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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-74124-015-3Shirley BarberFairies Deluxe Colouring Fun Book (Fairies Activity)
2007978-1-74124-024-5John PinkneyGreat Australian Mysteries
978-1-74124-040-5Saddle Club Jigsaw Book
978-1-74124-041-2Dillon NaylorThe Slippery Shadow (Batrisha the Vampire Girl)
978-1-74124-042-9   ''The Strange Exchange Student
978-1-74124-043-6Drake. E. DrDragonology
2003978-1-74124-047-4Five Mile PressThe Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King Jigsaw Book (With Six 48-Piece Jigsaws Inside)
2004978-1-74124-048-1Ed NimmervollFriday on My Mind: A Year by Year Account of Popular Music in the Australian Charts
2006978-1-74124-080-1Vikki PetraitisTrue Stories from Australian Police Files
2005978-1-74124-103-7Shirley BarberShirley Barber's Fairy Stories with 2 Audio cd`s
  ''978-1-74124-129-7n/aLettering Book A Totally Fun Approach to Lettering!
  ''978-1-74124-174-7Maggie PinkneyWicked Wisdom: A Cynics Dictionary
  ''978-1-74124-179-2Five Mile PressTime Table
2008978-1-74124-224-9Garry FlemingDinosaurs Jigsaw Book (With Five 48-Piece Jigsaws)
2004978-1-74124-251-5Shirley BarberRainbow Magic
  ''978-1-74124-328-4Richard HallGreed - The 'Mr. Asia' Connection
2008978-1-74124-473-1Jennifer MappinThe Seven Continents of the World: Jigsaw Book
2005978-1-74124-502-8Tracey MoroneyWhen I'm Feeling Angry (When I'm Feeling)
2005978-1-74124-503-5Trace MoroneyWhen I'm Feeling Happy (When I'm Feeling)
  ''978-1-74124-504-2Tracey MoroneyWhen I'm Feeling Sad (When I'm Feeling)
  ''978-1-74124-505-9   ''When I'm Feeling Scared (When I'm Feeling)
2008978-1-74124-544-8Trace MoroneyWhen I'm Feeling Happy
2005978-1-74124-546-2   ''When I'm Feeling Scared
  ''978-1-74124-556-1V. CeelenMy Baby Record Book
2006978-1-74124-614-8SAMONE BOSOur Family Tree and Album
2005978-1-74124-628-5Trace MoroneyMy Firsts Book of Nursery Rhymes: Jigsaw Book (My First Book of)
  ''978-1-74124-630-8Tracey MoroneyMy First Book of Nursery Songs Jigsaw Book (My First Book of)
2005978-1-74124-660-5Creative Lettering: Create Your Very Own Works of Art! (Stencil Books)
2006978-1-74124-698-8Shirley BarbersThe Seventh Unicorn Jigsaw Book
2005978-1-74124-705-3Garry FlemingEndangered Animals Jigsaw Book
  ''978-1-74124-717-6Robyn JohnsonEnchanted Doll's House
  ''978-1-74124-722-0Bill and Hammond, Graeme AproHackers: The Hunt for Australia's Most Infamous Computer Cracker
  ''978-1-74124-821-0MILESolar System Jigsaw Book
2006978-1-74124-825-8Art of Great Lettering
  ''978-1-74124-826-5not-availableMy First Lettering Book
2006978-1-74124-876-0shirley-barberEnchanted Woods
  ''978-1-74124-877-7Shirley BarberRainbow Magic
2005978-1-74124-898-2Malcolm SandersThe Dragon Chronicles: The Lost Journals of the Great Wizard, Septimus Agorius
2006978-1-74124-989-7Diana Gibbs Lorelei Vashti WaiteHuman Body Jigsaw Book