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2012978-1-74275-018-7   ''The Betrayal
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2012978-1-74275-035-4Mick Fanning · Tim BakerSurf for Your Life
978-1-74275-042-2Sisters of Mercy
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2014978-1-74275-092-7Robert IrwinThe Dinosaur Feather (Robert Irwin Dinosaur Hunter)
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2014978-1-74275-240-2Mike DumbletonSanta's Secret
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978-1-74275-521-2The Monday to Friday Diet
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2014978-1-74275-532-8   ''The Floods: The Royal Family
2015978-1-74275-540-3Wendy HarmerPearlie and the Flamenco Fairy
2015978-1-74275-541-0Jacqueline HarveyClementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor
  ''978-1-74275-543-4   ''Clementine Rose and the Pet Day Disaster
2015978-1-74275-545-8Jacqueline HarveyClementine Rose and the Perfect Present
  ''978-1-74275-547-2   ''Clementine Rose and the Farm Fiasco (4)
2013978-1-74275-549-6Justin RactliffeDads: A Field Guide
2014978-1-74275-551-9   ''Dads: A Field Guide
2012978-1-74275-554-0Deborah O'BrienMr Chen's Emporium
2013978-1-74275-564-9Christopher ChengAustralia's Greatest Inventions and Innovations
2012978-1-74275-565-6Loretta BarnardGoing For Gold: Australian Olympians and Other Champions
2013978-1-74275-566-3Joan SauersMothers & Daughters: How to Stay Close and Stay Sane
2012978-1-74275-567-0Deborah AbelaMax Remy 1 and 2 Bindup (Max Remy Superspy)
  ''978-1-74275-570-0The Light Between Oceans
  ''978-1-74275-573-1Stephen Dando-CollinsCrack Hardy
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2013978-1-74275-577-9   ''Baby Tawnies
2013978-1-74275-578-6Renee TremlOne Very Tired Wombat
2014978-1-74275-579-3   ''One Very Tired Wombat
2012978-1-74275-582-3Gregor SalmonNavy Divers
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  ''978-1-74275-601-1Nicholas FalkTroggle the Troll
2013978-1-74275-631-8Stephen Dando-CollinsCaesar the War Dog
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978-1-74275-648-6Bureau of Mysteries 2: The Mechanomancers
2013978-1-74275-650-9Claire SaxbySeadog
2014978-1-74275-651-6Claire SaxbySeadog
  ''978-1-74275-655-4Nick FalkTyrannosaurus in the Veggie Patch (Saurus Street)
  ''978-1-74275-656-1   ''A Pterodactyl Stole My Homework (Saurus Street)
  ''978-1-74275-657-8   ''The Very Naughty Velociraptor (Saurus Street)
  ''978-1-74275-658-5   ''An Allosaurus Ate My Uncle (Saurus Street)
2012978-1-74275-659-2Robbie McEwen · Edward PickeringOne Way Road: The Autobiography of Three Time Tour de France Green Jersey Winner Robbie McEwen
2014978-1-74275-669-1Matthew CondonThe Toe Tag Quintet
2012978-1-74275-671-4Colin ThompsonHow to Live Forever
2013978-1-74275-672-1Frances KellyStar-Crossed
2012978-1-74275-674-5Debi MarshallThe House of Hancock: The Rise and Rise of Gina Rinehart
2013978-1-74275-680-6Loretta HillThe Girl in the Hard Hat
2012978-1-74275-689-9WHITE PATRICKVivisector
2013978-1-74275-711-7Lex HirstRSPCA Bumper Book of Pets and Other Animals
2013978-1-74275-712-4Belinda MurrellThe River Charm
2012978-1-74275-714-8Random House AustraliaA Pet Isn't Just for Christmas
2013978-1-74275-716-2Alana WulffLove You Mum
  ''978-1-74275-718-6Janeen BrianMeet Ned Kelly
2014978-1-74275-719-3Janeen BrianMeet Ned Kelly
