-7The Poisoned Chocolates Case
978-1-78002-017-4Jumping Jenny
2010978-1-78002-018-1Anthony BerkeleyDeath in the House
  ''978-1-78002-019-8   ''The Second Shot
  ''978-1-78002-020-4   ''The Layton Court Mystery
978-1-78002-032-7A Lotus for Miss Quon
978-1-78002-034-1The World in My Pocket
2011978-1-78002-035-8This is For Real
978-1-78002-037-2The Way the Cookie Crumbles
978-1-78002-038-9The Murder of My Aunt
2011978-1-78002-039-6Ellery QueenThe Door Between
  ''978-1-78002-040-2Halfway House
978-1-78002-041-9Ellery QueenThe Devil To Pay
2011978-1-78002-042-6Freeman Wills CroftsThe Pit-Prop Syndicate
  ''978-1-78002-043-3Freeman Wills CroftsThe Cask
978-1-78002-044-0Fatal Venture
2011978-1-78002-045-7Freeman Wills CroftsInspector French's Greatest Case
2011978-1-78002-046-4freeman-wills-croftsInspector French and the Starvel Tragedy
  ''978-1-78002-047-1Freeman Wills CroftsThe Loss of the Jane Vosper
  ''978-1-78002-147-8Anthony BerkeleyMurder in the Basement
  ''978-1-78002-148-5   ''The Piccadilly Murder
2011978-1-78002-149-2Anthony BerkeleyNot to Be Taken