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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-74110-002-0Ian M. JohnstonThe Magic of Old Tractors
2003978-1-74110-008-2Bruce ElderBlood on the Wattle: Massacres and maltreatment of Aboriginal Australians since 1788
  ''978-1-74110-019-8Yasmin BolandAquarius (New Holland Horoscope)
  ''978-1-74110-022-8Yasmin BolandTaurus (New Holland Horoscope)
  ''978-1-74110-023-5   ''Gemini (New Holland Horoscope)
  ''978-1-74110-024-2   ''Cancer (New Holland Horoscope)
2003978-1-74110-026-6Yasmin BolandVirgo (New Holland Horoscope)
  ''978-1-74110-027-3   ''Libra (New Holland Horoscope)
  ''978-1-74110-028-0   ''Scorpio (New Holland Horoscope)
2003978-1-74110-029-7Yasmin BolandSagittarius (New Holland Horoscope)
  ''978-1-74110-033-4Pamela HardyPoint of Departure
978-1-74110-041-9Captaining the Kangaroos: Rugby League Test and World Cup Captains
2004978-1-74110-075-4Alan and Collis, Ian WhitickerThe history of rugby league clubs
  ''978-1-74110-077-8Rhett HutchenceTotal Xs
  ''978-1-74110-084-6Clive WilliamsTerrorism Explained: The Facts About Terrorism and Terrorist Groups
  ''978-1-74110-097-6Pamela ScottHanoi Stories
2003978-1-74110-105-8Athena Starwoman · Deborah GrayGlamazon: How to Be Fabulous, Famous And Flawless
2005978-1-74110-110-2Alan J WhitickerTwelve Crimes That Shocked the Nation
2004978-1-74110-115-7Hassan M'SouliMoroccan Modern
2004978-1-74110-116-4Yasmin BolandHoroscopes 2005: Aquarius (New Holland Horoscope)
  ''978-1-74110-121-8   ''Horoscopes 2005: Cancer (New Holland Horoscope)
  ''978-1-74110-123-2   ''Horoscopes 2005: Virgo (New Holland Horoscope)
  ''978-1-74110-124-9   ''Horoscopes 2005: Libra (New Holland Horoscope)
  ''978-1-74110-133-1Alan J. WhitickerThe Battle for Troy: An adaptaton of Homer's Iliad
2004978-1-74110-142-3Stephany Evans SteggallCAN I CALL YOU COLIN?: The Authorised Biography of Colin Thiele
  ''978-1-74110-149-2Peter MurrayEvents That Changed the World: Over 100 Major Events That Have Changed the World in the Past 100 Years
  ''978-1-74110-156-0Teresa CutterBody and Soul Fit Food
  ''978-1-74110-161-4New Holland PublishersRecipe Journal
  ''978-1-74110-182-9Rhett HutchenceTotal Xs
2005978-1-74110-193-5Terry Smith · Brian HainesThe Complete Book of Woodworking and Carpentry
2005978-1-74110-214-7Pam ScottReturn to Hanoi
2004978-1-74110-232-1David EttridgeConsider Your Verdict
  ''978-1-74110-233-8Malcolm BrownAustralian Crime
2005978-1-74110-244-4Margaret AmbroseHow to Be French
  ''978-1-74110-252-9Athena StarwomanSoul Mates & the Zodiac
2006978-1-74110-258-1Jennifer IsaacsAustralian Dreaming: 40,000 years of Aboriginal History
2005978-1-74110-273-4Charmaine SolomonAsian Food
  ''978-1-74110-282-6Justin WimpoleFirst Aid for Dogs
2006978-1-74110-295-6Sandra Kimberley HallOn This Day: Landmarks of Our Time
2007978-1-74110-298-7Noa BellingYoga for Ideal Weight and Shape
2005978-1-74110-309-0Alan J WhitickerSpeeches that Shaped the Modern World
  ''978-1-74110-322-9Richard SHEARSBloodstain: The Vanishing of Peter Falconio
2006978-1-74110-332-8Daniel LalicWhere's Bin Laden?: and many others....
