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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-77149-029-0Complete Canadian Curriculum 1 (Revised & Updated): Comp Cnd Curriculum 1 (R&U)
  ''978-1-77149-031-3Complete Canadian Curriculum 3 (Revised & Updated): Comp Cnd Curriculum 3 (R&U)
  ''978-1-77149-032-0Complete Canadian Curriculum 4 (Revised & Updated): Comp Cnd Curriculum 4 (R&U)
  ''978-1-77149-033-7Complete Canadian Curriculum 5 (Revised & Updated): Comp Cnd Curriculum 5 (R&U)
  ''978-1-77149-034-4Complete Canadian Curriculum 6 (Revised & Updated): Comp Cnd Curriculum 6 (R&U)
2015978-1-77149-035-1Complete Canadian Curriculum 7 (Revised & Updated): Comp Cnd Curriculum 7 (R&U)
  ''978-1-77149-036-8Complete Canadian Curriculum 8 (Revised & Updated): Comp Cnd Curriculum 8 (R&U)
978-1-77149-058-0Popular Book EditorialComplete Summersmart K-1 Value
978-1-77149-059-7Popular Book EditorialComplete Summersmart 1-2 Value
978-1-77149-060-3   ''Complete Summersmart 2-3 Value
978-1-77149-061-0   ''Complete Summersmart 3-4 Value
978-1-77149-062-7   ''Complete Summersmart 4-5 Value
978-1-77149-063-4   ''Complete Summersmart 5-6 Value
2013978-1-77149-065-8Preschool MathSmart Activities
  ''978-1-77149-066-5Preschool EnglishSmart Activities
  ''978-1-77149-067-2Preschool FrenchSmart Activities
2014978-1-77149-088-7Preschool EnglishSmart Story Activities
  ''978-1-77149-089-4Preschool MathSmart Story Activities
2014978-1-77149-090-0Preschool FrenchSmart Story Activities
  ''978-1-77149-091-7Preschool EnglishSmart Sticker Activities
  ''978-1-77149-092-4Preschool MathSmart Sticker Activities
  ''978-1-77149-093-1Preschool FrenchSmart Sticker Activities
2015978-1-77149-142-6Popular Book CompanyCanadian Curriculum SummerSmart K-1: Refresh skills learned in kindergarten and prepare for Grade 1
  ''978-1-77149-143-3Popular Book CompanyCanadian Curriculum SummerSmart 1-2: Refresh skills learned in Grade 1 and prepare for Grade 2
2015978-1-77149-144-0Popular Book CompanyCanadian Curriculum SummerSmart 2-3: Refresh skills learned in Grade 2 and prepare for Grade 3
2015978-1-77149-145-7Popular Book CompanyCanadian Curriculum SummerSmart 3-4: Refresh skills learned in Grade 3 and prepare for Grade 4
  ''978-1-77149-146-4   ''Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart 4-5: Refresh skills learned in Grade 4 and prepare for Grade 5
  ''978-1-77149-147-1   ''Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart 5-6: Refresh skills learned in Grade 5 and prepare for Grade 6
  ''978-1-77149-150-1   ''Preschool EnglishSmart Hands-on Activities
  ''978-1-77149-151-8   ''Preschool MathSmart Hands-on Activities
2015978-1-77149-152-5Popular Book CompanyPreschool FrenchSmart Hands-on Activities
2018978-1-77149-267-6Popular Book CompanyPopular Canadian Curriculum Series: Canadian Curriculum FrenchSmart (Kindergarten)