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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-74166-019-7Stories for Nine Year Olds
978-1-74166-020-3I Hate Myself and Want to Die: The 52 Most Depressing Songs You Ever Heard
2005978-1-74166-030-2Geoff BryantThe Random House Encyclopedia of Australian Native Plants
  ''978-1-74166-031-9Deborah AbelaMax Remy Superspy: The Venice Job
2006978-1-74166-065-4Deborah AbelaMax Remy Superspy: Mission in Malta (8)
2005978-1-74166-072-2sophie-massonCurse of Zohreh
  ''978-1-74166-076-0Ann BrasharesThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
2014978-1-74166-077-7Wendy HarmerPearlie and the Christmas Angel
2005978-1-74166-078-4Jenny NimmoThe Castle of Mirrors (Charlie Bone, Book 4)
2006978-1-74166-082-1John FlanaganRanger's Apprentice; Oakleaf Bearers
2005978-1-74166-090-6John FlanaganThe Burning Bridge
978-1-74166-108-8Stories for Six Year Olds
2005978-1-74166-114-9Roger McDonaldThe Ballad of Desmond Kale
2006978-1-74166-115-6J. M. CoetzeeSlow Man
2007978-1-74166-119-4Deborah AbelaMax Remy Superspy: The French Code (9)
2006978-1-74166-123-1Jenny Nimmo05 Charlie Bone And The Hidden King
2008978-1-74166-125-5Deborah AbelaMax Remy Superspy: The Final Curtain (10)
2006978-1-74166-128-6John FlanaganRanger's Apprentice; Sorcerer in the North (Ranger's Apprentice S., No. 5, 5)
2007978-1-74166-134-7   ''The Siege of Macindaw (Ranger's Apprentice, #6)
2006978-1-74166-144-6Rob · Curtis, Christopher WiserThe Cheat Sheet: Sex, Lies and Undercover Adventures in Adultery
  ''978-1-74166-153-8Gilie Schattner · Marc SchattnerThe Happiest Day of My Life (Harry)
2006978-1-74166-209-2flanagan-johnRanger's Apprentice: Erak's Ransom (Ranger's Apprentice, Book 7)
2007978-1-74166-224-5Bruce WhatleyThe Watchmaker Who Saved Christmas: A Christmas Classic
978-1-74166-229-0Roland Wright Future Knight
2008978-1-74166-230-6Tony DavisRoland Wright - Brand New Page
2007978-1-74166-233-7Colin ThompsonLooking For Atlantis
  ''978-1-74166-237-5Jenny Nimmo06 Charlie Bone And The Wilderness Wolf
2013978-1-74166-289-4Colin ThompsonThe Second Forever (How to Live Forever Trilogy)
2009978-1-74166-292-4Sally Morgan · Ambelin Kwaymullina · Blaze Kwaymullina · Ezekiel KwaymullinaCurly and the Fent
  ''978-1-74166-302-0John FlanaganRanger's Apprentice: Halt's Peril (Ranger's Apprentice, Book 9)
2012978-1-74166-319-8Colin ThompsonFree to a Good Home
978-1-74166-329-7Roland Wright at the Joust
2010978-1-74166-417-1Colin ThompsonThe Last Alchemist
  ''978-1-74166-418-8   ''Tower To The Sun
2011978-1-74166-419-5   ''The Paradise Garden
2010978-1-74166-420-1   ''Falling Angels
  ''978-1-74166-448-5John FlanaganThe Emperor of Nihon Ja (Ranger's Apprentice, 10)
2009978-1-74166-473-7Jane Gleeson-WhiteClassics: 62 Great Books from the Iliad to Midnight's Children
2007978-1-74166-512-3Joan, Edwards, Peter SauersSex Lives of Australian Teenagers
2006978-1-74166-522-2Gail JonesDreams of Speaking
2007978-1-74166-545-1neil-mcmahon-adam-suttonSay It Out Loud - Journey of a Real Cowboy
2006978-1-74166-547-5E. P. F. LynchSomme Mud: The War Experiences of an Infantryman in France 1916-1919
2007978-1-74166-550-5Gillian Deakin101 Things Your GP Would Tell You If Only There Was Time