2014978-1-74110-355-7Tania GomesFlavours of Portugal
2006978-1-74110-363-2Alan J. WhitickerCrimes of the Century
2006978-1-74110-380-9New HollandAudrey Hepburn - Hollywood Icon Journal
  ''978-1-74110-381-6New HollandGrace Kelly - Hollywood Icon Journal
  ''978-1-74110-382-3   ''Lauren Bacall - Hollywood Icon Journal
2006978-1-74110-383-0New HollandMarilyn Monroe - Hollywood Icon Journal
  ''978-1-74110-387-8Xavier WaterkeynDeath Row: Profiles of People Who Face the Ultimate Penalty
  ''978-1-74110-391-5Harry And the PrincessThe Wedding Planner (Weddings)
  ''978-1-74110-398-4New HollandIngrid Bergman - Hollywood Icon Journal
2007978-1-74110-407-3Xavier WaterkeynBrilliant Ideas: From the Wheel to the iPod
2006978-1-74110-419-6New Holland PublishersRecipe Journal - Strawberry
  ''978-1-74110-420-2Jenny HunterThe Book of Great One-Liners
2006978-1-74110-434-9Susan AustinFrost Bite
2007978-1-74110-439-4Geoff Armstrong100 Greatest Cricketers
  ''978-1-74110-451-6Lee AtkinsonThe Australian Adventure Atlas
  ''978-1-74110-458-5Jenny DoddParty Ideas for Children: Themes*Cakes*Invitations*Treat Bags*Food*Games
  ''978-1-74110-459-2Natalia RavidaSeasons of Sicily
2006978-1-74110-461-5Annarosa BermanSex at 6pm: A Personal Journey Through Ivf
2007978-1-74110-463-9Ian and Whiticker, Alan Collis100 YEARS OF RUGBY LEAGUE 2 volumes
2006978-1-74110-464-6Gatt RayThe Rale Rasic Story: The Socceroos' First World Cup Coach: As Told to Ray GATT
2004978-1-74110-470-7Whiticker Alan Collis IanThe History of Rugby League Clubs
2007978-1-74110-475-2Justin WimpoleFirst Aid for Cats
  ''978-1-74110-489-9David EllyardGreat Inventions of Our Time
2006978-1-74110-492-9Wendy Lewis · Simon Balderstone · John BowanEvents That Shaped Australia
2009978-1-74110-495-0Pamela BradleyCultural Treasures of the Ancient World
2007978-1-74110-517-9Don and Beaumont, Janise LaneNever Argue with a Mug - The Don Lane Story
2007978-1-74110-520-9Ian CollisSydney: From Settlement to Bridge - A Pictorial Essay
2009978-1-74110-550-6Xavier WaterkeynAir & Space Disasters of the World
2006978-1-74110-552-0Richard ShearsWildlife Warrior: Steve Irwin: 1962 - 2006, a Man Who Changed the World
  ''978-1-74110-563-6Richard WhitakerDisasters Events and Moments that Changed the World
2007978-1-74110-564-3Larry ButtroseDead Famous: Deaths of the Famous and Famus Deaths
  ''978-1-74110-580-3Hideo DekuraTeppanyaki Barbecue: Japanese Cooking on a Hotplate
2008978-1-74110-581-0George CalombarisPress Club
  ''978-1-74110-589-6Geof PriggeToilets of the World (Bog, Loo, Dunny, John, Lavatory, WC)
  ''978-1-74110-593-3Susan AustinFrost Bite: Freezer Recipes for Toddlers to Teenagers
2008978-1-74110-601-5Hassan M SouliMake it Moroccan
  ''978-1-74110-602-2Jade Chen · Muriel ChenBlue Eye Dragon
  ''978-1-74110-603-9Ian Hamilton-CraigUnclog Your Arteries
  ''978-1-74110-619-0Kathy Schmidt · Marisha RogersSmall Talk: The Art of Socialising
  ''978-1-74110-620-6Lily Tomas · Greg de JongLive Your Best Life!: Whole Mind, While Body, Complete Health The integrated guide to diet, happiness and life
2007978-1-74110-623-7Daniel LalicWhere's Bin Laden (Mini): CIA Undercover Edition
2008978-1-74110-635-0Donna Jones Ray KellyWinners Do What Losers Don't; How to be a Weight Loss Winner
2008978-1-74110-645-9Frank AllenGreat Insults & Comebacks
2009978-1-74110-653-4Joanna E. Hall · Ben HallCruising
2008978-1-74110-671-8Surendra VermaThe Little Book of Maths, Theorems, Theories & Things
  ''978-1-74110-672-5New Holland PublishersRecipe Journal - Fig
2009978-1-74110-676-3Kay DanesFamilies Behind Bars: Stories of injustice, endurance and hope
2008978-1-74110-685-5New Holland PublishersRecipe Journal - Lemon
  ''978-1-74110-700-5Frank AllenGreat Funny One-Liners
2009978-1-74110-702-9Xavier Waterkeyn · Daniel LalicWhere's Elvis?: and many others....
