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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-77227-003-7Nola HicksHurry Up, Ilua! (English)
2014978-1-77227-008-2Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley · Sean Qitsualik-TinsleyStories of Survival and Revenge (Inuktitut): From Inuit Folklore
2015978-1-77227-009-9Celina KallukKulu adore
  ''978-1-77227-010-5Neil Christopher · Daniel Gies · Ramón PérezLa contrée des loups
  ''978-1-77227-011-2Neil ChristopherChroniques de l'Amautalik
  ''978-1-77227-012-9   ''The Hidden (Inuktitut): Inuktitut Supplement
  ''978-1-77227-013-6Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley · Sean Qitsualik-TinsleyLesson for the Wolf (Inuktitut): Inuktitut edition
2015978-1-77227-014-3Neil ChristopherWay Back Then (Inuktitut)
  ''978-1-77227-017-4   ''Those That Cause Fear (Inuktitut)
  ''978-1-77227-019-8Matilda SulurayokKamik's First Sled (Inuktitut)
  ''978-1-77227-020-4   ''Kamik's First Sled
  ''978-1-77227-026-6Mia PelletierA Children's Guide to Arctic Birds (Inuktitut): Roman Orthography Edition
2015978-1-77227-030-3Carolyn MalloryInsectes communs du Nunavut
  ''978-1-77227-031-0Jurate GertzbeinRoches et minéraux du Nunavut
  ''978-1-77227-032-7Sakiasi QaunaqThe Orphan and the Polar Bear (Rankin)
  ''978-1-77227-034-1Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley · Sean Qitsualik-TinsleyThe Walrus Who Escaped (Inuktitut)
2016978-1-77227-126-3Germaine ArnaktauyokInuit Spirit: A Colouring Book by Artist Germaine Arnaktauyok
2017978-1-77227-169-0Angela Hovak JohnstonReawakening Our Ancestors' Lines: Revitalizing Inuit Traditional Tattooing
  ''978-1-77227-170-6Aalasi Joamie · Rebecca Hainnu · Anna ZieglerEdible and Medicinal Arctic Plants: An Inuit Elder's Perspective
2018978-1-77227-179-9Kenn HarperIn Those Days: Tales of Arctic Whaling
2019978-1-77227-204-8Darryl BakerKamik rejoint la meute
2019978-1-77227-207-9Chris Giroux · Jennifer NoahNotre premiere chasse au caribou
  ''978-1-77227-233-8Paul SoudersAiviq: Life With Walruses
  ''978-1-77227-237-6Larry AudlalukWhat I Remember, What I Know
  ''978-1-77227-254-3Kenn HarperIn Those Days: Shamans, Spirits, and Faith in the Inuit North