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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2020978-1-77294-020-6Edgar Allan PoeManga Classics Stories of Edgar Allan Poe
2017978-1-77294-021-3Edgar Allen PoeManga Classics: The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe
  ''978-1-77294-036-7Sony · FromSoftwareBloodborne Official Artworks
2019978-1-77294-038-1Tatsunoko ProductionSamurai Pizza Cats: Official Fan Book
2017978-1-77294-044-2Takashi YanoStreet Fighter: The Novel: Where Strength Lies
  ''978-1-77294-048-0AtlusDragon's Crown Vol.1
  ''978-1-77294-050-3Ukyou KodachiInfini-T Force Volume 1
2018978-1-77294-051-0   ''Infini-T Force Volume 2
  ''978-1-77294-052-7Ken Siu-Chong · Matt Moylan · Chris Mowry · Brendon TapperStreet Fighter Unlimited Vol.2 TP: The Heart of Battle
2019978-1-77294-063-3Ukyou KodachiInfini-T Force Volume 3
2018978-1-77294-064-0VariousDark Souls III: Design Works
2018978-1-77294-065-7AtlusPersona 4 Volume 7
2020978-1-77294-070-1Matt MoylanStreet Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia - Arcade Edition HC
2018978-1-77294-074-9Capcom · Keiji InafuneMega Man: Official Complete Works
  ''978-1-77294-076-3AtlusPersona 4 Volume 8
  ''978-1-77294-078-7   ''Persona 3 Volume 7
  ''978-1-77294-079-4   ''Persona 3 Volume 8
2019978-1-77294-082-4   ''Persona 3 Volume 11
2018978-1-77294-086-2CapcomMonster Hunter Illustrations 2
2019978-1-77294-087-9Ukyou KodachiInfini-T Force Volume 4
  ''978-1-77294-088-6AtlusPersona 4 Volume 9
2019978-1-77294-100-5CapcomMega Man Zero: Official Complete Works
  ''978-1-77294-104-3Akihito TomiStravaganza Volume 2
2020978-1-77294-105-0Akihito TomiStravaganza Volume 3
2019978-1-77294-112-8CapcomMega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works Hardcover
  ''978-1-77294-114-2Ken Siu-ChongDarkstalkers: Rise of the Night Warriors
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  ''978-1-77294-131-9UDONStreet Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection
  ''978-1-77294-132-6AtlusPersona 4 Volume 11