2008978-1-74110-711-1Tony WilsonSchapelle: Evidence Facts Truth
2009978-1-74110-726-5Alan J. WhitickerSpeeches that Reshaped the World
2008978-1-74110-729-6John F. DemartiniThe Gratitude Effect
2010978-1-74110-742-5Xavier WaterkeynGrand Visions: Marvels of Building & Enguineering
2019978-1-74110-744-9Yoke MardewiWild Sourdough: the natural way to bake
2009978-1-74110-757-9Kay DanesStanding Ground
  ''978-1-74110-761-6Nasseem MaloufDiabetes and The Metabolic Syndrome
2008978-1-74110-768-5Michael NelmesA Unique Flight
2009978-1-74110-795-1Ita Buttrose · Vanessa JonesEating for Eye Health
  ''978-1-74110-811-8Richard Shears · Latifa Ali ShearsBetrayed: A terrifying true story of a young woman dragged back to Iraq by her parents to live under threat of death from the ancient custom of honour killing
2009978-1-74110-836-1Larry ButtroseSpeeches of War and Peace
  ''978-1-74110-844-6Alan J WhitickerSpeeches That Reshaped the World Concise
2010978-1-74110-847-7David KoutsouridisLife is Too Short to be Fat
2009978-1-74110-848-4Grahame WebbGreen Guide to Crocodiles of Australia
2010978-1-74110-850-7Karen AgerEnemy Within: A memoir of strength, determination & acceptance
2009978-1-74110-855-2New Holland PublishersRecipe Journal - Lime
  ''978-1-74110-856-9New HollandRecipe Journal - Cherry
2010978-1-74110-859-0George CalombarisGreek Cookery: From the Hellenic Heart
  ''978-1-74110-868-2Larry ButtroseSpeeches of War And Peace - Concise
2009978-1-74110-880-4Milton BlackCapricorn Horoscope Series 2010
  ''978-1-74110-883-5New HollandLarge Recipe Journal-Wooden Spoon/Bowl
2012978-1-74110-885-9Ben RiccioPizza From Naples
2009978-1-74110-887-3Athena StarwomanLove Match With The Zodiac
2010978-1-74110-890-3New HollandBird Guest Book
2009978-1-74110-891-0New Holland PublishersGuest Book - Pink Flower
2009978-1-74110-909-2Xavier WaterkeynWhere's Bin Laden? 3D Edition: With 3D Glasses
  ''978-1-74110-910-8New Holland PublishersLarge Recipe Journal-Cupcake-Violet
  ''978-1-74110-911-5   ''Large Recipe Journal-Cupcake-Mint
2010978-1-74110-925-2Deniz Gokturk AkcakanatTurkish Bakery Delight
  ''978-1-74110-941-2New HollandAudrey Hepburn with Hat Journal: black and white
  ''978-1-74110-942-9   ''Grace Kelly on Lounge Journal: black and white
2010978-1-74110-944-3Daphne Barak-ErezSaving Amy
  ''978-1-74110-948-1Jill Jones-Evans · Gambacorta Jones-EvansHigh Tea At The Victoria Room
  ''978-1-74110-969-6New HollandGold Flower Guest Book
  ''978-1-74110-970-2   ''Blue Sky Guest Book
  ''978-1-74110-975-7Xavier WaterkeynWhere's Michael?: and many others...