2013978-1-74275-721-6Sally MurphyMeet Mary MacKillop
2014978-1-74275-722-3Sally MurphyMeet Mary MacKillop
  ''978-1-74275-724-7Royal Women's HospitalThe Women's Health Book
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2013978-1-74275-739-1Catherine BatesonThe Wish Pony (Vintage Classics)
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978-1-74275-741-4A Brief History of Montmaray (Vintage Classics)
2013978-1-74275-745-2Mark SvendsenTo Die For (Vintage Classics)
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2015978-1-74275-753-7Jacqueline HarveyClementine Rose and the Treasure Box
  ''978-1-74275-755-1   ''Clementine Rose and the Famous Friend
2015978-1-74275-759-9Jacqueline HarveyAlice-Miranda in Japan
  ''978-1-74275-761-2   ''Alice-Miranda at Camp
2014978-1-74275-763-6Mike CarltonFirst Victory: 1914: HMAS Sydney's Hunt for the German Raider Emden
2015978-1-74275-767-4David HillThe Making of Australia
2013978-1-74275-769-8Derek Parker · Julia ParkerPoems of Love and Life for Capricorn
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  ''978-1-74275-793-3Mark Opitz · Luke Wallis · Jeff JenkinsSophistopunk: The Inside Story of Mark Opitz & Oz Rock
2014978-1-74275-797-1Stephen Dando-CollinsSir Henry Parkes: The Australian Colossus
2015978-1-74275-798-8Stephen Dando-CollinsSir Henry Parkes: The Australian Colossus
2012978-1-74275-805-3Loretta HillThe Girl in Steel-Capped Boots
  ''978-1-74275-807-7Pamela RobsonGrown-Up & Gorgeous in Your 40s
  ''978-1-74275-808-4Pamela RobsonGrown-Up & Gorgeous in Your 50s
2013978-1-74275-815-2Sophie MassonScarlet in the Snow
  ''978-1-74275-819-0Michael PryorThe Extraordinaires: The Subterranean Stratagem
2014978-1-74275-828-2Tim BakerAustralia's Century of Surf: How a Big Island at the Bottom of the World Became the Greatest Surfing Nation on Earth
2013978-1-74275-829-9Daryn CresswellCREZZA: From AFL glory to prison and the long road to redemption
  ''978-1-74275-844-2Natasha WalkerThe Secret Lives of Emma: Beginnings
978-1-74275-849-7Steal My Sunshine
2013978-1-74275-853-4Deborah AbelaA Transylvanian Tale (Ghost Club)
2013978-1-74275-857-2Natasha WalkerThe Secret Lives of Emma: Distractions
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978-1-74275-864-0The Widow
2014978-1-74275-875-6Belinda MurrellLulu Bell and the Birthday Unicorn
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  ''978-1-74275-879-4   ''Lulu Bell and the Cubby Fort (3)
  ''978-1-74275-881-7   ''Lulu Bell and the Moon Dragon (4)
2013978-1-74275-883-1Eleanor KerrTo Get to Me
2014978-1-74275-884-8   ''To Get to Me
2014978-1-74275-890-9Peter FitzSimonsNed Kelly
  ''978-1-74275-895-4Drusilla ModjeskaThe Mountain
  ''978-1-74275-919-7Matthew Benns & Terry SmithMistress
2013978-1-74275-921-0Renee TremlColour for Curlews
2014978-1-74275-922-7Renee TremlColour for Curlews
2012978-1-74275-924-1Manon YoudaleUnzipped: How to Have the Hottest Sex of Your Life
2014978-1-74275-934-0John FlanaganBrotherband: Slaves of Socorro
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978-1-74275-939-5Amber Road
2013978-1-74275-977-7Dick JohnsonDick Johnson Autobiography
  ''978-1-74275-979-1Jesse FinkThe Youngs the Brothers Who Built AC/DC
2015978-1-74275-983-8David MurrayThe Murder of Allison Baden-Clay
2014978-1-74275-999-9Emily Rose BrottHealthy Home Cooking For Kids

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