year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-77089-002-2Carrie SnyderThe Juliet Stories
  ''978-1-77089-003-9Lynn CrosbieLife Is About Losing Everything
  ''978-1-77089-004-6Erin MoureThe Unmemntioable
2013978-1-77089-009-1Saleema NawazBone and Bread
2012978-1-77089-015-2Neil TurokThe Universe Within
  ''978-1-77089-017-6Neil TurokThe Universe Within: From Quantum to Cosmos (CBC Massey Lecture)
  ''978-1-77089-018-3Frauke ScheunemannPuppy Love
2012978-1-77089-031-2Stephen KelmanPigeon English
2011978-1-77089-032-9Patrick deWittThe Sisters Brothers
2012978-1-77089-033-6Peter BehrensThe O'Briens
  ''978-1-77089-034-3Steve Sem-SandbergThe Emperor of Lies
  ''978-1-77089-035-0John FraserThe Secret Of The Crown: Canada's Affair With Royalty
2011978-1-77089-036-7Jim HarrisonThe Great Leader
  ''978-1-77089-037-4Robert Lepage · Marie MichaudThe Blue Dragon
  ''978-1-77089-061-9Diana AthillMidsummer Night in the Workhouse /tpf
2011978-1-77089-062-6Henry Kissinger · Niall Ferguson · David Li · Fareed ZakariaDoes the 21st Century Belong /tp: The Munk Debate on China
2013978-1-77089-103-6Louis HamelinOctober 1970
2012978-1-77089-104-3Lynn CoadyThe Antagonist
2013978-1-77089-107-4John Fraser CMThe Secret of the Crown
2014978-1-77089-109-8Alen MattichKilling Pilgrim
2012978-1-77089-110-4A.F. MoritzThe New Measures
  ''978-1-77089-184-5A.L. KennedyThe Blue Book
2011978-1-77089-198-2Tomas TranstromerDeleted World
2012978-1-77089-206-4Alix OhlinInside
  ''978-1-77089-210-1Peter HobbsIn the Orchard, the Swallows
  ''978-1-77089-212-5Claudia HammondTime Warped
  ''978-1-77089-214-9Patrick deWittAblutions
2012978-1-77089-223-1Ins ChoiKim's Convenience
2013978-1-77089-230-9Corey MintzHow to Host a Dinner Party
  ''978-1-77089-234-7Ian HamiltonThe Scottish Banker of Surabaya
2014978-1-77089-244-6Ian HamiltonThe Two Sisters of Borneo
2015978-1-77089-246-0   ''The King of Shanghai: The Triad Years
2012978-1-77089-248-4Sheila HetiHow Should A Person Be?
  ''978-1-77089-255-2Lisa MooreThe Selected Short Fiction of Lisa Moore
2014978-1-77089-306-1Jonas BengtssonA Fairy Tale
2013978-1-77089-308-5Lynn CoadyHellgoing
  ''978-1-77089-310-8Cary FaganA Bird's Eye
1997978-1-77089-312-2scott-griffinMy Heart Is Africa: Three Years with the Flying Doctors
2014978-1-77089-313-9Elizabeth RenzettiBased on a True Story
2012978-1-77089-321-4Sheila HetiThe Middle Stories
2013978-1-77089-322-1Lawrence HillBlood: The Stuff of Life
2014978-1-77089-328-3James LaxerTecumseh and Brock: The War of 1812
2013978-1-77089-329-0Rawi HageCarnival
2012978-1-77089-332-0Deborah LevySwimming Home
2013978-1-77089-334-4Kathleen WinterAnnabel
  ''978-1-77089-335-1Patrick DeWittThe Sisters Brothers
2014978-1-77089-351-1Sarah BostonLucky Dog: How Being a Veterinarian Saved My Life
2013978-1-77089-353-5Timothy BrookMr Selden's Map of China
2013978-1-77089-355-9Ru FreemanOn Sal Mal Lane
2014978-1-77089-365-8Mark LavoratoSerafim and Claire
2013978-1-77089-373-3Roch CarrierRoch Carrier's La Guerre Trilogy
  ''978-1-77089-391-7Ben ByrneFireflies
2015978-1-77089-397-9Sofi OksanenWhen the Doves Disappeared: A Novel
  ''978-1-77089-401-3Erik VlaminckFire and Air
2014978-1-77089-403-7Ian LeslieCurious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On It
2013978-1-77089-412-9Erlend LoeLazy Days
2015978-1-77089-414-3Patrick deWittUndermajordomo Minor
2013978-1-77089-416-7Lisa MooreAlligator
2015978-1-77089-425-9Skip HorackThe Other Joseph
2016978-1-77089-430-3James LaxerStaking Claims to a Continent: John A. Macdonald, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, and the Making of North America
2013978-1-77089-434-1Charlotte GrimshawSoon
2015978-1-77089-437-2Alen MattichThe Heart of Hell
2014978-1-77089-461-7A.L. KennedyOn Writing
  ''978-1-77089-465-5Thug KitchenThug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck
  ''978-1-77089-469-3Mireille SilcoffChez l'arabe: Stories
2014978-1-77089-474-7Eve HarrisThe Marrying of Chani Kaufman
  ''978-1-77089-811-0Ian HamiltonThe Water Rat of Wanchai + The Dragon Head of Hong Kong
2015978-1-77089-817-2Irina KovalyovaSpecimen: Stories
  ''978-1-77089-819-6Karen SolieThe Road In Is Not the Same Road Out
  ''978-1-77089-824-0Claire FullerOur Endless Numbered Days
2014978-1-77089-837-0Adrienne ClarksonBelonging: The Paradox of Citizenship
  ''978-1-77089-841-7Michael Hayden · Alan Dershowitz · Glenn Greenwald · Alexis OhanianDoes State Spying Make Us Safer?: The Munk Debate on Mass Surveillance
2014978-1-77089-855-4Sheila HetiTicknor
2015978-1-77089-880-6Magnus Bärtås · Fredrik EkmanAll Monsters Must Die: An Excursion to North Korea
  ''978-1-77089-937-7Patti LaBoucane-BensonThe Outside Circle: A Graphic Novel
2016978-1-77089-942-1Zoe WhittallThe Best Kind of People
2015978-1-77089-945-2Robert HoughThe Man Who Saved Henry Morgan
2016978-1-77089-953-7Ian HamiltonThe Princeling of Nanjing: The Triad Years
  ''978-1-77089-965-0Robert SeethalerThe Tobacconist
2015978-1-77089-970-4Greg HollingsheadAct Normal: Stories
  ''978-1-77089-985-8Selma Lønning AarøI'm Coming
  ''978-1-77089-986-5Selma Lønning AarøI'm Coming
2015978-1-77089-990-2Carrie SnyderGirl Runner: A Novel
  ''978-1-77089-991-9Kathleen WinterBoundless: Tracing Land and Dream in a New Northwest Passage
  ''978-1-77089-996-4Bret Stephens · Fareed Zakaria · Robert Kagan · Anne-Marie SlaughterHas Obama Made the World a More Dangerous Place?: The Munk Debate on America Foreign Policy
2016978-1-77089-999-5Peter BehrensCarry Me

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