2006978-1-74166-558-1Peter FentonThey Called Him Boy
2006978-1-74166-566-6Paul CleaveThe Cleaner
2009978-1-74166-583-3Paula GoodyerFit & Firm For Ever
2008978-1-74166-609-0Sam CutlerYou Can't Always Get What You Want: My Life with the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead And Other Wonderful Reprobates
  ''978-1-74166-612-0Judy DavieRead the Label
  ''978-1-74166-614-4hill-davidThe Forgotten Children: Fairbridge Farm School and its Betrayal of Britain's Child Migrants to Australia
  ''978-1-74166-643-4Mark Occhilupo · Tim BakerOccy: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Mark Occhilupo
  ''978-1-74166-648-9Vincent M.D. FortanasceThe Anti-Alzheimer's Prescription - The Science Proven Plan To Start At Any Age
2010978-1-74166-651-9Debi MarshallLambs to the Slaughter: Inside the Depraved Mind of Child-Killer Derek Ernest Percy
2009978-1-74166-656-4Gregor SalmonPoppy: Life, Death and Addiction Inside Afghanistan's Opium Trade
2011978-1-74166-657-1Gregor SalmonNavy Divers: The Incredible Story of the Australian Navy's Elite Unit
978-1-74166-658-8Mr Darwin's Shooter
2012978-1-74166-660-1Peter FitzSimonsMawson: And the Ice Men of the Heroic Age: Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen.
978-1-74166-667-0John BirminghamLeviathan: The Unauthorized Biography of Sydney
2010978-1-74166-669-4Susan DuncanA Life on Pittwater
2014978-1-74166-670-0RichardFlanaganThe Narrow Road to the Deep North
2010978-1-74166-676-2Mark Occhilupo · Tim BakerOccy: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Mark Occhilupo
2007978-1-74166-685-4Judy NunnFloodtide
978-1-74166-701-1Origin of Lament
2008978-1-74166-704-2Craig HassedThe Essence of Health
2010978-1-74166-710-3Peter Thompson · Robert MacklinThe Big Fella: The Rise and Rise of BHP Billiton
2010978-1-74166-711-0Peter Thompson · Robert MacklinThe Big Fella: The Rise and Rise of BHP Billiton
2009978-1-74166-721-9Daniel Lane McGrath GlennLine and Strength. The Complete Story
2007978-1-74166-724-0Frame JanetTowards Another Summer
2008978-1-74166-725-7Sue DengateFed Up
  ''978-1-74166-736-3hall-lincolnDead Lucky
  ''978-1-74166-754-71001 Foods You Must Eat Before You Die
2009978-1-74166-771-4Geoffrey BlaineyA Shorter History of Australia
2008978-1-74166-797-4David Hill1788: The Brutal Truth of the First Fleet
2010978-1-74166-800-1David Hill1788: The Brutal Truth of the First Fleet
2009978-1-74166-803-2Pamela RobsonGrown-Up & Gorgeous in Your 60s
  ''978-1-74166-806-3Joanna McMillan PriceInner Health, Outer Beauty
2012978-1-74166-820-9Susan DuncanThe Briny Cafe
2007978-1-74166-822-3Andrew HutchinsonRohypnol
  ''978-1-74166-840-7Jenny BondBehind the Bestsellers: The Stories Behind the World's Favourite Books
2007978-1-74166-876-6Sue DengateThe Failsafe Cookbook: Reducing Food Chemicals for Calm, Happy Families
2010978-1-74166-884-1Danny Buderus · Neil CadiganTalent Is Not Enough
2010978-1-74166-897-1Lyndall CrispTakeover Target: The Best $1375 Joe Janiak Ever Spent
2010978-1-74166-925-1David HillGold!: The Fever that Forever Changed Australia
  ''978-1-74166-927-5Tim Baker · Mick FanningSurf for Your Life
2011978-1-74166-963-3Amanda Sainsbury-SalisDon't Go Hungry For Life
2010978-1-74166-968-8Julie GoodwinOur Family Table